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Dog Car Boot Liner Review : PetSafe Happy Ride

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If you're looking to protect your car boot from the daily wear and tear associated with being a dog lover then then investing in a car boot liner is a must.

Let's face it, car manufacturers decided to line car boots with carpet which appears to be the world's greatest magnet for dog hair. When you add in muddy paws, welly boots and the rest of your dog stuff, your car boot takes a regular battering.

car cargo liner

It's not simply that it looks a mess but it can actually affect the resale value of your car if you're not careful.

Dog laying on a PetSafe car boot liner

Boot liners are available offering everything from full protection to simple floor covers so it really depends how much you want to spend.

Many off-the-shelf boot liners work exceptionally well and tick pretty much all the boxes whilst suiting those on a tighter budget.

PetSafe has a portfolio of pet products , boasting some of the best dog car seats, boot liners and car seat covers in the UK.

We take a closer look at a great value, universal fit boot protector - PetSafe's Happy Ride® Cargo Area Liner. Made to fit most SUV's, this boot liner lets you take your dog with you whilst keeping you car boot clean and more importantly, it won't break the bank.


dog paw graphic

Dog Car Boot Liner Review : PetSafe Happy Ride

1. PetSafe Happy Ride Cargo Liner : Fitting

The first thing to say is that this waterproof boot liner covers the base of your boot and extends up the back of your rear seats, providing them both with protection from muddy paws.

PetSafe Happy Ride Cargo Liner

This simple design has a lot to offer for a really good price and because it isn't designed to protect the boot sides it's incredibly easy to fit in your car.

Basically, there are six attachment points to help keep this PetSafe boot liner secure on your journey - two headrest straps and four velcro fasteners.

The two headrest straps are fully adjustable so you can make sure the boot liner is in an ideal position to cover the full height of your rear seats.

headrest straps on dog car boot liner

The straps also help secure the cover so it won't slip around when your car is in motion or when your dog inevitably jumps in and out of your boot.

In short, the headrest straps were strong, secure and attached firmly to the material.

As the boot liner is very long, we were pleased to see that PetSafe had considered another anchor point rather than solely relying on the headrest straps to keep the boot liner stable and secure.

There's a set of 4 velcro fastening strips. These velcro strips are placed on either side of the liner and help to keep the liner in place, preventing it from shifting while you’re on-the-go.

Close up of velcro fixings on Petsafe car boot liner for dogs

Some vehicle carpets are non-velcro friendly so the PetSafe design takes this into account. Adhesive backed velcro has been added to attach to your car which will then attach to the velcro sewn onto the boot liner.

We'd recommend using the boot liner a few times for the creases to fall out before permanently fixing the velcro fastenings in place.

Testing on a Range Rover Velar with an average sized boot, we found that due to the length of the liner, the velcro fixings at the far end of the fabric were over the bumper so we didn't fix these.

However the other attachment points worked together to ensure the liner was stable giving our dog a smoother, and more enjoyable ride.

2. PetSafe Happy Ride Cargo Liner : Design

Let's talk all important dimensions.

The liner measures 178cm long and 127cm wide so whilst it drowned the Ford Fiesta, it's ideal for most mid and large sized SUV's.

Cockapoo in the boot of a SUV

As a universal fit, the liner was slightly too wide for our boot, but whilst it didn't have that 'fitted' look, we appreciated the excess material.

The raised edge at the sides provided by the excess material, could really help prevent spills from getting under the edges, making any dog related accidents easier to clean.

Length-wise, there is plenty of excess to cover the bumper.

The liner is made from tough and durable waterproof fabric, however it isn't particularly well padded so doesn't offer much in the way of comfort for your dog. You could opt to add a cushion or small blanket for that extra bit of comfort on longer journeys.

Cargo space of SUV with protective liner

For even more versatility, the rear seats can be lowered without removing the liner which is ideal for those occasions when you have a bulky load to carry.

Being waterproof and wipe clean, it's been designed to handle any accidents and we loved that it's also designed to be machine washable so will keep your boot smelling fresh and clean.

The material is not too thick and bulky so could easily be removed, rolled up and stored when not in use. As it's super easy to fit, you could simply leave it in your car or fit it as you need it.

dog paw graphic

Our Verdict

So what did we think ?

The truth is that this is a no frills, great value car boot liner. It's a good size and should fit a wide range of vehicles. We liked the ease of installation and it's simple effectiveness.

Petsafe dog car boot liner with cockapoo

A well-thought-out design, from the added velcro fastenings to the waterproof, machine washable material.

So let's talk about the downsides of this design.

One small flaw is that it doesn't offer a split seat option to enable you to fold just part of the back seat down with the liner in place.

We felt that this wasn't a deal-breaker and whilst other boot liners offer this option, they tend to be custom fit so you will pay considerably more for this option.

We recommend this boot liner as a great value option for protecting your car’s upholstery. It's well designed and durable boot liner that will make your trips with your dog more enjoyable.

Dimensions (L W ) : 178 cm x 127cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Great value

+ Good size for most SUV's

+ Adjustable headrest straps

+ Additional velcro fastenings

+ Waterproof

+ Machine washable

Reasons to Avoid

- Not padded for comfort

- No choice of colour

- Doesn't allow 60/40 rear seat split

Buying Options

dog paw graphic

The Rivals

If you aren't convinced by the Happy Ride® Cargo Area Liner, why not take a look at some of the rivals in our article Best Car Boot Liners.

We explore a wide range of protection from full boot coverage to simple mats and some amazing custom fit solutions.

Thanks for stopping by to read our review of the Happy Ride® Cargo Area Liner




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