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Best Dog Beds for 2023 : Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

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Are you looking to splash out on a new dog bed? Dogs spend most of their day sleeping, so why not provide an amazing space they can call their own for dozing away those hours.

Our independent Buying Guide offers a range of dog beds, sizes (from tiny to very, very large) and price points from cheap to pricey ones, so you can find the best dog bed to suit you, your four-legged friend and of course, your pocket.

Best Dog Beds


Buying Guide for Dog Beds

Features to Consider

Our Picks of the Best Dog Beds

1. Best Overall - Omlet Topology Dog Bed

2. Best Dog Sofa - Bedsure

3. Best Bed Range - Scruffs®

4. Best Orthopaedic Bed - PetFusion Ultimate

5. Best Calming Bed - Best Friends by Sheri

6. Best Soft Walled Box Bed - Silentnight

7. Best Luxury Dog Bed - Ralph & Co.

8. Best Elevated Dog Bed - Veehoo

9. Best Memory Foam Bed - Lesure

10. Best for the Sofa - Scruffs®

11. Best Mattress Style - Bedsure

12. Best First Puppy Bed - Danish Design

Our Verdict

How We Picked

Buying Guide for Dog Beds

Dogs can sleep for 16 hours a day so their dog bed may well be the most important canine purchase you make. Each dog is as different as their owner, so we all approach this search with different requirements in mind.

Unfortunately it's not possible to "try before you buy" so we've compiled a series of features you should consider before making your purchase.

From older dogs to 'chewers', you know your dog best, so bear in mind which bed they will find most comfortable, which will stand the test of time, as well as looking for a dog bed which suits your home decor.

Our review showcases some of the best dog beds available in the UK, with something for everyone and their fur baby.

Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Features to Consider

Buying a new dog bed isn't a cheap purchase. So when choosing a dog bed it's worth considering a few key points first:-


The bed needs to be slightly larger than your dog but also consider where you are planning to place the bed in your home. Don't buy a bed too big for your space.

If you looking for a bed for a large breed dog or two dogs that simply love to snuggle, take a look at our Buying Guide for Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs.

Sleeping Position

Have a look at what position your pooch sleeps in. Curled up in a ball suggests a circular nest bed whilst sprawled out may suit a larger mattress style bed.

Older Dog

If you've got an older dog who suffers from joint pain or arthritis, consider investing in a memory foam mattresses or a specific orthopaedic bed for extra support and comfort.


If your dog is prone to chewing cushions and furniture, the bed you choose will need to be durable. Chew-proof beds are few and far between but we've featured some contenders. Another option is to buy a cheaper bed knowing you'll be replacing it regularly.


Clearly in most cases a removable and washable cover is a must and in some cases a waterproof bed may be beneficial. We've highlighted both features in our dog bed review.


Buying for the latest addition to your family ? It may be worth getting a cheaper bed until they're fully grown, then invest in something a bit grander. Or you could look at a dog crate and a crate bed.

Only the best made it to this list so we suggest you read on to find out which dog beds are best for you and your four-legged friend.

Our Picks of the Best Dog Beds

1. Best Bed Overall

Omlet Topology

We've awarded the Topology dog bed by Omlet top spot in our review due to the extensive range of features and options available to customise the bed for your four-legged friend.

Omlet are a UK company renowned for specialising in high quality pet products with their truly original design features incorporated into everything they do.

Topology Bed by Omlet

The Topology bed can be completely customised to suit your dog so it's not really one dog bed but can become any dog bed you need.

Choose from a wide selection of toppers including sheepskin, microfibre, beanbag or bolster. Whether your dog prefers to curl up or stretch out, they have a bed topper style to suit.

The memory foam base really offers dogs of all ages a comfortable night's sleep but it's particularly good for older dogs suffering with arthritis and joint problems.

Washable Covers

Our one issue with dog beds is the smell. Inevitably, how ever hard you try to keep them clean, they all start to smell - well 'doggy'.

Omlet have put considerable thought into this issue. The covers on their bed are removable (unzip from the base) and machine washable.

We've been using out Omlet dog bed for over a year and it still looks and smells fresh.

Available in three sizes and a whole range of gorgeous colours, it's definitely designed with the discerning dog in mind.

The bottom line is that if you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable bed which will suit your four-legged friend and look amazing in your home, we would definitely recommend the taking a closer look at the Omlet dog bed range.

Specification : Sizes: Three sizes | Colours: Lots | Cleaning : Machine-washable

Reasons to Buy

+ Customisation options

+ Wide range of toppers

+ Range of sizes

+ Stylish looks

+ Removable covers

Reasons to Avoid

- Pricier than some

- Not for those prone to chew


2. Best Dog Sofa


If your dog loves to sprawl out on your sofa, why not give them a sofa of their own. We put the Dog Bed Sofa from Bedsure through its paces.

Bedsure Large Dog Sofa Bed

The first thing to mention is that this bed is low lying so super easy to get in and out for both puppies and older dogs with mobility problems.

The slightly raised edges act as a pillow for those weary heads but your dog can still keep a watchful eye on what's going on around them.

During testing, as you can see Freddie was a big fan of the supporting bolsters and the slightly enclosed space they provided.

These pillow bolsters are firm offering optimum support for your dog's neck and back.

The fabric has a velvety feel, surprisingly soft and luxurious offering a warm, plush space for your dog to simply conk out.

Bedsure Memory Foam

The base is constructed from a 6.4cm memory egg crate foam for orthopaedic support.

We loved that the foam is protected by a zipped waterproof liner to deal with any accidents and the covers are removable and machine washable on the cold cycle.

So you should be able to keep the soft bed clean and smelling fresh.

The only downside we could find is that this style of Bedsure bed is only available in grey and a rather smart navy blue.

However it is available in three sizes including an extra large for big breeds.

If you're looking for a well designed, great value, low lying, orthopaedic dog sofa for those who simply love to sprawl , we definitely recommend this bed from the Bedsure range.

Specification : Sizes: Medium 71 x 58 x 18cm | Large 89 x 63 x 18cm | X Large 106 x 80 x 18cm | Colours: Grey & Navy | Cleaning : Machine-washable

Reasons to Buy

+ Great value

+ Dog sofa style

+ Bolster pillows

+ Waterproof liner

+ Memory foam base

+ Washable covers

Reasons to Avoid

- Not suitable for aggressive chewers


3. Best Bed Range


Pets Love Scruffs or Scruffs® for short, are based in the UK and known around the world for their premium beds and accessories. In fact, they've sold over 11,000,000 pet beds globally, so definitely deserve a place or two in our review.

Scruffs Highland Box Bed for dogs

Scruffs® offer a gorgeous collection of extremely high quality dog beds with designs to suit every dog and home decor.

Their brand new Seattle Box Bed caught our eye and it's part of their new range of 3 styles available in 4 gorgeous pastel shades.

We love this simple contemporary design which will fit with modern decor.

The deep-filled 100% polyester centre of this bed will cocoon your dog in a calming space, making sure your dog is always comfortable.

Whilst the deep sided walls offer somewhere for your dog to rest their head and keep them free from draughts.

The whole bed is machine washable at 30 degrees ( that's right - the whole bed!)

We recommend Scruffs®, as their beds are expertly designed and crafted with a wide range of styles to suit every dog. We feature their sofa bed later in our review. Also, you might be surprised by just how affordable these top quality beds are.

Specification : Sizes: med 60 x 50 cm | large 90 x 70 cm | Colours: Sienna Brown, Topaz Green, Coral Pink & Stone Grey | Cleaning : Machine-washable

Reasons to Buy

+ Award winning beds

+ Machine washable

+ Non-slip base

+ Colour and size options

Reasons to Avoid

- If your dog prefers to stretch out

Buying Options


4. Best Orthopaedic Bed

PetFusion Ultimate

From the USA, the PetFusion Ultimate dog bed uses superior materials and a wealth of design features to offer your dog the perfect resting space.

PetFusion Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Crucially the bed's entire base section is made of solid memory foam, so this orthopaedic bed is perfect for any dog -especially those suffering with arthritis or joint problems.

The bolster sides are filled with recycled 'green' polyfill so offer the perfect resting place for those heavy heads.

The hypoallergenic removable cover is super durable as it's designed to be both water and tear resistant.

This makes the PetFusion Ultimate bed suitable for any chewers out there.

If it gets dirty, no problem, the covers are machine washable and replacement covers are also available.

The design ingeniously includes a waterproof inner liner which protects the memory foam core. What more could you ask for?

Available in sizes from small to XXL jumbo and in three muted colours to suit your home - chocolate brown, slate grey and sandstone.

The truth is that this Pet Fusion dog bed really does live up to the 'Ultimate' name. If you're looking for a dog bed that's going to offer a very comfortable night's sleep and still look great in years to come, then look no further. It ticks all the boxes and yes, it's pricey but it really is built to last.

Specification : Sizes: L 91 x 71cm | X L 112 x 86cm | XXL Jumbo 127 x 102cm | Colours: sandstone, slate grey & chocolate brown | Cleaning : Machine-washable

Reasons to Buy

+ Orthopaedic

+ Exceptional quality

+ Memory foam core

+ Waterproof

+ Colour choice

Reasons to Avoid

- Pricey option

Buying Option


5. Best Calming Bed

Best Friends by Sheri

Like sleeping in a cloud! Extremely popular and great value dog beds, the calming nest works by providing your puppy or dog with a comfortable and enveloping space in which to rest.

Nest bed for dogs from Best Friends by Sheri

The raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support, while the super-soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief.

Puppies love these donut style beds with super soft material as it takes them back to a time when they snuggled up with their mum and littermates so creates a relaxed and safe environment for them.

It's also the perfect bed for dogs suffering from anxiety as the high pile creates a cosy and safe atmosphere.

There are so many brands of nesting beds on the market with many of them offering cheap fillings which won't retain their loft and covers which can't be machine washed.

Don't waste your money on one of those. We recommend taking a look at the collection from Best Friends by Sheri. The Original Calming Donut Nest Bed, they're designed and manufactured by a dog bed company with experience.

Performance wise, these beds are filled with AirLoft fibres, meaning that it will keep its loft for up to 3 times longer than most standard nest beds.

Finished with vegan shag fur, their soothing dog bed is designed to let your dog burrow in the deep crevices. If you prefer, Best Friends by Sheri offer a lux fur finish.

Better still, this nest bed stands out from the crowd as both the medium and large sizes have removable covers which are machine washable and the smallest size bed can be thrown straight in the washing machine.

The downside, well there's not a wide range of colours to choose from, but that's more of a flaw rather than a dealbreaker.

Specification : Sizes: Six sizes | Colours: beige, grey, pink | Cleaning : Machine-washable

Reasons to Buy

+ Great for dogs suffering with anxiety

+ Ideal for puppies

+ Quality filling

+ Removable covers

Reasons to Avoid

- If your dog prefers a mattress style

Buying Options

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We take a look at a range of the best dog calming products from jackets and beds to supplements and sprays which can calm your dog in times of stress - Best Calming Products for Dogs


6. Best Soft Walled Box Bed


Sleepy People offer the highest quality bedding, all of which are made ethically and sustainably and mostly from the UK. By focusing on selling on line, they are able to offer great products at great prices.

As well as human bedding, they offer a curated range of stylish and functional dog beds from one of the nation’s favourite and trusted bedding brands - Silentnight.

We took a closer look at one bed from their range - the Airmax Pet Bed.

Airmax dog bed from Sleepy People

This two-piece dog bed offers a cosy sleep pillow and a supportive wall for cushioning.

The Airmax dog bed has a smart and durable quilted exterior coupled with a soft and cosy on-trend teddy fleece lining.

We love that the inner cushion has a reversible design with the choice of the soft and warm teddy fleece on one side or matching cooler wicking, quilted fabric on the other.

The extra padded inner cushion guarantees a comfortable spot to rest and the soft walls give the bed a nesting feel.

Better still, the edges of the inner cushion use Silentnight's Airmax sleep technology.

Silentnight dog bed

This mesh fabric allows air to travel through the cushion to prevent your dog overheating and to help keep your pet at a comfortable temperature.

It features a non-slip base and the whole bed is machine washable so super easy for us to keep it looking and smelling fresh.

Freddie adored this dog bed, and he's tested a lot of dog beds for us.

He seems to like the soft slightly raised walls which offers that nesting quality so many dogs prefer.

We love the styling of this Silentnight bed, with the contrasting quilted and teddy fleece and finished with a signature Silentnight brand logo.

If you're looking for a good quality dog bed at a great price then we'd recommend taking a closer look at Sleepy People's range of Silentnight dog beds.

Specification : Sizes: Small – 61 x 48 x 18cm, Medium – 75 x 58 x 19cm, Large – 90 x 70 x 20cm | Colours: Grey | Cleaning : Machine-washable

Reasons to Buy

+ Designed with Airmax technology

+ Features reversible cushion

+ Walls to create a nesting feel

+ Non-slip base

+ Machine washable

Reasons to Avoid

- Only available in grey

- No extra large sizes

Buying Options

Get up to 30% OFF the Silentnight range at Sleepy People


7. Best Luxury Bed

Ralph & Co.

NEW FOR 2023

Designed in the UK and handmade in Italy, Ralph & Co. offer a capsule range of luxury dog beds designed with the finest upholstery grade fabrics.

Ralph & Co. luxury dog bed in testing

Winners of the Independent's Best Large Dog Bed 2022 their beds are definitely worth a closer look.

Choose from a luxury nest or pillow style bed in a wide range of colours, fabrics and sizes.

We put their popular Balmoral Nest Bed through its paces.

The first thing to say is that this dog bed oozes quality. From the reversible cushion to the gorgeous Italian leather label and clever carry handles, Ralph & Co. certainly have an eye for detail.

Essentially the bed consists of two parts, the surround and the cushion. We loved the reversible and washable inner cushion (for me it's often just the cushion part of the dog bed you need to freshen up).

Ralph & Co herringbone fabric dog bed

Our tester, a one year old Beagle called Bella, loved her new dog bed. It held it's shape well during testing and didn't flatten under her weight.

The nesting shape offered Bella comfort and security whilst being large enough for her to stretch out.

You can choose from the iconic Herringbone upholstery fabric on one side or sumptuous and soft faux on the other ( shown here).

Plus it's packed with polyester fibre to ensure a comfortable sleep or a cozy nap.

The surrounding walls feature both the sophisticated and durable Herringbone fabric and the new super soft and luxurious faux fur lining.

Designed to support, this style of bed is ideal for those dogs who love to simply curl up and rest their heads when they snooze.

Available in 2 colour ways - Balmoral (Charcoal Grey) and Lincoln (Light Brown). Or if you prefer the nest bed is available in chenille or stonewashed fabrics in a range of colours including green & blue to suit your home decor.

Dog asleep in Ralph & Co. dog bed.

We also think you'll appreciate the range of 5 sizes available to suit every dog from Dachshunds to German Shepherds.

In terms of keeping your Ralph & Co. dog bed looking and smelling fresh, you can either wash the cushion independently or opt to throw the whole bed in the washing machine.

If you choose a large or extra large size, it may be easier to wash the cushion and simply wipe down the dog bed.

It's worth mentioning that Ralph & Co offer a 1 year warranty on their dog bed range.

The bottom line, is that if you're looking for a beautifully designed and crafted dog bed, using the best fabrics to ensure not only comfort but durability, then we would recommend taking a look at Ralph & Co.

Specification : Sizes X Small - 50 x 40 x18cm, Small - 60 x 48 x 22cm, Medium - 70 x 57 x25cm, Large - 82 x 70 x 26cm, X Large - 100 x 85 x 28cm | Colours: Light brown, Charcoal grey, Stonewash green, Sky blue| Cleaning : Machine-washable at 30°C

Reasons to Buy

+ Designed in the UK

+ Handmade in Italy

+ Luxury upholstery fabrics

+ Walls to create a nesting feel

+ Non-slip base

+ Machine washable

Reasons to Avoid

- Pricier than some

Buying Options


8. Best Elevated Dog Beds


Ever considered an elevated dog bed ?

Offering a whole range of benefits for dogs including improved comfort and reduced joint pain, an elevated dog bed may be a good option for you.

Veehoo elevated dog bed collection

Veehoo offer a selection of patented elevated beds which we put through their paces.

Raised off the floor on cute paw shaped feet, each bed is perfect for keeping your dog away from draughts and cold floors.

The design incorporates a breathable mesh base which not only enables heat to escape from under your dogs body easily, but also encourages the circulation of fresh air reducing damp air and those inevitable dog smells!

Ultimately, they help to keep your dog cool in summer and warm in winter. Win-Win !

We love that the mesh fabric is heat resistant so makes the perfect bed for outdoors on those warm summer days and because they are incredibly lightweight they are portable.

Dog testing the aluminium raised dog bed

Veehoo offer a stack of different options so you can select the right elevated bed for your dog.

Magic is a beautiful 13yr old Westie/Jack Russell who helped us review the Veehoo bed range. Although a bit too large for him, he loved the bed especially with his favourite blanket.

It's worth noting that the Veehoo bed sizes are more suitable for medium to extra large breed dogs.

With a range of mesh colours and frame colours so you can coordinate the bed with your home decor.

If you've got a dog that loves to chew their bed, take a closer look at Veehoo's newer All-Enclosed Aluminium bed. The metal frame encloses the fabric mesh completely - so there are no edges available for your dog to chew.

Our gorgeous Labradoodle tester - Mitch is only 9 months and needed a little encouragement to use his new elevated bed, so they placed his mattress bed on the top.

Dog testing a chew-proof dog bed

Mitch lives in an old farmhouse in Suffolk, which is quite draughty and has lots of cold, tiled floors so the raised design worked perfectly.

Known to decimate all the dog beds they've introduced, we're glad to report that the Veehoo raised bed is showing no signs of wear and tear after a month.

With his thick labradoodle coat, they're looking forward to using the bed in the garden this summer, so that the breeze can blow around him and hopefully he will lay on top without the cushion so this will keep him extra cool.

The extra-large Classic style bed also boasts an additional central joist so can support dogs weighing up to 68kg !

Our one bit of advice would be to make sure you have a friend to help you assemble the bed. After assembling 4 Veehoo dog beds, we can confirm that it is definitely a two person job.

Specification : Sizes: 3| Colours: Mesh and frame colour options | Cleaning: Wipe clean

Reasons to Buy

+ Great option for older dogs

+ Lightweight

+ Portable

+ Chew resistant

+ Washable

+ Hygienic

Reasons to Avoid

- If your dog prefers an enclosed space

- Not suitable for small breeds

Buying Options


9. Best Memory Foam Bed


From the Lesure collection of dog beds is their Memory Foam Dog Pillow Bed. Designed to gently hug your dog as they sleep, the memory foam layer provides pressure relief while soothing minor aches and pains.

Lesure memory foam dog bed

Working just like the memory foam in human beds, your dog can sink into this thick, ultra-cosy bed crafted with responsive memory foam.

The design features don't end there. We loved the bolster cushion which is firmer and offers additional support for your dog's head.

In testing, we felt the outer fabric had a premium look plus the base layer was a non-slip fabric, so ideal for wood floors.

What's more it's durable enough to withstand some scratching and chewing (although it's not designed with heavy chewers in mind).

Oh!, and it's worth mentioning that the covers are machine washable too so will help keep the bed looking clean and fresh.

Lesure dog bed waterproof cover

Cleverly, the memory foam mattress is encased in a waterproof, zipped cover to provide extra protection against accidents.

We really rate this double protection layer for the foam base as it will help increase the bed's lifespan.

The only downside we could find was the lack of colour options, as it's only available in grey and there aren't any small sizes available.

The bottom line is that this is a well designed supportive memory foam pick that';s surprisingly affordable.

Specification : Sizes: M 86 x 56 x15 cm | L 102 x 64 x 16.5 cm | XL 117x 71 x 16.5 | Colours: Grey | Cleaning : Machine-washable

Reasons to Buy

+ Memory foam base

+ Bolster cushion

+ Waterproof liner

+ Washable covers & liner

+ Ideal for large breeds

+ Great value

Reasons to Avoid

- Only available in grey

- Larger sizes only

Buying Options

This popular bed is currently out of stock on Amazon,

however a similar style is available by The Dog's Bed


10. Best for the Sofa


If your dog simply loves to lounge on your sofa with you then this could be the perfect bed for them.

Wilton Sofa Bed by Scruffs

Dog sofa beds are intended to help protect your sofa from hair, odour and the general messy dog stuff.

The Wilton Sofa Bed from Scruffs has been designed with a quilted base & padded bumper-cushion to offer a cosy, soft, resting place for your dog.

Cleverly the base is non slip, so once it's in place it won't slide around your sofa.

Does your dog love mud ? Don't worry the bed can be machine washed to keep it looking and smelling great.

Available in a range of four colours to coordinate with your home and two sizes. We think that the Scruffs Sofa Bed is a great option if your dog simply loves to lie with you on the sofa.

Specification : Sizes ( W x D ) : Small external 65 x 70cm ( sleep area 45 x 59cm), Large external 90 x 70cm ( sleep area 74 x 59) | Colours: grey, brown, black, blue | Cleaning : Machine-washable

Reasons to Buy

+ Protects sofa

+ Non-slip base

+ Choice of colours and sizes

+ Removable covers

Reasons to Avoid

- If your dog isn't allowed on the sofa

Buying Options


11. Best Mattress Style


If your dog is a sprawler then the mattress style of dog bed is ideal.

Bedsure large dog bed - mattress style

Offering a large space and all round vision, your four-legged friend can stretch out unimpeded.

We loved that for larger dogs especially, they're not restricted and can choose to either nest and curl up or stretch right out.

We tested the great value Bedsure Large Washable Orthopaedic dog bed.

As you can see it was certainly big enough for our Cockapoo Freddie and would be a good size for two dogs to share or one much larger dog - they also offer a medium and an extra large size.

What's more the thick mattress won’t flatten with use, keeping your dog fully supported.

The impressive, egg crate foam mattress (also featured in the Bedsure Dog Sofa Bed #2) is designed to be more shock absorbent and softer than a single block of foam. So it's ideal for older dogs with joint issues.

It also has the additional benefit of improving air circulation which will help keep your four-legged friend cool while they lounge around in the heat.

For extra cosiness, the top is made from a plush sherpa fabric and the whole cover is removable and machine washable. If you're not keen on grey it's also available with a white plush topper or a very smart navy.

Specification : Sizes ( LxWxD) : M 76 x 51 x 7.6cm, L 91 x 69 x 7.6cm, XL 112 x 81 x 7.6cm, XXL137 x 111 x 10cm | Colours: Navy, white & grey | Cleaning : Machine-washable

Reasons to Buy

+ Great for dogs that stretch out

+ Supportive foam base

+ Great value

+ Cool in the summer

Reasons to Avoid

- If your dog prefers an enclosed space


12. Best First Puppy Bed

Danish Design

New Puppy.... We have the bed for you !

We think you'll love My First Bed for Puppies by Danish design.

Danish Design are based in Yorkshire and produce a super stylish yet functional range of dog products. They really do care about every last detail which is why we absolutely love this gorgeous Puppy Bed.

Danish Design Puppy Bed

My First Bed for Puppies is a soft, round bed in Sherpa Fleece fabric specifically designed with puppies in mind.

It boasts a host of special features to help settle them so you all get a good night's sleep.

Designed to appeal to your puppy's nesting instincts it's bolstered all the way round to give a added sense of security which nervous puppies will love.

It includes a comfort ring which can be removed as they grow.

A really nice touch is the space under the inner cushion designed for a standard sized heat pad . This mimics Mum's body by providing extra heat and warmth.

Better still, the pocket on the outside has been added so you can slot in a ticking clock to mimic Mum's heartbeat.

My First Bed for Puppies

The Danish Design Puppy Bed also ticks all the boxes for cleanliness. It features removable washable covers and a waterproof lining on the inner cushion which is always a big plus.

You could use it with or without a crate.

If you're looking for your puppy's first bed then we'd recommend taking a closer look at cleverly designed Danish Design's - My First Bed for Puppies.

It simply the best puppy bed we've found, well designed with options to add heat pads and a ticking clock at a great price.

Specification : Sizes: One Size | Colours: Cream | Cleaning : Machine-washable

Reasons to Buy

+ Designed specifically for puppies

+ Features for heat pad and clock

+ Washable covers

+ Waterproof base of cushion

Reasons to Avoid

- Heat pad and clock sold separately

Buying Options


Our Verdict

We recommend the Topology dog bed by Omlet because of their customisation options, you can almost create any bed to suit your dog and your home. The covers are easily removed and machine washed. So big ticks all round !

testing dog beds

The Bedsure beds we feature at #2 and #10, offer an incredibly comfortable, wonderfully supportive and great value option. You just need to decide whether your dog would prefer a mattress or bolster edged bed.

A special mention has to go to the Scruff® range of dog beds as they offer a collection of shapes and sizes to suit every dog lover and their dog.

If you haven't found what you're looking for, why not take a look at our full review of the Silentnight dog bed range.

How We Picked

As I'm sure you're aware you will find hundreds of styles of dog beds, and searching through them is a tough task since choosing the best is dependent on your dog and their needs and preferences.

To help make the choice easier, we began our research by splitting the different styles of beds into categories based on how dogs like to sleep.

Our research across large and small businesses helped us narrow the choices down to those suited to 'sprawlers', 'ballers' and 'loungers'.

We considered some premium models compared alongside more budget-friendly options to suit everyone's budget.

We then read through owner reviews of dog beds across product listings to get a sense of what was worth considering.

You know your dog best, so whether you need a cave-like bed to create a cosy feel with a sense of security or something big and comfortable for an older dog to spread out on, hopefully there's some stylish dog bed ideas in our review for you.


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Protect the Sofa

If your dog prefers your sofa, then blankets and throws are a wonderful thing. Ideally you need to look for a blanket that's easy to clean, comfy and warm whilst keeping your sofa protected.

Lesure waterproof dog blanket

We think that this reversible, super cosy blanket from Lesure definitely ticks all the boxes.

It features warm, cream coloured Sherpa on one side and a velvety, soft grey microfibre fleece on the other.

Plus this dog blanket can stand up to some rough treatment. It has a waterproof inner layer which is urine and drool-proof, meaning that it stops liquid from seeping through.

This versatile and hygienic blanket is a great option for puppies, crate training, and protecting surfaces - like your sofa.

Suitable for a variety of breeds, it comes in four sizes: small, medium, large & extra large. Also available in navy blue or pale pink.

​This great value dog blanket from Lesure is perfect for snuggling up with your dog on your favourite sofa

dog paw graphic

Thanks for stopping by and reading our review of the Best Dog Beds

on offer in the UK today.


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