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Top 10 Cool Dog Gadgets : for the modern dog-lover

Updated: 4 days ago

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After a new round of testing, we’ve updated this review to include the Pivo Pod Smart Camera Mount and the PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher

There have been amazing advances in high-tech dog products over the last couple of years. From treat-launching dog cameras to smart feeding dog bowls, automatic ball launchers to smart GPS trackers, there's some really cool dog gadgets on the UK market.

We take a look at some of the best canine tech for 2023 and help you decide if these innovative gadgets and gizmos are something you need in your life.

Best dog tech and gadgets

We've compiled your go-to guide for the coolest dog gadgets on the planet. Hand picked by us and sure to wow!


Our Picks of the Best Dog Gadgets 2023

1. Best Dog Camera - Furbo 360°

2. Budget Friendly Dog Camera - SpotCam

3. Best Smart Camera Mount - Pivo Pod

4. Best GPS Tracker - Pawfit 3

5. Best Dog Activity Tracker - PitPat

6. Best Automatic Ball Launcher - PetSafe

7. Best Electronic Dog Toy - PetGeek

8. Best Automatic Water Bowl - Torus

9. Best Dog Water Bottle - Pawfit

10. Best Smart Feeding Bowl - Petkit

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1. Best Dog Camera

Furbo 360°

Furbo Dog Camera

A dog camera lets you check up on your furry friend when you're away from home. It can give you the ultimate peace of mind and really help to ease your dog's separation anxiety.

The Furbo Dog Camera is jam packed with a host of features. It’s more than a simple camera it comes armed with features to let you see, talk and toss treats remotely.

The perfect combination of styling and features, Furbo includes all the basics to keep you connected to home - HD video, two-way talk and motion-activated notifications.

Furbo 360 phone app

It also comes with coloured night vision so you can see what your dog's up to 24/7.

But it is the unique elements including the ability to toss treats on command, alerts if your pup has been barking and a camera which spins through the full 360° degree range to track your dog, that set it apart from the competition.

The Furbo 360° is a must-try for any dog lover looking for the ultimate peace of mind, and in our eyes, the high-quality design and various bells and whistles more than justify its price tag.

Buying Options

​You may be interested in our full Furbo 360° review

2. Budget Friendly Dog Camera

Spot Cam

Mibo dog camera

If you can’t stretch to a Furbo, there are cheaper options for keeping an eye on your furry friend. Take a closer look at the Mibo from SpotCam.

The SpotCam Mibo is a great pet camera with excellent video quality. It will appeal to dog lovers who want to check in with their four-legged friends but aren’t looking for treat dispensers.

The Mibo features 2k resolution (Quad HD) so 2304 x 1296. Generally the higher the pixels the clearer the image quality and video recording, so big tick for video quality!

The Mibo can pan a full 360° and tilt through 90° so reduces potential blind spots and allows it to follow you dog fairly smoothly around the space so you don't miss a thing.

Or in our case simply watch your dog sleep on their bed - for hours.

SpotCam Mibo Pet Camera

The phone app was incredibly easy to use and you can use the two way audio to talk to your dog through your phone. It also comes with a number of positioning and mounting options.

Just like all SpotCam monitoring cameras, Mibo is equipped with a free 24-hour full-time cloud recording plan.

So you can replay video recorded in the last 24-hours to your heart's content.

I particularly loved that I could export and share footage with friends and family.

Admittedly, there are cheaper pet camera options available but they will not offer the same level of features. If you are looking for a pet camera then the Mibo deserves a place on your shortlist.


3. Best Smart Camera Mount

Pivo Pod

Pivo Pod smart camera mount

If your phone is bursting with dog photos and videos then we think that you'll absolutely love the Pivo Pod. You can now capture your dog in action and ultimately they can be the star of their own show.

There are several camera mounts on the market that use your phone and some smart tracking technology to follow you around and automatically shoot whatever you want.

The latest Pivo Pod has taken this one step further and their AI powered smart tracking feature is now designed to track your dog !

With a 360-degree rotation built in, the Pivo Pod can follow your dog, rotate, automatically zoom and move smoothly.

Perfect for recording training progress, a new puppy's antics or simply capturing the sheer magic of your dog, the Pivo Pod is a breeze to use.

We loved testing and reviewing the Pivo Pod, incredibly easy to use, ultimately, this amazing little gadget turns your smartphone into your personal cameraman.

No need to ask anyone to film you and your dog, the Pivo Pod lets you record everything on your own and share cute videos on social media or simply look back and learn from your training sessions.

If you're interested, why not take a look at our in-depth review - Pivo Pod : Capture Your Dog's Magic


4. Best GPS Tracker

Pawfit 3

If you enjoy long walks with your dog off lead or have a dog who's recall isn't quite what it should be, then a GPS Tracker for dogs could be a great investment.

Pawfit GPS Tracker for Dogs

Fitted to your dog's collar, it can help make sure that your dog is safe at all times.

Basically, a GPS chip in the tracker reports your dog's position and sends the info to your smartphone via mobile coverage.

UK company Pawfit, offer a GPS tracker designed specifically with your four-legged friend in mind.

Pawfit dog tracker screenshot from phone app

Lightweight, waterproof and loaded with a whole range of cutting edge features, it's an accomplished GPS Tracker without top-end subscription prices.

Having fully tested the Pawfit 3 Pet Tracker we can certainly recommend it based on a solid GPS performance, superior collar attachment, safety alerts, geofence options and the host of additional smart features.

Just be aware that it’s only suitable for dogs over 4kg.

The truth is that the Pawfit tracker is a very clever piece of kit. Clearly it can't replace solid recall training and teaching your dog to come back to you when off-lead is essential for keeping your four-legged friend safe and out of trouble.

What it does offer is another layer of safety and protection.

Anything from unexpected fireworks to squirrels or aggressive dogs, can cause your dog to run off and suddenly all your training can go straight out the window.

Pawfit have offered Smart Bark customers 10% off

Use the discount code SMARTB at checkout

If you'd like further information about the Pawfit 3, check out our in-depth Pawfit Review


5. Best Dog Activity Monitor


PitPat Dog Activity Monitor on collar

Did you know that over 50% of dogs in the UK are overweight ! Activity Monitors are amazing dog walking gadgets and are a fun new way to encourage you and your dog to be more active whilst monitoring their health.

Think of them as Fitbits for dogs, mounted on their collar, they record your dog’s movement alongside periods of sleep and rest giving you a picture of their activity levels.

UK company PitPat offer a tiny, lightweight device which utilises smart technology to monitor and access your dog's movements throughout the day.

It links to your phone by bluetooth so you can access the data and keep a monitor sleep and exercise.

Admittedly they can't replace more traditional pet care but they are a useful tool you can use to help assess your dog's health. We love that they're a great dog walking gadget so you can see just how far your dog has run around compared to you.

With no ongoing subscription costs, Activity Monitors are a great value way of keeping an eye on your dog's overall health.

Save 20% on the PitPat Activity Tracker in their Black Friday sale

Want to know more ?

We independently bought, tested and reviewed three of the best dog activity monitors on the UK market - PitPat, FitBark & PoochPlay Fitbit for Dogs Review

PitPat also offer a GPS tracker with a one-off payment and no subscriptions. If you're interested check out our review of the Best GPS Trackers - including PitPat.


6. Best Automatic Ball Launcher


Hyper Fetch dog ball launcher

For all those energetic dogs with not so energetic owners !

An automatic ball launcher for dogs that love to chase and play fetch but with exhausted owners who just need a cuppa, a dog tennis ball launcher has to be one of the best canine inventions bar none.

Any ball launcher for dogs is a great way to keep your pup in shape, maintain its health, and help him lose weight by constantly fetching the ball.

It's fair to say that we had so much fun reviewing the Automatic Ball Launcher from PetSafe.

You can opt to use it in your garden ( large or small) or the house thanks to the 9 distance and 6 ball angle settings. We love the flexibility this offers and can see how much fun it will be indoors during those cold and wet Winter days.

It's worth mentioning that it has motion and safety features built in so won't launch a ball if it senses your dog or you in front of the Ball Launcher.

As you can see from the video, we were dropping the tennis balls into the slot, but with a little patience we're sure that most dogs could be trained to drop the ball back in themselves.

It comes with two tennis balls so you're ready to go, and you can choose mains power or add some batteries which we did for more flexibility in the garden.

Anything else you need to know ? It does make a noise when launching the ball. If you have a more anxious dog, we'd suggest some reassurance and rewards to get them accustomed to the sound.


7. Best Electronic Dog Toy

PetGeek Interactive Playbone Toy

PetGeek interactive dog toy - Petbone

The electronic Playbone from PetGeek is an interactive toy which entertains your dog and helps fight separation anxiety.

To entice your dog to play, the Playbone has a series of built in programmed moving patterns which not only create different routes but also unexpected movements.

All your dog needs to do is pat or paw to activate.

Consisting of an inner core and rubber covers, it's worth noting that all the rubber parts are dishwasher safe and can be easily replaced.

Cleverly it switches to standby mode after a series of movements to save energy. To charge, simply remove the ends and connect to the supplied USB cable. It lasts approx. 2 hours after 1.5-2 hours of charging, so plenty of interactive fun.

Available in yellow or green. PeekGeek also offer a Food Orb which works as a treat dispenser.


8. Best Automatic Water Bowl


Torus dog water bowl

The Torus Pet Water Bowl is great for making sure your dog has access to fresh water at all times. It is so much more than a traditional dog bowl !

The TORUS bowl is designed to replenish as often as your dog drinks so amazingly the water doesn't go tepid or stale.

How does it work ? This is the clever bit ! Water is stored inside a reservoir and the Torus dog bowl automatically filters the water as it dispenses it.

The design of this pet bowl means it's less likely to spill and features a 'lock, fill and drink' function making it ideal for travelling.

We think that the Torus dog bowl is perfect for anyone who is likely to forget to refill their dog's water bowl during the day.

Even better, it automatically refills without requiring batteries or a power source. Available in two sizes to suit a range of breeds - 1 litre and 2 litre sizes.


9. Best Smart Feeding Bowl


Smart Digital feeding Bowl for dogs

The high-tech PETKIT Smart Feeding Bowl features a built-in Digital Scale which tracks the weight of food. Simply install or download the PETKIT App on your phone.

Select your dog's brand of food and input the amount and you're ready to track the amount of calories consumed.

With so many overweight dogs in the UK, it's perfect for monitoring your dog's food intake!

We recommend the PETKIT dog bowl for families where lots of people may feed your dog as it can help to ensure nobody is over or underfeeding.

Featuring a removable, dishwasher safe inner bowl and an antimicrobial shell which helps eliminate bad bacteria and germs.

10. Best Dog Water Bottle


Portable drinking bottle for dogs on a walk

This feature packed, portable dog water bottle means you always have safe water for all your dog’s adventures.

The Pawfit bottle is completely leak proof with a locking mechanism. It also has a built-in 'bowl' to make it super easy for you dog to drink from.

It has the convenience of being operated one-handed, which means you can hold your dog’s lead in one hand and the water bottle in the other.

The Pawfit portable dog water bottle comes in two sizes - 350ml and 550ml so can deal with the thirstiest of dogs.

dog paw graphic

If you're the type of dog lover who loves tech and enjoys indulging your dog, then hopefully there's something in our Top 10 Cool Dog Gadgets for you.

Any of these tech-packed gadgets are bound to make your friends and neighbours jealous.

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