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Sleep Like Royalty: Unveiling the Secrets of the Baker & Bray Dog Bed

Updated: 6 days ago

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Barker & Bray Eco Luxe Orthopaedic dog bed

Looking for the best night's sleep for your dog ? We review the eco-friendly luxury nest bed from Baker & Bray

At a Glance : The Eco Luxe Orthopaedic Dog Bed from Baker and Bray combines a popular nesting design, modern styling and eco-friendly credentials to deliver sumptuous comfort and impressive luxury for your dog. You can even try it out for 30 days with the option to return it if your dog doesn't love it.

Reasons to Buy :

  + Orthopaedic support

  + Popular nesting style

  + Eco-friendly

  + Range of colours & sizes

  + Easy to clean


Reasons to Avoid :

  - At the pricier end of the scale

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best calming dog bed

Baker & Bray Dog Bed Review

Baker & Bray Dog Bed : Basics

Baker & Bray is a homegrown UK company offering high-quality, eco-friendly and luxury dog products. Their award winning range is designed and developed in-house to include dog beds, collars & leads and dog blankets.

Their popular Eco Luxe Orthopaedic dog bed was recently chosen by the Telegraph as their top bed for 2024. So we decided to take a closer look ...

Silentnight calming dog bed in blush pink

Baker & Bray's Eco Luxe Orthopaedic dog bed combines the popular nesting style with a touch of luxury and amazing eco-friendly credentials.

Nest beds also known as Box beds are extremely popular. Dogs who circle and then curl up into a ball often prefer this style of bed with extra soft, cushiony sides.

They definitely have the 'cuddle factor', with the enclosed design providing a sense of warmth and comfort which is ideal for puppies and anxious dogs and can help to reduce stress

dog in nest bed to reduce anxiety

dog paw graphic

Baker & Bray Dog Bed : Comfort & Durability

As with all beds, there are some simple features to consider before buying :-

✅ Durable fabric

✅ Machine-washable

✅ Soft and plush

✅ Non-slip bottom

✅ Size & colour options

So how did the Baker & Bray dog bed stack up?

Straight out of the box, the bed oozed quality. The Eco Luxe Orthopaedic looks and feels like a high end dog bed.

We've tested a lot of dog beds over the years and this is the first one that arrived fully assembled and not vacuum packed.

First impressions were that it's heavier than other dog beds we've tested so feels, well, more substantial. Whilst it's not too heavy to move around the house to find that perfect spot, it feels robust and certainly won't slide around the floor as your dog gets in and out.

Dog sleeping in pink Silentnight dog bed

The Scandi design incorporates a lower front edge which is ideal for small dogs or senior dogs making it easy to enter and leave the bed.

Whilst the outer fabric feels super-soft and comfy, it's also hard wearing and developed to avoid snagging from those paws as they try to dig. The seams are hidden too, so chewers will find it tricky to unpick them ! So big ticks for durability.

The bed consists of two parts, the outer shell with wide bolsters and a removable, reversible central orthopaedic memory foam cushion. Just like memory foam for human beds, the cushion adapts to your dog's shape.

In testing we felt that it was medium-firm and moulded gently to our dog's body, cradling him and offering pressure relief and support. Baker and Bray's luxury memory foam provides just the right amount of cushioning for your dog's pressure points like shoulders and hips. 

We can also report that the high quality memory foam bounced back perfectly each time our dog got out of bed.

testing the zipped memory foam base

With a hidden zip, the outer cover is removable and machine washable leaving the memory foam encased in a water-repellent pouch.

The back, front and side bolsters are incredibly supportive to rest those weary heads and don't flatten with use like some of the other beds we've tested. Ultimately, the Eco Luxe Orthopaedic dog bed offers great all-over support.

dog sleeping in a Barker & Bray luxury dog bed in grey

It's worth mentioning that we tested the L/XL version, but they also offer a S/M and an XXL size, so a wide range to suit all breeds. Plus they're available in a range of 8 gorgeous muted colours to complement your home decor.

best calming dog bed

Baker & Bray Dog Bed : Eco-Friendly

So it's a well designed and beautifully made dog bed, but it doesn't end there. Where Baker & Bray rise above the other dog beds on the market is their use of eco-friendly materials.

Choosing an eco-friendly dog bed is a great way to show you care about the environment whilst providing a healthier sleep space for your dog.

Beds made from recycled materials give new life to waste products, diverting them from landfills and promoting a circular economy.

Baker & Bray are front runners in the use of eco-materials. They use re-purposed premium grade memory foam to pack the central cushion, surplus mixed polyester fibre collected from the textile industry to fill the bolsters and recycled ocean-bound plastic bottles to make the luxury outer cover.

Baker & Bray reduce their environmental impact in every part of the dog bed's design and manufacture.

Barker & Bray dog bed review

Which brings me neatly onto cleaning ! The bed has removable covers which can be thrown in the washing machine on a cold, delicate 30 degree setting. In between washes, the bed can be dry brushed and washed with a damp cloth to keep it looking and smelling fresh.

If you have a real mud-lover, Baker & Bray do sell spare covers.

That's about it, save for the fact that Baker & Bray know just how important your dog's bed is to you and your dog. They're so confident in their dog beds that they offer a 30 night free trial - if your dog is not 100% comfortable during the first 30 nights, they provide a full refund.

dog paw graphic

Baker & Bray Dog Bed : Verdict

All of the above adds up to mean that if you are looking for a top quality orthopaedic dog bed, then we can recommend the Eco Luxe Orthopaedic dog bed from Baker & Bray.

It's one of the best we've tested for many reasons. Ultimately we felt it was superbly supportive with a plush, soft and hardwearing surface. Seriously it's like the Rolls-Royce of doggy comfort!

We think that whilst it isn't the cheapest dog bed around, if you're looking for your dog to have a great night's sleep chasing squirrels in their dreams, it's one of the best dog beds you can choose.

dog in Barker and Bray grey dog bed with bolsters

Oh and there's the eco credentials which mean it's a planet-saving purchase.

You do pay a premium for this level of comfort which is to be expected, but remember that you can take advantage of the 30 night free trial.

Our only reservation would be that it may not suit dogs that simply love to stretch out rather than curl up. If that's your dog's preferred sleeping style, then you may want to consider the luxury Otholuxe mattress from VetRelieve


Outer : GRS certified luxury soft and durable non-toxic hypoallergenic fabric made from recycled plastic bottles 

Bolsters Filling : EcoFill recycled premium mixed polyester fibre

Memory Foam : Precision cut premium grade recycled memory foam

Cleaning : Machine washable covers 30°

Sizes ( L, W, D) : S/M L80cm x 60cm x 25cm | L/XL 100cm x 70cm x 28cm | XXL 120cm x 82cm x 28cm

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dog paw graphic

Baker & Bray Dog Bed : Alternatives

If the Baker & Bray range doesn't take your fancy, there are other alternatives to explore. Checkout some of our other popular dog bed articles.


A capsule range of high-quality orthopaedic beds with design principles rooted in the fields of biomechanics and orthopaedics particularly the musculoskeletal system.

Vetrelieve dog bed and Labrador

Vetrelieve's commitment to pressure mapping and thoroughly testing their beds means that you can be guaranteed you are investing in a bed which will offer your dog a great nights sleep.

Designed by a vet and boosting a range of sizes up to XXL to cater for the largest breeds their beds are designed and made in Yorkshire.

Or read our tried and tested review - VetRelieve Orthopaedic Dog Bed Review


Offering the ultimate in affordable, customised dog bed design, the Topology range from Omlet lets you chose all the elements of your dog bed with stacks of different options on offer.

Omlet dog bed alternatives

A selection of 5 gorgeous toppers including sheepskin and microfibre, 3 mattress sizes and 5 leg styles in a range of colours to suit your home decor.

The Topology dog bed can be adapted to satisfy all dog sleep styles

Other Dog Beds

Lastly, we look at the best dog beds in each category from value to premium options

Dog in a dog bed

Not sure which style of dog bed to choose ?

Our Buying Guide offers a range of dog beds, sizes (from tiny to very, very large) and price points from cheap to pricey ones, so you can find the best dog bed to suit you, your four-legged friend and of course, your pocket.

Our review showcases some of the best dog beds available in the UK, with something for everyone and their fur baby.

Including beds from Silentnight, Scruffs, Bedsure, Omlet and of course Baker & Bray.

dog paw graphic

Thanks for dropping by and reading our review - Sleep Like Royalty: Unveiling the Secrets of the Baker & Bray Dog Bed




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