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VetRelieve Orthopaedic Dog Bed Review : Comfort for Older Dogs

Updated: 3 days ago

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Dogs love to sleep! In fact your dog probably spends up to 12–14 hours snoozing and older dogs usually sleep even longer than younger ones, so as your dog ages, quality sleep is crucial for their overall well-being.

Designed to ensure older dogs get better, more restorative sleep, orthopaedic dog beds are designed to provide much needed additional support and comfort.

The primary feature of an orthopaedic dog bed is it's use of specialised foam. This foam, moulds to the body in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing body weight and reducing pressure on joints to provide better support.

Dog laying on a VetRelieve orthopaedic dog bed

If you're looking to buy a new dog bed to improve the quality of your dog's sleep, then Smart Bark can help. Our comprehensive review looks at a brand new, vet designed and fully tested orthopaedic dog bed.

The VetRelieve range of dog beds, with their deep orthopaedic memory foam mattress, wool topper, and easy access, have been designed by a vet to be as supportive as possible.


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VetRelieve Dog Bed Review

1. VetRelieve Dog Bed Review : Basics

Dr Lauren Davis is the brains behind VetRelieve Orthopaedic dog beds. She studied Veterinary Science at Liverpool University Vet School so certainly knows a thing or two about dogs !

She then became commercial director and clinical lead at a human healthcare company making support surfaces for the NHS and care homes, for chronic pain, acute illness and end of life care.

So it's safe to say that Lauren is uniquely qualified in orthopaedics having extensive experience with both animals and humans.

Memory foam Orthopaedic dog bed

After discovering that there were no clinically tested orthopaedic dog beds available in the UK, she set about designing and testing a bed that dog lovers and vets could trust.

The design principles behind VetRelieve dog beds are rooted in the fields of biomechanics and orthopaedics particularly the musculoskeletal system.

The result is the VetRelieve OrthoLuxe range of mattresses and bolster beds, combining patent-pending orthopaedic foam technology with a luxury look and feel. Better still, the beds have passed robust pressure tests to ensure that your dog will get the best sleep.

But it doesn't stop there! As large breed dogs often suffer more from joint pains and stiffness, the VetRelieve bed range is available in some extremely large sizes (up to XXL) to cater for extra large breeds.

What's more, the VetRelieve Ortholuxe dog bed range is designed and handmade to order in Yorkshire.

dog paw graphic

2. VetRelieve Dog Bed Review : Design

It's fair to say that here at Smart Bark, we've tested a lot of dog beds over the years and we've identified several key decision-making factors for dog lovers -

✅ Size

✅ Overall Design

✅ Material

✅ Temperature Regulation

✅ Durability

✅ Comfort

So let's take a look at how the VetRelieve Ortholuxe beds performed.


Although the VetRelieve Otholuxe beds are available in 5 standard sizes, we think that it's the largest sizes that make this range of dog beds stand out from the crowd.

As many large and medium breed dogs are at elevated risk of developing arthritis in later years, the Ortholux range caters for the biggest of dogs with sizes available from small (70 x 50 x 7.5cm) to extra extra large (145cm x 110 x 16cm).

Extra large bed for older dogs

It's extremely rare to see such large sizes available and we've carried out extensive research. The extra, extra large size Ortholuxe beds are bigger than the largest George Barclay, Red Dog or Lords & Labradors dog beds.

If you're interested, we take a look at the best large dog beds on offer in our popular article - Best Large Dog Beds

We ordered a large size bolster bed, so nowhere near the biggest size they offer, and it was perfect for our 10 year old 37kg tester - Otis the totally gorgeous Labrador.

Overall Design

Available in a mattress style or a bolster style with two raised edges, the low-line design makes it easier for older dogs with mobility issues to get on and off the bed. This 'walk on walk off' height can be especially helpful for dogs with arthritis or other conditions that affect their joints and muscles.

Orthopaedic dog bed with non-slip base

In addition to being low lying the quality non-slip base offers security when entering and exiting the bed. This bed won't slide around the kitchen floor!


The bed range has been fully tested using objective pressure mapping which shows in real-time the pressure distribution of a dog on the bed.

The versatile and supportive Memoair orthopaedic foam has been designed using the pressure mapping results to provide protection from hard floors or flat surfaces.

Extra large VetRelieve dog bed with memory foam

The inner convoluted orthopaedic foam disperses your dog's weight evenly as they rest, with supportive peaks and pockets of air for optimal circulation.

The use of two layers of foam not only provides exceptional support for even the largest dogs but means that the mattress will remain cooler than a standard memory foam mattress.

Temperature Regulation

Older dogs that may have difficulty regulating their body heat. The Ortholuxe range offers air layer support which helps to regulate your dog's temperature. Ultimately it helps to cool when your dog is hot and warm if they are cold.


It's worth mentioning that Ortholux beds are handmade to order in Yorkshire.

Waterproof dog bed by VetRelieve

They use high-quality, durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear associated with dogs. This ensures that the bed remains supportive and comfortable over time.

dog bed cover in washing machine

We loved that the outer cover is fully removable and machine-washable for easy cleaning. Absolute lifesaver for those oopsie moments. But it doesn't stop there ! A waterproof internal cover protects the foam from any mishaps. So washable and waterproof, that's two big ticks for durability.

The beds are finished with a cosy topper and have some nice detailed elements, which including a leather branded logo and colour coded piping.

3. VetRelieve Dog Bed Review : Ordering

As VetRelieve dog beds are handmade to order, they are only available on their website so you won't find them on Amazon or on the High St.

There are two styles of bed to choose from - Mattress and Bolster style which has additional raised edges.

Mattress Style Bed - Dimensions

Perfect for dogs that simply love to sprawl

Small 70 x 50 x 7.5cm

Medium 90 x 60 x 10.5cm

Large 117 x 75 x 12cm

Extra Large 130 x 90 x 16cm

Extra Extra Large 145 x 110 x 16cm

Bolster Style Bed - Dimensions

(the same mattress dimensions with an additional bolster on two sides)

Ideal for dogs who like to rest their head on a raised cushion

Small - bolster height 8cm

Medium - bolster height 8cm

Large - bolster height 8cm

Extra Large - bolster height 15cm

Extra Extra Large - bolster height 15cm

As the beds are handmade to order they can take up to 14 days to arrive. It's worth mentioning that the beds arrive vacuum packed, so after unwrapping allow 24–48 hours for the bed to regain its full shape.

dog paw graphic


Our Verdict

All of the above adds up to mean that if you're looking for a high-quality orthopaedic bed for your dog, then we would recommend taking a closer look at the range of VetRelieve beds.

Their commitment to pressure mapping and thoroughly testing their beds means that you can be guaranteed you are investing in a bed which will offer your dog a great nights sleep.

Meet Otis, our enthusiastic tester! This 10-year-old Labrador has been enjoying his VetRelieve dog bed for the past 6 months, and it's made a big difference in his comfort. Otis finds it much easier to rise from the bed, and thanks to the pressure relief features, he experiences less stiffness throughout the day.

Ortholuxe Orthopaedic dog bed range by VetRelieve

Yes, they're pricey compared to a basic dog bed, but you're investing in a quality product which will last for years and they certainly tick a lot of performance boxes for us :-

⭐️ Orthopaedic Memoair foam

⭐️ Suitable for the largest breeds

⭐️ Removable and washable covers

⭐️ Waterproof foam protective liner

⭐️ Durable and long lasting

⭐️ Non-slip base

⭐️ Handmade in Yorkshire

The only downside for us was the lack of colour options available. But this is a minor point and let's be honest, your dog won't care !

dog paw graphic

The Rivals

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Baker & Bray memory foam dog bed

Combining the popular nesting style with a touch of luxury and amazing eco-friendly credentials, this bed certainly delivers a high level of comfort and support.

Silentnight Dog Bed Range

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Silentnight dog bed range by Sleepy People

Whilst it doesn't come in the range of larger sizes, it is significantly cheaper and offers a great entry-level orthopaedic dog bed.

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dog paw graphic

Thanks for dropping by and reading our review of the VetRelieve range of Orthopaedic dog beds




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