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10 Best Dog Photography Tips

Dogs grow up so quickly. In a blink of an eye they have reached adolescence and all you have left to remind you are those gorgeous puppy photos.

Smartphone photography can be a great way to capture those precious moments with your puppy and your dog's personality.

Great dog photography tip

Dogs can be extremely challenging to photograph. It is difficult enough trying to get a human to sit there and take direction while you snap away. What about a puppy or dog who loves to move and is completely unpredictable?

Luckily, dogs will do most things for a snack or treat.

Our article will take you through the key elements you need to be aware of when taking great dog photos on your phone.

dog paw graphic

Our Best Dog Photography Tips

1. Take Photos When They're Tired

Tired, cute puppy laying on the floor

Makes sense doesn’t it.

The average dog sleeps for about 12 to 14 hours a day. Puppies, who expend a lot of energy exploring and learning may need as much as 18 to 20 hours. 

Try to catch your dog when they are asleep or tired. They will be moving slower and essentially this will give you more opportunity to take clear, in focus shots.

2. Make Noise To Get Their Attention

Dog Selfie app

There are a number of apps on the market which make distracting camera sounds. The idea is to get your dog looking into your camera or at least towards you as you take the shot.

It has the added advantage of leaving both hands free to steady your phone rather than an awkward one-handed operation with a squeaky toy in the other.

We’ve found Dog Selfie is extremely easy to use, offering several different noises to attract your dog's attention including a barking dog, a whistle or a squeaky toy.

3. Organise Some Dog Props

Cute, small dog with a pink princess crown

Get everything ready in advance. Baskets, crates and even beds, act as ideal props and have the added bonus of confining your dog in one space.

Think about the backdrop to your photos. Avoid busy backgrounds filled with messy clothes, people, and vibrant colours. The simpler your background, the easier it will be for people to focus on your dog.

You could hang up bedsheets to create a plain uncluttered backdrop. Or how about simply using a white wall or take photos in empty spaces. Fields and white rooms are perfect for this.

4. Use a Camera Smart Mount

If your phone is bursting with dog photos and videos then we think that you'll absolutely love the Pivo Pod. You can now capture your dog in action and ultimately they can be the star of their own show.

No need to ask anyone to film you and your dog, the Pivo Pod lets you record everything on your own and share cute videos on social media or simply look back and learn from your training sessions.

Pivo Pod smart camera mount

There are several camera mounts on the market that use your phone and some smart tracking technology to follow you around and automatically shoot whatever you want.

The latest Pivo Pod has taken this one step further and their AI powered smart tracking feature is now designed to track your dog !

With a 360-degree rotation built in, the Pivo Pod can follow your dog, rotate, automatically zoom and move smoothly.

Perfect for recording training progress, a new puppy's antics or simply capturing the sheer magic of your dog, the Pivo Pod is a breeze to use.

We loved testing and reviewing the Pivo Pod, incredibly easy to use, ultimately, this amazing little gadget turns your smartphone into your personal cameraman.

If you're interested, why not take a look at our in-depth review - Pivo Pod : Capture Your Dog's Magic

5. Focus On Those Eyes

adorable grey puppy staring at camera

Eyes are the windows to the soul
William Shakespeare

If you want to take touching and expressive photos of your dog, focus on their eyes. You can take close ups or crop your photos later so that only the eyes are visible.

If you are taking photos indoors, make sure there’s enough surrounding light to make your dog's eyes stand out. White walls and big windows can help you create that special glow.

6. On your Dog's Level

Ground level close up of dog nose

When it comes to photographing anything, you need to look for different perspectives.

Photographing at eye level is boring and can be uninteresting to the viewers. Try getting down to their level.

For a dramatically different perspective, get really low, then flip your phone upside down and get a few extra inches lower.

This places the focus on your dog and shows their importance whilst sharing their perspective on the world with the viewer.

It’s a win, win - your dog will feel more comfortable and you get to work with some unique perspectives.

The closer your smartphone camera is to your dog, the easier it will be for you to take high quality photos.

7. Be Patient

calm puppy laying on bedsheets

Keep in mind that you want your dog to grow up feeling comfortable around your phone.

Make your dog feel comfortable each time they see you reach for your phone That way they'll be more interested in posing for you.

Take advantage of their calmness when they’re sleeping and take some serene dog photos.

If they’re scratching and biting or moving around too much, simply try again another day.

Always reward your dog for good behaviour, it will keep them interested and turn the whole experience into a positive one. Keep a treat bag close by full of treats.

8. Family Group Shot

This can be tricky with a small puppy or dog if they aren't calm.

If you want to include your dog in a family portrait, why not use a staircase. Sit on one step with the dog in front, on a separate row or on a lap.

9. Take a Selfie with your Dog

Girl carrying a puppy in her arms

If you have a cuddly dog, chances are they will enjoy the selfie-taking process. If your dog is too cool for cuddles, you can still take gorgeous selfies, simply try to mimic their expression.

Another way to take a successful selfie is to play with your dog first. They will be more open to posing with you when they’re relaxed.

10. Never Use a Flash with a Dog

Flash can be very disruptive unless professional equipment is used. It’s highly unlikely that your phone has professional flash features available, so don’t use it.

The flash will make your pet’s eyes glow (not in an attractive way) and it may well scare them.

Instead, experiment with creative photography techniques if it’s too dark. Take photos of your dog’s silhouette or shadow.  

dog paw graphic

Thanks for stopping by and reading out article on the 10 Best Dog Photography Tips.



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