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Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs

Updated: Apr 7

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If you have a larger breed dog or perhaps a dog that simply loves plenty of room to stretch out then a large dog bed might be the way to go.

A good dog bed can ensure that your dog gets a great night sleep but a good quality dog bed for large breed dogs is particularly important.

They often suffer from joint and hip issues and as they age it is not uncommon for them to become overweight and this can place additional stress on their joints.

There are so many dog beds on the market for you to choose from, we researched this Buying Guide specifically for that gorgeous, large dog in your life.

Large labrador asleep in a grey dog bed
Photo by Tj Kolesnik on Unsplash


1. What Type of Dog Bed is Best for Large Dogs?

2. Do Dogs need Big Beds?

3. Can a Dog Bed be too Large for a Dog?

4. Our Top 5 Picks of the Best Large Dog Beds

5. Our Verdict

6. FAQs

7. How We Picked

1. What Type of Dog Bed is Best for Large Dogs?

The first bit of advice before buying a new dog bed is to take a close look at how your dog likes to sleep.

If they are a 'curler' and love to sleep curled up in a ball, then a nest bed or a cave bed will be ideal.

Performance wise, it's worth considering an orthopaedic bed. Usually crafted in memory foam, they can be pricey but they offer superior support and are built to last. Orthopaedic beds are ideal for older dogs who may suffer with joint problems

Bolster style beds are always a firm favourite as they provide a partially enclosed space and the low walls are ideal for resting their head.

In all cases look for removable and machine washable covers to keep your dog bed in best condition.

Lastly, try to choose a bed to fit in with your home decor. As your dog bed is always on display you'll want one that you will love having around your house.

Dog on a dog bed with a blanket

2. Do Dogs need Big Beds?

Naturally, large dogs need bigger beds than small ones. Plus another reason for buying a large dog bed is if you have two inseparable dogs who love to sleep together.

A large dog bed will easily be able to accomodate two dogs when they want to curl up and snooze.

3. Can a Dog Bed be too Large for a Dog?

They can be. If your dog likes to curl up and feel protected whilst they sleep, a large dog bed might make it harder for them to settle.

We've provided dimensions for all the beds we feature to help you choose the right size for your four-legged friend.

Only the best made it to our list, so read on to find out which dog bed is best for your dog's needs.

4. Our Top 5 Picks of the Best Large Dog Beds

Let's face it, budget is foremost on many people’s minds at the moment so take a look at our great value, roomy and affordable large dog beds that will suit both your dog and your wallet.

My Pets Direct Extra Large Dog Bed

Best Cheap Dog Bed

My Pets Direct offer a range of plastic dog beds including a large, extra large and extra extra large size.

Dog in a plastic dog bed

Admittedly this dog bed may lack the designer looks but it's an extremely affordable dog bed and don't be put off by the fact it's plastic, it has a lot to offer.

Built to last it's constructed from durable polypropylene reusable plastic so it's heavy duty, waterproof and super easy to keep clean.

The shape offers dogs who like to nest a cocooned space and the high sides are perfect for resting their heads.

Whilst there are many rival plastic dog beds out there, we love this one because cleverly the design includes ventilation in the base to keep your dog cool and your blankets fresh. Plus, they've added anti-slip feet so it won't slide around your kitchen floor.

All you need is a cushion and you're ready to go.

Dimensions : Large 69cm x 42cm | Extra Large 78cm x 49cm | Extra Extra Large 95cm x 57cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Great value

+ Hard wearing

+ Ventilated

+ Easy to clean

Reasons to Avoid

- It's plastic

- You'll need extra cushions

Buying Options

Amazon Basics Extra Large Dog Bed

Best Cheap Mattress Dog Bed

Amazon offer a mattress style bed in several sizes including an oversized dog bed measuring a whopping 1.2m.

This dog bed is a best seller for good reason. It's very economical and can be used as a standalone bed or alternatively used in your dog’s crate.

Constructed with super soft material in a swirl design and filled with polyester it's a bit less supportive than most of the other dog beds featured here but it is still incredibly comfortable and has some amazing customer reviews.

The non-slip base helps to keep it firmly in one place so you won't find it sliding around your kitchen floor.

One neat thing about this bed is the fact that you can just chuck the whole thing in the laundry when it gets dirty – it’s completely machine washable.

Dimensions : Large 100cm x 72cm | Extra Large 116cm x 75cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Great value

+ Over 1m long

+ Perfect for 'stretchers'

Reasons to Avoid

- Not as supportive as others

Buying Options

If you're prepared to fork out a little more on a dog bed, then definitely take a look at orthopaedic dog beds.

Made of supportive memory foam, they ease pressure on your dog's joints while conforming to your dog’s unique shape and size.

PetFusion Ultimate Large Dog Bed

Best Orthopaedic Dog Bed

From the USA, the PetFusion Ultimate dog bed uses superior materials and a wealth of design features to offer you dog the perfect resting place

St Bernard dog on a PetFusion ultimate large dog bed

Unbelievably the bed's entire base section is made of solid memory foam. This makes this orthopaedic bed perfect for any dog especially those with arthritis or joint problems.

The bolster sides are filled with recycled 'green' polyfill so offer the perfect resting place for those weary heads.

The hypoallergenic removable cover is super durable as it's both water and tear resistant.

This makes the PetFusion Ultimate bed suitable for any chewers out there.

If it gets dirty, no problem, the covers are machine washable and replacement covers are also available.

The design ingeniously includes a waterproof inner liner which protects the memory foam core. What more could you ask for?

Available in sizes from small to XXL jumbo and in three muted colours to suit your home - chocolate brown, slate grey and sandstone.

The truth is that the Pet Fusion dog bed really does live up to it's 'Ultimate' name. If you're looking for a dog bed that is going to offer a very comfortable night's sleep and still look great in years to come then look no further.

It ticks all the boxes and yes, it's pricey but it really is built to last.

Dimensions : L 91 x 71cm | X L 112 x 86cm | XXL Jumbo 127 x 102cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Orthopaedic

+ Memory foam core

+ Waterproof

+ Colour choice

Reasons to Avoid

- Pricey option

Buying Options

Scruffs Chateau Orthopaedic Box Bed

Best Value Orthopaedic Dog Bed

If you are looking for a slightly cheaper orthopaedic bed take a look at award winning UK dog bed company - Scruffs. Their orthopaedic dog bed is excellent value.

Dog on a scruffs orthopedic dog bed

It's constructed with memory foam so is extremely supportive and makes an ideal dog bed for older dogs, larger breeds or dogs that require more support for their joints, back or body.

The removable outer cover is machine washable and it boasts an additional inner water-resistant liner.

The raised bolster walls are also filled with memory foam to provide additional support for your dog to lean against.

Available in a choice of dove grey and cream latte.

The only downside is that it's not available in the extremely large sizes that PetFusion offer. However, their extra large bed is almost a metre long, nicely designed and a well built orthopaedic dog bed for a good price.

Dimensions : Extra Large 90 x 70 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Orthopaedic

+ Memory foam core

+ Good value

+ Machine washable cover

+ Colour choice

Reasons to Avoid

- Not the largest bed featured

Buying Options

Majestic Pets Bagel Dog Bed

Best Nesting Bed for Large Dogs

Large dogs like to snuggle too, so if your dog is a fan of nesting and burrowing, then this large bagel dog bed is the perfect choice.

labrador on a majestic pets nesting bed

Whilst there's lots of these nesting style beds on the market, they tend to be designed with small dog breeds in mind.

That's why we love this calming dog bed from Majestic Pets because it's available in some super large sizes too.

The nesting shape can work well to provide a sense of security and calms anxious dogs.

Designed for comfort, the bolster and cushion are made of a durable outdoor treated polyester and stuffed with premium high loft polyester fibre.

The base of the bed is made of a heavy duty, water resistant fabric.

It's easy to keep clean as the covers on the large and extra large versions are removable and machine washable. They can even be tumble dried on a low setting.

Whilst perfect for anxious dogs the one flaw with this style of bed is the lack of support so may not be the ideal choice for an older dog.

Dimensions : Large 102 x 74 cm | Extra Large 132 x 92 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Ideal for nesting

+ Calms anxious dogs

+ Machine washable

+ Wide colour choice

Reasons to Avoid

- Not supportive

Buying Options

5. Our Verdict

As you can see, there are lots of options out there for large dog beds. So whether you have a large breed who needs some space or two smaller dogs that love to cuddle up together, you are spoilt for choice.

We suggest that you decide on a budget so you can narrow your focus to beds in your price range.

If you can afford it, we recommend investing in the PetFusion Ultimate Large Dog Bed.

They offer a superior orthopedic dog bed with a wealth of features in sizes to suit very large dogs. Whilst expensive, their beds are durable and built to last with amazing 5 star reviews from dog loving customers.

6. FAQs

What is a bolster bed ?

Bolster beds feature a surrounding wall on three sides. These walls are filled to provide pillow-like support for your dog's head whilst they sleep.

Bolster beds are an ideal solution for arthritic pets who have trouble getting comfortable.

What is a mattress bed ?

Mattress style beds don't have a surround and lay flat on the floor like a large cushion.

These types of bed are also ideal for dog crates or even car boots as well as providing a large surface area for your dog to stretch out unencumbered.

Where should you put your dog's bed?

Ideally your dog's bed should be against a wall or in a corner of a room to provide a closed space to make them feel secure whilst they sleep. A quiet room also helps, although most dogs tend to settle well anywhere as long as they feel safe.

How many dog beds should a dog have?

If you are the lucky parent to more than one dog, to avoid competition, each dog should have their own bed.

However if they love to snuggle together, invest in an extra large dog bed like one of those featured above so they can comfortably share.

7. How We Picked

Our final choices for which large dog beds to include on our short list, comes from a mix of reputation and reviews from other experts we trust. This was then combined with our hands-on experiences with the brands featured in the review.

We selected dog beds which would be suitable for the largest of breeds. It was also important that the chosen beds reflected price points to suit everyone's pockets.

Lastly we only included products in our selection process with great customer reviews and ratings.

Thank you so much for dropping by and reading our article on the Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs.