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The 10 Best Dog Bowls for 2022

Updated: Apr 27

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Which dog bowl will look stylish in your home ?

Which are easy to wash and won't skid around your kitchen floor leaving a trail of dog food to clean up ?

Which are best for picky dogs, pint-sized pooches and big breeds ?

Well fear not, we’ve sought out the best dog bowls this year has to offer.

The bringer of tasty meals and much needed hydration, your dog's bowl is an essential fixture in their lives.

From personalised ceramic creations to eco-friendly dishes, we take a look at the most stylish and functional dog bowls in the UK.

dog bowl and a dog
Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash


How to Choose the Best Dog Bowl

Features to Consider

Our Top Picks for Dog Bowls 2022

How We Picked

How to Clean Dog Bowls

How to Choose the Best Dog Bowl

A good dog bowl is an investment in terms of your dog's health and wellbeing.

Consider the type of eater they are, whether they lick their bowl clean, toss their food about or are generally very picky.

Do you simply want a dog bowl to feed your dog or do you want it to look stylish in your kitchen too?

Is eco-friendly important, is dishwasher safe a deal-breaker, do you need to slow your dog down ?

This is definitely not a one size fits all solution. You know your dog best so check out our final list, which includes some old favourites that have been tried and tested, plus some of the newest models on the market that dog lovers are raving about.

Dog drinking water from a dog bowl
Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Features to Consider

Before you read on, let's look at some features you may want to think about -


The cheapest dog bowls tend to be plastic but if you have a 'chewer' a stainless steel or ceramic bowl maybe a better long term choice.

Ceramic bowls can help to keep the food cooler for longer so if you dish up raw food this maybe a consideration. Stainless steel, a firm favourite with dog lovers is very hygienic and easy to wash but can look rather functional.

Fairly new on the block are eco-friendly bamboo bowls which are sturdy, well designed and great for your carbon paw print.


Most of the dog bowls we feature are available in two or more sizes to suit most breeds.

We provide information on the bowl diameter, width and capacity to help you select the most suitable size for your pooch.


If you have an older dog, a raised dog bowl can help with their digestion.

The idea behind a raised dog bowl is that it brings the food closer to your dog’s mouth, meaning your four-legged friend doesn’t need to bend down so far.

They also have the added benefit of helping to keep the bowl in one place, so if you have a messy eater, elevated dog bowl stands can help you to keep your floor clean.

We've included a couple of great elevated bowls in this top 10 but if you are interested in exploring more raised dog bowls, checkout our in-depth Top 10 Raised Dog Bowls Review

Slow Feeder

Specially designed slow feeder bowls can encourage the greediest of dogs to eat at a slower pace by making them forage around the bowl for their food.

This in turn reduces the risk of bloating and generally improves your dog's gut health.

Again, we've included a couple of recommended slow feeders (anti-gulp bowls) in this top 10, but more options are available in our Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowls Review

Our Top Picks for Dog Bowls 2022

1. Mason Cash Ceramic Dog Bowls

Great all-rounder for most dogs

Internationally renowned brand - Mason Cash offer a stylish range of ceramic dog bowls in muted tones.

small and large dog bowls by Mason cash

Their bowls are crafted from heavy stoneware with thick sides to prevent chipping and are almost impossible to tip over.

Clearly bite resistant these bowls are built to last and are ideal if you have a 'chewer' at home.

Matched with cool looks on the design front, they make an simple yet stylish dog bowl.

Easy to clean, dishwasher safe and they can also be placed in the fridge or freezer, which would be ideal during the summer months.

Be aware that Amazon sell the bowls individually but Mason Cash sell these bowls in a set of two. If you have a flat-faced breed such as a Pug, it could be worth checking out their selection of cat bowls as they have a lower rim.

Dimensions : (diameter x depth) :

M - 15 x 4cm | L - 20 x 8cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Modern look

+ Size & colour options

+ Won't tip over

+ Bite-resistant

Reasons to Avoid

- If your dog prefers a raised bowl

Buying Options


2. Fluff Trough by Pawtion

Best for flat-faced breeds

The second entry in our Top 10 is the Fluff Trough from Pawtion. If the name doesn't win you over, the facts probably will.

Fluff Trough raised dog bowl for Pugs

Designed specifically for brachycephalic or flat-faced breeds such as Pugs and Bulldogs, the Fluff Trough is an innovative raised feeding solution recommended by vets.

As any dog lover with a flat-faced breed knows, they are prone to breathing and throat issues. This can make eating from a traditional dog bowl a tough task.

The raised base elevates the bowl whilst the wide, lowered front edge makes it much easier for them to reach their food.

Puggles eating from a fluff trough raised dog bowl

During testing the trough performed exceptionally well and our two adorable Puggles were quieter, more comfortable and less stressed when eating.

The set comprises of a base and a silicone removable bowl that fit together or come apart easily for filling. Cleaning is a breeze as the silicone insert is dishwasher safe.

Available in two sizes, standard and XL along with the option to add a slow feeder insert if you have a greedy guzzler or stackable risers if you need more height.

The only downside our tester could find was the particularly functional design. There's no hiding that it is plastic and it is grey, however it is also available in black, purple and teal.

Anything else I should know ?

If you would like further information on the Fluff Trough read our detailed review -

Flat-Faced Dog Bowl Review : Fluff Trough

Dimensions : (front height, back x width)

Standard - 13, 19 x 25cm | XL 18, 23 x 33cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Ideal for flat-faced breeds

+ Suitable for dogs who move bowls

+ Colour options

+ Stackable risers available

Reasons to Avoid

+ Not the most stylish design

Buying Options


3. Magisso Cooling Slow Feed Bowl

Best ceramic slow feeder

This beautiful range of ceramic bowls have a minimalist design and are available in a striking range of colours from Magisso, a multi-award winning design agency.

All their dog products are designed to be 'breathtakingly beautiful and delightfully problem solving', well these bowls certainly hit the mark.

Their simple design with the raised centre keeps your dog engaged for longer whilst they work their way around the bowl and they'll look stylish in your kitchen too.

The feature that makes this range of bowls stand out from the crowd is their cooling properties.

Soak or run the bowl under cold water for 45 seconds and it turns ice cold for several hours. This helps to keep fresh and wet food fresh for longer. What a great feature!

Dishwasher safe, they're easy to keep clean. Designed to be used with wet or dry foods and available in three sizes.

Dimensions - (diameter x depth) :

S -13 x 3.5cm | M -15 x 6.5cm | L -20 x 8.3cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Stylish design

+ Colour options

+ Size options

+ Keeps food and water cool

Reasons to Avoid

- Not a non-slip base

Buying Options


4. Pecute Dog Bowl & Mat

Best puppy bowls

Meal times can get a little messy with puppies with the bowls and food flying around your kitchen floor.

Pecute dog bowl mat and dog bowls

Pecute stock a double set of small bowls sitting in a mat which make an ideal starter set for puppies.

Taking the hassle and mess out of meal times, these stainless steel bowls are removable and dishwasher safe.

The design incorporates a silicone mat which not only stops the bowls from tipping over, the raised lip of the mat helps to catch any spills.

Ultimately these bowls from Pecute are a clever design and even include a free scoop to measure your pup's meals. Available in grey or brown and three sizes.

Dimensions :

Medium mat 45 x 26cm (bowls 400ml)

Large mat 47.5 x 28cm (bowls 750ml)

X- Large mat 55 x 34cm (bowls 750 + 1600ml)

Reasons to Buy

+ Integral mat

+ Ideal for puppies

+ Ideal for messy eaters

Reasons to Avoid

+ Functional design


5. PEGGY11 Deep Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

Best designed stainless steel bowls

Admittedly, stainless steel bowls lack the designer looks but what's undeniable is that

they are extremely popular, durable, hygienic and a breeze to keep clean.

These bowls from Peggy11 are designed with a non-skid rim on the bottom to prevent spilling.

So if your dog likes to push their bowls around your kitchen floor, these could be an ideal solution.

The wide, flat rim makes it easy for us humans to pick them up and they're dishwasher safe.

A practical and inexpensive option that will stand the test of time.

The only downside is the lack of colour or design options. Available as a 2 pack in 4 sizes to suit small to extra large breeds.

Dimensions : (diameter x depth) :

S 17.5 x 6cm | M 21 x 7cm | L 23.8 x 8cm | XL 28 x 11cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Non slip silicone base

+ Wide rims

+ 4 sizes

Reasons to Avoid

+ No designer looks


6. Hownd Hero Dog Bowl

Best hygienic plastic dog bowl

With everyone and their dog focussed on hygiene awareness, this Hero bowl from Hownd certainly gives peace of mind.

A great, hygienic alternative to stainless steel and ceramic bowls.

Hownd Hero hygenic dog bowl

Unbelievably, this bowl kills up to 99.99% of bacteria and reduces the risk of cross contamination by using biocote technology.

It's worth noting that this technology is guaranteed to last for 25 years making these bowls perfect for raw feeders and homes with multiple pets or young children.

The bowls are crafted from premium recyclable polypropylene, they're dishwasher safe and have a non-slip base.

We also liked the integral hand slots to make it easy to pick up and the slightly raised back wall to avoid spillages. Available in two sizes and a range of colours.

Dimensions : (diameter x depth) :

S - 18 x 6cm | L - 23 x 8cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Hygienic alternative

+ Non slip base

+ Hand slots

+ Colour & size options

Reasons to Avoid

+ If you're not a fan of bright colours

Buying Options


7. Beco Pets Bamboo Dog Bowl

Best value eco-friendly bowls

Beco products are all about great design whilst minimising your dog's environmental impact.

eco-friendly dog bowl from Beco

Their eco-friendly and sustainable range includes several dog bowls, but their original bamboo dog bowl still stands out from the crowd.

It's undergone several design changes over the years including the addition of rubber feet for stability and a hand hold to make picking the bowl up easier.

The design also includes waved edges and a balanced depth to width ratio to help keep the food in the bowl.

Easy to clean and dishwasher proof (top shelf advised), they're available in three sizes and a range of colours.

Dimensions : (diameter, capacity) :

S -17cm, 500ml | M - 21cm, 750ml | L - 26cm, 1.5L

Reasons to Buy

+ Eco-friendly

+ Non-slip bowl

+ Choice of colours

+ Great value

Reasons to Avoid

- If your dog prefers a raised bowl

Buying Options


8. Pet Impact Natural Dog Bowls & Mats

Best bowl & mat set

A great alternative to the Beco bamboo bowls featured above are these sustainable bowls and non-slip mats from eco-friendly company - Pet Impact.

pet Impact dog bowls and mat

Incredibly the bowls are crafted from bamboo fibre and cornstarch so they are a sustainable and eco-friendly option. They're also surprisingly tough and chew resistant.

We loved the well thought out silicone mats which come with your dog’s bowl.

The mat has a raised ring in the centre which holds the bowl in place so it's stable. They also have a raised rim around the edge to prevent water and food spilling onto your floor.

You can buy the bowls individually or as a set of two and they're available in three sizes.

The only downside was the large Pet Impact branding on the bowl but it's more of a flaw not really a dealbreaker.

If your dog is a greedy guzzler, Pet Impact offer a slow feeding bowl too which we feature in our Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowls Review

Dimensions : (diameter) :

S - 15cm | M - 18.5cm | L - 23.5cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Eco-friendly option

+ Protects floors

+ Available individually or as a set

Reasons to Avoid

+ Pricier option

+ One colour

+ Pet Impact branding


9. Dogit 2-in-1 Dog Bowl

Best simple raised bowl

This modern raised dog bowl from Dogit combines a stainless steel inner bowl with a melamine outer.

We love that this raised dog bowl comes in two parts, so the inner bowl can be removed for filling and cleaning in the dishwasher.

It's worth noting that the stainless steel inner bowl isn't the full depth of the melamine outer, it offers a shallower feeding bowl.

The inner bowl nestles snuggly in the outer, ensuring your pup's paws or nose doesn't tip it over. And the non-slip base ring makes sure it stays right where it needs to be.

Better still the thoughtful design of the base includes two curved sections which help you pick it up. Available in a range of vibrant colours and two sizes.

Dimensions : (height, capacity) :

S - 16 cm, 300ml | L - 17cm, 900ml

Reasons to Buy

+ Removable feeding bowl

+ Two size options

+ Colour options

Reasons to Avoid

- Feeding bowl on the small side

If you're interested in raised or elevated dog bowls, why not take a look at our in-depth review of the best raised dog bowls in the UK for 2022


10. Outward Hound Fun Feeder

Best slow feeder dog bowl

Outward Hound stock nicely designed and well built dog slow feeding bowls. Created with spirals and rivets to prevent your dog from eating their entire bowl in just a couple of mouthfuls. So if you have a greedy dog, this could be the bowl for you

Outward Hound orange spiral slow feeding bowl for dogs

Their range of designs incorporates bowls with different trough depths to make it even more difficult to reach some food.

With three different sizes available they have a style and size to suit extra small to extra large breeds of dog.

Featuring a non-slip base, these bowls should stay in one place and not slide around your kitchen floor!

Better still you can simply pop the bowl in the dishwasher which is perfect for dealing with wet and raw dog foods which can easily get stuck in the ridges.

Dimensions : (diameter) :

S - 17cm | M - 22cm | L - 32cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Wide range of designs

+ Dishwasher safe

+ Non- slip base

Reasons to Avoid

- You will need a separate water bowl

Our Buying Guide offers you an overview of the various designs for fast eaters. It's all about providing your dog with a bit more challenge so they have to work significantly harder for their food.

How We Picked

You can find hundreds of styles of dog bowls, and searching through them is a tough task since choosing the best is heavily dependent on your dog's needs and your preferences.

To help make the choice easier, we began our research by splitting the different styles of bowls into categories.

Our dozens of hours of research across retailers such as Amazon and Pets at Home helped us narrow the choices down to the most promising models of three types: basic, raised and slow feeders.

We also considered the materials used and tried to offer options in stainless steel, plastic, ceramic and eco-friendly materials.

We then read through owner reviews of dog bowls across dozens of product listings to get a sense of what was worth considering. Did they work well in the 'real world' ? Were they durable ? Did they move when used ? How easy were they to clean ?

How to Clean Dog Bowls

All the bowls we feature are dishwasher safe. Ideally pop the bowls in the dishwasher daily as the high temperatures are more likely to kill any bacteria and will fully disinfect them.

If you don't have a dishwasher simply wash them in hot soapy water then rinse them thoroughly in scalding water to remove any potential bacteria.

Always use a separate dish cloth to the one you use for other washing up.

If you're looking for a new dog bowl, hopefully we've given you some food for thought ! Thanks for stopping by and reading The 10 Best Dog Bowls for 2022.