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New Puppy Essentials : Stunning Puppy Style

Updated: Aug 23

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The cutest member of your family deserves some stylish essentials. We’ve collated a beautiful selection of must-have puppy products from some incredibly stylish companies. From chic puppy crates to beautiful puppy harnesses, they'll be the envy of all your dog-loving friends.

Whether you are excitedly awaiting to collect your puppy or they are already loving life with you, take a look at our collection inspired by your fur baby.

Essential products for new puppys

1. Walkies - Puppy Harness

When it comes to playful puppies, harnesses can provide better support for their growing frames. Poppy + Ted offer a range of harnesses, leads and collars in their signature stylish prints adorned with their iconic Poppy + Ted branding. Available in 4 sizes and 6 patterns they also offer personalised ID tags, so you could even order the tag and collar/harness at the same time.

Available from - Poppy + Ted

2. Training - Puppy Treats

It’s never too soon to get started on some training so make sure you have a stash of training treats ready to gift and reward. The Innocent Hound Puppy Training Treats have been carefully designed for puppies from 8 weeks old. These tiny rewards are made with a simple, grain free, single protein recipe, making them super gentle on your pup's tummy.

Available from - Innocent Pet

3. Meal Times - Food & Water Bowls

If you want the ultimate in personalisation, Chow Bella create bespoke bowls for dogs, handmade from scratch to be as unique, quirky and beautiful as your puppy.You can choose from a fantastic range of contemporary colours then add your own wording and symbols. Chow Bella has bowls for all sizes of dog and their small bowls are perfect for puppies. They are dishwasher proof, and because no transfers are used, the colours will never fade.

Available from - Chow Bella

4. Walkies -Puppy Collar

If you're looking for something a little different, Paws for Thought offer a beautiful selection of collars including these flower collars which will really stand out from the crowd. The soft fabric is double layered for a luxurious feel and the flower is removable ( also available with bows for the dudes). For every item purchased - 10% of the profit is sent straight to Dogs Trust.

Available from - Paws for Thought

5. Smelling Sweet - Puppy Bed Refresher

Between accidents (puppies do have a few) consider a pet bed refresher to keep everything smelling fresh and clean. Norfolk Natural Living's pet bed refresher is natural, anti-bacterial and odour-fighting so ideal for the job. It is mixed by hand using the finest natural ingredients from their small studio on the Norfolk coast.

Available from - Norfolk Natural Living

6. Playing - Eco Puppy Toys

Let's face it, you're definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to puppy toys. The Eco Dog Toy range (including Olive the Octopus) from Salt Tribe are for you and your dog to have lots of fun with, whilst being safe in the knowledge that they are made from natural, renewable and recyclable materials.

Available from - Salt Tribe

7. Washing - Puppy Shampoo

Fur babies shouldn't be washed too often. A puppies coat needs it's natural oils to remain soft and silky so if you bathe your puppy too often, you will strip away those oils. Snooboos Puppy Wash is perfect for your precious puppies when they get too mucky. Their mild shampoo is a blend of natural ingredients so it's gentle and kind on your fur babies delicate skin and coat.

Available from - Snooboos

8. Snoozing - Personalised Grey Paw Pet Blanket

Your puppy deserves a memento which can become part of a treasured memory from Gotcha Day. My 1st Years have introduced a pet range of personalised accessories including this lovely pet blanket. The fleece fabric is so soft and thick it will keep puppy warm or simply provide comfort on sofas or in the car. The blanket can be personalised with up to 9 characters which are embroidered along with the paws.

Available from - My 1st Years

9. Sleeping - Puppy Crate

The ultimate in puppy crates! Designed as a piece of contemporary furniture, the fantastic Fido Studio is more than just an indoor dog crate. It's the perfect addition to your home and fulfils your dog's natural instinct to have their own den. The Fido Studio also brilliantly solves the issue of where to store all of your dog's accessories. The optional wardrobe is an incredibly practical solution for storing your dog’s coat, treats, favourite toy and lead all in one handy place.

Available from - Omlet

10. Gifting - Puppy Hamper

If you're searching for a gift for someone else welcoming a fur baby to their family, how about a stylish puppy hamper? Pet Hamper could be the perfect choice for any new pups on the scene. Featuring a mild baby powder puppy shampoo for a clean coat, a rope bunny toy to help keep puppy biting directed at toys, a plush bunny for playtime, a paw print blanket for snuggles and finally, a fleecy tugger for some fun bonding time between puppy and parent.

Available from - Pet Hamper

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