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Best Car Boot Liners for Dogs

Updated: 4 days ago

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If you like to travel with your dog in the car boot then some form of boot protection is a great investment.

Aside from the inevitable mud, dog hair and of course all the general dog walking gear, there's those scratches which can prove costly if they ultimately affect the resale value of your car.

Girl sitting in open boot of her car with her dog in the countryside

There's a huge range of options available to you from waterproof boot protectors, custom made boot liners to simple rubber mats.

Whilst this article is aimed at dogs lovers, these boot liners have a whole range of uses.

Table of Contents

Buying Guide for Boot Liners for Dogs

Features to Consider

Our Picks of the Best Boot Liners for Dogs

Our Verdict

Buying Guide for Boot Liners for Dogs

Boot liners are available offering everything from full boot protection to simple floor liners so it really depends what you think you need to protect the boot from mud and the inevitable dog hair.

Many off-the-shelf boot liners work exceptionally well and tick pretty much all the boxes whilst suiting those on a tighter budget.

Custom fitted boot liners are available which are made to measure for your specific make and model of car, but obviously have the accompanying price tag.

If you keep your car for several years they can work out to be a good value and stylish investment.

At Smart Bark we're always on the hunt for the best of the best. We've provided this buying guide to give you an overview of your options and help you decide which boot liner features are most important to you and your four-legged friend.

If you're looking to protect your back seat from mud and paws.

Features to Consider

Before you jump straight in and buy a boot liner, here are a few aspects to consider:


Are you looking for full coverage or just the base of your boot ? Some boot liners cover the base of your boot, back of the rear seats and in most instances offer a bumper guard too. This help protect all areas of your boot from scratching paws, mud and dog hair.

Hard Wearing

The rubber or plastic mats offer less coverage but have the bonus of being easily washed and are super durable.


Some boot liners for dogs offer addition integral padding such as the range from Orvis. They work well on their own without an additional blanket or bed.


If your dog simply loves mud and can always seem to sniff out the nearest stream or dog-sized puddle, then a waterproof liner is crucial.

Custom Fit

The luxury option for boot liners. They fit beautifully and are designed specifically for your car. We explore two options in the custom fit boot liner category.

Bumper Protection

Some mats incorporate a bumper cover for dogs who love to jump in and out of the boot. It helps reduce your dog’s chances of slipping with wet paws and protects your car bumper from nasty paintwork scratches.

Ultimately, to help you decide, we've divided the review into three sections -

Boot Liners - Covers the base, back of rear seats and bumper (Options 1-3)

Boot Mats - Only cover the base of your boot (Options 4-6)

Custom Fit - Designed specifically for your car make and model ( Options 7 & 8)

Our Picks of the Best Car Boot Liners for Dogs

1. Toozey Car Boot Protector

Best Overall Dog Boot Liner

The Toozey boot protector leads our Top 10 based on it's value for money. This is Amazon's best selling boot liner, and whilst it's a 'one size fits all' solution, so admittedly it won't be a perfect fit, it offers great protection at a relatively low price.

puppy sitting on a toozey grey car boot liner

It's a fairly standard size (similar to the majority of off-the-shelf boot liners) so should fit a wide range of cars and SUVs.

In addition to the adjustable headrest straps, the rear seat and side panels have a enviable 11 velcro attachments, which all work together to keep the boot protector stable.

This boot liner should stay glued in place as your dog jumps in or you take that corner at speed.

Available with different edging colours which is a nice design touch, and waterproof so you can simply wipe it clean if it gets muddy.

What's more it features a handy wide flap which you can unroll to protect your bumper from scratches. It has 2 handy storage pockets on the back, but if you have a large boot you might struggle to reach them !

Dimensions (L W) : 186 x 105 cm - with 34cm side panels

Reasons to Buy

+ Great value

+ Covers base and sides

+ Waterproof

Reasons to Avoid

- Not padded

- Needs headrests

2. Orvis Grip-Tight® Quilted Hose-Off Cargo Protector

Best Car Boot Liner for Comfort

Next up are Orvis, who are a firm favourite here at Smart Bark for their high quality and beautifully designed yet super functional dog products.

dog lying on Orvis car boot cover

This boot liner is available in two sizes and three colours to coordinate with your car interior.

Whilst not the cheapest option, this dog boot liner is beautifully made as you'd expect from Orvis, with the waterproof quilted surface adding extra comfort for your four-legged friend.

Their unique non-slip Grip-Tight® backing holds the protector in place as your dog jumps in and out of your car and additional anchors wedge into the base of the fold-down backseat, ensuring this liner won't move around.

What's more, a non-quilted extension unfolds to protect your bumper when you need it. Really easy to keep clean as the whole boot liner can be removed and hosed off if it gets super muddy.

A stylish solution for boot protection which won't break the bank!

Dimensions (L W) : Large 153 x 107 cm | Extra Large 191 x 125 cm (bumper extension 61cm)

Reasons to Buy

+ Excellent quality finish

+ Padded for comfort

+ Three colours options

Reasons to Avoid

- Pricier option

- No side protection

- No headrests

3. Just Pet Zone - Pet Boot Liner

Best Budget Fabric Boot Protector

This great value dog boot protector from Just Pet Zone offers a different fit to the first two options.

Open hatchback car boot, dog lying on Just Pet Zone boot liner in harness

Made with water-resistant fabric, the protector is padded to provide a comfortable ride for your four-legged friend.

Like both the previous options you will need rear headrests to install this boot liner. Adjustable straps help to attach the liner panel to the rear headrests and seat anchors keep the boot protector firmly in place.

The side panels have velcro to fix to the car boot walls which appear a little flimsy.

The liner incorporates a fold-out long flap to protect your bumper from scratches and mud as your dog jumps in and out.

On the downside, whilst the integral pocket is a great idea to store spare dog poo bags, balls etc, it is quite a stretch to reach the back of the rear seats!

Not the quality of the Orvis boot liner, but it is available at a fraction of the cost.

Dimensions (L W) : 137 x 119cm (this includes the side panels)

Reasons to Buy

+ Good value

+ Quilted for comfort

+ Side protection

Reasons to Avoid

- One size fits all

- Flimsy velcro fastening

4. Novline Rubber Tray Mat

Best Value Custom Mat

If you're interested in a customised boot tray then Amazon offer the option to enter your car registration to find boot mats and trays that are a custom fit for your car make and model.

open fiesta boot showing a Novline rubber boot protecting mat

This Novline Boot Liner is tailored to fit a Ford Fiesta Hatchback 2011 - 2017 and as you can see it's a perfect fit. Travall offer similar options.

Simply enter your car registration and select the boot liner you want for your car (vehicle selections and filters are at the top of the Amazon page).

Novline Boot liners are resistant to water, oils and dirt and have a raised edge so contain any accidents or spillages well so ideal for dogs.

Although not specifically designed for your four-legged friend it could be a good value solution if you added some additional comfort.

Just be mindful to chose blankets or bedding which won't slip around if you take those roundabouts at speed.

Dimensions (L W) : Tailored to fit

Reasons to Buy

+ Cheap option

+ Tailored to fit

+ Easy to clean

Reasons to Avoid

- Protects base only

- No padding

5. Pet Rebellion - Defender

Best Soft Mat Boot Protector

Alternatively, if your dog tends to sit or lay still in the boot quite happily throughout the journey, a simple mat could do the job of protecting your boot.

pet rebellion boot protector with bumper defender to protect the bumper from dog scratches

Pet Rebellion offer a range of thick, heavy duty yet comfortable boot mats.

This standard sized mat simply covers the floor of your boot and will provide plenty of protection for most sizes of car boot.

Their mats have a super soft pile making a nice comfortable space for your dog's journey.

It's worth noting that this boot defender mat is also machine washable, so that's a big tick for easy cleaning !

What's more, a large bumper cover is included in the design for dogs who love to jump in and out of the boot.

Dimensions (L W) : 100 x 145 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Good value

+ Non slip

+ Machine washable

Reasons to Avoid

- Protects base only

- One size

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6. Sakura Black Rubber Boot Mat

Budget Friendly Boot Mat

The truth is that if you're on a tight budget but need to protect your boot floor, then this rubber boot mat by Sakura offers protection at a great price.

Sakura rubber boot mat in a car boot

The mat is large but the beauty of this option, is that it's designed to be trimmed to fit your boot.

It's not as daunting as it first appears. The design includes trimming guidelines, shown in the photo, and you simply place it in your boot and then trim to fit.

It's a great option for small car boots which may be drowned by the other boot liners.

Easy to keep clean, simply wipe down or in the case of a super muddy dog, remove and hose down (the mat not the dog !)

Simply add a dog cushion or blanket for some canine friendly cushioning. At under £10 this is an amazing value solution to protect your boot but be aware it doesn't protect the sides.

Dimensions (L W) : 120 x 80 cm - but can be trimmed to size

Reasons to Buy

+ Super cheap option

+ Cut to size

+ Easy to clean

Reasons to Avoid

- Protects base only

- No padding

7. Titan Covers - Custom Boot Liners

Best Luxury Boot Protector

Titan Covers make tough, durable, waterproof protection for your car. Each boot liner is tailor-made to fit the exact shape of your car make and model.

Open car boot with Titan cover custom car boot liner in grey.

So this is a more lavish solution to car boot protection.

The cover is designed to shape around and protect all those little nooks and crannies letting you really make use of the whole of your boot space.

Better still, these liners are available in a range of colours to coordinate with your car interior.

As with the Boot Buddy featured next, Titan Covers offer a wealth of additional options include a removable bumper flap and a 60/40 split seat.

Admittedly, not the cheapest option but a made-to-measure solution for smart boot protection. If you lease a car and get penalised on marks and scuffs this is a great option.

Equally if you are looking at keeping your car for a few years then this could work out a great value option.

Dimensions (L W) : customised to your car boot.

Reasons to Buy

+ Custom fit

+ Range of colours

+ 60/40 split option

+ Easy to clean

Reasons to Avoid

- More expensive solution

8. Boot Buddy - Versa-Liner

Best Durable Solution

The last boot liner to feature in our review is the Boot Buddy Versa Liner. The Boot Buddy is entirely customised for your car boot.

Boot Buddy boot protector in a red car with open boot

It is a self supporting boot liner made from heavy duty polypropylene, so unlike most fabric liners it doesn't depend on velcro attachments to stay up.

Sometimes you need to drop the back seats to carry larger loads and the Boot Buddy is designed for this.