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Puppy Essentials : Stunning Puppy Style

Updated: Jun 12

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The cutest member of your family deserves some stylish essentials. We’ve collated a beautiful selection of must-have puppy products from some incredibly stylish companies. From chic puppy crates to beautiful puppy harnesses, they'll be the envy of all your dog-loving friends.

Whether you are excitedly awaiting to collect your puppy or they are already loving life with you, take a look at our collection inspired by your fur baby.

Our Top Picks for Stunning Puppy Essentials

Julibees Harness and dog walking set

1. Puppy Harness Set


Implausibly cute, this absolutely gorgeous Flora Dog Walking Set available from Julibees is available in four different sizes from XS–L.

A coordinating flower-themed harness, collar, lead, poo bag dispenser and pink poo bags - now that will make heads turn.

The collar features a stunning flower decoration and a strong durable buckle. The harness is padded for comfort with wide straps and it's adjustable both at the neck and chest to help get the best fit for your pup.

Testing the dog walking harness from Julibees

Our favourite part of the whole design is the unique floral backpack attached to the harness. Designed to be removable, we found it super useful for holding that spare roll of poo bags on walks.

You can opt to buy this as a complete set or :-

🌸 Poo Bag Dispenser and poo bags (7 rolls of 15 bags) only

🌸 Collar & lead only

🌸 Harness with backpack & lead

🌸 3-in-1 Walking Set - Harness with backpack, collar & lead

🌸 Super Save Bundle - Harness with backpack, collar, lead, poo bag dispenser & poo bags

Ultimately, the 3-in-1 Walking Set and the Super Save Bundle offer significant savings compared to buying the accessories individually.

Clearly this unique Flora Dog Walking Set is not designed with pullers in mind or some serious muddy adventures however, what's undeniable is that it is beautifully designed, fashionable and fun.


+ Coordinating accessories

+ Great value bundles

+ Range of 4 sizes


- Not suitable for big pullers

For 15% OFF all purchases

Simply enter the discount code SMARTBARK at checkout

Puppy essential harness by Julibees
Forthglade range of dog treats

2. Healthy Puppy Treats


Forthglade's range of Soft Bite treats are softer semi-moist training treats offering a change to the usual crunchy biscuit. Recently awarded 'Highly Commended' in the Best Treat category 2024 by readers of Your Dog magazine, we're clearly not the only ones to rate their dog treat range.

Easy to swallow they make the perfect treat for puppy training sessions as you can deliver the reward quickly to encourage repetition of a new behaviour.

The soft bite range has more traditional flavours like Turkey, Lamb and Salmon alongside two recipes Forthglade have developed in partnership with the National Trust.

Ultimately, if you're not keen on the big meaty aromas some dog treats have, then the Forthglade Soft Bite range of treats will make a welcome change.

It doesn't end there, with the ever-expanding range now includes multifunctional recipes -

⭐️ Digestive Health with Parsley, Ginger & Chicory

⭐️ Joints & Bones with Salmon oil

⭐️ Rewards with Honey & Banana

⭐️ Calming with turkey, camomile, lavender & lemon balm

⭐️ Rewards with chicken & liver

⭐️ Fresh breath with peppermint & parsley


For 15% OFF the entire Forthglade range

enter SMARTBARK15 at checkout

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Puppy playing

Scruffs ceramic dog bowls

3. Best Ceramic Bowls for Puppies

Scruffs Ceramic

The popular UK brand Scruffs are better known for their premium dog beds and accessories, but they have recently launched a superb collection of dog bowls.

We recommend Scruffs ceramic dog bowls because they have an ageless design, incredibly easy to clean, long-lasting and are amazingly great value. For their first collection of dog bowls, we think they've nailed it !

Their dog bowl range is crafted from heavy stoneware with thick sides to prevent chipping and because they are heavier, they're almost impossible to tip over so puppy is less likely to make a mess..

Clearly bite resistant these bowls are ideal if you have a little 'chewer' at home. Built to stand the test of time, they should save money in the long run as they won't need replacing.

Needless to say, they are easy to clean as they're both dishwasher and microwave safe.

Their collection includes - Classic, Icon, Scandi and Reactive Glaze alongside mats and a selection of food and treat canisters.

Reasons to Buy

+ Modern stylish design

+ 4 range options

+ Size & colour options

+ Won't tip over

+ Bite-resistant

Reasons to Avoid

- If your dog prefers a raised bowl

Buying Options

If you're looking for a different style of dog bowl, why not check out one of our dog bowls articles - Best Dog Bowls 2024, Best Raised Dog Bowls & Best Slow Feeders for guzzlers.

Best accessories for a new puppy

Cocopup dog walking bag

4. Best Puppy Walking Bag


Reflecting an on-trend yet casual look, the Cocopup range of dog accessories have lots of customisable options.

Designed to look effortlessly cool around town, their dog bags aren't necessarily suited to full days off the beaten track but surprisingly they do offer a range of useful features for your dog walk.

Each bag had a large zipped opening to store your phone, keys etc in addition to a smaller front zipped pocket. The bag also features a handy poo bag dispenser on the side. We loved the simplicity of the bag design and the surprisingly spacious main compartment.

It's worth noting that Cocopup's dog walking bags will cope with the odd shower as they are made from nylon so water resistant and wipe clean.

Cocopup dog walking bag

We absolutely love the option to attach the separate treat pouch to the strap for easy access to your dogs rewards.

Matched with cool looks on the design front, the Cocopup dog walking bag is available in three colours; black, mocha and tan.

Better still, the dog walking bags and treat pouches can be paired with their range of coordinating, interchangeable bag straps - including pink Dalmatian, monochrome spots, sage leopard and many more.

Did we mention that Cocopup also stock a range of harnesses plus coordinating human accessories - phone cases, hair scrunchies and even AirTag covers - so you could treat yourself too, it's practically the law after all !

If you're looking for a bag thats a bit more, well.... unisex, then take a look at the other great options in our Best Dog Walking Bags review.

best puppy walking bag

Dog wearing adjustable harness and lead

5. Puppy Walking Accesories

Top Dog

Take a look at this gorgeous harness coordinating set from small UK company Top Dog.This unique Woodland Treasures design caught our eye. With red toadstools, autumn leaves on a rich cream background it really is a very distinctive.

You'll definitely stand out at the park as this is an original Top Dog design so very exclusive.

In terms of functionality, we were particularly impressed by just how adjustable the neck and chest straps were. This means it's easier to get the perfect fit for your pup.

The harness is constructed from soft neoprene fabric and padded in a coordinating breathable mesh right across the chest area for comfort.

Coordinating dog walking accessories from Top Dog

What's more it comes with good quality, quick release buckles and double stitching to ensure it's safe and secure.

Top Dog offer a collection of designs in adjustable, reversible and nylon harnesses.

All their harnesses can be hand washed and are quick drying so you're always ready for the next dog walk.

The coordinating designs are available in -

⭐️ harnesses

⭐️ collars

⭐️ leads

⭐️ dog walking bags

⭐️ poop bag holders

Top Dog have a sizing guide on-line to help you select the best harness fit for your puppy.

best puppy harness

Silentnight calming dog bed in blush pink

6. Anti-anxiety Nesting Bed


Silentnight credentials need no introduction – the UK's biggest bed manufacturer and widely acknowledged as a super-brand.

This is an very popular style of dog bed with lots of options on the market. It looks a bit like an oversized, incredibly furry donut and claims to help find peace by calming anxious pups struggling with stressful situations.

Calming dog beds (or anti-anxiety dog beds or even donuts as they're sometimes called) tend to have raised sides to create a safe, confined central area coupled with super soft, plush material to offer an extra cosy, soothing space for your dog to curl up in.

This style of bed appeals to your dog's natural nesting instinct and the plush material is designed to mimic the pup's mother or litter mates to help to calm and reduce stress, so ideal for puppies.

If your dog suffers with separation anxiety, noise phobias or general anxiety without specific triggers, they may benefit from an anti-anxiety dog bed which will provide a peaceful and comfortable place for them to relax and de-stress.

Our test of the Silentnight Calming Dog Bed left us hugely impressed by the relaxing qualities of the design, even with dogs who don't generally suffer with anxiety.

We explore some of the other great dog beds on the UK market in our popular article - Best Dog Beds for 2024 : Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

puppy nesting bed

Puppy with Kong Gyro dog toy

7. Best Puppy Puzzle Toy


The Gyro dog toy is a simple but well designed treat dispenser from the internationally renowned canine company KONG.

This is a great introduction to dog puzzle toys as it doesn't involve a huge amount of strategy and the results are immediate.

The blue central sphere has a hole to release treats as your puppy touches and spins it. The smaller the treats the easier it is to leave a tasty trail as your dog nudges it around the kitchen floor.

There is an opportunity to make the Gyro more of a challenge for your puppy by adding chunkier treats. The dispensing hole is approx. 2cm diameter (slightly smaller than a £1 coin).

The red outer ring slows the dispenser, stopping it from spinning out of control and sliding under your cupboards. The inner blue ball is transparent so you can see when it's empty and simply unscrews for easy cleaning.

We've found that the sheer movement element of the GYRO grabs your puppy's attention and appears to make the food more interesting. Available in two sizes.

We explore the world of puzzle toys and take a closer look at easy, intermediate and Einstein level dog toys - Best Dog Puzzle Toys

puppy puzzle toy

Bamboodle Fish Chew for puppies

8. Best Puppy Chew Toy


UK company Bamboodles make a range of dog chews for aggressive power chewers to gentle chewers.What makes Bamboodles stand out from the crowd is their easy to grip shape which can be held securely by your puppy as they chew.

Designed specifically for puppies is this Bamboodles Fish. Crafted from bamboo fibre combined with nylon fibre to create a longer-lasting chew toy, it is softer than the original and best-selling Bamboodles T-Bone.

As your puppy chews the product, the infused bamboo flakes away rather than shears or snaps so there are no sharp edges to worry about.

Better still the bamboo fish are infused with real salmon scent so this should hold your puppy's interest for even longer.

Oh and it's worth mentioning that the range of Bamboodles chew toys help control plaque and tartar build up on your puppies teeth.

puppy chew toy from Bamboodles

Luther Bennett Travel Dog Pod

9. Best Luxury Puppy Car Seat

Luther Bennett

If you’re prepared to splash some cash on a car seat, then take a look at Luther Bennett. The ultimate in luxury dog travel, Luther Bennett offer a small but stylish range of dog travel products.

Their original Travel Pod is suitable for puppies and dogs up to 16 kg.

Sitting directly on the seat, they feature a padded base offering your pup a slightly elevated position and a better view of their surroundings.

We love their original multi-functional Travel Dog Pod as it's an all-in-one portable bed. One of the great features that sets the Luther Bennett dog car seat apart from the competition, is the option to use it as a dog bed when you reach your destination.

Incredibly flexible, one end can unzip and lay flat so your four-legged friend can use it as a bed when you're on-the-go.

Dog Pod car seat from Luther Bennett

Super strong handles help you carry to the car and then two adjustable straps secure it to your car seat.

The front and back walls are high which can make anxious pups feel more secure, whilst lower sides help with ventilation and better still offer a great view of the road ahead.

It's also worth noting that two adjustable dog seat belt tethers are included with Luther Bennett car seats. Made from a strong and durable nylon it is more than capable of dealing with inevitable accidents.

The bed is machine washable, however a wipe down with a dampened cloth usually does the trick.

Available in Midnight (dark blue), Coffee (brown), Bond (striped) & the new gorgeous Olive green.

Importantly, Luther Bennett offer complimentary returns and exchanges within 30 days of delivery. Oh, and it's not recommended to use it to carry your puppy to the car - it's not a dog bag!

Smart Bark readers can enjoy 10% off the Luther Bennett range

with discount code SMARTBARK10

If you're looking for something a bit easier on the pocket, we take a closer look at some great value Dog Car Seat options.

Luther Bennett car seat for dogs

Simple Solutions Stain & Odour Remover

10. Best Dog Stain Remover

Simple Solution

Lastly and possibly most importantly we feature a best-selling stain remover to deal with those inevitable accidents around the home.

Cleaning quickly and thoroughly is essential not only to eliminate odours, but also to minimise the risk of your puppy going back again to the same spot again and again.

Simple Solution Extreme Stain & Odour Remover for dogs contains strong ingredients which eliminate odours and stains fast.

The crucial thing is the enzymes which mask the scent so your dog isn't encouraged to mark again in the same place. So it's perfect for dealing with accidents occurring during puppy toilet training.

At the same time Simple Solution is super safe to use on carpets, upholstery, bedding and clothing, whilst being completely safe for use around all pets and children.

It's worth noting that Simple Solution Extreme Stain and Odour Remover is 3 times stronger than their regular stain and odour remover. The new style bottle now comes with a patented 3-in-1 nozzle sprayer (foam, mist, and stream) and is available in two sizes - 500ml and 945ml


Thanks for dropping by to check out our Picks for Stylish Puppy Essentials.


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