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Best Dog Poo Bags Review : The Scoop on the Poop 2024

Updated: Apr 23

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The one downside to our four-legged friends, scooping the poop. If only we could train them to do it themselves.

Did you know that dog owners can risk on-the-spot fines of £80 for not picking up their dog's poo ? Apparently 'I didn't notice' is not a viable excuse.

So don’t get caught short when you’re out and about. We buy and test a whole range of dog poo bags to see which bags are the best designed, strongest & great value. We take a look at biodegradable, compostable and eco-friendly dog poo bags?

APRIL 2024 : UPDATE After the latest round of testing, we've added Eco-Pets as our top 'Bulk Buy' pick.

Best poo bags to buy with a dog


Buying Guide for Dog Poop Bags

Features to Consider

Our Verdict

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The fundamental job of a dog poop bag is to hold your dog’s business without leaking or tearing. Ideally you don’t want a bag that's so thin that you can smell or see what you are carrying.

Then there’s separation, ideally this needs to be quick and the bag needs to be closed and sealed effortlessly.

Companies are promoting an incredible range of bags including eco-friendly, compostable, biodegradable, scented bags (Brazilian mango no less), and some companies even make charitable donations.

Whilst compostable dog poop bags may not be the perfect solution, they'll certainly help to reduce your yearly plastic consumption.

10 different dog poo bags tested and reviewed
Dog Poo - It's in the Bag!

Over the last 3 years we have tested hundreds of bags and not all of them made the cut. We continually test new brands, and our selection is updated regularly.

The truth is that there are some great value bags on the market which do a much better job than those cheap and nasty supermarket bags (thin, small and tear way too easily).

We include value, compostable and biodegradable dog poo bags in our review.

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Ultimately, hunting for anything eco-friendly can be confusing, and searching for dog poop bags is no exception. For the purpose of this review though, only cornstarch bags which are compostable, get the thumbs up for being eco-friendly.


This varies greatly with the non-compostable bags unsurprisingly working out the best value.


All the bags tested in this review on a roll (without handles) had identical measurements - 23cm X 33cm, so will fit most poop bag holders. The handled bags, both available loose and on a roll had varying measurements. All dimensions are included in our review.

Rolls versus Loose Bags

If you like to use a holder or dispenser then rolls are a must, but we feature both rolls and loose bags so there should be something to suit every dog lover.

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1. Best Poo Bags Overall

Tuff Pets


Dimensions - Roll (with handles) 14 X 34cm

Pack Size - 120 bags & 160 bags

Colour - Black

Compostable Option - Yes

Biodegradable Option - Yes


+ Compostable & Biodegradable

+ Black masks contents well

+ On a roll with tie handles


- Limited quantity options

Tuff Pets are a UK company offering two types of poo bags - compostable and biodegradable.

Tuff Pets Compostable Dog Waste Bags

We particularly liked that these black bags were better at masking the contents than the paler coloured bags on the market.

Fancy coloured bags look nice on the roll, but there's no getting away from the fact that black bags really do a better job.

Better still, the bags are on a roll with tie handles so they're incredibly easy to secure. In testing we found that both their bags were strong and thick.

It's worth noting if you use a poo bag holder that the biodegradable rolls have a slightly smaller diameter than their compostable alternatives, so may fit into smaller poo bag holders more easily.

Tuff Pets Heavy Duty Dog Waste Bags

Our testers also felt that the biodegradable bags were the thickest we've reviewed, so if you're looking for extra thick poo bags, these will definitely fit the bill.

Price-wise, Tuff Pets biodegradable bags are slightly cheaper than their compostable option.

Overall we would recommend Tuff Pets dog poo bags as they are well designed, strong, have handles, come on rolls, and mask the contents brilliantly- that's all the boxes ticked !

Buying Options

Tuff Pets have offered Smart Bark readers 25% OFF their first purchase

Use discount code SMARTBARK25


2. Best Range of Dog Poo Bags



Dimensions - Roll (+ handles) 22 X 33cm

Pack Size - 48 (4 rolls), 60 (5 rolls) & a box of 96 flat-packed bags with handles.

Colour - Pale Green

Compostable Option - Yes

Biodegradable Option - Yes


+ Compostable & Biodegradable options

+ Small quantities available to try

+ Recyclable packaging


- Compostable slightly pricier option

Next up are UK company Beco. Renowned for their sustainable product range, which as well as being good for your dog, is also good for the planet.

Beco compostable poo bags

Beco sell several types of poop bags some biodegradable and some compostable in various pack sizes. We bought and tested a pack of 8 rolls (96 bags) of their compostable bags.

Ultimately, the testers commented that Beco's compostable bags were thick, strong and odour proof so did the job well. They are also very easy to separate with 'Tear Here' printed on each bag.

It's worth noting that the cardboard cores and the outer packaging are both recyclable.

One of the great things about the Beco range is the option to buy really small quantities so you could try before you commit to buying lots in their larger money-saving packs..

Additionally you can purchase the Beco Pocket - poop bag dispenser which also has great eco-friendly credentials and we feature in our round-up of the best dog poo bag dispensers.

Just a word of caution, their non-compostable and compostable packaging looks very similar, so double-check it says Compostable on the front.

Buying Options


3. Best Loose Poo Bags

Earth Rated


Dimensions - Loose, handles 18 x 34cm

Pack Size - 120 flat-packed bags

Colour - Dark Green

Compostable Option - No

Biodegradable Option - Yes


+ Box for easy access

+ Recycled plastic

+ Charity contributions


- Compostable slightly pricier option

Earth Rated is a Canadian company making poop bags with a 100% leak-proof guarantee. At their core is the idea of giving back to society so they've donated over 6 million bags to dog shelters.

Earth Rated poop bags and packaging

They have recently been redesigned and are now made from 65% certified post-consumer recycled plastic.

For those of you that prefer a bag with handles these Easy-Tie handle bags from Earth Rated are perfect.

The bags are flat-packed in a box (not on a roll) so ideal if you find tearing individual bags from their rolls tricky. The truth is that grabbing a few loose bags from the box and stuffing them in your pocket works just as well.

The box also doubles as a handy recyclable dispenser.

Our testers felt these bags were secure and thick, so masked the smelly contents well. The design of the bag in dark green certainly helped to camouflage the contents.

These boxes are available in unscented or lavender and contain 120 individual bags.

Earth Rated dog poo bag dispenser

Earth Rated bags are also available on rolls without handles if you prefer and better still they offer an option to buy a poo bag dispenser with a free roll.

In our option, their newly designed poo bag dispenser is the best we've tested and features top in our review - Best Poo Bag Holders.

Buying Options


4. Best Recycled Material

Pooch & Mutt


Dimensions - Roll (+ handles) 22 X 36cm

Pack Size - 120 (8 rolls)

Colour - Pale Green

Compostable Option - No

Biodegradable Option - Yes


+ Made from recycled materials

+ Separate easily

+ Handles


- Slightly transparent

- Limited range

Next in our review are the poo bags from award winning dog food and supplement company Pooch & Mutt.

Pooch & Mutt poo bags

Pooch & Mutt (like the new Earth Rated Bags) are made using recycled plastic. Their planet friendly dog poo bags made from -

⭐️ 50% recycled plastic bottles

⭐️ 25% natural oyster shell waste

A definite thumbs up for designing bags with handles. We love handled bags on rolls, it's the best of both worlds - easy to stuff in a bag dispenser or a pocket, yet easy to seal shut.

We particularly liked the bright green colour but we did feel that they were slightly more transparent than the black Tuff Pets bags.

However they did excel at being more tear proof than their compostable counterparts! The perforations between bags meant it was really easy to separate the bags.

As you'd expect, both the roll cores and the outer packaging are both recyclable. Their fledgling range offers just one pack size - 8 rolls of 15 bags.

Buying Options

To save 20% off Pooch & Mutt's entire range, simply enter SMARTBARK20 at checkout


5. Best for Bulk Buying



Dimensions - Roll (no handles) 22 X 33 cm

Pack Size - 540 bags (36 rolls)

Colour - Green

Compostable Option - No

Biodegradable Option - Yes


+ Great value

+ Using 30% recycled plastic

+ Slim Rolls

+ Small UK company


- Only available in bulk

What makes Eco-Pets stand out from the crowd is their great value super pack of 36 rolls - that's a whopping 540 bags - should keep you well stocked for a while!

Eco-Pets Dog Poop Bags

A small, independent UK company, Eco-Pets offer poo bags made with 30% recycled plastic delivered in a recycled cardboard box. Our testers particularly liked that the fairly thin rolls slide easily into a whole range of poo bag dispensers.

They also have a handy 'Open Here' printed on each bag - seriously when you're in a rush we all try to open the wrong end !

The main benefit of buying Eco-Pets poo bags though, is the sheer quantity. Packed in a fairly small box, you have 540 poo bags (15 bags on 36 rolls) at your disposal, so that's one thing less to remember for a while.

Unfortunately our testers didn't like the the sticker which tended to tear a hole in the first bag on each roll, but that's a minor point and the first bag was still usable. Eco-Pets are aware and the next batch of poo bags will have an improved easy-lift sticker.

Our verdict - Good value bags, nice and strong, fit in a variety of poo bag holders and great for bulk buying

Buying Options

Use Promo Code SMARTBARK at checkout for over 30% OFF

You may be interested in our article - Dog Walking Bag : Barking Bags Review


6. Best Value Poop Bags

Amazon Basics


Dimensions - Roll (no handles) 22 X 33 cm

Pack Size - 300, 600, 900

Colour - Black

Compostable Option - No

Biodegradable Option - No


+ Great value

+ Large quantities available

+ Tear apart easily


- Not compostable

The truth is that if you looking for cheap poop bags with no eco-credentials but a bag that does the job well, then Amazon Basics are hard to beat. Available in quantities of 300, 600 or 900 on rolls of 20 bags, the more you buy, the cheaper per bag (it's not rocket science).

These bags are only degradable so no eco-friendly credentials but this is reflected in their price.

We appreciated the printed arrow on each bag, which makes it easy to find which end to open and spot the seam.

It's worth mentioning that they don't have vest style handles so are slightly more tricky to tie.

They did the job, they're a good size and mask the contents well. Also available in scented.

Delivered with a complimentary dispenser which is a nice touch but we found the dispenser almost impossible to attach to our dog's lead. However, once it's attached, it works well. If you would like further info - take a look at our round up review of Dog Poo Bag Holders

Buying Options


7. Best Eco Coloured Bags

Adios Plastic


Dimensions - Roll (no handles) 22 X 33 cm

Pack Size - 60, 120 and a family pack of 360

Colour - Grey, blue, coral, hot pink, mint or lilac

Compostable Option - Yes

Biodegradable Option - No


+ Compostable

+ Range of bags

+ Range of colours

+ Subscription available


- Expensive for small amounts (60's)

- Tight fit in holders

UK company Adios Plastic offer a range of Doggy-Doo Sacks which are made from cornstarch so they are compostable and environmentally friendly.

Adios Plastic compostable dog poo bags

There's something to suit all dog lovers with a choice of bags with or without handles, on a roll or loose.

The range of colours on offer really sets these poo bags apart. Grey, blue, coral, hot pink, mint or lilac and even a rainbow pack if you just can't decide.

Our testers loved the colours, commenting that it certainly made a change from the more traditional green/ black although slightly more see through.

We tested the rolls (without handles) and found that they separate from the roll easily.

The only downside is that the rolls themselves are slightly chunkier than some others tested, so can be a bit of a squeeze to fit in poop bag holders, but this is minor and not really a deal breaker.

Available in packs of 60, 120 and a family pack of 360 bags. Adios Plastic also offer a subscription service with a 10% savings on orders which makes them good value.

Buying Options


8. Best Small Company

Planet Underdog


Dimensions - Roll (no handles) 22 X 33 cm

Pack Size - 60 (4 rolls) and 120 (8 rolls)

Colour - yellow, red or green

Compostable Option - Yes

Biodegradable Option - No


+ Compostable

+ Bright colours

+ Small quantities available

+ Subscription option


- More costly than non-compostable

Launched in June 2021, Planet Underdog's poop bags are designed using cornstarch and polymers from cornstarch so they're 100% compostable with great eco-credentials.

Planet Underdog poop bags packaging and rolls

Their range of unscented bags are available in three really bright colours - yellow (shown here), red and green.

There are also two pack sizes options - 60 & 120

These smaller quantities are great if you want to try out their bags without buying too many.

Alternatively they offer multipacks and monthly subscriptions, so you can save those pennies if you buy larger or regular quantities.

We tested their yellow bags and loved the wording on their bags.

Ultimately the bright colours were a hit with testers although they commented that they were slightly more transparent than some of the non-compostable bags. The bags separated easily from the roll and fitted comfortably in a range of bag holders.

It's hard to feel good whilst you scoop the poop, but helping a new UK company and being planet friendly at the same time is a good place to start !

Buying Options

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We've tested so many poo bags over the years, and we can assure you that the poo bags included in our review are the best of the best. All of them will do a fine job on your daily dog walks.

Whether you're looking for Biodegradable or Compostable, we recommend Tuff Pets. Black to mask the contents, with handles for easy tying, great value and in a bumper 160 pack, they tick all the boxes.

If price is the key factor, then you'll be hard pushed to find a dog poop bag better or cheaper than Amazon Basics. Whilst you'll need to consider storage if you opt for their 900 bag offer, they do the job well at a great price.

Whether price, strength, handles or eco-friendly credentials are most important to you when deciding on which poo bags you want to buy, there is a perfect bag out there to suit all dog lovers and their four-legged friends.

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Doo-Kee Poop Bag Holder

If your interested in a natty holder for your used poo bags so you can dog walk hands-free, we'd recommend the great value Doo-Kee.

Doo-Kee dog poo bag holder

Essentially an extremely lightweight tool which you can attach to your belt, lead or dog walking bag. It comes with a carabiner and a secure twist loop (both are shown in the photo) so you can choose which works best for you.

Simply tie a knot in your poo bag and slip the knot through the hole and down the slot. This secures the bag well away from your nose until you can dispose of it leaving you to walk hands free.

Available in a wide range of colours and patterns.

Buying Options

Dog Scooting Treatments

It’s a behaviour that all dog lovers dread—their adorable pup dragging their butt across the grass or even your carpet.

Dog scooting is a sign that your four-legged friend is experiencing discomfort and it’s often related to anal gland problems, allergies, or irritation. It's their way of saying something isn’t right with my butt.

We explore some of the best anal gland products on the UK market aimed at providing relief from scooting by adding more fibre to your dog's diet.

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Thanks for dropping by and checking out our Best Dog Poop Bags Review 2024




Nov 04, 2023

I used the Adios ones and was quite happy with them, but then found out that they not actually plastic-free at all - they contain PBAT, which decomposes into microplastics. I was very disappointed with that and my quest for a truly eco-friendly poop bag continues...

Smart Bark
Smart Bark
Nov 06, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for commenting, that's really interesting- we'll definetly look into PBAT.


Feb 11, 2022

Love the post highlighting so many great options, but you missed out Bag And Boop compostable dog poo bags - more bags per roll and box, plus they got rid of the annoying sticker, super friendly also, i've been using them for the last year now.

Smart Bark
Smart Bark
Apr 25, 2022
Replying to

Thanks. We’re always on the look out for products - we’ll take a look at Bag & Boop

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