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New Puppy Essentials : Stunning Puppy Style

Updated: Sep 12

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The cutest member of your family deserves some stylish essentials. We’ve collated a beautiful selection of must-have puppy products from some incredibly stylish companies. From chic puppy crates to beautiful puppy harnesses, they'll be the envy of all your dog-loving friends.

Whether you are excitedly awaiting to collect your puppy or they are already loving life with you, take a look at our collection inspired by your fur baby.

Our Top Picks for Stunning Puppy Style

1. Puppy Harness

Poppy + Ted

When it comes to playful puppies, harnesses can provide better support for their growing frames.

Poppy + Ted puppy harness

Poppy + Ted offer a range of harnesses, leads and collars in their signature stylish prints adorned with their iconic Poppy + Ted branding.

Available in 4 sizes and a wide selection of patterns and colours so there will be something to suit every puppy.

They also offer personalised ID tags, so you could order the tag and collar/harness at the same time.


2. Puppy Treats

Pooch & Mutt Mini Bone Treats

It’s never too soon to get started on some training so make sure you have a stash of training treats ready to gift and reward.

Pooch & Mutt mini dog bone treats

Pooch & Mutt are a British award-winning dog food company. Their bone-shaped dog treat range boasts all natural ingredients, lean meat, fresh vegetables and are packed with vitamins and minerals.

We tested and reviewed this assortment of three varieties (Calm & Relaxed, Digestion & Wind and Breathe) suitable for puppies from 16 weeks.

As well as being great value, by varying the treats on offer you can help keep your puppy focussed, so the assortment works on several levels. Pooch & Mutt treats are packaged in tubes which are easy to reseal and can be purchased singularly or in an assortment.

Pooch & Mutt are offering 20% off their entire range to Smart Bark customers.

Simply enter SMARTBARK20 at checkout

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3. Food & Water Bowls

Magisso Cooling Slow Feed Bowl

This beautiful range of ceramic bowls have a minimalist design and are available in a striking range of colours from Magisso, a multi-award winning design agency.

All their dog products are designed to be 'breathtakingly beautiful and delightfully problem solving', well these bowls certainly hit the mark.

Their simple design with the raised centre keeps your dog engaged for longer whilst they work their way around the bowl and they'll look stylish in your kitchen too.

The feature that makes this range of bowls stand out from the crowd is their cooling properties.

Soak or run the bowl under cold water for 45 seconds and it turns ice cold for several hours. This helps to keep fresh and wet food fresh for longer. What a great feature!

Dishwasher safe, they're easy to keep clean. Designed to be used with wet or dry foods and available in three sizes.

Dimensions - (diameter x depth) :

S -13 x 3.5cm | M -15 x 6.5cm | L -20 x 8.3cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Stylish design

+ Colour options

+ Size options

+ Keeps food and water cool

Reasons to Avoid

- Not a non-slip base


4. Puppy Collar & Lead Set


If you're looking for something a little different, Aring Pet have a gorgeous collection of soft velvet collars and coordinating leads.

The velvet fabric gives the collar a soft and smooth finish whilst the strong mesh on the inside edge makes it durable.

The buckle and D ring for attaching your lead are finished in rose gold and there is an adjustable slider to ensure a comfortable fit.

Wrapped in tissue and arriving in a fancy gift box, it would make the ideal gift for your pup or a gift for a dog loving friend.

Available in 5 sizes including an extra small and 7 beautiful colours.


5. Puppy Bed Refresher

Norfolk Natural Living

Between accidents (puppies do have a few) consider a pet bed refresher to keep everything smelling fresh and clean.

Norfolk Natural Living pet bed refresher

Home, Fragrance & Wellbeing brand Norfolk Natural Living have crafted some luxurious dog grooming and wellbeing products.

All hand made in their small studio on the Norfolk coast, they are all vegan and plant based.

Norfolk Natural Living's pet bed refresher is natural, anti-bacterial and odour-fighting so ideal for the job.


6. Hide a Squirrel Dog Puzzle

Outward Hound challenge toy

Let's face it, you're definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to puppy toys. Dogs love to chase a squirrel although I'm not sure they'd know what to do if they managed to catch one! Here's a soft toy version of your dog's favourite pastime.

Hide a squirrel dog puzzle toy

Simply stuff the squeaky squirrels in the tree trunk tube, and watch as your dog pull them out one by one.

It’s challenging as your dog needs to learn to nuzzle into each hole and pull their prized stuffed squirrel out.

All in all, it's a beautifully designed and well made soft puzzle toy toy available in four different sizes to suit a range of dogs.

We found the medium size toy which measures approx. 17 x 15 cm and includes 3 squirrels, provides just the right engagement for puppies.

It's a great option if you are searching for a non-food based puzzle toy.


7. Puppy Shampoo

Wildwash Natural Puppy Shampoo

Fur babies shouldn't be washed too often. A puppies coat needs it's natural oils to remain soft and silky so if you bathe your puppy too often, you will strip away those oils.

Wildwash puppy shampoo

Puppies have delicate and often more sensitive skin than adult dogs, so they need a much milder shampoo.

We recommend Wildwash as their sensitive shampoo is specifically designed with your puppy in mind.

All the Wildwash products are natural and their puppy shampoo combines aloe vera and evening primrose essential oils for their mild cleansing properties.

Wildwash suggest leaving the shampoo on your puppy's coat for 5 minutes to help the essential oils work their wonders.

The shampoo should be used diluted so add a couple of pumps to a jug of water and mix well before use.

Designed to give a light lather and rinse easily which is a must for a puppy shampoo as keeping the little wrigglers in one place can be tricky.


Thanks for dropping by to check out our Picks for Stylish Puppy Essentials.

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