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The Best Dog Beds : Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Updated: 41 minutes ago

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Are you looking to splash out on a new dog bed? Dogs spend most of their day sleeping so why not provide an amazing space they can call their own for dozing away those hours.

Our Top 10 Seriously Stylish Dog Beds offers a range of beds, sizes (from tiny to very, very large) and price points from cheap dog beds to pricey ones (£ - ££££), so you can find the best dog bed to suit you, your four-legged friend and your purse/wallet.

Dog laying on grey dog bed


Buying Guide for Dog Beds

Features to Consider

On our radar... the Top 10 Dog Beds

Our Verdict

Buying Guide for Dog Beds

Dogs can sleep upto 16 hours a day so their dog bed may well be the most important canine purchase you make. Each dog is as different as their owner, so we all approach this search with different requirements in mind. From older dogs to 'chewers', you know your dog best so bear in mind what they will find most comfortable, which will stand the test of time as well as looking for a bed which suits your home decor.

Unfortunately it's not possible to "try before you buy" so we've compiled a series of features you should consider before making your purchase. In addition to the various options, this TOP 10 showcases some of the best dog beds available, with something for everyone and their fur baby.

Features to Consider

Buying a new dog bed isn't a cheap purchase. So when choosing a dog bed it's worth considering a few key points first:-


The bed needs to be slightly larger than your dog but also consider where you are planning to place the bed in your home. Don't buy a bed too big for your space.

Sleeping Position

Have a look at what position your pooch sleeps in. Curled up in a ball suggests a circular nest bed whilst sprawled out may suit a rectangular shaped bed.

Older Dog

If you've got an older dog be aware that many older dogs suffer from joint pain so consider investing in a memory foam mattresses for comfort.


If your dog is prone to chewing cushions and furniture, the bed you choose will need to be durable.


Look carefully at the material. Clearly in most cases a washable cover is a must and in some cases a waterproof bed may be beneficial.


Buying for the latest addition to your family ? It may be worth getting a cheaper bed until they're fully grown, then invest in something a bit grander.

On our radar.... the top 10 dog beds

1. Best Overall Dog Bed

Topology Dog Bed by Omlet £££

Omlet are renowned for specialising in premium and high quality pet products with their original design features incorporated across the entire range.

We recently reviewed the latest addition to their award winning range - the Topology dog bed. It's a truly original and innovative bed and easily one of the best we've seen in an ever-expanding market.

Topology dog bed by Omlet with a sheepskin topper

It is featured first in our top ten round-up because of it's sheer versatility.

With a wealth of features, the Topology bed can be configured to suit your dog with a wide selection of toppers and legs. So whether your dog prefers to curl up or stretch out, they have bed styles to suit.

The premium grade memory foam base ensures a comfortable night's sleep and the machine washable removable covers along with the waterproof base keep the bed looking and smelling fresh.

Available in three sizes and a whole range of gorgeous colours, it's designed with the discerning dog in mind, if you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable bed which will suit your four-legged friend and look amazing in your home, you will be hard pushed to beat the Topology bed.

Omlet have kindly offered SMART BARK readers 10% off across their entire range. Enter SMARTBARK10 to take advantage of this offer.

2. Best Eco-friendly Dog Bed ££

Project Blu

Project Blu have a fabulous range of eco-friendly dog accessories designed in the UK and made in Italy. Their products combine recycled plastic and clothing to create a sustainable product for your dog. So they feature second in our top 10 due to the great price and planet saving credentials.

Project Blu eco-friendly dog bed with cockapoo lounging

This nest bed is designed to appeal to your dog's nesting instincts and is bolstered all the way round to give a added sense of security which some dogs love. The bolsters also provide a pillow for your pampered pooch to rest their weary head.

The Project Blu bed also ticks all the boxes for cleanliness. It features removable cushions and the bed is machine washable which is a big plus.

Although it's durable, it has a soft, cosy finish to ensure that your four-legged friend gets a good night's sleep. Available in 5 sizes to suit most sizes and breeds it comes in a range of pale colours and patterns to suit any room.

3. Most Indestructible Dog Bed ££££

Orvis ToughChew

Orvis design a range of extremely high quality dog beds hence the price tag. This particular bed by Orvis features so highly in our review because it has been engineered to withstand that destructive chewer in your life (so ideal for chewing puppies!)

Two puppies playing on an indestructible Orvis dog bed

Orvis introduced their ToughChew beds back in 1998 and they've been evolving ever since. The latest update is softer and offers yet further protection. Orvis feel so strongly about this bed that they back it with a guarantee -If your dog chews through this bed, they'll refund your money! So if you have a destructive chewer in your life, this just could be the best purchase you ever make.

Using super durable, chew-resistant fabric this bed has a wealth of design features targeted at keeping this bed looking great whatever your dog decides to throws at it. The rip-proof nylon base is designed with both superior puncture and tear resistance. Added to this a sturdy nylon liner adds yet another layer of protection.

The mattress style is suited to dogs who like to stretch out and prefer a bed without sides. Available in 3 colours and 4 sizes which includes an extra large dog bed for giant breeds.

4. Best Dog Cave ££

Collared Creatures

Collared Creatures are a small and family run, independent British business. They designed this dog cave bed to create a special place for dogs to feel warm, cosy and completely safe.

Dog in a collared creatures dog cave bed

The cave bed features a removable arch rod in the hood to give you two options. You can choose to remove the rod to create a cosy blanket if your dog prefer to burrow and sleep under the blankets. Alternatively insert the rod to create an arch giving your dog a tent like den with a raised roof.

Suited to dogs who love to curl up, the cave bed blanket/hood has added padding for more warmth and this helps to maintain the shape. Available in 4 different sizes and three colours (beige, grey or tweed) with fully machine washable outer covers ( remove the rod first!) 

5. Best Anti-Anxiety Dog Bed £


Like sleeping in a cloud! Extremely popular and great value dog beds, the anti-anxiety nest works by providing your dog with a comfortable and enveloping space in which to rest.

dog laying on an anti-anxiety dog bed

Small breeds and puppies love these donut style beds with super soft material that envelopes when curled up, taking them back to a time when they snuggled up with their mum and littermates.

A calming bed can be useful for dogs with very mild separation anxiety. High-pile polyester filling and the circular design of the bed can create a cosy, safe atmosphere to help reduce anxiety. The bed’s raised circle provides a headrest in all directions.

The downside is that this bed isn't machine washable if you want to keep that super soft fluffy feel. Available in 6 sizes and a range of 7 colours to suit your home at a great price.

6. Best Luxury Dog Bed ££££

The Boneo by Ivy & Duke

Whilst dreaming of bones, your dog could relax on a bone shaped bed. The Boneo by Ivy & Duke consists of two large fibre filled bolsters at each end sandwiching a deep cushion filled with memory foam.

Boneo bone shaped dog bed with cockapoo

All the beds are handmade to order hence the price tag, but it's safe to say that the Boneo bed is beautifully made right down to the piped edging.

It's designed so the central memory foam core takes the main weight of your dog, whilst their head and rear legs are supported by the raised bolsters.

The bed itself sits quite high so ideal for those dogs who love to be elevated and it helps to avoid any nasty draughts.

The covers are removable and can be machine washed. Ivy & Duke stock a range of 9 gorgeous colours & 3 different sizes to suit a range of dogs.

7. Most Unique Dog Sofa ££££


Made.com offer a stylish range of modern, designer dog beds and sofas. They have even launched a range of dog beds (or sofas) that match some of their popular human sofas meaning pooches can curl up on a bed that looks exactly the same as the sofa their human sits on.

dog laying on a made.com dog sofa

So if you adore splashing your hard-earned cash on your spoiled pooch (and who doesn't) this dog bed will look amazing in your home.

The Kyali dog bed has a natural walnut frame along with four colour options for the cushions so it can be customised to suit your decor.

Available in two sizes it's a perfect option for larger breeds of dog as shown here (just check you have enough room to show it off!)

If you prefer a lighter finish, the Kyali is available in natural ash.

8. Affordable Raised Dog Bed £


A popular and great value dog bed is this elevated design which helps to keep your dog cool in the summer and out of draughts in the winter months.

dog on a elevated or raised dog bed

The fabric top is suspended over the frame and with no sides, your dog isn't restricted and can choose to either nest and curl up or stretch right out.

A breathable mesh material allows warm body heat to escape so can help keep your four-legged friend cool while they lounge around in the heat.

The raised dog bed concept also helps to remove condensation which in turn eliminates dog smells and damp bedding making it perfect for dogs with skin allergies. 

9. Best Value Orthopaedic Dog Bed £££

The Dog's Bed

Turning our attention to older dogs who may suffer from mobility issues and joint problems, this bed is designed with older dogs in mind.

orthopaedic large dog bed

Whilst it may not look the most stylish dog bed to feature in our top 10 'The Dog's Bed' is ideal for providing therapeutic comfort for arthritis pain and muscle stiffness, ensuring your dog benefits from a sound night’s sleep.

Constructed using high quality memory foam and support foam the Dog's Bed is waterproof so a great solution for older dog accidents. The zippable cover is removable and replacements are available should you need them.

The bed is low lying so easy to get in and out and the surrounding bolster acts as a pillow for heavy heads. There are a whole range of colours available and several sizes to suit all breeds including extra large beds for very large dogs or multiple dogs.

10. Unusual Dog Teepee ££

Dog & Teepee

Fancy a little teepee for your pooch? Dog & Teepee are a Ukrainian design company making a whole range of beautifully designed teepees for the super stylish pooch.

From dog teepees to extra-large beds and everything in-between

Their Nordic-inspired teepees are handmade and constructed using heavy-weight premium fabric, natural wood and eco-friendly fibre.

Their dog beds come in 6 sizes to suit Chihuahuas to Labradors, with a handy breed guide to help you select the right one so your pooch gets a perfect night sleep. They even offer a personalisation option.

Don’t let the Euro pricing put you off as they deliver to the UK. Standard shipping is 8-16 days and express shipping 4-7 days, so not too long to wait for your gorgeous tent.

Our Verdict

Topology by Omlet features innovative and stylish design which is not only super comfortable but durable and would look amazing in anyone's home.

Project Blu stands out as being not only incredibly comfortable and wonderfully supportive but great value and with planet saving eco-credentials.

A special mention has to go to the Orvis ToughChew bed which offers the perfect solution to dog owners despairing at their destructive chewers. If you are looking for a dog bed which will stand the test of time you will find the ToughChew hard to beat.

You know your dog best, so whether you need a cave-like bed to create a cosy feel with a sense of security or something big and comfortable for an older dog to spread out on, hopefully there's some stylish dog bed ideas in our TOP 10 for you.

Thanks for stopping by and reading our review of the most seriously stylish dog beds.