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Best Home Cleaning Products for Dog Lovers

Updated: Jan 10

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Love your dog, but hate their mess? Sharing your home with a dog means you are probably a lot happier and healthier, but dogs can produce a whole heap of mess and dirt.

So which cleaning products will keep your dog safe, while also make light work of cleaning your home. These pet friendly cleaning products will clean up those messes safely and effectively.

We’ve sniffed out the most useful, economical and dog-friendly products on the UK market for 2023, to keep your home clean and fresh and your dog happy.

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1. Best Dog Stain Remover : SimpleSolution

2. Best Door Mats for Dogs: Pet Rebellion

3. Best Dog Friendly Candle : Be:Pure Boot Room

4. Best Puppy Training Pads : Simple Solution

5. Best Dog Feeding Mat : Pet Rebellion

6. Dog Bed Freshener : Be:Fresh Bed Spray

7. Best Dog Hair Remover : Ace2Ace Lint Roll

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Our Picks of the Best Cleaning Products for Dog Lovers

1. Best Dog Stain Remover

Simple Solution

Cleaning quickly and thoroughly is essential not only to eliminate odours, but also to minimise the risk of your dog going back again to the same spot again and again.

Simple Solutions Stain & Odour Remover

Simple Solution provide a number of best-selling products to help dog lovers keep their homes clean and hygienic.

Their Extreme Stain & Odour Remover for dogs contains strong ingredients which eliminate dog odours and stains fast.

The crucial thing is the enzymes which mask the scent so your dog isn't encouraged to mark again in the same place. So it's perfect for dealing with accidents occurring during puppy toilet training.

At the same time Simple Solution is super safe to use on carpets, upholstery, bedding and clothing, whilst being completely safe for use around all pets and children.

It's worth noting that Simple Solution Extreme Stain and Odour Remover is 3 times stronger than their regular stain and odour remover. The new style bottle now comes with a patented 3-in-1 nozzle sprayer (foam, mist, and stream) and is available in two sizes - 500ml and 945ml


+ Designed for dogs

+ Stops repeat marking

+ 3x stronger than standard

+ Safe around pets and children

+ Now with foam, mist and stream


- Only suitable for small clean-ups

2. Best Door Mats for Dogs

Pet Rebellion

Ultimately, a good quality mat or rug by your door will create a barrier to capture the majority of the muck before your dog tracks it through your home.

Pet Rebellion dog door mat

Pet Rebellion are renowned for their collection of floor rugs, car boot mats and car seat covers and all their products are 'Inspired by Pets'.

Their 'Stop Muddy Paws' range of floor mats have an absorbent pile to remove the worst of the mud along with a non-slip backing with rounded corners which will help keep your rug lying flat.

Better still, they're machine washable so can help keep your house smelling fresh and odour free.

Available in a huge range of styles, patterns, colours and 4 sizes, so there's a rug to suit every home. The latest addition to their range is the Big Softie Rug made with an extra-thick luxury pile and finished with a super softener, giving a warm snuggle feel.

DIMENSIONS - 45 x 100 cm, Large 67 x 100 cm, Runner 45 x 150 cm, Big Paws 57 x 110 cm


+ Designed for dogs

+ Absorbent

+ Non-slip backing

+ Rounded corners

+ Wide range of designs


- Not ideal for a large area

3. Best Dog Friendly Candle

Be:Pure Boot Room

Not all candles are pet friendly. Pets have a better sense of smell than humans and some essential oils used may cause them distress.

Be:Pure dog candle

Many scented candles use paraffin wax and phthalate-based fragrances that can produce harmful fumes for our dog's sensitive snouts.

The candle market can be a minefield so we recommend choosing a candle made specifically with the pets in mind.

Be:Loved have created a collection of 100% natural eco-friendly pet products from paw balm to shampoo bars and have created this gorgeous smelling dog friendly candle.

The Be:Pure Boot Room Candle uses beeswax, soy and safe essentials oils. We love that this candle is formulated with enzymes which not only cover up but actually remove unwanted pet smells.

We recommend Be:pure Boot Room Candle because it removes lingering dog odours whilst bringing the fresh and calming scents of rose, lavender and camomile to your home.


+ Dog friendly candle

+ Removes unwanted smells

+ Lavender, rose and camomile scented

+ Safe around pets and children



4. Best Puppy Training Pads

Simple Solution

However quickly your puppy grasps the concept of going outside to do their business, there will inevitably be accidents. Toilet training is one of the first things pups learn, so patience is needed as it can take several weeks to master.

Simple Solution All Day Premium Dog Pads

You could consider using puppy training pads to help.

The professional advice tends to be that you should teach your dog to only go outside, however there are circumstances where this is difficult - your schedule, personal circumstances or living situation.

In these cases puppy training pads can be a useful tool.

There are several types available but we recommend Simple Solution Training Pad range as they can hold 10 times more liquid than standard economy pads.

Simple Solution have extended their range to include an All Day option. These premium dog pads are lavender-scented and offer 24 hour protection. A Great idea for multi-dog homes and dogs that need to stay inside for extended periods

Available in pack sizes from 14 to 224, plus the option of an extra-large version.


+ Ideal for indoors

+ Holds 10x more liquid than rival pads

+ Available in multiple pack sizes

+ Available in various sizes


- If you're training your dog to go outside

You may be interested ...... Best Dog Doorbells for Toilet Training

Well your puppy may not be able to speak, but with a dog doorbell they can tell you when they need to go outside.

5. Best Dog Feeding Mat

Pet Rebellion - Personalised Mat

Dog's can make a real mess when they're eating and drinking, so a feeding mat is a great investment to keep that mess off your floor.

Pet Rebellion dog food mat

Created for the messy eater in your life, Pet Rebellion have a gorgeous range of personalised dog food mats

You can choose from their range of style and colour combinations to find the perfect match for your dog and your home.

Their absorbent food mats fit perfectly under your dog's water and food bowls catching any spills and keeping the mess in one place.

The rounded corners help keep your mat lying flat and the non-slip backing helps keep them firmly in place. Better still, they're machine washable they stay odour free.


+ Ideal for food & water bowls

+ Personalisation options

+ Absorbent material

+ Non-slip backing



6. Dog Bed Freshener

Be:Fresh Pet Spray

The second product from the Be:Loved range to feature - Be:fresh Prebiotic Sanitise Spray.

Be:fresh pet bed spray

The range is handmade in the UK and tested on humans.

Be:Fresh - is a dog, home and dog bed spray with prebiotics to prolong a cleaner environment for you and your dog.

This versatile home and dog bed spray eliminates odours, cleans, kills germs, and contains active ingredients that get to work again if re-soiling occurs.

Simply spray liberally onto dog bedding and the surrounding areas.

Regular use creates a positive micro-climate in the house where mites and other allergenic agents cannot survive.


+ Ideal for dog beds

+ Handmade in the UK

+ All natural ingredients



7. Best Dog Hair Remover

Ace2Ace Lint Roller

Nobody wants dog hair all over their sofa, carpets, or clothes. Before you consider some of the more expensive measures for combating dog hair, consider using a humble lint roller.

Ace2Ace lint roller for removing dog hair

These simple tools are available for just a few pounds and will remove hairs as you roll the surface across your upholstery, clothes or other soft furnishings.

Great for small jobs but not advised over a large surface as they can be very time-consuming.

They can pick up every single pet hair from sofas, rugs, carpets, beds and cushions. They don't work well on smooth and hard surfaces.

This best-selling lint roller should remove dog hairs with just a couple of passes.


+ Perfect for dogs which moult

+ Ideal for soft furnishings

+ Great value option


- Tricky to cover a large area

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How We Chose

We decided to start off our hunt for the best products to help keep your home clean with a dog by analysing top-selling brands and trending products with rave reviews on retailers like Amazon, Pets at Home, and more. From there, we also considered products we've tried out over the years ourselves.

Thank you for reading our article and we hope you've found some ideas in our review to help you keep your home and your dog clean.



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