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Peace of Mind for Pet Parents: Pet 24 Dog ID Tag Review

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The Pet 24 Visible ID tag is so much more than a basic dog name tag. It's a unique solution for reuniting you with your missing dog around the clock.

It offers peace of mind by ensuring that if your dog strays, practical, direct help is on hand immediately.

Pet 24 Visible ID Dog Tag

A totally unique solution, Pet 24 provides another layer of security, includes emergency vet bills and doesn't cost the earth. They've partnered with some big names including RSPCA, Petplan, Battersea Dogs Home and Pets at Home.

We recently bought the Pet 24 visible ID tag. This review covers everything you need to know about Pet 24 Visible ID tag so you can ultimately decide if it's a dog ID tag that you and your dog need in your lives.

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Dog ID Tags : Pet 24 Review

1. Pet 24 Review : Missing Dog

Here's the nightmare scenario - Your dog is missing !

Expert advice is to stay calm and be methodical in your search efforts. Use all options available to you, the more options you can use quickly, the better your chances of being reunited with your dog sooner.

Dog wearing best dog ID tag

One of the first things you'll want to do when you realise your dog is missing, is to search. Heading out by foot, bike or car and searching your immediate area.

But this presents one problem - if you're mid dog walk in a rural location, you're quite often out of phone range.

If your dog has escaped closer to home, you've likely panicked and run out of the house to search without your phone.

Whilst you're running round calling their name, someone has found your dog but can't reach you to let you know.

This is where Pet 24 comes in.

By attaching a Pet 24 ID tag to your dog's collar, anyone who finds your four-legged friend can simply call their contact number, any time of the day or night and Pet 24 take over. It's like having an Emergency Service for your dog.

2. Pet 24 Review : Features

Multiple Contact Numbers

So how is this different from a standard dog ID tag ?

Girls hand holding dog paw

Pet 24 guarantee to take the call 24 hours a day, seven days a week so your dog's finder will always be able to speak to someone immediately.

Another key differences between a standard dog ID tag and Pet 24 is that you can leave multiple phone numbers for friends, relatives and even neighbours.

Pet 24 call you (as you slowly go out of your mind), and if they can't reach you, they phone the other contact numbers you've provided.

Pet 24 can use all these numbers to reach someone who knows and will care for your dog in your absence.

It's worth noting that you can update your phone numbers as often as you like, free of charge – even after your dog has gone missing.

Expert Advice

As well as relieving your dog's finder of the task of trying to contact you, they also provide guidance.

Your dog's finder may not have any experience with dogs and your four-legged friend could be frantic, anxious and in unfamiliar territory. Pet 24 will be able to calm the situation and help both parties, saving your dog further distress.

We love that whilst you're searching, you will know that if your dog is found by a stranger, they can call the Pet 24 number and instantly be provided with expert advice.

Vet 24

Pet 24 also carry a medical file on your dog. If, as sometimes happens, your dog strays and is found injured, Pet 24 will arrange and pay for emergency veterinary treatment so there's no delay in providing vital care.

Dog on rug wearing Pet24 ID tag

This amazing and totally unique service is not available from any other UK company.

Unfortunately, on occasions, there can be unnecessary delays in vets treating dogs because they're unable to confirm that pet insurance cover is in place.

Vet 24 solves this problem.

Crucially they will pay up to £1000 directly to the vet for emergency treatment.

Unbelievably, you don't need to repay Pet 24 when they've paid the vet’s bills as it's included in your membership. What more could you ask for ?

We love that this fantastic service has been developed in consultation with vets, animal welfare charities and insurance companies. It will give you real peace of mind, and it could save your pet’s life!

The ID Tag itself has the Pet 24 main phone number plus your name, address and your registered tag number engraved on the reverse.

It's this registered tag number which links to all the personal information on your dog and your contacts.

3. Pet 24 Review : Price

OK, let's talk costs. There are a couple of options here, clearly the longer the membership term you sign up for, the cheaper per year.

🐾 1 year membership 🐾

£29 ( or £20 through Smart Bark)

🐾 5 year membership 🐾

£59.95 (or £40 through Smart Bark)

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Our Verdict

Protecting your beloved dog with the trusted Pet 24 service could not be simpler. If they ever become lost, injured or in need of assistance they are there 24 hours a day, 7 day a week to help.

Man reunited with lost dog

Of course there is the cost to consider, but for this extra layer of protection for your dog and the peace of mind it provides you in an already stressful situation, we think that Pet 24 is pretty much priceless.

The unique part of their service has to be Vet 24. The payment of vet bills to ensure immediate emergency treatment is an amazing benefit.

We loved that the tag itself isn't too big so will be suitable for small dogs and puppies.

It's super easy to set up online, very cost effective and offers instant protection as soon as you attach the tag to your dog's collar.

At the time of writing

13,871 Reunited pets brought home this year 166 Pets lives saved thanks to Vet 24 this year 542974 Active customers with live tags

Reasons to Buy

+ Peace of mind

+ Multiple contact numbers

+ Emergency vets bills

+ Great value

+ Advice for finder

Reasons to Avoid

- Not a GPS Tracker

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Does a dog legally have to wear a tag?

According to the Control of Dogs Order 1992, all dogs must wear a collar and ID tag when out in public, which must detail their owner's name and address. This dog ID tags UK law applies whether your dog is on a lead or not. Contravention of this order is an offence and risks a fine of up to £5000.

If a dog is microchipped, do they still need an ID tag ?

Yes, even if they're microchipped, they still need to have an ID tag.

What information should be on a dog tag ?

Legally you only need to put your name and address on your dog's tag. You can simply put a house name or number and a postcode if the whole address doesn't fit.

However a telephone number would be sensible, preferably one that you will answer, usually your mobile. Which is why Pet24's number is the perfect option as they can keep multiple numbers on file.

Don't be tempted to add your dog's name in case your dog is stolen or can be called away from you.

Can a dog tag be worn on a harness ?

This is an interesting question. In theory you can attach a dog tag to your dog’s harness, as most dog harnesses will have a suitable D ring to attach one to.

However the UK law doesn't mention a harness just a collar. So we'd suggest complying fully and attaching the dog tag to a collar even if you choose to attach your lead to their harness.

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Thanks for stopping by and reading our Best Dog ID Tags : Pet 24 Review


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