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How to Toilet Train a Puppy : Dog Doorbells

Updated: 4 days ago

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So you’ve just collected the latest addition to your household. The camera albums are filling up with super cute photos of your gorgeous puppy.

But in between photo opportunities is the time consuming issue of puppy toilet training. It would be so much easier if your puppy could simply tell you when they needed to go outside.

Dog playing with a toy on a windowsill

Well your puppy may not be able to speak, but with a dog doorbell they can tell you when they need to go outside. These nifty little devices are used successfully by new puppy owners everywhere.

With some patience on your part, bell training your puppy can remove the guesswork, hours of simply standing in the garden, scratched paintwork and save your floors from lots of bathroom accidents.


Buying Guide for Dog Doorbells

On our Radar.....The Best Dog Doorbells

1. Hanging Dog Bells

2. Dog Push Button

3. Digital Dog Doorbell

How to Teach your Puppy to Use a Dog Doorbell

Buying Guide for Dog Doorbells

When looking at dog doorbells, there are three main designs to consider – hanging dog bells, constructed from a length of fabric with a few small bells attached, push-button, a simple bell or a digital push-button option.

It’s really down to your preferences and which you feel would be easier to train your puppy to use. Are you looking for a bell to hang by the back door or something that could be moved or mounted ?

This buying guide will help you decide which dog doorbell features will suit you, your home and your puppy. So let's take a look at the three options available to you.

On Our Radar..... The Best Dog Doorbells

1. Hanging Dog Bells

Best value dog doorbells

Dogs who like to pull and tug on things with their mouth often learn to use these bells very quickly.

Hanging doorbells for dog toilet training

This is a really cheap toilet training option, but do bear in mind you’ll have to put up with the sound of jingling bells every time that the door is opened.

Admittedly the bells are easily relocated, but you don't want to confuse your puppy.

The headline feature of this particular dog doorbell is that it's constructed with a heavy duty nylon strap. This is important as the last thing you want is your puppy pulling the bells loose.

It's a simple design with 7 loud stainless steel bells attached to the strap. The length is adjustable so it's suitable for any size dog.

Great reviews and ratings on Amazon by puppy parents.

Reasons to Buy

+ Easy to set up

+ Simple solution

+ Hang from any door

+ Cheap

Reasons to Avoid

- Cannot adjust sound

2. Dog Push Button

Versatile toilet training option

This simple little device allows your dog to activate the bell by pushing a button with their paw or nose. A super simple option, easy to use and available in a pack of two.

Dog with paw on a toilet training dog door bell

Placed by the door, these push buttons have a flat and wide top surface to make it easy for your puppy to press the button with their paw.

The headline feature of this type of bell compared to the hanging style, is that the simple motion of opening the door doesn't ring the bell which may get annoying.

The downside is that this push button isn't permanently fixed in place.

I would suggest more training might be required to ensure your dog/puppy doesn't use it as a toy and it's remains by the door.

Reasons to Buy

+ Easy to set up

+ Pack of 2

+ Can be positioned anywhere

+ Cheap

Reasons to Avoid

- Not fixed in place

3. Digital Dog Doorbell

Best for gadget lovers

If you love the latest tech, the digital option could be for you. It's a wireless dog doorbell which is operated by your pup touching a pad with their nose or paw.

Digital dog doorbell

The big benefit is that the dog button and receiver are separate components so can be placed in different rooms in your home.

This allows you to take the receiver with you around the house.

This doorbell has a range is 800ft in the open air.

The dog pad uses double-sided tape to secure it on the floor, wall or door so you can fix it at the correct height to suit your pups nose or paws.

Alternatively,you could mount the pad on a small board so it's moveable.

The device has customisable ring tones and volume along with a mute button. Perhaps a more expensive option than the more traditional dog doorbell but may suit a lot of puppy parents.

Reasons to Buy

+ Can be positioned anywhere

+ Great for a larger home

+ Receiver is mobile

+ Customisable volume

Reasons to Avoid

- Pricier option

How to Teach your Puppy to use a Dog Doorbell

All three of the doorbells featured arrive with instructions included but the key to training is time, patience and clarity.

Be kind, gentle and encouraging to your pup for however long it takes. Employ a reward system so only offer a treat when they have rung the bell.

PRO TIP An easy way to train them is to place the bell or device near an outside door and only use this door.

All three products have excellent reviews on Amazon and lots of customer comments about how easy puppies found the devices.

A dog doorbell could be a great investment and save you a lot of time cleaning your floor.


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