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Dog Subscription Boxes UK - Top 5

Updated: 4 days ago

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Subscription boxes are extremely popular in the UK with everything from personalised beauty products to chocolate variety boxes and razor subscriptions to tea-of-the-month clubs.

They certainly liven up your letterbox and make a change from the usual bills and flyers landing on the doormat.

We wouldn’t want our four-legged friends to miss out on all the fun and luckily there's a whole range of fabulous dog subscription boxes on the market aimed at us dog lovers and of course our discerning pups.

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What's in a Dog Subscription Box ?

Dog Subscription Boxes consist of a selection of toys and treats delivered to your door in a monthly dog box - What's not to love?

With many of us working from home, these treat boxes are wonderful surprises that keep coming. They can make thoughtful treats for a friend needing a boost, a new puppy parent or a family member.


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Buying Guide for Dog Subscription Boxes

Our Picks of Dog Subscription Boxes

At-a-Glance Comparison Table

1. WufWuf

2. Ultimutt

3. Woof-Box

4. Postman Pooch

5. Collar Club

Our Verdict

Buying Guide for Dog Subscription Boxes

Research shows dogs will overwhelmingly choose to play with a new toy over more familiar objects.

A subscription box is a simple and great value way of adding a new toy to your collection and will help keep your pooch engaged and interested.

I know what you're thinking, but it doesn’t need to be like that dreaded gym membership. Most subscriptions have no commitments and it’s easy to 'paws', change or cancel your subscription at any point.

dog with subscription box plush toys
Photo by Samia Liamani on Unsplash

Companies also offer a degree of customisation when selecting your box so you can ensure the contents are best suited to your dog.

They are a great way to discover new brands and innovative products which may not be available in Pets at Home stores or your local supermarket. You can try out new products in the comfort of your home.

Most monthly boxes contain some form of dog treats. All the companies we review include treats which are healthy and natural without any added nasties and they all include free delivery within the UK - so there's no hidden costs.

Your go-to guide for the best subscription boxes you can buy today. Hand picked by us and sure to wow!

Our Picks of the Best Dog Subscription Boxes

1. WufWuf

Best dog subscription box overall

The first company in our review is WufWuf. The first thing to say is that WufWuf offer the cheapest dog subscription box to feature in our review, however they don't compromise on the quality of products included.

Contents of the WufWuf dog subscription box

WufWuf are able to customise your dog subscription box using an online quiz involving a series of questions when you initially register.

Taking into account not only the size of your dog but also their age along with any allergies they may suffer from, WufWuf customise your box to ensure a perfect 'fit'.

Their packages contain a minimum of 5 items including: a tough toy, plush toy, dog treat, chew and a surprise item or accessory. The monthly dog boxes cost £18.90 and you can cancel at any time.

What's more, bought separately the products included in the WufWuf box would cost at least £40, so WufWuf offers excellent value for money.

If you have a 'chewer' WufWuf have designed a box for you. Their Monthly Joy Box for Power Chewers is tailored to be more indestructible than their standard box.

They also create a series of adorable unique themes throughout the year such as W..UFO space theme, Jurassic, Rockstar and Sherdog Howls.

The bottom line is that they offer a good value, quality product subscription box if you fancy dipping your toe in the 'subscription box' water.

Reasons to Buy

+ Best value box reviewed

+ Customisation options

+ Themed Boxes

+ Box for Chewers

Reasons to Avoid

- Only one size box

PRO TIP Check their website for current money saving offers e.g. 2 for 1 subscription boxes.

2. Ultimutt

Best dog subscription box contents

Second in our review is Ultimutt. This subscription service for dogs, delivers an attractive box of treats, toys and adorable accessories straight to your door every month.

They also offer a one-off gift box which would make a gorgeous treat for yourself or to celebrate a friends 'Gotcha' day.

Ultimate dog subscription box including treats

Each Ultimutt dog box includes a selection of nutritional treats, chews, biscuits, toys, fashionable accessories, hygiene and grooming products.

The team behind Ultimutt have put considerable thought into the products included in each box down to the type of dog treats.

Both Pooch & Mutt and The Dog Treat Company only produce premium, natural and healthy food treats, so no fillers or added nasties to worry about.

Some boxes contain Adios Plastic compostable poo bags. These super eco-friendly poo bags feature highly in our Best Dog Poo Bag Review -The Scoop on the Poop

Ultimutt boxes also include some unique and quirky items that you won’t find in your high-street pet stores and in doing so support small businesses which is always a big plus.

They offer a monthly and bi-monthly box. The items are delivered in eco-friendly packaging and for every box sold, Ultimutt donate 25p to a Barking Mad Dog Rescue Charity.

The boxes cost £22.99 a month or £27.99 for the bi-monthly option and you can cancel at any time.

They also offer a one-off box with 7 treats and toys with no subscription for £29.99 or a puppy subscription box for very excited new puppy parents for £20.99.

Reasons to Buy

+ High quality contents

+ Charity donations

+ One-off boxes

Reasons to Avoid

- Not the cheapest

3. Woof-Box

Best customisation options

Woof-Box offer a selection of monthly dog boxes for subscription or if you prefer, a one-off purchase ( which is a great way to try a box before committing to a subscription).

Each dog subscription box from Woof-Box contains 5-7 items. In addition to dog treats, tasty chews and biscuits, each box includes a dog toy as well as either a hygiene, grooming or innovative dog product.

Woof-Box dog subscription box filled with treats and dog toys

You can initially select a 1,3 or 6 month subscription which gives you plenty of flexibility.

Even more customisation is available, as Woof-Box gives you the option to choose more or less chews, biscuits and treats in your box.

You are also able to choose either a soft, plush toy or opt for a tough toy which will last longer if your dog is a destructive chewer.

The standard subscription box is £24.50 a month and you can cancel at any time.

Woof-Box also offer a puppy box which includes a snuggle toy, a chew/squeaky toy, treats suitable for a puppy and a self heating pad, a really thoughtful gift for a new puppy parent for £31.95.

It's worth noting that the range has been extended in 2021 to include a Celebration Box and a Birthday Box for £26.99 and £32.99 consecutively.

Reasons to Buy

+ Lots of customisation options

+ Varying subscription lengths

Reasons to Avoid

- Not the cheapest

4. Postman Pooch

Best subscription box for celebrations

Postman Pooch offer a wide range of dog subscription boxes for you to choose. There are a total of 6 different boxes based on your dog's size and the number of items you want to include.

Contents of Postman Pooch dog gift box

Their most popular monthly dog box is excellent value at only £20 and contains 5 items including natural treats, toys and an accessory.

They also offer a puppy subscription box and even one for heavy chewers so there's a monthly dog box to suit every dog.

Regardless of which you choose, your first monthly dog box comes with a free dog bow tie and there are more freebies with boxes 3, 6 and 12, so the longer you subscribe the more rewards your dog receives.

You don't need to worry, the dog treats included in every box are all natural and healthy.

Boxes range from £14 - £31 a month depending on your choice and you can cancel at any time.

They also offer the widest range of Birthday and Celebration Boxes of all the companies featured so if you're looking for a box to mark the occasion, Postman Pooch are definitely worth a look.

Reasons to Buy

+ Healthy contents

+ Freebies in some boxes

+ Great celebration range

Reasons to Avoid

- Good value

5. Collar Club

Best luxury dog subscription box

Collar Club offer a selection of natural treats and sustainable, eco-friendly toys every month in their dog subscription box.

The high quality and planet friendly products do however come with a price tag, and is was the most expensive dog box featured.

Dog with Collar Club dog subscription box

Every gift box contains between 6 and 8 items, which vary from month to month but always contains some of the best known, quality brands, and some hidden gems too!

It's very flexible as they offer a monthly subscription or, if you'd prefer a bit of a break between boxes, a bi-monthly or quarterly delivery?

A percentage of the profits from each box sale goes towards materials to make colourful collars and bandanas to donate to rescue centres.

The boxes cost £34.99 and as with the other boxes, you can cancel at any time

Reasons to Buy

+ High quality contents

+ Charity donations

Reasons to Avoid

- Most expensive


Dog Subscription Boxes can offer great value for money but the real appeal has to be the joy of receiving a present in the post when it's not even your birthday.

If you are looking to try a box first without a subscription, we would recommend WufWuf as not only are they are the cheapest featured but they include a range of quality products and have some adorable themes.

All the companies reviewed here have excellent customer reviews and enable you to customise the box to suit your pooch.

It's definitely worth checking to see if any of the companies featured are currently running an offer if you sign up for a subscription.





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5 items


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