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Best Car Seat Covers for Dogs 2024

Updated: Apr 16

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If you love taking your four-legged friend on adventures but would rather keep your car seats looking like new, why not invest in a dog car seat cover?

There are a whole range of car seat protectors for dog owners, which is great, but can be extremely confusing for first-time buyers.

We take a look at some of the options available and some of the key features which you may want to consider to keep your car seats clean whilst giving your dog a comfy ride.

A dog sitting on a car seat cover

UPDATED : APRIL 2024 - After a new round of testing we've added the Julibees Anti-Anxiety & Car-Sickness Car Dog Hammock as our top pick, knocking Pecute off the top spot for the first time in 2 years.

We've reviewed the best car seat covers on the UK market for 2024 to keep your car clean and mud free.

You can judge for yourself whether you like the look and we'll fill you in as best we can how good they are at covering the seats, floor, doors, whether they stay in place and how comfy they are.

Take a break, relax and read through our guide knowing we've got you covered !

dog car seat cover



dog paw graphic

Our Picks of the Best Dog Car Seat Covers

1. Best Overall Car Seat Cover


Julibees offer an innovative and great value, waterproof seat cover that will not only protect your car seats, doors and footwell for a great price, but can help to keep your dog calm.

Julibees car seat cover for dogs

Firstly, the cover can be converted from a dog hammock (shown in the photo which protects your car footwell), to a more traditional seat cover if you want access to the footwell.

The photos show the cover in a Porsche Macan - mid-sized SUV, and we felt that it fitted well protecting the seats and doors with hardly any 'bagging' and looked stylish with the orange edging. It's worth mentioning that it was photographed straight out of the packet so still had a few creases.

To convert to a seat cover rather than a hammock, simply unzip the side door protectors and the headrest straps.

Julibees car seat cover for back seat

We really like the flexibility to convert 1/3 or 2/3 into a hammock allowing for 1 or 2 human passengers too.

There are zipped seat belt openings too, so you have the option of seating passengers and your dog on the back seat plus the Julibees car seat cover includes a basic seatbelt tether to attach to your dog's harness.

Dog seat cover with snuffle mat for anxiety

Over the years, Smart Bark have tested a wide range of car seats, boot liners and seat covers and this is the first one that includes two design features aimed at dogs suffering with anxiety.

The first feature is the integral snuffle mat which works well on several levels. Encouraging anxious dogs to ride in the car, the snuffle mat turns it into a really positive experience. You could even use the cover and mat with super anxious dogs to get them comfortable in the car even before you drive anywhere.

Also, the snuffle mat has that soft, nesting feel to it, which dogs love to curl up on.

car seat cover for dogs with mesh window

The second feature is a mesh window between the seats ensuring your dog has an unrestricted forward view. We love that it not only helps with ventilation but also reduces your dogs anxiety as they can see both you and the road ahead.

The cover comes with fully adjustable headrest straps, a handy storage pocket and anchors to push between the seat base and back to secure the cover in place.

storage pocket

The downside, like the Pecute cover featured next, it's simply too large for a small car. You'd be better looking at a flexible solution such as the Pet Rebellion mat system featured later.

Our Verdict - Ultimately this is a great value, waterproof and super flexible option, with multiple fitting options so you and your dog can choose how to use it. We loved the colour combination and the additional design features for dogs suffering with anxiety.

Dimensions - (L W) - 130 x 145cm

Reasons to Buy

 + Flexible hammock or seat cover

  + Mesh window

  + Integrated snuffle mat

  + Great value

  + 1/3 or 2/3 split seat option

Reasons to Avoid

- No additional padding

For 15% OFF, enter discount code SMARTBARK at checkout

You may be interested in our review of the luxury and large Julibees great value dog car seats featured in Best Dog Car Seats 2024


2. Alternative Multipurpose Seat Cover


This 100% waterproof car seat cover from Pecute, comes second in our review due to the combination of interesting design features, flexibility and of course price.

Pecute car hammock for dogs

We bought and tested this back seat cover in both a Range Rover Velar (mid-size SUV) and a much smaller Ford Fiesta to see if it was as good as the customer reviews.

The cover can be converted from a dog hammock to a more traditional seat cover. Like the Julibees cover, we loved the flexibility that the Pecute cover offers, giving you options on how you want to use the rear car seat.

The side-flaps offer additional protection for your car doors with the straps attaching via the rear handrails. It's worth noting that they were trickier to attach in the Fiesta as it had simple hooks instead of rails.

When used as a hammock, the headline feature has to be the mesh window between the front seats.

rear car seat cover with mesh window

It's a great design feature and we would recommend looking out for an integral mesh window if you opt for a hammock style seat cover especially if your dog suffers from car sickness.

To prevent the cover slipping around, seat anchors push into the seat base and adjustable straps secure to the headrests.

There are some nice design touches with two handy storage pockets and a quilted finish. If you're interested, you can also upgrade to include zips for access to the rear seat armrest.

What's more, it's available in black or grey and includes a basic seatbelt tether to attach to your dog's harness.

car seat cover for dogs with storage pockets

It's fairly heavy duty so if you have a big enough washing machine you can throw it in if it gets mucky!

Size wise, it was a good fit for the Range Rover Velar with a little bagging which is to be expected as it's only available in one size.

On the other hand it was way too big for the Ford Fiesta.

Our verdict - The bottom line is that for a medium to large sized car, this is an impressive 'off the shelf' waterproof car seat cover and hammock which ticks all the boxes for flexibility, price and stability.

Dimensions - (L W) 146 x 136 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Flexible hammock or seat cover

+ Mesh window

+ Quilted for comfort

+ Great value option

+ Available in black or grey

Reasons to Avoid

- Not custom fit

- No colour options

Since testing, Pecute had launched a version of this car seat cover with a completely detachable hammock section and arm rest opening


3. Best Traditional Style Cover


AMZPET make three really good value rear seat covers. We bought and fitted the traditional cover to see how well it performed in the rear of a Range Rover Velar (mid-size SUV).

Firstly, the AMZPET seat cover is slightly padded and has an all important waterproof layer to help protect your seats from accidents.

dog rear car seat cover with armrest

Be aware it's designed to protect seats only so won't convert to a hammock style cover protecting your car footwells.

The seat coverage was good. The 'skirt' helps to protect the side and base of your seats from mess whilst the headrest straps are adjustable to help you achieve a smoother finish.

Let's talk flexibility. This cover allows you to unzip the middle panel to use the armrest which we loved.

Ultimately this enables you take advantage of the 60/40 split seat.

So you have the option to fold down one part of the seat whilst the car seat cover remains in place.

This is great if you want to extend the boot without needing to remove the cover.

All three rear seatbelts are accessible and the seat belt openings have velcro covers when not in use and they lined up so you could feed the seatbelts through easily.

cockapoo on car seat cover in rear of range rover velar

Like the Pecute seat, it has been designed with a non-slip backing and seat anchors which push between the seats making sure that this cover will stay firmly in place if you take those corners at speed!

Ultimately, this is a one size fits all solution and this is reflected in the price. It was too large for the Fiesta.

As you can see from the picture, the back didn't quite reach the headrests and the base didn't curve with the seat edges.

However, the width was perfect and the criss-cross quilted stitching gave it a classy look and feel.

It's designed to be machine washed but is obviously quite sizeable so a wipe down may be easier.

Our verdict - For the price, it was a great design, looked fairly classy and did the job well. It was also super easy to fit and remove.

Dimensions - (L W) 133 x back 56 cm, skirt 45 cm)

Reasons to Buy

+ Allows 60/40 split

+ Seat side protection

+ Quilted for comfort

+ Great value

Reasons to Avoid

- Not custom fit

- No colour options

- Not Isofix compatible

- Doesn't protect floor or doors


4. Best Quilted Seat Protector

Kurgo Loft

US company Kurgo offer an extensive collection of canine products aimed at enhancing your journeys with your pup. Their high-quality range includes no less than 10 different styles of car seat cover and hammocks.

Kurgo Loft Bench Seat Cover

We think that their Loft Bench Seat Cover certainly stand out from the crowd.

It's reversible with a gorgeous bright blue on one side and a more muted grey on the other, both with contrasting edging.

The edging is slightly raised and in addition to looking good, it really helps catch water and mud from falling onto the floor of your car.

Ultimately, the loft bench dog seat cover is not only great at protecting your seats, it has a quilted finish so it's extremely comfortable and snug.

It's worth noting that it's ISOFIX compatible, if you are looking to use it with child seats or a dog KONG Ultimate Safety Tether.

Matched with cool looks on the design front, its water and stain resistant with zippered openings for easy seatbelt access. It's machine washable on gentle to keep it fresh.

Our Verdict - Not the cheapest dog car seat cover, but definitely one of the most eye-catching and it has received great customer reviews.

Dimensions - (L W) 152 x 140cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Stylish design

+ Reversible

+ Quilted for comfort

+ Water & stain resistant

Reasons to Avoid

- Not custom fit

- Pricier option

- Doesn't protect floor or doors


5. Best Flexible Seat Protector

Pet Rebellion

If you're looking for a cover which is completely flexible then the Pet Rebellions cover range could be the right option to you.

Pet Rebellion Car Seat Cover

They offer single seat covers alongside a slim cover for the middle seat, so a combination of these covers offers more bespoke protection.

Protecting the seat base and back it's not designed to offer additional protection for the seat sides or doors.

This could be a plus if you are looking for a cover for part of the rear seat or if you have a 3 door car as the seat sides aren't accessible.

It's worth noting that Pet Rebellion offer bundles so you can buy two single covers and a slim fit cover for the middle seat together.

As they are more akin to a carpet than a fabric cover, they're super easy to keep clean using a vacuum or simply throwing them in the washing machine.

The universal size is suitable for most cars and they're easy to fit. Simply hook around the head rest and they're held in place by Velcro so they don't slip around. They're also designed to make allowances for the seat belt clips.

Our Verdict - If you're looking for coverage flexibility, the Pet Rebellion range is unique in that you can buy single seat covers and central smaller seat covers to provide the coverage you're looking for.

Dimensions - (L W) 140 x 57 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Perfect for a 3 door car

+ Flexible coverage

+ Option to buy slim seat cover

+ Carpet material so easy to vacuum

Reasons to Avoid

- Not custom fit

- No side seat protection


6. Best Single Seat Cover

MuttStuff & Co.

Now for something a little different. If you love travelling with your best friend up front then MuttStuff & Co. offer a small seat cover and dog seat in one.

MuttStuff & Co dog car seat

We love this car seat cover because it's easily installed in small cars. Fiat 500? - no problem.

The headline feature has to be the zippable side panels which can drop down to protect the car seat and make it easier for your dog to jump in and out.

With a waterproof base to protect your car from possible 'accidents', the MuttStuff & Co. seat includes a seat belt tether so you don't need to buy one separately (just don't attach it to your dogs collar like the one in the photo).

The cover is held in place with seat straps and headrest straps alongside seat anchors so it won't slip however fast you take those corners.

Maybe add a favourite cushion or blanket in the base for for extra cosiness and you're ready to go. It can be fitted in the front or back seat, but please remember to turn off the passenger airbag if you use the front seat for your four-legged friend.

Our Verdict - We think that the MuttStuff & Co single car seat cover is a great option if you have a small car or simply love having your pup riding shotgun.

Dimensions - (L W H ) 52 x 52 x 58 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Great value

+ Ideal for smaller spaces

+ Front or rear seat

Reasons to Avoid

- Only suitable for smaller dogs

- Not custom fit

- Not padded for comfort


7. Best Colour Options


This traditional car seat cover from ViewPets is a simple but classy bench seat cover.

ViewPets Bench Car seat cover for dogs

The headline feature is that this car seat cover is available in a choice of four colours - black, grey, sage green and tan with piped edging so you can coordinate with your car's interior.

Most car seat covers are only available in one or possibly two colours so this is a great option if you are looking for a cover to match your car seats.

Fairly streamlined, it's well made and has a quilted back and base for that extra comfort.

We really liked the attachment options on this car seat cover to stop it slipping about.

Not only does it attach to the rear headrests with adjustable straps, it uses seat anchors and elastic straps around seat corners to keep it firmly in place.

Our verdict - Whilst it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of some of the other options featured in our review, it's a good value, simple but classy looking car seat cover.

Dimensions - (Width, seat back height, seat width ) 142, 56, 48 cm ( doesn't include flaps)

Reasons to Buy

+ Good attachment options

+ Waterproof

+ 4 colour options

Reasons to Avoid

- Not custom fit

- Doesn't allow 60/40 seat split

- No footwell protection

Alternatively, if you would rather travel with your dog in the boot, checkout our review of the best car boot liners on the market. There are some great value options available.


8. Best Luxury Custom Cover

Over the Top

If you're looking to splash out on a dog car seat cover you can be proud to show off, then 'Over the Top' offer a made-to-measure, tailored dog seat cover, customised to fit your car.

Over The Top Custom Car Seat Cover for dogs showing personalisation options

Whether you own a Bentley Continental or a Ford Fiesta, Over the Top have a custom back seat cover to fit.

The cover will fit perfectly with no stretching or bagging of material ( a definite no-no in a Bentley Continental!)

Various options are available including 60/40 split to enable you to fold one part of the seat down and an extension to protect the footwell.

Available in three colours, all their custom dog seat covers are machine washable.They also offer custom boot liners and front seat covers to match.

Our Verdict - Obviously a more expensive option, but if used regularly would be a great investment and of course it will fit your car perfectly as the picture shows.

Dimensions - custom fit

Reasons to Buy

+ Quilted for comfort

+ Colour options

+ Options for 60/40 seat split

Reasons to Avoid

- Expensive option


9. Best for Car Seat Coordination


Another car seat cover from the extensive Kurgo range.This well designed car seat cover from their UK range is water resistant, stain resistant and machine washable so easy to keep looking new.

Cockapoo dog on a Kurgo rear car seat cover showing the side seat protection

One of the key selling points is that the Kurgo cover is available in 4 different colours to coordinate with your upholstery (most seat covers are only available in one colour).

It has adjustable headrest straps and anchor points to slide between the seats keeping the seat cover firmly in place.

Incorporating covered openings for seatbelts, so when they're not in use they don't let dirt fall through onto your seats which is a nice touch.

It's worth noting that none of the Kurgo bench seat covers has the ISOFIX opening. The photo illustrates the cover in a BMW 5 series saloon - which has a wide rear car seat and it fits well.

The design includes curved edges to the seat base cover rather than straight edges (as you can see in the photo), which offers more of a stylish fit.

The only issue we found is lining up the seatbelt holes in the cover with the seatbelts underneath - it can be fiddly.

Dimensions - (L W) 114 x 160 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Seat side protection

+ 4 colour options

+ Easy to clean

Reasons to Avoid

- Not custom fit

- Doesn't allow 60/40 seat split

- No footwell protection


10. Best Large Seat Cover


If you are looking for an extra large car seat cover, Wimypet offer one at a great price. It's no more expensive than some of the standard sizes featured in our Top 10.

Wimypet large dog car seat cover

It's wider and longer than a standard cover, making it perfect for the modern pick up or extra large SUV (the only larger cover to feature here is Orvis which is considerably more expensive)

Like the Active Pets cover featured above, this cover can be converted from a bench seat cover to a hammock using straps secured to the front headrests. It can also act as a simple boot protector.

This 3-in-1 dog seat cover has a rubber pad on the base along with the two anchors to help keep the cover in place.

Wimypet's cover is heavy duty and waterproof so should simply be wiped clean (definitely too big for a washing machine). It also has seatbelt slits and comes with a dog seat belt to attach to your dogs harness.

Dimensions - ( L W) 152 x 147cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Large size

+ Seat side protection

+ Flexible 3-in-1 options

+ Seat Belt included

+ Great value

Reasons to Avoid

- Not custom fit

- Doesn't allow 60/40 seat split

dog paw graphic

Buying Guide for Dog Car Seat Covers

Whether you're looking for a car seat cover to use simply for dog walks or leave in place permanently, choosing the right cover is essential. All the seat protectors we feature have seat belt holes for human or canine travellers.

Not only should it look good, but it needs to be comfortable for your dog, and, of course, sturdy enough to protect your car seats.

Before you read on, here's some important factors that we think you could consider before buying a car seat cover :-


As all the covers we feature are different sizes, we provide those all important dimensions after each review to help you calculate which is best for your car.

Passengers & Dogs

Our first bit of advice is to decide how you intend to use the car seat cover. Will you be using the cover on your back seat for your dog alongside human passengers? If so, a traditional seat cover will be more useful than a hammock style seat which is designed with only a dog in mind.

60/40 Split

Some dog car seat covers offer an option for a 60/40 split back seat. If you may need to drop that back seat at times to extend your boot space, this could be a valuable option to consider.


Seat covers have varying levels of padding and comfort for your dog. You could consider adding a blanket or bed to the car seat cover, but be aware that these comfy additions are more likely to slip around when the car is in motion.

3 Door Cars

If you are looking for a seat cover for the back seat of a 3 door car, you don't need to worry about protection for the side of the seats as they are less accessible.


Finally, seat covers are usually available in a very limited array of colours and dimensions. If you want a cover to match your car rather than simply to protect it, then ultimately you're looking at a customised solution which offers an extended range of colour and size options.

Here is our definitive guide to the best dog car seat covers available in the UK for 2024.

dog paw graphic


Which is the best harness to use in the car ?

As mentioned earlier, dog car seats are unlikely to offer any protection in the event of a crash. We strongly recommend a properly crash tested harness for your dog whilst riding in a car.

This harness from Car Safe is fully certified crash tested. In testing we found it incredibly easy to fit with two side release clips and then it simply connects to your car seat belt.

Dog in a Car Safe crash tested  harness

From the fitting, straps, breathable mesh to the stitching, the design and materials are top quality.

The chest plate is extra padded for comfort and the straps are wide so don't dig in. The harness also has a D ring on the front and back, so you can connect your lead and head off for a walk when you reach your destination.

Available in four sizes with a handy sizing guide available online, it takes into account the chest, neck and the weight of your dog to help you select the best fit.

Our verdict - A well designed, easy to fit, safe and good-looking car harness

Which is the best dog seat belt ?

Whilst riding in any of the seats featured, all dogs should wear a dog car seat harness that is tethered to the vehicle's seat belt system. NEVER attach the seat belt tether to your dogs collar, always secure to their harness.

dog car seat belt tether with ISOFIX points

A dog seat belt can protect dogs from sudden brake or sharp turns as well as preventing you from being distracted as your dog tries to leap onto your lap!

We bought and tested the Nasjac seat belt tether which comes in a pack of two. It's simply a flexible nylon bungee belt but the standout feature is the dual attachment clips.

To keep your dog safe in the car, this Nasjac tether gives you three attachment options :- attaching directly into the ISOFIX point, using standard seat belts or even the D rings in the boot.

It's this multi-functionality which set it apart from the other dog seat belts.

dog seat belt tether with two attachment points

It's also adjustable between 53-76 cm so you can ensure it's a suitable length to keep your dog restrained comfortably in their seat.

The metal buckle means it easy and quick to attach to your dog's harness and importantly it swivels a full 360° so no problems with your dog becoming entangled in the tether whilst you're driving.

The only downside we could find was the the attachment clip to your dog's harness was quite small, so trickier to fasten onto thicker double D rings.

This is a great value dog seat belt and worth noting that it's available in a range of bright colours so should be easy to find in the car at night.

dog paw graphic

Thanks for dropping by and reading our test and review of the Best Car Seat Covers for Dogs.




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