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PetSafe Car Dog Bed Review

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Everyone wants their dog to feel comfortable and safe in the car so they're more likely to sit or lie quietly, letting you simply concentrate on the road ahead.

A dog car bed can offer this sense of security through a confined space and if your dog suffers from car sickness it can certainly help to alleviate the symptoms.

Not only that, dog car beds can really help keep your car looking and smelling fresh by containing your dog in one 'easy clean' area of your car.

Dog sitting in a PetSafe Happy Ride dog car bed

Many of the dog car seats available are designed for very small dogs and puppies usually under 11kg, so what options are there for a medium or large sized dog ?

We test and review this dog car bed from PetSafe. Sitting directly on your car seat either in the front or rear, it has bolster style edges so can provide a comfortable and secure space for your dog (also available in a larger size).

The question is though, is it a seat or a bed ? Spoiler : We think it's a great combination of both, but for the long answer continue reading.


dog paw graphic

PetSafe Car Dog Bed Review

1. PetSafe Car Dog Bed : Fitting

The PetSafe dog bed can be fitted to the front or rear seat of your car. It's designed to fit on the vast majority of car seats including the more sporty bucket style seats.

In terms of dimensions, it measures 102 cm long (including the back), 58 cm wide and the bolsters are 13 cm high.

PetSafe dog car bed adjustable headrest straps

The dog cushion portion is 48 cm deep, which whilst not huge, will easily accommodate a small or medium dog as they can rest their weary heads on the bolster sides.

Boasting three attachment points - adjustable headrest strap, seat anchor and seat strap, the car seat is secure and doesn't slide about during journeys.

Firstly, the headrest strap is strong and by tightening it you can cover your car seat with the back of the bed protecting it from dog hair and mess.

It's constructed with the same pale grey, soft, micro-suede fabric as the base with darker chew-resistant edge piping.

dog car seat safety anchor

Next, the seat anchor simply pushes snuggly between the seat base and back, meaning that the car bed is secure and less likely to slide around whilst you take those corners at speed!

Once the headrest strap and seat anchor are in place, the PetSafe dog bed doesn't slip around on the seats.

The last attachment is an adjustable lower strap which loops round the corner of your seat base. We tested it on fabric and leather seats and it hardly moved as our dog made himself comfy and settled down to sleep

All three attachment points work together to ensure the car bed is more stable, giving nervous or car sick dogs a smoother, and more enjoyable ride.

PetSafe dog car bed in a car

To keep your dog safe whilst lounging, there are seat belt slits in the base to feed the car seat belt through. This is ideal for attaching a dog harness tether to your dogs harness for maximum safety.

As the PetSafe bed doesn't include a car seat harness tether you will need to buy one separately.

If you're interested ....

We recommend a crash-tested dog harness and a seat belt tether later in this article.

Just a couple of gentle reminders -

For safety reasons, never attach the tether to your dog's collar always a harness, and if like us you sometimes fit the dog seat in the front, remember to turn off the passenger airbag.

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2. PetSafe Car Dog Bed : Design

The plush central bed section is constructed from faux sheepskin, with a zipped pocket for a soft polyester cushion.

Happy Ride dog car seat with cockapoo in car

With the cushion in place, we were pleasantly surprised by just how cosy and padded it was. You definitely won't need to add a further blanket.

The generous side bolsters are wide and firm so perfect for pups who love to rest their paws or head on a raised edge.

What's more, the low wall design means that there is plenty of space for larger dogs who love to sprawl ( a larger size is available too). Freddie needed no encouragement to jump in and lay down ready for his trip to the local park.

It's also worth noting that whilst your dog is slightly confined by the bolsters, they don't block the view which is ideal for any dogs suffering from car sickness.

Constructed from soft, micro-suede fabric, the bolster pillow and seat cushion are removable so the whole car bed is machine washable. This is a big plus as you can keep your dog bed looking and smelling fresh and clean.

NOTE - After a couple of washes, we can confirm that the muddy paw marks and hair cleans off well and it looks as good as new.

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Our Verdict

So what did we think ?

We've reviewed lots of dog travel accessories including car seats , car seat covers and dog boot liners at Smart Bark and we think that the PetSafe dog bed is a perfect combination of comfort and protection.

dog lying on a dog car bed

Sitting directly on your car seat, it is perfect for medium sized breeds who are simply too big for the elevated type of car seat. Unlike other rival car seat covers, it only takes up one car seat so leaves plenty of room for other passengers to sit in comfort.

The larger size stretches across two car seats so is ideal for a larger dog or two smaller ones.

Crucially, it also offers considerably more padding than basic car seat covers so is more comfortable for your dog.

Available in grey and pale brown to coordinate with most car seat colours and in two sizes.

If your dog likes to snooze on journeys, trust me, this could be dog bed for you. Your dog can relax whilst you get a great value, durable seat protector which keeps your car free from hair and mess.

Dimensions (L W H) :

Bucket Style- 102 cm x 58 cm with 13 cm high bolsters | Bench Style 140cm width

Reasons to Buy

+ Great value

+ 3 attachments for stability

+ Adjustable headrest strap

+ Cushioned for comfort

+ Integral bolster cushions

+ Machine washable

+ Available in 2 sizes

Reasons to Avoid

- Only available in grey/ brown

Buying Options

Currently only available in pale brown

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The Rivals

Not convinced by the PetSafe car dog bed? Why not take a look at some of the rival dog car seats available.

Luther Bennett Dog Pod

We review 10 of the Best Dog Car Seats in the UK market for 2024 including this amazing dog pod from Luther Bennett.

Incredibly flexible, your furball can curl up and use it as a bed in the car then one end can unzip and lay flat so when you reach your destination, it turns into a dog bed.

Admittedly this isn't the cheapest option available to you but it is the ultimate in luxury dog travel, is exceptionally high quality and will last for years.

Available in a range of colours.

The Luther Bennett Travel Pod is incredibly flexible and suitable for much larger and heavier dog breeds.

Smart Bark readers can enjoy 10% off the Luther Bennett range

with discount code SMARTBARK10

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Car Safety for Dogs

Dog in a Car Safe crash tested  harness

As mentioned earlier, dog car seats are unlikely to offer any protection in the event of a crash. We strongly recommend a properly crash tested harness for your dog whilst riding in a car.

This harness from Car Safe is fully certified crash tested. In testing we found it incredibly easy to fit with two side release clips and then it simply connects to your car seat belt.

From the fitting, straps, breathable mesh to the stitching, the design and materials are top quality.

The chest plate is extra padded for comfort and the straps are wide so don't dig in. The harness also has a D ring on the front and back, so you can connect your lead and head off for a walk when you reach your destination.

Available in four sizes with a handy sizing guide available online, it takes into account the chest, neck and the weight of your dog to help you select the best fit.

Our verdict - A well designed, easy to fit, safe and good-looking car harness

We thought we'd mention that PetSafe also offer a great value car boot liner. Read our in-depth review - Dog Boot Liner Review : PetSafe Happy Ride Liner

dog paw graphic

Thanks for stopping by and reading our detailed review of the PetSafe Car Dog Bed.

We hope that we've been able to give you lots of additional information so you can make that all important decision on the right travel bed for your four-legged friend.




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