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The 10 Best Dog Poop Bags Review

Updated: 21 hours ago

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The one downside to our four-legged friends, scooping the poop. If only we could train them to do it themselves. Did you know that dog owners can risk fines of £100 simply for not carrying poop bags in some areas of the UK ?

Dog lover holding a poo bag in hand and a dog on lead on a dog walk in the park

So don’t get caught short when you’re out and about, which bags are the best designed, strongest, great value and eco-friendly?


Buying Guide for Dog Poop Bags

Features to Consider

Our Pick of the Best Poop Bags you can Buy Today

Best Compostable Poop Bags

Best Non-Compostable Poop Bags

Our Verdict


The fundamental job of a dog poop bag is to hold your dog’s business without leaking or tearing. Ideally you don’t want a bag that's so thin that you can smell or see what you are carrying.

Then there’s separation, ideally this needs to be quick and the bag needs to be closed and sealed effortlessly.

Companies are promoting an incredible range of bags including eco-friendly, biodegradable, compostable, degradable, scented bags (brazilian mango no less), and some companies make charitable donations.

Whilst compostable dog poop bags may not be the perfect solution, they will help reduce your yearly plastic consumption.

10 different dog poo bags tested and reviewed
Dog Poo - It's in the bag

I enlisted a whole range of my four-legged friends and their 'pawrents' to test-drive a wide selection of poop bags on the UK market. Over the last 2 years we have tested many bags and not all of them made the cut !

Our selection includes 5 compostable and 5 non-compostable dog poop bags.



Ultimately, hunting for anything eco-friendly can be confusing, and searching for dog poop bags is no exception. For the purpose of this review though, only cornstarch which are compostable, not biodegradable bags, get the thumbs up for being eco-friendly.

Graeme Hill (TV dog trainer) recently commented on a GMTV interview -

"You shouldn't have a dog if you can't afford cornstarch bags "

Whilst we understand that he's considering our impact on the environment, when you take into account the carbon footprint of poop bags (even cornstarch bags) originating halfway round the world, then being shipped to the UK, it may not be that simple! Click to see full article as reported in the Daily Mail


This varies greatly with the non-compostable bags unsurprisingly working out the best value.


All the bags tested in this review on a roll (without handles) had identical measurements - 23cm X 33cm, so will fit most poop bag holders. The handled bags both available loose and on a roll had varying measurements. All dimensions are included in our review.

Rolls versus Loose Bags

If you like to use a holder or dispenser then rolls are a must, but we feature both rolls and loose bags so there should be something to suit every dog lover.


Best Compostable Poop Bags

Looking for compostable, eco-friendly bags? We recommend five compostable bags - Beco Compostable, My AlphaPet, Adios Plastic, Fetch-It & the Green Poop Bags all made with cornstarch.

Whilst these were not the cheapest bags we tested, they're all considerably better for the environment than their non-compostable alternatives.

1. Beco Compostable Poop Bags

The first Beco bag to feature in our Top 10. Beco make several types of bags some biodegradable and some compostable.

compostable Beco dog poop bags

These eco-friendly compostable are available in really small quantities of 48 bags so you could try before you commit to buying lots.

What's more, the testers commented that they are thick, strong and odour proof so did the job well.

As with all their range they have recyclable cardboard cores and outer packaging.

Additionally you can purchase the Beco Pocket - poop bag dispenser which also has great eco-friendly credentials.

Beco's compostable range also includes packs of 60 and 96 and a box of 96 flat-packed bags with handles. Just a word of caution, their non-compostable and compostable packaging looks very similar, so double-check it says compostable on the front.

Dimensions (W x L)

Roll (no handles) 22 X 33 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Compostable

+ Small quantities

+ Recyclable packaging

Reasons to Avoid

- No scented options

- No quantity options

- Pricier than non-compostable

2. My AlphaPet Dog Poop Bags

My AlphaPet poop bags are made using cornstarch so they're 100% compostable with great eco-credentials.

My AlphaPet poo bags packaging and rolls

Ultimately, this is reflected in the price but larger quantities do reduce the price per bag slightly.

On the test, they seemed slightly thinner, certainly more transparent and softer than the cheaper non-compostable bags.

It's worth noting that the bright green colour was a massive hit with testers so much so, we've rated them second out of the compostable bags. If you like scented bags, they have a bright red scented version.

In terms of quantities, they come in larger boxes then Beco - you can purchase boxes of 120 or 240.

Dimensions (W x L)

Roll (no handles) 22 X 33 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Compostable

+ Bright colours

+ Scented available

Reasons to Avoid

- More costly than non-compostable

3. Adios Plastic Poo Bags

UK company Adios Plastic offer a range of Doggy-Doo Sacks which are made from cornstarch so they are compostable and environmentally friendly.

Adios plastic compostable dog poo bags

Their wide selection should suits all dog lovers with a choice of bags with or without handles, on a roll or loose.

The testers felt that they were the strongest eco-friendly bags tested.

The range of colours on offer really sets these poo bags apart. Grey, blue, coral pink and now a rainbow pack if you just can't decide.

We tested the rolls (without handles) and found that they separate from the roll easily. The only downside is that the rolls themselves are slightly chunkier than some others tested so can be a bit of a squeeze in poop bag holders, but this is minor and not really a deal breaker.

Available in packs of 60, 120 and a family pack of 360 bags. Adios also offer a subscription service with a 10% savings on orders which makes them good value

Dimensions (W x L)

Roll (no handles) 22 X 33 cm

Roll (handles) 18 X 30 cm

Loose (handled) 18 x 34 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Compostable

+ Pastel colours

+ Subscription available

Reasons to Avoid

- Expensive for small amounts (60's)

- Tight fit in holders

4. Fetch-It Compostable Poop Bags - Mini

Fetch-It poop bags are made with cornstarch and are certified 100% compostable

fetch it compostable poo bags

The headline feature of these particular bags is that they are Mini. Smaller than the standard bag by 30%, they're ideal for small and toy breeds.

Smaller bags = less material = less waste.

It also means they're cheaper than their standard sized competition. They are available in a box of 80 without tie handles.

The Fetch-It range also includes their Ocean Box of standard sized bags with handles suitable for larger.... breeds.

Dimensions (W x L)

Roll (no handles) 17 X 25 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Compostable

+ Ideal for small & toy breeds

+ Cheaper than standard compostable bags

Reasons to Avoid

- No large quantity options

5. The Green Poop Bag

The last dog poop bag company to be featured won the Green Apple Environment Award in 2020.

A selection of The Green Poop Bag for dogs with rolls and handled bags

The Green Poop Bag is a small UK business which offer compostable bags with a percentage donated to Friends of the Earth.

Our testers particularly loved the handled bags on a roll. In most cases buying bags on a roll means you forfeit the handles. But not in this case!

The Green Poop bags are available in Universal Rolls with handles or extra-large loose handled bags in a box ( they're massive).

Whilst they aren't the cheapest we've tested, if you love bags on a roll with a handle, then Green Poop Bags are simply the best option. Not available on Amazon, they offer free delivery on £20 orders and now offer a 10% Subscribe and Save option.

Dimensions (W L)

Roll (handled) 23 X 33 cm

Loose (handled) 28 X 33 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Compostable

+ Handles on a roll

+ Charity contributions

Reasons to Avoid

- Pricier than non-compostable

Best Non-Compostable Dog Poop Bags

If price is the key factor, the following selection of poop bags are at the cheaper end of the market - AmazonBasics, Beco Biodegradable, Earth Rated, Pogi and Greener Walker.

6. Amazon Basics Poop Bags

The truth is that if you looking for cheap poop bags with no eco-credentials but a bag that does the job well, then Amazon Basics are hard to beat.

Black AmazonBasics Dog Poop Bags and poo bag holder

Available in quantities of 300, 600 or 900 on rolls of 20 bags, the more you buy the cheaper per bag (it's not rocket science).

Delivered with a complimentary dispenser which we found almost impossible to attach to the lead (reviewed in our round-up of Dog Poo Bag Holders)

We appreciated the printed arrow on each bag, which makes it easy to find which end to open and spot the seam.

They don't have vest style handles so slightly more tricky to tie, or eco-friendly credentials but this is reflected in their price. They did the job well, they're a good size and mask the contents well. Also available in scented.

Dimensions (W x L)

Roll (no handles) 22 x 33 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Cheap

+ Tear apart easily

Reasons to Avoid

- Large quantities

- Not compostable

7. Earth Rated Poop Bags

Earth Rated is a Canadian company making poop bags with a 100% leak-proof guarantee. At their core is the idea of giving back to society so they've donated over 6 million bags to dog shelters.

Earth rated poop bags and packaging

For those of you that prefer a bag with handles these are perfect. The box doubles as a handy recyclable dispenser which is ideal for storing by the back door.

Our testers felt they were secure and thick masking the smelly contents well. The design of the bag with the dark green base certainly helped to camouflage the contents.

Better still, these handled bags were preferred by those testers who struggled to tie knots in the non-handled versions.

Earth Rated bags are available in a wide range including scented /unscented and on rolls without handles if you prefer. They also offer an option to buy two rolls with a poo bag dispenser which features in top spot in our review - Best Poo Bag Holders.

Dimensions (W x L)

Loose (handled) 18 x 34 cm

Roll (no handles) 22 X 33 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Handles

+ Recyclable packaging

+ Charity contributions

Reasons to Avoid

- Pricier than non-compostable

8. Beco Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

This is the second Beco dog poo bag to feature in our Top 10. These are their biodegradable bags not the compostable version.

Beco biodegradable dog poop bags in mint scent

Beco offer a wide range of bags including with and without handles and in various quantities to suit your needs.

For the review we bought their mint scented bags in a roll. It's worth noting that the roll fits any standard dispenser.

We particularly liked the mint smell, which surprised us as it did help to cover the inevitable musk effectively!

Like Earth Rated, the clever design of the bag ( with a darker base) helps hide the contents from view.

Beco have upgraded their packaging, so now both the roll cores and the outer packaging are both recyclable.

Available in much smaller quantities than the Amazon Basics if storage is an issue - 60, 120 or 270 bags.

Dimensions (W x L)

Roll (no handles) 22 X 33 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Cheap

+ Tear apart easily

+ Good masking scent

Reasons to Avoid

- Great value

- Not compostable