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Best Dog & Puppy Harness Reviews 2022

Updated: 4 days ago

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A dog harness is now a common sight on a dog walk with plenty of dog lovers opting to clip their lead to a harness rather than a collar.

Black dog in blue harness
Photo by Dominik Kempf on Unsplash

Harnesses can help keep dogs under control whilst ensuring they are comfortable.

Initially dog harnesses appear more humane than a collar. Ultimately they can eliminate pressure on the neck and spine spreading pressure across your dog's torso.

Whether you're looking for a puppy harness, flat-faced breed harness, 'puller' harness or a great all-round harness we've got you covered. We feature harnesses to suit every dog and of course their owner.


Buying Guide for Dog & Puppy Harnesses

Features to Consider

Our Picks for the Best Harnesses to buy today

How to Measure for a Harness

How Double Ended Dog Leads Work


For certain breeds, dog harnesses are highly recommended. These include flat faced breeds who suffer with respiratory problems such as french bulldogs and pugs.

A dog harness can help to stop pulling on the lead. Simply the sensation of wearing a harness can often calm dogs and reduce pulling but unfortunately it's not guaranteed.

There are methods of attaching a double lead to a harness (no-pull harness) which can provide further control.

Many dog lovers swear by double leads and if you have a constant 'puller' they can revolutionise your dog walks overnight.

Pug wearing a dog harness on a road

When it comes to playful puppies, harnesses can provide better support for their growing frames whilst acting as a positive training tool for puppies that haven’t yet learned to walk beautifully on a lead.

What's more, a puppy harness will prevent them from getting tangled up in the lead and possibly hurt in the process.

It's not all positive when it comes to harnesses. Remember to remove the harness immediately after a walk especially if they are wet as they can become uncomfortable and cause rubbing.

Sleeping in a harness is also potentially risky because the harness may get caught on something such as a dog crate and become a choking hazard.


Before you jump straight in and buy a dog harness, there are a few features you might want to bear in mind -


First decide why you want a harness. It may purely be a fashion item, but even if this is the case, it’s worth making sure it fits properly. At the end of this article we provide a step-by-step guide on how to measure your dog for a harness.

Over the Head

Some dogs particularly puppies with their first harness, don't always appreciate the sensation of the harness slipping over their head and ears.

If you think that this may be the case with your four-legged friend, consider a harness which is designed to wrap around your dog.


Some harnesses are designed with a front mounted 'D' ring in addition to an attachment point mounted on the back. These types of harnesses are designed with 'pullers' in mind.

They can offer you more control with the option of using a double-ended lead. We explore double-ended leads later in the article.


There are a massive range of harness options available to you. From the number and positioning of fastenings to colours and patterns. In some cases coordinating leads and collar sets are available so you can walk the streets in style.


1. Puppia Puppy Harness

The best puppy harness overall

This is the first of three puppy harnesses we feature. This is Puppia's original and best selling harness in the UK. It's recommended by vets and we think it's the best puppy harness you can buy.

Top 10 Harness Review - Harnesses can provide more control

The Puppia collection includes lots of styles, but this is their original and classic design.

The first thing to say is that it's extremely lightweight and comfortable for young puppies.

The harness fits over the head and incorporates two adjustable points - one at the neck and the second on the chest. The design aims to avoid unnecessary tension on your puppy's delicate neck area.

Designed using a plaid fabric and a soft lining for comfort, alongside a mesh finish which really helps keep your puppy cool especially during those summer months.

Of course you can coordinate it with their range of colourful leads for the ultimate chic look at the park.

Just be aware that this harness hasn't been designed with major 'pullers' in mind. If your puppy is a strong 'puller', another harness, such as the Rabbitgoo featured later, maybe more suitable.

Available in 7 sizes and lots of colours to suit your gorgeous ball of fluff.

Reasons to Buy

+ Vet recommended

+ Designed for puppies

+ Wide range of colours

+ Lightweight & comfortable

Reasons to Avoid

- Over the head

- Not suitable for 'Pullers'

2. Hugo & Hudson Puppy Harness

Best harness for puppy style

Hugo & Hudson dog harnesses are available in a gorgeous range of designs from laidback tweeds for a 'Country Gent' look to this modern, bright star pattern

Great all-round  Harness for puppies - Hugo & Hudson

Designed to fit comfortably around your puppy, it incorporates strong polyester webbing and adjustable sides for a custom fit and will avoid unnecessary rubbing.

The special D rings on the back provide you with extra security when attaching the lead and it has one side release buckle.

You can even complete the look with matching collar and lead.

As with Puppia, the Hugo & Hudson harness hasn't been designed for 'pullers' in mind but if your puppy isn't a 'puller' then this is one of the most comfortable harnesses you can buy.

Reasons to Buy

+ Gorgeous range of designs

+ Matching leads available

Reasons to Avoid

- Over the head

- More expensive than Puppia

- Not designed for 'pullers'

3.DoodleBone Snappy Puppy Harness

Best easy access dog harness

This Snappy harness by Doodlebone has one major selling point!

Easy slip on puppy harness - Doodlebone

If your puppy just isn't happy with a regular harness that slips over their head, Doodlebone have the solution.

Their harness is specially designed to wrap around your dog really easily and snap into place.

This may sound like a small detail but wriggling puppies can be notoriously difficult to get into harnesses, so this way you can look forward to your walks without a fight getting the harness on in the first place!

It has a quick-release fastener on the back rather than the side and has a double D ring to attach to your lead.

The one downside of this harness is the limited adjustment. So carefully check your measurements to get the perfect fit. Choose from ten stunning colours.

Reasons to Buy

+ NOT over the head

+ Range of colours

Reasons to Avoid

- Limited adjustment

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4. Rabbitgoo Harness

Best harness for small dogs

Finding a good quality harness to fit a small breed dog especially flat faced breeds such as pugs can be tricky. We love this Rabbitgoo harness because its comfortable for small dogs whilst being strong enough to cope with 'pullers'.

Best Harness for small dogs - a rabbit goo blue small dog harness.

If you have a pint-sized breed (Corgi, Pug, Chihuahua) this harness is available in super small sizes which are fully adjustable.

The design incorporates a front mounted 'D' ring in addition to a standard 'D' ring mounted on the back (top).

This can provide more control and the option to be used with double-ended leads.

Unlike the puppy harnesses featured above, Rabbitgoo harnesses have four adjustment points (2 at the neck and 2 across the chest), so they can be fully customised to fit your dog.

We love the range of eye-catching bright colours and it's available in four different sizes. This good value harness from Rabbitgoo is not only comfortable but offers you the option to use it as a harness to stop pulling.

Reasons to Buy

+ 4 adjustment points

+ Double D ring

+ Suitable for pullers

+ Range of colours

Reasons to Avoid

- Functional design

5. Eagloo Dog Harness

Best harness for large breeds

The best harnesses are designed to take into account the way in which dogs’ bodies move with padding to protect their pressure points.

Woman walking a dog on the beach wearing a Eagloo dog harness

We love this dog harness by Eagloo as it's specially built for larger dogs to distribute pressure evenly and safely around your dog's chest.

The design incorporates some soft padding in the chest so the harness won't rub your dog's skin. It's also suitable for use with double-ended dog leads.

Measuring for a harness can be difficult. Rather than relying on one measurement, Eagloo harnesses let you take into account chest and neck measurements along with weight to select the best harness size for your dog.

Eagloo's collection of four harness sizes include a large degree of overlap and adjustability.

The bright colours help visibility (don't worry, it also comes in black if you prefer something a little more low-key).

A great quality, highly recommended harness which can be used to control strong dogs.

Reasons to Buy

+ Suitable for large breed dogs

+ Big size overlap

+ Double D ring

+ Range of colours

Reasons to Avoid

- A very functional design

6. Embark Harness

Best no-pull dog harness

If you are looking at achieving the ultimate, relaxed dog walk, Embark may be able to help.

Close up showing a dog wearing an Embark patterned dog harness

We love this Embark harness, not just for it's 'No Pull' credentials but for the gorgeous design element they've incorporated too.

Both functional and stylish!

Embark offer a range of super comfortable, no-pull harnesses to help dog parents everywhere.

When designing their no-pull dog harness Embark specifically placed the front leading D-Ring to help you teach your dog to heel, while the back attachment and padding around the neck helps protect your dog's neck.

It can be used with a double-ended dog lead

They also stock a range plain and beautifully patterned harnesses not to mention beautiful collars and coordinating leads.

Embark guarantee you'll love your dog harness and it’ll fit your dog comfortably, or they'll replace it.

Reasons to Buy

+ Suitable for large breed dogs

+ 4 adjustment points

+ Double D ring

+ Range of designs

Reasons to Avoid

- No small sizes

- Pricier than Eagloo

7. Ruffwear Web Master

Best adventure dog harness

If you're planning an adventure with your dog, completely off the beaten track then you can't go wrong with this well designed harness by Ruffwear.

Ruffwear web master red dog harness

The Ruffwear Web Master Harness is more than a simple walk in the park harness.

It's been created as a secure and supportive harness for manoeuvring and assisting dogs up and over obstacles (from dachshunds over steps to border collies over boulders)

The harness itself is very thin to ensure it doesn't hinder your dog's full range of movements.

It incorporates no fewer than 5 points of adjustment (2 girth straps, 1 chest and 2 neck adjusters) so you can fully customise this harness to fit your dog comfortably for a full day of adventures.

If you are looking for a harness with a handle which is high quality and comfortable then the Ruffwear harness is a great option.

Reasons to Buy

+ 5 sizes x-small to x-large

+ Thin lightweight material

+ 5 adjustment points

+ 2 girth straps

Reasons to Avoid

- Pricey option


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8. Julius K9 Dog Harness

Best harness for late night walks

If you're planning late night walks, consider investing in a harness that features some reflective material to enhance visibility and security at night on the road.

Julius k9 reflective dog harness

These can also be invaluable if you four-legged friend loves diving into the undergrowth off lead !