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Snoozing in Style: Silentnight's Calming & Comfy Dog Beds

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As the UK's favourite and most trusted sleep brand, Silentnight certainly know a thing or two about helping us to sleep soundly.

With a reputation for innovation and rigorous testing of product, they've turned their considerable expertise into developing a range of dog beds for our four-legged friends.

Silentnight dog bed range

We tested first-hand, 5 beds from the Silentnight dog bed range at Sleepy People. UK-based and family owned business Sleepy People offer quality bedding, all of which is made ethically and sustainably.

By focusing on selling on-line, they are able to offer a range of Silentnight dog beds at surprisingly low prices.

So, whether your dog loves a fluffy bed or a more supportive settee, there is something in their range for you and of course your dog.


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Silentnight Dog Beds Review

1. Calming Donut Dog Bed

Specification: Outer : 100% Polyester | Filling : 100% Polyester | Cleaning : Machine washable 40° | Sizes : S/M & M/L

Reasons to Buy :

+ Very popular style

+ Ideal for anxious dogs

  + Range of colours

+ Suitable for puppies

+ Easy to clean

Reasons to Avoid :

- Older dogs may benefit from a more supportive base

- May not stand up to aggressive chewers

Sumptuously soft and inviting, the Calming Donut bed is designed as a snuggly spot for your dog to curl up.

Silentnight donut dog bed in a range of colours

A firm favourite in testing, it's called a calming bed for a reason. The popular circular pillow design is ideal for nervous dogs as it creates a haven for your dog to curl up in, easing their anxiety.

Magic, our tester is 13 years old and rests a lot. He adored the bed from the moment he first climbed in. Curling up in the central space, he rested his head on the raised edge.

Dog in a calming nest bed from the Silentnight Pet bed range

Covered in a super plush fabric, what sets this donut bed apart from the competition is that it's filled with responsive fibres which bounce back into shape after each use - let's face it, nobody wants a flat donut! In testing, we found that it kept it's loft well.

Better still, you can simply toss the whole bed in the washing machine at 40° when the need strikes.

Don't worry if you have hard floors. Silentnight have cleverly added a non-slip backing to all their dog beds to stop them moving skidding round your kitchen.

Silentnight Donut Dog Bed for calming dogs

Like Magic, we're big fans of the donut style of dog bed, and the Silentnight version doesn't disappoint.

We love that their donut bed is now available in a range of gorgeous colours so you can match your home decor. From sage green, natural and blush to a vibrant hot pink there's something for everyone.

Available in 2 sizes, the S/M bed has a 70cm diameter and the M/L bed has a 85cm diameter.

2. Impress Memory Foam Bed

Specification: Outer Sidewall : 65% Polyester/ 35% cotton | Filling : 100% Polyester | Cushion Cover : 100% Polyester | Cushion Filling : 100% Memory Foam | Cleaning : Machine Washable cushion cover & bed 40° | Sizes : S,M & L

Reasons to Buy :

+ Best for dogs that like to rest their heads

+ Memory foam helps relieve pressure points

+ Classy yellow piping

+ Machine washable

Reasons to Avoid :

- May not stand up to aggressive chewers

- Only available in grey/yellow

Silentnight Impress dog bed

Your dog can now sleep on a memory foam bed just like the rest of the family. In fact, the Silentnight memory foam used in the Impress dog beds is the same technology used in mattresses for people.

As memory foam is a pressure-relieving material, it helps to protect joints and bones, and offers improved mobility as well as relief from pain – all great benefits for senior dogs in particular.

That being said, memory foam dog beds aren’t just for older dogs! If you want quality support, comfort and durability – look no further.

This two part, soft walled dog bed has a memory foam cushion which off­ers offers a sinking, hugging feeling whilst being supportive. The design, cleverly includes a removable cushion cover which can be machine washed to keep it looking and smelling fresh.

Close up of the Silentnight Impress dog bed fabric

This classic nest design includes a scalloped front edge to make it super easy to get in and out of the bed whilst the firm bolstered surround offers a comfy place to support your dog's head.

We loved the unusual bright yellow piping and felt it worked really well with the grey check material - it looked very luxurious with a modern twist.

The outer fabric is durable and it's good to know that the whole outer bed can be machine washed in addition to the cushion cover.

Available in a range of three sizes (L W D) :- Small 61 x 48 x 18cm | Medium 75 x 58 x 20cm | Large 90 x 70 x 21 cm

3. Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Specification: Removable Cover : 50% Polyester/ 50% Viscose | Seat Pad Filling : 100% Polyurethane Foam | Side Wall Filling : 100% Polyester | Cleaning : Machine washable cover 30° | Sizes : S,M, L

Reasons to Buy :

+ Best for older dogs

+ Best for dogs with joint issues

+ Washable outer cover

+ Durable material

Reasons to Avoid :

- If your dog prefers a mattress style

- May not stand up to aggressive chewers

Dog in the Orthopaedic pet bed by Silentnight

The Silentnight Orthopaedic bed has been designed to support your dog. Ideal for older dogs or dogs with joint issues, the specially contoured foam layer helps to distribute weight evenly which in turn reduces pressure points and sooth aches and pains.

The solid and sturdy base is covered with a very inviting super soft fabric with an unusual zigzag design. The surrounding bolster walls are upholstered with a durable fabric with luxurious double piping.

Close up of the orthopaedic bed fabrics

This outer fabric has been selected as it's super-tough and will withstand scratching and chewing. We felt out of all 5 beds tested, this was the most sturdy and supportive.

The Silentnight Orthopaedic Bed has been designed to be firm enough to support weary heads and create an enclosed, nest like feel. As with the Impress Memory Foam Bed, the dropped front edge really makes it easy for older dogs to get in and out.

You can rest easy knowing that the cover can easily be unzipped and thrown in the washing machine. We loved the expertly concealed zip, which runs around three sides of the bed to make replacing the cover simple.

Available in three sizes so suitable for a wide range of breeds :- Small 65 x 49 x 17cm | Medium 80 x 59 x 18cm | Large 95 x 69 x 19cm

4. Ultrabounce Pet Bed

Specification: Removable Cover : 100% Polyester | Filling :100% Polypropylene | Inner Cover : 100% Polypropylene | Cleaning : Machine washable cover 30° | Sizes : S,M & L

Reasons to Buy :

+ Best for older dogs

+ Best for dogs with joint issues

+ Washable outer cover

+ Durable material

Reasons to Avoid :

- If your dog prefers an enclosed bed

- May not stand up to aggressive chewers

Bed on the Silentnight Ultrabounce pet bed

If an eco-friendly dog bed is top of your list, then the Ultrabounce design is a great choice – not to mention super comfy!

Ultimately, it's filled with the same Ultrabounce polyester fibres that Silentnight use in their popular pillows and duvets. Made from recycled plastic bottles, this dog bed can help to reduce your carbon pawprint.

The Ultrabounce dog bed certainly lives up to it's name ! The thick padded cushion style bed is incredibly chunky and offers extra comfort and support.

Close up of the Ultrabounce dog bed fabric

What's more, the attractive design includes an outer fabric which is soft and quilted along with a luxurious silver braid edging.

If you're worried about mucky paws and hair, don't ! The zipped cover is removable so you can simply throw it in the washing machine to keep it fresh and clean.

As the design doesn't have any walls or bolster surrounds, if your dog loves to sleep fully stretched out then this could be the bed style for you.

But the best thing about this pillow style dog bed ? It's incredibly versatile. You can simply pick it up and placed it wherever – in your kitchen, in your car – even as a cushion for your dog’s crate.

Available in three sizes - (L, W, D) :- Small 60 x 40 x 11cm | Medium 75 x 50 x 11cm | Large 90 x 60 x11cm

5. Airmax Dog Bed

Specification : Outer : 100% Polyester | Filling: 100% Polypropylene | Cleaning : Machine washable 30° | Sizes: S,M & L

Reasons to Buy

+ Designed with Airmax technology

+ Features reversible cushion

+ Walls to create a nesting feel

+ Machine washable

Reasons to Avoid

- Only available in grey

- No extra large sizes

Silentnight Airmax dog bed from Sleepy People

The AirMax (no relation to Nike trainers 🤣) dog bed offers soft slightly raised walls and a cosy sleep pillow which offers that nesting quality so many dogs prefer. In fact in testing, this was Freddie's favourite bed out of the Silentnight range.

It's essentially two pieces; this bed offers a cosy sleep pillow along with a supportive wall for cushioning.

We love that the inner cushion has a reversible design with the choice of the soft and warm teddy fleece on one side or matching cooler wicking, quilted fabric on the other.

Close Up of Airmax bed fabrics

Better still, the edges of the inner cushion use Silentnight's Airmax sleep technology. This mesh fabric allows air to travel through the cushion to prevent your dog overheating and to help keep your dog at a comfortable temperature.

It features a non-slip base and the whole bed is machine washable so super easy for us to keep it looking and smelling fresh.

We love the styling of this Silentnight bed, with the contrasting quilted and teddy fleece and finished with a signature Silentnight brand logo.

Available in three sizes - (L, W, D) :- Small 61 x 48 x 18cm | Medium 75 x 58 x 19cm | Large 90 x 70 x20cm

The Airmax dog bed is identical in size to the Impress Memory Foam Bed featured at #2.

dog paw graphic

Our Verdict

We recommend Silentnight beds because the range really does include a style of dog bed to suit every dog.

Whether you have a dog that enjoys sleeping curled up in a ball or one that loves to lounge, stretched out with their head over the edge of the bed, there is a style for you.

During our research, we were delighted to find that the technology employed by Silentnight in their best selling range of human beds, cushions and duvets had been applied to their dog bed range. Ultimately this can only benefit our four-legged friends.

Range of dog bed from Silentnight

So a trusted brand with vast experience in the bed arena designing and manufacturing great value dog beds, sounds like a win, win !

By focusing on selling on-line, Sleepy People are able to offer Silentnight dog beds at great prices. It's worth mentioning that all the beds come with a 1 year manufacturer's guarantee.

The only flaw we could find in an otherwise perfect review is the lack of colour choice. Grey and white have dominated home decor trends over previous years, but their reign is coming to an end.

As discerning dog lovers look for products to compliment their more colourful home decor, we think that more colour options may well be needed.

dog paw graphic

The Rivals

If the Silentnight dog bed range doesn't appeal to you, why not read our review of the Best Dog Beds for 2024

Alternative dog bed options

We take a closer look at the best in canine comfort. From designs with a difference at Omlet to orthopaedic beds for senior dogs and nesting beds for anxious dogs.

With a range of sizes, styles and prices there may be something there for you and your four-legged friend.

dog paw graphic

Thanks for dropping by and reading our review of the Silentnight range of dog beds.




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