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Best Car Boot Liners for Dogs

Updated: Jul 2

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If you like to travel with your dog in the car boot then some form of boot protection is a great investment.

Aside from the inevitable mud, dog hair and of course all the general dog walking gear, there's those nasty little scratches which can ultimately prove costly if they impact the resale value of your car.

Girl sitting in open boot of her car with her dog in the countryside

There's a huge range of boot protecting options on the UK market, from simple waterproof liners and rubber mats to custom made boot liners and cargo area liners with in-built bumper protectors.

Whilst this article is aimed at dogs lovers, these boot liners have a whole range of uses. Tip run anyone ?


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Buying Advice for Car Boot Liners

Many off-the-shelf boot liners work exceptionally well and tick pretty much all the boxes whilst suiting those on a tighter budget. You certainly don't need to spend a lot to protect your boot from your dog.

Custom fitted boot liners are available which are made-to-measure for your specific make and model of car, but obviously have the accompanying price tag. If you keep your car for several years they can work out to be a good value and stylish investment.

At Smart Bark we're always on the hunt for the best of the best. We've compiled this buying guide to give you an overview of your options and help you decide which boot liner features are most important to you and your four-legged friend.

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Features to Consider

Before you jump straight in and buy a boot liner, there are a few crucial aspects we think that you might want to bear in mind -


Are you looking for full coverage or just the base of your boot ? Some boot liners cover the base of your boot and the back of the rear seats which helps to protect all areas of your boot from scratching paws, mud and dog hair. Let's face it dog hair is a nightmare to remove from car carpet.

Hard Wearing

The rubber or plastic mats offer less coverage but have the bonus of being easily washed and are super durable. They're also less likely to slip around as they're heavier.


Some boot liners for dogs offer addition integral padding so they work well on their own without an additional blanket or bed. A number of the premium brands offer additional fitted dog mats and beds for comfort.


If your dog simply loves mud and can always seem to sniff out the nearest stream or dog-sized puddle, then clearly a waterproof liner is crucial.

Custom Fit

The luxury option for boot liners. They fit beautifully and are designed specifically for your car make and model. We explore two options in the custom fit boot liner category.

Bumper Protection

Some mats incorporate a bumper cover for dogs who love to jump in and out of the boot. It helps reduce your dog’s chances of slipping with wet paws and protects your car bumper from nasty paintwork scratches.

Ultimately, to help you decide, we've divided our review into three categories -

Boot Liners - Fabric covering the base and bumper - Options 1–3

Boot Mats - Covers the base of your boot only - Options 4–6

Custom Fit - Designed specifically for your car make and model - Options 7 & 8

Alternatives - Dog Car Bed - Option 9

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Our Picks of the Best Car Boot Liners for Dogs

1. Best Overall Dog Boot Liner


The Toozey boot protector leads our review based on its value for money. This is Amazon's best selling boot liner, and whilst it's a 'one size fits all' solution, so admittedly it won't be a perfect fit, it does offer great protection at a relatively low price.

Toozey Car Boot Liner for dogs

It's a fairly standard size (similar to the majority of off-the-shelf boot liners) so should fit a wide range of cars and SUVs.

In addition to the adjustable headrest straps, the rear seat and side panels have a total of 11 velcro attachments, which all work together to keep the boot protector stable.

This boot liner should stay glued in place as your dog jumps in or if you take that corner at speed.

Available in black or grey it's also waterproof so you can simply wipe it clean if it gets muddy.

What's more, it features a handy wide flap which you can unroll to protect your bumper from scratches.

On the downside, it doesn't allow for you to split the rear seat.

Dimensions (L W) : 186 x 105 cm - with 34cm side panels

Reasons to Buy

+ Great value

+ Covers base and sides

+ Waterproof

+ Integral bumper protector

+ Available in black or grey

Reasons to Avoid

- Not padded for comfort

- Doesn't allow 60/40 rear seat split

Buying Options


2. Best Car Boot Liner Range


KYG offer an upgraded, budget friendly boot liner in three different sizes and styles to suit a range of cars, SUV's and trucks.

KYG car cargo area liner with two dogs

The design protects the seat backs, sides of your boot and the bumper from scratches. So ticks all the protection boxes !

KYG have upgraded the design of the liner. It now uses a composite burr cloth which is designed to help stick the liner to the sides of your car trunk.

There are also additional larger velcro strips to help attach the liner which all adds up to mean that it should stay put regardless of how much your dog likes to move around..

It also has an anti-slip base which you would expect and adjustable headrest straps to help you get the best fir for your car boot.

As with the Toozey boot cover be aware you can't lower one of the rear seats with the liner in place.

We liked the price, simplicity of the design and the sizeable overhang to protect your bumper from muddy paws. It's available in three sizes although we found the sizing details a little confusing until we found an illustration of a car boot with the sizes marked (keep scrolling down on Amazon).

Dimensions (L W) : XXL 185 x 115cm | XL 105 x 170cm | Universal red or black 180 x 102cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Good value

+ Upgraded design

+ Anti-slip backing

+ Side boot protection

Reasons to Avoid

- Only wipe clean

- Not padded for comfort

- Doesn't allow 60/40 rear seat split

Buying Options


3. Best Value Fabric Boot Liner


A great alternative to full boot coverage is a simple simple liner which protects the base of your boot the back of your rear seats and bumper.

Made to fit most SUV's, the Happy Ride® Cargo Area Liner from PetSafe is a no-nonsense solution which definitely won't break the bank.

Happy Ride Cargo Area Liner from Petsafe in car with dog

We tested this boot liner for coverage and the general wear and tear associated with transporting your dog in the boot.

We loved the simple design and felt it had a lot to offer for a really great price. Lengthwise, there was plenty of excess to cover the bumper and protect it from our over-excited dog leaping in and out of our boot .

As it isn't designed to protect the boot sides it's incredibly easy to fit in your car using the six attachment points. Two headrest straps and four velcro fasteners fix it firmly to your boot floor and stop it moving about on journeys.

PetSafe Boot Liner for dogs in car

For reference, our test photo shows the liner in a Range Rover Velar, so a mid-sized SUV.

The two headrest straps are fully adjustable so you can make sure the boot liner is in an ideal position to cover the full height of your rear seats.

For even more versatility, the rear seats can be lowered without removing the liner, ideal for those occasions when you have a long load to carry.

It's worth noting that the liner is long enough to cover the whole boot base with the seats down.

The liner is made from tough and durable waterproof fabric, however it isn't padded so we would recommend adding a cushion for that extra bit of comfort on longer journeys.

If you would like further information on the PetSafe Happy Ride® Cargo Area Liner, read our in-depth test and review - Dog Boot Liner Review : PetSafe Happy Ride

Dimensions (L W) : 178 cm x 127cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Great value

+ Good size for most SUV's

+ Adjustable headrest straps

+ Additional velcro fastening

+ Waterproof

+ Machine washable

Reasons to Avoid

- Not padded for comfort

- No choice of colour

Buying Options

You may be interested to know that PetSafe offer a car seat which we put through it's paces in in our review Petsafe Car Dog Bed.


4. Best Value Custom Mat


Another option you could consider is a simple mat for your boot. Amazon offer you the option to enter your car registration to find boot mats and trays that are a custom fit for your car make and model.

Novline rubber boot protecting mat in Ford Fiesta

We love this option as you can achieve a custom look at a great price whether you drive a Land Rover or a Fiat 500.

This Novline Boot Liner is tailored to fit a Ford Fiesta Hatchback 2013 - 2017 and as you can see it's a perfect fit moulded for all those nooks and crannies.

We were amazed at how easily and cheaply you can buy a fitted car mat for your boot which looks really stylish.

Simply enter your car registration and select the boot liner you want for your car.

Although not specifically designed for your four-legged friend it could be a good value solution if you added some additional comfort.

Novline Boot liners are resistant to water, oils and dirt and have a raised edge so contain any accidents or spillages, so they're ideal for dogs. Just be mindful to chose blankets or bedding which won't slip around.

If you're not convinced by Novline car mats then take a look at Travall. They offer a great alternative.

Dimensions (L W) : Tailored to fit

Reasons to Buy

+ Cheap option

+ Custom fit

+ Easy to clean

Reasons to Avoid

- Protects base only

- Will need additional padding

- No bumper protection

Buying Options


5. Best Soft Mat Boot Protector

Pet Rebellion

If your dog tends to sit or lay still in the boot quite happily throughout the journey, a simple mat could do the job of protecting your boot.

pet rebellion boot protector with bumper defender

Well known UK pet brand - Pet Rebellion offer a range of mats for your car boot, seats and home.

Their car boot mats are thick, heavy duty yet comfortable for your dog. This standard sized mat simply covers the floor of your boot and their mats have a super soft pile making a nice comfortable space for your dog's journey.

It's worth noting that this boot defender mat is easy to vacuum, plus it's machine washable, so that's a big tick for easy cleaning !

What's more, a large bumper cover is included in the design for dogs who love to jump in and out of the boot.

We recommend the Pet Rebellion boot mat as a stylish alternative to full boot coverage.

Dimensions (L W) : 100 x 145 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Good value

+ Non slip

+ Machine washable

Reasons to Avoid

- Protects base only

- One size

Buying Options

If you're interested we also offer reviews on other dog travel solutions - Best Dog Car Seats & Best Car Seat Covers


6. Budget Friendly Boot Mat


The truth is that if you're on a tight budget but need to protect your boot floor, then we think that this rubber boot mat by Sakura offers great protection at an amazingly low price.

Sakura black rubber boot mat

The mat is large but the beauty of this option is that it's designed to be trimmed to fit your boot whatever car you drive. It's not as daunting as it first appears.

The design includes trimming guidelines, shown in the photo, and you simply place it in your boot and then trim to fit.

It's a great option for small car boots which may be drowned by some of the full boot liners we feature.

Easy to keep clean, simply wipe down or in the case of a super muddy dog, remove and hose down (the mat not the dog). Simply add a dog cushion or blanket for some canine friendly cushioning.

We think that this is an amazing value solution to protect your boot, but be aware it doesn't protect the sides.

Dimensions (L W) : 120 x 80 cm - but can be trimmed to size

Reasons to Buy

+ Super cheap option

+ Cut to size

+ Easy to clean

Reasons to Avoid

- Protects base only

- No padding

Buying Options

If you're dog suffers with travel sickness on journeys, take a look at our popular article - Dog Car Sickness, in which we offer hints on tips for a better trip.


7. Best Luxury Boot Protector

Titan Covers

Titan Covers make tough, durable, waterproof protection for your car. Each boot liner is tailor-made to fit the exact shape of your car make and model. So this is a more lavish solution to car boot protection.

Titan Covers custom car boot liner in grey

Titan Covers also offer a range of custom dog guards, seat covers and dog mats.

Their customised boot covers are designed to shape around and protect all those little nooks and crannies letting you really make use of the whole of your boot space.

Better still, these trunk liners are available in a wide range of colours to coordinate with the rest of your car interior.

As with the Boot Buddy featured next, Titan Covers offer a wealth of additional options include a removable bumper flap and a 60/40 split seat.

Admittedly, not the cheapest option but a made-to-measure solution for smart boot protection. If you lease a car and get penalised on marks and scuffs this is a great option.

Equally if you are looking at keeping your car for a few years then this could work out a great money-saving option in the long run.

Dimensions (L W) : customised

Reasons to Buy

+ Custom fit

+ Range of colours

+ 60/40 split option

+ Easy to clean

Reasons to Avoid

- More expensive solution

Buying Options

You might be interested in the Thule Dog Crate - the ultimate in car safety for your dog.


8. Best Durable Solution

Boot Buddy

The last boot protector to feature in our review is the Boot Buddy Versa-Liner. The Boot Buddy is entirely customised for your car boot.

Boot Buddy boot protector in a red car with open boot

It is a self -supporting boot liner made from heavy duty polypropylene, so unlike most fabric liners it doesn't depend on velcro attachments to stay up.

Sometimes you need to drop the back seats to carry larger loads and the Boot Buddy is designed for this.

The panel that protects the back of your rear seats is fully detachable so you can drop your seats without having to remove the liner entirely.

Boot Buddy also offer a Load Liner. This fits the entire space with your rear seats dropped flat, which could be a great option for dog lovers with lots of four-legged friends.

I know what you're thinking - it doesn't look very comfortable ? Boot Buddy have you covered - they offer additional extras including a dog mat, dog bedding and an optional padded bumper guard.

Whilst it's clearly not the cheapest option on the market, it does offer a extremely smart and super durable solution.

Dimensions (L W) : customised

Reasons to Buy

+ Custom fit

+ Easy to clean

+ Extremely durable

Reasons to Avoid

- More expensive option

- No padding included

- No option for 60/40 split

Buying Options


9. Alternative Solution

Luther Bennett

OK, bear with us ! This is a completely different option to the other boot liners we've featured so far, but we felt it was worth mentioning. You could consider a boot liner + dog bed combination.

If you’re prepared to fork out a little more then take a look at Luther Bennett. The ultimate in luxury dog travel, their XL Travel Pod would make an excellent boot liner + dog bed combination.

Luther Bennett dog pod for the car

Luther Bennett offer a small but stylish range of dog travel products. Their XL Travel Pod is designed to be incredibly flexible.

You can use it as a dog car seat in the boot creating a supportive and enclosed space for your pup to curl up or simply unzip one side to offer your dog a bed in the boot.

Measuring 90cm in length it is incredibly spacious and will cover a considerable amount of your boot base protecting it from dog hair, mud etc.

Two adjustable strap secure it in your boot (one around the seat and one around the headrest).

Luther Bennett XL travel dog pod

Super strong, integral handles help you carry to the car. Made from a strong and durable nylon it is more than capable of dealing with inevitable accidents.

The bed is machine washable, however a wipe down with a dampened cloth usually does the trick.

Available in Midnight (dark blue), Coffee (brown) & Diesel (grey). Importantly, Luther Bennett offer complimentary returns and exchanges within 30 days of delivery.

Oh, and it's not recommended to use it to carry your dog to the car - it's not a dog bag!

Dimensions (L W H) : XL Travel Pod 90 x 50 x 45 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Super stylish design

+ 2-in-1dog bed

+ Complimentary 30 day returns

+ Machine washable

Reasons to Avoid

- Unlikely to cover the whole boot

Buying Options

Smart Bark readers can enjoy 10% OFF the Luther Bennett range

with discount code SMARTBARK10

For more information on testing the Luther Bennett Dog Pod, take a look at our popular review Best Dog Car Seats

dog paw graphic

Our Verdict

There's a whole range of potential solutions for protecting your car boot from dog hair, scratches and mud, starting at under £10 to over £100.

If you're on a tight budget then the Toozey Car Boot Protector offers full boot coverage for a great price and will keep your boot looking clean for longer.

For those looking to simply cover the base of the boot, it's hard to beat the PetSafe Happy Ride® Cargo Area Liner available from Amazon. It's a simple and durable solution and as it isn't designed to protect the boot sides it's incredibly easy to fit in your car.

dog paw graphic

How We Picked

As I'm sure you're aware there are several styles of boot protectors on the market aimed at dogs. Searching through them is a tough task since choosing the best is dependent on your dog, how much protection your boot needs and how much money you ultimately want to spend.

To help make the choice easier, we began our research by splitting the different styles of boot liner into categories based on how much coverage they provided

Our research across large and independent retailers helped us narrow the choices down to liners, mats and custom fit options.

We considered some premium boot liners compared with more budget-friendly options to suit everyone's budget.

Owner reviews of boot liners were important so we checked dozens of product listings to get a sense of what was worth considering. Lastly we began contacting brands to ask to test their product. As we compare and test more liners, we'll update this article.

dog paw graphic

Hopefully we've offered you something to suit your car, your dog and of course your budget.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at our article on the Best Car Boot Liners for Dogs.




Dec 04, 2022

Hi, I can't see anything thats Labrador (young) proof!

Smart Bark
Smart Bark
Dec 29, 2022
Replying to

If you’re looking for something ‘heavy duty’ - the rubber based mats are amazing.

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