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Topology Dog Bed Review - Ultimate Canine Comfort

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Update - From July, the bolster bed is available in a range of 15 beautiful colours

Dogs are superbly skilled in the art of snoozing and their beds are in almost continuous use both day and night. In fact, adult dogs need 12- 14 hours of sleep per day.

When buying a new dog bed, you want to be certain your pampered pooch will have a comfy place to sleep, or they’ll be back on the sofa in no time!

We’ve been searching for the perfect dog bed for a while. A bed that would not only be comfortable, but durable, whilst looking stylish in our home. Maybe we were searching for a dog bed that didn't exist?

So, when Omlet approached us to review their brand new Topology dog bed we leapt at the chance.

As a long-time admirer of their gorgeous range of premium dog crate furniture, we were extremely excited about testing and reviewing the latest addition to their award-winning range.

Once Freddie has his own comfy place, maybe he will stay off our furniture!

cockapoo lying on the topology dog bed with a yellow beanbag topper

Table of Contents

1. Who are Omlet ?

2. The Topology Dog Bed

Ordering Process

Delivery & Assembly

Bed Toppers

Bed Legs

3. In Brief - What we like

4. In Brief -What we don't like

5. Our Verdict

1. Who are Omlet ?

Omlet are known for their functional, innovative and beautifully designed animal products. From their iconic chicken coops to dog crate furniture, their award-winning designs have captured the imagination of pet lovers around the globe.

Specialising in premium and high quality products, original design features are incorporated across the entire range. Their creative genius conceived the brand new Topology dog bed with prices starting around £75.

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2. The Topology Dog Bed

Ordering Process

Their intuitive website reminded me of a swanky car-configuration site. This is not simply ordering an off-the-shelf product, but customising every detail of your dog bed to suit your dog and your home decor.

From mattress size to topper style and legs, every bed part can be tailored to your requirements.

Decisions, decisions! For our review we chose a medium size mattress with two different toppers to provide a direct comparison and legs.

Delivery & Assembly

Basically if you have a screwdriver, you’re all set. It’s far removed from my usual Ikea experience when I often resort to a glass of wine, some choice words and need to be rescued.

The Topology bed is delivered to your door ready to unwrap and set up. The base and the toppers are delivered ‘roll compressed’ and quickly re-inflate once unwrapped.

In fact, Freddie didn’t wait until I’d finished assembling the bed before he started lounging on it!

omlet dog bed parts including base, base board, leggs and toppers

The bed arrives in four parts – a grey mattress base, topper, baseboard and legs. The attention to detail when designing and manufacturing each individual component part, means that everything fits perfectly and slots into place first time.

The grey mattress base has been designed to be incredibly lightweight using a superior memory foam for comfort. Additionally to help deal with any potential canine accidents, the mattress itself is encased in a waterproof layer.

The fabric cover can be removed and machine washed to keep it looking and smelling fresh. So all round, big ticks for comfort and cleanliness.

We were pleasantly surprised at just how lightweight the memory foam base was, so it’s easy to move around your home until you find that perfect position.

Omlet offer three sizes of bed accompanied by a handy sizing guide online.

If you opt to raise your bed with legs, Omlet include a sturdy base board which slides into the base unit providing additional support.

Underside of omlet topology dog bed showing leg fixings

Bed Toppers

This is where the super-smart design really shines through. Dogs can sleep in all sorts of positions from curling up into a ball to stretching out on their back.

Omlet offer a selection of 5 gorgeous toppers so that one bed can be adapted to satisfy all dog sleep styles -

  • Bolster topper – for dogs who love a raised edge to offer extra security

  • Quilted topper – for those pooches who simply love a platform to stretch out

  • Sheepskin topper - for added warmth and cosiness

  • Microfibre topper – for those dogs who love a wet and muddy walk

  • Bean bag topper – for those who love to dig and paw and sink into their bed

use the arrows to scroll through the photos

Our first selection, bean bag topper, was a new concept to us. We soon realised that it's perfect for those pooches who are only comfortable after an elaborate routine of digging, scuffling and turning around to get their bed just right.

With no side walls this topper style is suited to dogs who prefer to chill stretched out and love plenty of room to sleep.

The second topper, the bolster, offers a more traditional bed style. It surrounds the sleep space on three sides turning the bed into a couch for your spoilt pup.

Dogs can lean and rest their head on the raised edges whilst the opening allows for their feet and legs to hang out. For older dogs this 'three-sided' design makes it easier to get in and out than the ‘bowl-shaped’ beds available on the market.

This is definitely Freddie’s preferred topper as he enjoys the sense of security from the higher bolster walls making him feel safe. The bolsters were soft and comfortable but held their loft under the weight of his head and didn’t flatten.

Whichever topper you choose, you can rest easy knowing that they can be easily unzipped and thrown in the washing machine so they’re great for dealing with the inevitable dog hair or mucky paws.

Each topper simply attaches to the base unit using a series of four expertly concealed zips.

Close up of the zip mecanism on the dog bed

Bed Legs

The legs not only add an air of luxury but from a functional viewpoint they raise the bed off the ground ensuring your dog can relax free from any draughts.

The legs are optional so if you’re buying for a small puppy you could of course select the bed then add the legs at a later stage.

It's worth noting that if your dog suffers from any joint ailments, or they’re getting older it can be difficult for them to change positions from standing to sitting to lying down.

A raised bed can make it easier as they simply don't have as far to raise or lower their body.

You can customise your bed with a range of leg styles to suit any home decor -

  • Round Wood Feet - tapered, light wood offer simple style for any room

  • Square Wood Feet - modern, angled feet in light wood for a minimalist home

  • Brass Cap Wood Feet - round, tapered feet in dark wood with brass caps

  • Metal Hairpin Feet - classic, hairpin steel design, available in cream, black or gold

  • Metal Rail Feet - steel, ski-style rail, available in cream, black or gold

use the arrows to scroll through the photos

For a classic look, we chose the metal hairpin style legs which arrive with plastic pads to guarantee your bed doesn’t slide around on wood floors.

Close up showing the black hairpin legs on the topology dog bed

3. In Brief - What We Like

  • Style - We love the bed style. It's designed to look modern, sleek and understated.

  • Quality - From the premium memory foam mattress to the concealed zip mechanism, the whole bed is beautifully constructed using high-quality materials and attention to detail.

  • Durability - As all dogs enjoy a bit of dirt and muck, we loved that the Topology bed was easy to keep clean and smelling fresh.The waterproof layer surrounding the mattress and the machine washable removable covers help to ensure that this bed continues to look new.

  • Versatility - The interchangeable toppers is a simply brilliant idea, so regardless of how your dog likes to sleep, you can customise the bed to suit them.

4. In Brief - What We Don’t Like

  • Whilst it's a small issue, the plastic pads supplied with the metal hairpin legs did fall off when we moved the bed. I was concerned that due to their size Freddie may chew or worse swallow them. To solve the problem, we glued the pads firmly in place.

  • The yellow bean bag topper was a massive hit but may not suit everyone's home decor. Other colour options aren't available but could be in demand in the future.

  • A dog bed is a fairly expensive purchase and I'm not sure the Topology dog bed would stand up to the more aggressive canine chewers. So if you have a particularly destructive dog this might not be the bed for you.

Cockapoo asleep on the Omlet Topology dog bed with yellow beanbag topper

5. Our Verdict

We were extremely impressed by the versatility of the Topology dog bed. It's a truly original and innovative bed and easily one of the best we've seen in an ever-expanding market.

More importantly, Fred loves his new bed and chooses it over the sofa. Both the beanbag and the bolster topper were cosy and comfortable and the bed itself is durable and easy to keep clean.

Designed with the discerning dog in mind, if you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable bed which will suit your four-legged friend and look amazing in your home, you will be hard pushed to beat the Topology bed.

The only real downside is that your dog will be so relaxed you’ll have trouble getting them up for a walk. Let's be honest, I was half-tempted to rest my own head on it!

Omlet have very kindly offered Smart Bark readers 10% off across the whole Omlet store! Enter SMARTBARK10 at checkout.

It's worth noting that from July 2021, the bolster bed has been updated and is now available in a range of 15 beautiful colours.

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