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Best Home Cleaning Products for Dogs

Updated: May 6

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Love your dog, but hate their mess? Sharing your home with a dog means you are probably a lot happier and healthier, but dogs can produce a whole heap of mess and dirt.

We’ve compiled a Buying Guide of useful, economical and dog-friendly ideas for keeping your home clean and fresh.

Girl in clean home with dog on sofa

Our Picks of the Best Home Cleaning Products for Dogs

1. Best Dog Friendly Sofa Throws

About Home Jumbo Throw

Help keep your floors and furniture in tiptop condition by adding another line of defence. Look for attractive accessories that not only do the job but also enhance your home.

Can't bear to kick your dog off the sofa? Try covering your soft surfaces with a comfy throw or blanket to lounge on.

Putting a barrier between your dog and the sofa will help prevent dog odours and hairs from transferring to the material.

These herringbone throws from About Home are available in a wide range of colours and sizes to suit any room in your house.

Great value if they begin to get a little smelly, simply throw them in the washing machine.

2. Best Door Mats for Dogs

Pet Rebellion

Stop those paws from walking the outside indoors.

A heavy duty mat or rug by your door will capture the majority of the muck before your dog tracks it through your home.

Pet Rebellion mats have an absorbent pile, non-slip backing with rounded corners which will help keep your rug lying flat.

They're machine washable so can help keep your house smelling fresh and odour free.

Available in a range of styles to suit any home including runners like the one pictured (stop looking at the gorgeous dog - I'm talking about the mat!)

3. Best Stain Remover

Simple Solution Extreme

Cleaning quickly and thoroughly is essential not only to eliminate odours, but also to minimise the risk of your dog going back again to the same spot. Keep a couple of cleaning products within easy reach to react to accidents as they happen.

Simple Solution provide a number of best-selling products to help dog owners keep their homes clean and hygienic.

Their Extreme Stain & Odour Remover for dogs contains strong ingredients which eliminate dog odours and stains fast.

The key selling feature is that the enzymes can mask the scent so your dog isn't encouraged to mark again in the same place.

You've already dealt with one accident you don't want to encourage your dog to repeat mark!

It's super safe to use on carpets, upholstery, bedding and clothing, and is completely safe for use around all pets and children.

4. Best Dog Safe Candle

Be:Pure Boot Room Candle

Not all candles are pet friendly. Pets have a better sense of smell than humans and some essential oils used may cause them distress.

Be:Pure dog candle

The candle market can be a minefield so we recommend choosing a candle made with the pets in mind.

Be:Pure boot room candle uses beeswax,, soy and safe essentials oils. It removes pet odours and brings the fresh and calming smells of rose, lavender and camomile to your home.

This candle is formulated with enzymes which not only cover up but actually remove unwanted pet smells.

5. Best Puppy Training Pads

Simple Solutions

However quickly your puppy grasps the concept of going outside to do their business, there will inevitably be accidents.

You might consider using puppy training pads to help.

The professional advice tends to be that you should teach your dog to only go outside, however there are circumstances where this is difficult - your schedule, personal circumstances or living situation.

In these cases puppy training pads can be a useful tool.

There are several types available but these training pads from Simple Solutions can hold 10 times more liquid than standard economy pads.

Available in pack sizes from 14 to 224, plus the option of an extra-large version.


How to Toilet Train a Puppy

Well your puppy may not be able to speak, but with a dog doorbell they can tell you when they need to go outside.

6. Best Simple Lint Roller


Nobody wants dog hair all over their sofa, carpets, or clothes. We've got two solutions to keep your home dog hair free.

Before you consider some of the more expensive measures for combating dog hair, consider using a humble lint roller.

These simple tools are available for just a few pounds and will remove hairs as you roll the surface across your upholstery, clothes or other soft furnishings.

Great for small jobs but not advised over a large surface as they can be very time-consuming.

This best-selling lint roller should remove dog hairs with just a couple of passes.

7. Best Vacuum Cleaner for Dog Hair

Shark Upright Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Yes, that's a mouthful ! Investing in a vacuum cleaner designed specifically for dealing with pet hair is crucial in a fresh smelling and hair free home.

It will need powerful suction, work well on all surfaces and be as quiet as possible to minimise any stress for your dog.

If you've got yourself a shedder, you'll probably need to vacuum daily.

This Shark vacuum cleaner has been recommended by Good Housekeeping in their tests (91/100).

It's an upright vacuum cleaner with a lift-away portable feature for reaching high places.

The crucial thing is that with a purposefully-designed pet tool for removing embedded pet hair from sofas, stairs and upholster, it's perfect for dog owners

8. Best Dog Toy Basket

Morezi Soft Rope Basket

Control the clutter. Keep your house tidy with a stylish dog toy basket to store all your dogs toys ready for play time.

By placing their collection of dog toys out of reach, you can rotate the toys you offer which helps keep them interesting and new.

Organise your dog toys with this stylish rustic storage basket, featuring a playful dog bone design in black.

Perfect for keeping your floor neat, tidy and hazard-free.

Measuring 38 x 25 x 21cm, it won't take up too much space but should be large enough for most canine toy collections.

Made from 100% rope cotton and incorporates handles, it’s not only functional but stylish too.

9. Best Portable Dog Washer

Mud Daddy

Keep Dirt Outdoors. Washing and drying your dog before they even get inside your home is the ultimate solution to keeping your home clean.

The Mud Daddy is an extremely popular, innovative yet simple idea.

Dog in car with a green Mud Daddy 5l portable shower

A great solution for removing fresh mud or dirt from your dog before they have the opportunity track mud all round your home.

Simply fill it with water and pump the handle a few times to build pressure.

The steady stream of water works with the brush to loosen and remove mud from those paws and fur.

This portable shower also works well on bikes, wellies, football boots - the list is endless. Available in 5L ( shown in the picture) and 8L versions.

For 10% off the entire range at Mud Daddy, enter coupon code SMARTBARK at checkout.


For more information, read our full review - we buy, test and review the Mud Daddy 5L - Mud Daddy - Portable Dog Shower Review

10. Best Dog Drying Coat

Mud Daddy

Nobody likes a wet dog or the revolting smell of wet dog. A dog drying coat to wrap up your wet dog means no more sofa or carpet rubbing.

Dog in a Mud Daddy dog drying coat

These new dog drying coats from Mud Daddy are arguably the best on the market. Well they would be, because Mud Daddy know a thing or two about wet and muddy dogs!

They are made from several layers of microfibre towelling to draw the moisture away from your dog's fur and keep them comfortable as they dry off.

A great idea after a walk or ideal at bath time to protect your house from wet rubbing dog. Available in a range of 4 sizes and 5 colours, so there should be something to suit your dog.


With a few simple preventative measures and some easy clean up tricks you can still have a clean home and enjoy your dog at the same time.

We hope you've picked up a few ideas from our article - Best Home Cleaning Products for Dogs