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Cosy Retreat : Silentnight Calming Donut Dog Bed Uncovered

Updated: Apr 15

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Slientnight Calming Donut dog bed

We put this anti-anxiety dog bed through its paces in our
 Silentnight Calming Donut Dog Bed review

Our Verdict : Two things help the Silentnight Calming Donut Dog Bed stand out from it's anti-anxiety bed rivals : its use of responsive fibres which bounce back into shape after each use and the range of colour options available. This bed is nicely designed and well built plus it's exceptionally good value.

Reasons to Buy :

  + Ideal for anxious dogs

  + Soothing & comforting design

  + Range of colours

  + Value for money

  + Easy to clean


Reasons to Avoid :

  - Older dogs benefit from more support

  - May not stand up to aggressive chewers

best calming dog bed

Silentnight Calming Donut Dog Bed Review : Basics

Silentnight credentials need no introduction – the UK's biggest bed manufacturer and widely acknowledged as a super-brand. We were very keen to get our hands on their recently launched range of calming pet beds.

Silentnight calming dog bed in blush pink

This is an very popular style of dog bed with lots of options on the market. It looks a bit like an oversized, incredibly furry donut and claims to help find peace for your pup by calming anxious dogs struggling with stressful situations.

Calming dog beds (or anti-anxiety dog beds or even donuts as they're sometimes called) tend to have raised sides to create a safe, confined central area coupled with super soft, plush material to offer an extra cosy, soothing space for your dog to curl up in.

This style of bed appeals to your dog's natural nesting instinct and the plush material is designed to mimic the pup's mother or litter mates to help to calm and reduce stress, so ideal for puppies.

If your dog suffers with separation anxiety, noise phobias or general anxiety without specific triggers, they may benefit from an anti-anxiety dog bed which will provide a peaceful and comfortable place for them to relax and de-stress.

dog sleeping in sage green anti-anxiety dog bed

It is important to note that anti-anxiety dog beds are not a cure for anxiety. However, they can be a helpful tool for managing anxiety in dogs and improving their quality of life.

Our test of the Silentnight Calming Dog Bed left us hugely impressed by the relaxing qualities of the design, even with dogs who don't generally suffer with anxiety.

dog paw graphic

Silentnight Calming Donut Dog Bed Review : Comfort & Durability

As with all beds, there are some simple features to consider before buying.

✅ Durable fabric : Should withstand chewing and digging

✅ Machine-washable : Important for keeping the bed clean and fresh

✅ Soft and plush : Provides comfort and cosiness

✅ Non-slip bottom : Prevents the bed from sliding around on the floor

✅ Size & colour options : To suit your dog and your home decor

So how did the Silentnight dog bed stack up?

Silentnight dog beds have been lovingly created with the very same technology used in their human products, so simply put, your dog is benefitting from years of innovation.

A firm favourite in testing, whilst Freddie our main tester isn't an anxious dog, it certainly appeared to offer him a tranquil and soothing place to nap.

In our opinion what sets their bed apart from the competition is the stuffing. It's filled with responsive hollowfibre which bounced back into shape after each use - let's face it, nobody wants a flat donut!

Dog sleeping in pink Silentnight dog bed

So many dog beds on the market look great to start with but after a few weeks of constant use, they can flatten and lose their shape. In testing, we found that the bed kept it's loft exceptionally well. A quick shake every now and again kept the bed looking new.

The hollowfibre filling gets its name from the fine, hollow strand of polyester that it is made from. The hollow centre traps air and helps to provide a lofty filling. So hollowfibre is very light meaning the whole bed is easily to pick and move.

Magic, one of our testers is 13 years old and rests a lot. He adored the bed from the moment he first climbed in. Curling up in the central space, he rested his head on the raised edge.

Dog in a calming nest bed from the Silentnight Pet bed range

Covered in a super soft plush fabric, the bed is very cosy, perfect for a peaceful snooze.

We particularly liked the obvious use of premium materials throughout the design, offering your dog the same level of comfort available in their best quality beds and pillows made for us humans.

We loved the range of colours on offer too. So many dog beds are only available in grey so it was great to see a wide range of colour options to suit your decor. From sage green, natural and blush to a vibrant hot pink there's something for everyone.

Better still, you can simply toss the whole bed in the washing machine at 40° when the need strikes.

We loved this stress-free approach to keeping the bed looking and smelling fresh. What more could you ask for?

It's worth mentioning that Silentnight have cleverly added a non-slip base which creates a safe and stable bed that doesn’t go walkies around your kitchen floor !

We tested this on laminate and real wood floors, and whilst the bed is light, it didn't move or slip when our testers got in or out.

 dog in donut style dog bed

The Calming Donut dog beds are available in two different sizes -

⭐️ Small/Medium – 70 x 20cm

⭐️ Medium/Large – 85 x 21cm

As the bed is designed for dog's who simply love to curl up, the sizes should suit a wide range of breeds although it's worth pointing out that these beds are aimed at small to medium sized dogs and won't be big enough for large breeds.

Lastly, let's talk price. After checking out prices of calming beds from established brands and new offerings on Amazon, we think that Silentnight beds are a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality.

Specification: Outer : 100% Polyester | Filling : 100% Polyester | Cleaning : Machine washable 40° | Sizes : S/M & M/L

dog paw graphic

Silentnight Calming Donut Dog Bed Review : Verdict

So a trusted brand with vast experience in the bed arena designing and manufacturing dog beds, sounds like a win, win !

As discerning dog lovers look for products to complement their more colourful home decor, we think that the recently launched colour options are a great addition to their range.

Like Magic, we're big fans of the donut style of dog bed, and the Silentnight version doesn't disappoint.

Our only reservations would be it's suitability for larger, older dogs. Aging dogs can often benefit from a more supportive orthopaedic style mattress and larger dogs may struggle to get in and out of the calming bed, preferring a raised mattress or a bed specifically designed for larger breeds.

Dog needing a calming donut bed

However, if your dog suffers with anxiety or simply loves a fluffy bed to curl up in, we'd recommend taking a closer look at the great value range of Silentnight Calming Donut Beds at Sleepy People.

By focusing on selling on-line, Sleepy People are able to offer Silentnight dog beds at great prices and it's worth mentioning that all the beds come with a 1 year manufacturer's guarantee.

dog paw graphic

Silentnight Calming Dog Bed : Alternatives

Nest Bed - Best Friends By Sheri

Best Friends by Sheri, original calming dog bed

In terms of alternatives, you could take a look at the Best Friends By Sheri, Original Calming Dog Bed.

Available on Amazon, this bed from the US comes in multiple sizes and colours—and it’s machine washable and dryer safe.

Other Bed Styles - Silentnight

Silentnight dog bed range

Sleepy People stock all the Silentnight dog bed styles including orthopaedic mattresses, box beds and memory foam beds.

If you're interesting in the rest of the range, why not read our review - Silentnight Dog Bed Range : Tested & Reviewed

Customised Dog Beds - Omlet

Omlet dog bed alternatives

Offering the ultimate in affordable, customised dog bed design, Omlet offer a selection of 5 gorgeous toppers, 3 mattress sizes and 5 leg styles in a range of colours so that one bed can be adapted to satisfy all dog sleep styles - Omlet Dog Bed Review

dog paw graphic

Thanks for dropping by and reading our review - Cosy Retreat : Silentnight Calming Donut Dog Bed Uncovered




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