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Dog Subscription Box Review : Ultimutt Dog Box

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Subscription boxes are hugely popular and a convenient way to try out new brands not necessarily stocked on your local high street.

Whether it's fancy cheeses, wines, gadgets or beauty products that take your fancy, there's nothing quite like the excitement when that monthly box of goodies arrives.

Your four-legged friend needn't miss out on all the excitement. A dog subscription box contains a carefully curated assortment of dog treats and toys delivered monthly or every other month.

They're also a fabulous idea as a surprise gift for a friend with a new puppy or a one-off amazing treat (without subscription) for your pup - simply because you love them.

Ultimutt monthly dog box

There are lots of Dog Box companies in the UK which offer subscription or one-off dog boxes. Smart Bark were lucky enough to be gifted an Ultimutt Dog Box

We couldn't wait to open it ! So what did we think ? Read on to find out....


1. How does an Ultimutt Dog Box Subscription Work ?

2. Ultimutt Dog Box : Contents

3. Our Verdict

4. The Rivals

1. How does an Ultimutt Dog Box Subscription Work ?

Bored with the range offered by the national pet store ? Looking for something new for your pup ? Let's face it, all dog's love a new toy.

Subscription boxes are a great and very convenient way to try new toys and treats without needing to sign up for a year.

Ultimutt Dog Box offer a range of Subscription Boxes including :-

🎁 Monthly Box

🎁 Bi-Monthly Box

🎁 One-Off Surprise Box

🎁 Puppy Box (12 weeks and over)

🎁 Birthday Box

Cockapoo and a dog subscription box

As you can see, you are in control of how often you would like a dog box.

There are flexible monthly and bi-monthly plans with the option to pause or change at anytime.

All that with free shipping and freedom to cancel your order at any time with no hidden costs or strings attached.

What's more Ultimutt Dog Box use eco-friendly packaging and make monthly donations to UK dog charities.

So let's take a look at what's in the monthly box !

2. Ultimutt Dog Box : Contents

We couldn't wait to see what was inside.

The first major surprise was that the box was brimming with dog goodies.

The Ultimutt Dog Box contained a total of 7 treats and toys carefully wrapped in a layer of brightly coloured shredded paper to avoid any possible damage en route.

Ultimutt subscription box

Freddie was straight in, having a good sniff round everything.

We were genuinely impressed by the variety and the quality of the brands included.

From an Edgard Cooper treat bar, Lily's Kitchen treats to Petface and Kong Toys, the whole box oozed quality.

We're happy to report that several items aren't available on a major pet store's

website, so you do feel that you are getting something new and a little bit special.

Obviously the contents will change each month, but our box contents would be indicative of the range offered in other boxes. So, we decided that it would be interesting to evaluate each product included in our Ultimutt Dog Box.

Kong CrunchAir Balls

We hadn't heard of CrunchAir balls before so this was a new experience for us.

Kong CrunchAir Balls

In a pack of three, not only are these balls super durable which you'd obviously expect from the Kong brand, but they have a unique crunch sound.

Apparently the crunching sound entices and delights dogs.

We loved that their bright neon colours are easy to spot in long grass and they fit in our Chuckit Launcher - bonus !

PetFace Quad Woven Rope Ball

Another top quality dog brand. This rope toy from Petface, is from their new range of Toyz.

PetFace Quad Woven Rope Ball

Designed to enjoy tug and chase rope games, it's extremely durable, features a multi-colour design and to top it all, it floats !

You know that PetFace will have thoroughly researched and tested all their toys to ensure they'll stand up to some serious dog play.

It's worth noting that their range is manufactured from non-toxic synthetic materials.

PetFace Hug Me

Lastly, a super cute plush toy.

PetFace Hug Me dog toy in subscription box

Snuggly, cuddly and soft, the Hug Me Sweet toy is from the new Petface Retro range.

This stuffed toy will remind you of those Love Heart sweets of your childhood.

Not just a soft toy, it also has a squeaker to entice your pup for hours of fun.

Fred grabbed the Love Heart before I'd even had time to remove the label !

Importantly, we feel that Ultimutt Dog Box have hand-picked toys from new ranges from popular, high-quality brands. It's a smart move as you're unlikely to already have these toys in your toy box.

Seriously, we think the box includes a winning combination of well-designed dog toys, that should keep your dog entertained for hours on end.

So that's the toys, now let's look at the treats included in the subscription box.


Lily's Kitchen The Best Ever Beef Mini Burgers

Yet another quality brand ! We love these treats from Lily's Kitchen.

Lily's Kitchen The Best Ever Beef Mini Burgers dog treats

Their whole range uses grain free recipes with healthy, nutritious ingredients and absolutely no fillers or added nasties.

But in our view the best bit is the size of the treat. Each large disc-shaped treat can easily be broken into four pieces when training, so you can react quickly to their beautiful 'sit' or 'heel'.

It's also worth noting that the bag is resealable to keep those yummy treats fresh - although they don't seem to last long in our house.

Bottom Sniffer Beer for Dogs

The name has already won us over !

Bottom Sniffer Beer for dogs

Let's be clear this isn't alcoholic, carbonated beer for dogs.

Made non-fermented beer wort along with dandelion, burdock and some natural chicken flavourings, it's packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Brewed in Britain, Bottom Sniffer Beer is developed by experts and is vet approved. It can be lapped up as a drink or alternatively poured over food for some extra hydration.

Denzel's High Protein Bites

Denzel's are a relatively new brand making their mark with a collection of 100% natural ingredient dog treats.

Denzel's High Protein Bites for dogs

From their range of chews and treats, Denzel's Bites are not only high in protein but low calorie too, so perfect for training and guilt-free rewards.

Gently baked right here in the UK, we love that they are soft, squishy and really tiny so you could grab a handful at a time for training sessions.

Each eco-friendly, resealable pack contains approx 110 treats. So eco-friendly snacks in eco-friendly packaging, win-win !

Edgard Cooper Busy Day Bar

For the eco-conscious dog lover, Edgard Cooper is a brand to look out for. They not only produce delicious and healthy dog food and treats, but they have a 'Zero Pawprint Plan' with a strategy to make a positive impact on the planet by 2025.

Edgard Cooper Busy Day Bar dog treat

Ultimutt Dog Box included a Busy Day Bar from their treat range.

We loved that the bars have grooves, so you can simply break smaller bite-sized pieces off as a treat.

Grain-free, the Lamb & Beef recipe also includes apple, beetroot and carrot.

Once your pups finished enjoying their groovy bar, the paper packaging is fully recyclable.

We felt that all the treats UItimutt Dog Box sniffed out for their Monthly Box, offer something for everyone and their dog.

An interesting blend of new and established brands with bite-sized treats, bars and beer. Nutritious, healthy and a range of sizes to suit dachshunds to labradors.

3. Our Verdict

First let's talk value for money.

The monthly dog box costs £22.99. We priced each item and the total value of the contents was £30.30. That's a substantial saving of £7.31 if you bought each item individually.

Truthfully, we loved opening the box not knowing what to expect - it was just like a birthday.

Ultimutt Dog Box have managed to curate a unique set of dog treats and toys that are fun and well thought out. The assortment was a mix of high-quality brands, both established and new kids on the block.

The only flaw, and admittedly it is a minor point, was the packaging. We would have preferred something with a bit more of a up-market, gift wrapped feel. Saying that, Freddie couldn't have cared less about the packaging !

Overall, it was amazingly good value, outstanding quality and full of fun and excitement - we would recommend it as just the tonic to brighten each month.

4. The Rivals

If you're not convinced by Ultimutt Dog Box, why not take a peak at some of the other quality Dog Subscription Boxes available in the UK.

We take a look at what the other Subscriptions and Gift Boxes have to offer you and your dog including WufWuf, Fetch Club, Woof-Box, Postman Pooch & Collar Club in our popular review article - Best Dog Subscription Boxes.

We hope you've enjoyed reading our article - Dog Subscription Box Review : Ultimutt Dog Box as much as Freddie our Cockapoo enjoyed testing it !