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Bugs for Brunch? Why Your Dog Might Love Grub Club Dog Food

Updated: May 14

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Insect-based dog foods could well be the future.

Did you know that a staggering 20% of the world's fish and meat is consumed by our pets ?

Environmentally, insect farming is significantly less demanding on the environment compared to traditional meats: it uses less water, needs less land and generates fewer greenhouse gases.

Amazingly, insects are exceptionally high in protein with essential amino acids as well as important minerals, making insects nutritionally comparable with meat and fish.

So, are you ready to feed your dog insect-based dog food ? Still unsure ?

We take a closer look at Grub Club, a innovative UK company pioneering insect-based dog food.

Grub Club insect based dog food with dog from tv advert

If you're in a rush....

Grub Club certainly ticks a lot of boxes for us. Highly nutritious, hypoallergenic and an eco-friendly alternative to more mainstream dog foods it's well worth considering.

If your dog suffers from skin issues, allergies or digestive problems, we would recommend taking a closer look at Grub Club food as a great option for food-sensitive fur babies.


    3. Grub Club Dog Food 

    4. Ordering & Delivery 

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Grub Club : Insect Dog Food Review

1. What is Insect Dog Food ?

Insect dog food is highly digestible, nutritious and hypoallergenic making it perfect for dogs suffering with sensitive tummies and allergies.

Completely grain-free it uses Black Soldier Fly larvae (Hermetia Illucens) which are a sustainable source of protein.

The insects are gently dried and ground to form a flour called insect meal. Superfoods such as blueberries, seaweed and linseed are then added to the recipe. The result is a kibble with similar shape, size and texture to traditional dog foods.

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2. What are the Benefits ?

Firstly, as they don't contain common allergens such as livestock products, dairy, wheat, corn etc, they are the perfect hypoallergenic dog food.

These little bugs contain all the essential amino acids, vitamins and fats that you find in bigger animals so they are highly nutritious.

Cows in a field showing livestock farming

Incredibly environmentally friendly, the production of insects for dog food generates significantly fewer greenhouse gases than livestock farming. In fact it creates an amazing 96% less CO2 than livestock farming.

So great for your dog and the environment.

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3. Grub Club Dog Food

Launched back in 2022, Grub Club is a next-generation high-quality dog food which is ethically farmed and formulated from insect proteins.

Their dog food and treat range has been created by animal nutritionalists alongside the world leading black fly soldier farms in the UK and the Netherlands. The result - All Day Buffet, a complete and nutritionally balanced dog food.

Grub Club All Day Breakfast - Insect dog food

Let's talk about the all important nutritional value of their food. Rated a solid 66% on the All About Dog Food nutritional scale, it's not just the Black Soldier Fly Larvae that ticks all the boxes.

In addition to 30% insect protein, Grub Club includes some popular superfood ingredients such as -

❤️ Blueberries - High levels of antioxidants that slow cell damage

❤️ Pomegranates - Rich in vitamin C

❤️ Sweet potato - Natural source of fibre and packed with vitamins & minerals

❤️ Spinach - High in fibre and iron to support healthy bones and heart

❤️ Apples - Vitamin A, vitamin C and dietary fibre

❤️ Sunflower oil - Omega 3 to boost the immune system

❤️ Yucca - Helps to remove toxins and helps digestion

❤️ Prebiotics - Improves gut health and stool consistency

Grub Club dog food ingredients

Winners of numerous awards including a coveted spot on the 2022 Amazon Sustainability Accelerator Programme, Impact Here Award in 2023 and the winners of the Sky Zero Footprint Fund 2023, they are going from strength to strength.

In April 2024, Pets at Home began stocking the Grub Club food and treat range on their shelves.

But what did we think ?

In testing, we found that the kibble looked exactly like more traditional dried foods we've tested but without that strong, meaty smell and not a bug in sight!

Freddie can be incredibly fussy when it comes to dried dog food, but he happily ate Grub Club's All Day Buffet from his bowl without a wet topper.

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4. Ordering & Delivery

Available on-line in 1.5kg, 6kg and 12kg bags, clearly the larger bags work out the best value with free delivery on orders over £39 plus 2-4 day tracked delivery.

We love that the bags are delivered direct to your door - no more hauling large bags to the car.

Price-wise, Grub Club is on a par with other premium dried kibble such as Forthglade cold-pressed which features in our Best Dog Foods article.

It's worth mentioning that you can enjoy further savings if you choose to Subscribe and Save.

Don't like subscriptions? Don't worry! For a limited time, Grub Club are offering an amazing value Introductory Bundle. With a 6kg bag of All Day Buffet, 3 packs of treats, a pack of 7 dental sticks and free delivery, all for just £44.95 (that's a massive £15 off full price)

Grub Club insect-based dog food and treats

Grub Club also offer a range of 3 different dog treats, dental sticks and poo bags. All healthy, hypoallergenic and sustainable so you can work on those training goals and collecting the poop whilst looking after the planet.

dog paw graphic

Our Verdict

Reasons to Buy :

  + 30% Insect protein

  + Added superfoods

  + Hypoallergenic

  + Great value introductory packs

  + Subscribe & save

  + Similar price to other premium dry foods

Reasons to Avoid :

   - Limited range

Specification :

Insect Species: Black soldier fly larvae | Insect Ratio: 30% | Other Ingredients include : Blueberries and pomegranates, sweet potato, yucca extract, linseed, apple, prebiotics | Options: Adult | Pack Size: 1.5kg, 6kg & 12kg

If you're looking for a dog food from a company dedicated entirely to insect-based nutrition, then we'd recommend trying Grub Club. They are committed to offering the most sustainable and nutritious dog food in an ever-expanding market.

They have a very informative website and are amazingly transparent regarding the composition of their dog food (in our view, far more than many mainstream dog foods).

We recommend Grub Club for eco-friendly dog lovers looking to try insect-based dog food for the first time. With an expanding range of food plus their treats, dental sticks, poo bags and great introductory offers, now's the time to take the plunge and switch to insect dog food.

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The Rivals

Not sure about Grub Club ? There are alternatives.

Why not have a read of our popular article Best Insect Dog Food. We take a closer look at some UK companies pioneering dog food using this novel protein source including - Yora, Percuro, Tuggs, Wainwrights and of course Grub Club.

testing insect-based dog foods in bowl

If you're not ready to switch to insect dog food maybe take a closer look at cold pressed dry food. It's the innovative manufacturing techniques that ensure it's highly nutritious.

We compare 3 brands - Forthglade, Walker & Drake and Wilsons - Unleashing the Goodness: Best Cold Pressed Dog Foods Revealed 

Thanks for dropping by and reading our review of Grub Club Insect Food for Dogs


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