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Beat the Heat : Best Cooling Products for Dogs

Updated: 4 days ago

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Dogs can get really hot during the summer months especially as they enjoy tearing around and laying in the sun.

Unlike us, our canine friends don't have sweat glands so have a harder time cooling themselves down. Dogs are susceptible to heat rash, heat stroke, and even skin cancer just as we are. 

The problem is they can't cool off like we can, they need a little help. 

So, how can we help keep our canines cool in hot weather? Beyond the best dog cooling mats, there's a wide selection of products available today.

We offer some tips, tricks, and innovative product ideas that can help you and your dog stay cool this summer.

Dog cooling down in a swimming pool


dog paw graphic

Buying Guide for Dog Cooling Products

Worryingly, heat stroke in dogs can be fatal in as little as 15 minutes. So don’t take the risk and make sure you know how to prevent your dog from overheating.

There are lots of innovative products on the market designed to keep your dog cool during the summer.

Dog licking ice cream in cone to keep cool

Firstly and most importantly, decide if you are looking for something that your dog can wear to keep them cool whilst they are on-the-move or something static you can use in your house or garden.

The truth is that dogs spend a lot of time laying down and sleeping. A dog cooling mat is a great way to keep them cool when the temperature rises.

However, cooling mats only work if your dog will lay on one! If your pooch is constantly on the move, take a look at some of our other popular picks.

From cooling mats and dog paddling pools to elevated dog beds and hydration drinks, we take a look at the best products to keep your four-legged friend cool when the temperature rises.

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Our Picks of Dog Cooling Products

1. Best Value Cooling Mat


Investing in a cooling mat is the ideal solution as they are a trouble-free method of keeping your dog at a comfortable temperature whenever they try to rest.

Cooling mats can be used in the home or in the garden and have the added bonus of keeping humans and laptops cool !

This Pecute Dog Cooling Mat uses pressure activated gel technology (yes, that's a thing!) that cools your four-legged friend for up to 4 hours.

Pecute Dog Cooling Mat

The mat is completely safe with the non-toxic self cooling gel surrounded in layers of PVC foam and a durable outer.

We love these cooling mats because you don’t need to plug them in or even freeze them to get the cooling technology in the dog mat to work.

It works automatically when your dog lays down absorbing their heat and amazingly can be reused after 15-20 minutes of non-use when it's cooled itself down again.

We bought and tested a small sized mat which we could use outdoors or transfer to a bed.

The Pecute range includes an XX-Large version measuring a whopping 140 x 90cm which should accommodate even the largest of dogs or two smaller ones.

The new upgrade cooling pad is more scratch resistant, water resistant and will wipe clean with a damp cloth to keep it fresh.

We recommend the Pecute dog cooling mat out of the mat options available (and there are loads) because as well as being excellent value for money, it caters for dogs of all sizes, has excellent customer reviews and is more durable than it's rivals.

Crucially it's available with Amazon Prime for quick delivery if you need it in a rush when the sun comes out. Oh! and if you're interested it's available in light blue, light blue and grey,

Dimensions - X-small 40 x 30cm | small 50 x 40cm | medium 65 x 50 cm | large 90 x 50 cm | X-large 120 x75 cm | XX-large 140 x 90

Reasons to Buy

  + Works for 4 hours

  + Self cooling

  + Waterproof

  + Portable

  + Range of sizes

Reasons to Avoid

  - If your dog won't lay still

  - Not suitable for serious 'chewers'

We use a cooling mat in the car boot on warmer days, however we suggest that you make sure your dog and mat will play nicely before you leave them alone in the boot together!

Some poorer quality mats can puncture easily if your dog’s nails are too long so we would recommend investing in a good quality mat and making sure those paws are groomed.


2. Best Cooling Mat for Comfort


Here at Smart Bark we're big fans of Omlet dog beds. Their uncompromising attention to detail and innovative designs definitely extends to their Memory Foam Cooling Mat.

Dog on Omlet's cream cooling mat in hot weather

Omlet use a premium memory foam to ensure not only a cool but also a comfortable place for your dog to settle. Performance wise it feels cool to the touch without the need for refrigeration.

Uniquely designed with a closed cell structure rather than one big area, the gel stays under your dog when they lie on the mat rather than being pushed away.

We tested this and can confirm that more of the cooling gel stays under your dog.

We loved that Omlet have designed a dual-sided, waterproof cooling mat in a more subtle grey and cream rather than the traditional bright blue dog cooling mat, it's a small point but these things make all the difference.

It is available in three sizes and can work on its own or fits perfectly in the Omlet range of crates and their gorgeous beds.

What's undeniable is that this is definitely a superior cooling mat and what's more, it's great value.

Dimensions - Small - 420 x 560 | Medium 510 x 780 | Large - 660 x 1000

Reasons to Buy

+ Works for 3 hours

+ Padded for comfort

+ Excellent value

+ Self cooling

+ Waterproof

+ Grey & cream

Reasons to Avoid

- If your dog won't lay still

- Not suitable for serious 'chewers'


3. Best Hydrating Drink

Furr Boost

Furr Boost for dogs is a innovative alternative to water to boost your dog's hydration levels.

The first thing to say about Furr Boost drinks is that they are 100% natural and made with human grade ingredients.

Furr Boost hydrating drink for dogs

The aroma of the added ingredients, which can be served cold or frozen, make Furr Boost far more tempting for your dog than plain water.

In testing, we were stunned as our dog drank from his water bowl - this almost never happens as he weirdly prefers muddy puddles !

During the hot summer months, when we all seem to constantly worry about our dogs hydration levels you can simply add some Furr Boost to your dog's water bowl.

We also love that Furr Boost can also be frozen as a lolly or even in a Kong toy to keep them busy in the shade.

A simple way to help cool down your dog this summer.

Reasons to Buy

+ Great for summer months

+ Wide ranging health benefits

+ Long shelf life

+ Very convenient

+ Ideal for dog's who don't drink enough

Reasons to Avoid

- If you're not concerned about hydration

If you'd like to know more .....

We decided to take a closer look at the double award winning UK company offering healthy hydration for dogs - Furr Boost. Read our in-depth article - Furr Boost Review


4. Best Dog Paddling Pool


Taking a dip is am immediate and fun way to keep your dog cool in the summer. You have several options available to you but we recommend these Pecute foldable dog pools which have been specifically designed with your four-legged friend in mind.

Pecute dog paddling pool

We love that there's no need to inflate the pool simply unfold and fill with water.

Designed to stand up to wading and lounging (and dogs paws), this dog paddling pool is made with an industrial strength PVC material. Upgraded this year to make it even more resistant to scrapes and scratches.

It's a well thought out design, with an in-built drainage valve to make it quick to drain and fill up. Once you've finished the pet pool folds up and can be stored back in the box.

The low sides mean it's easy for your dog to get in and out and the base along with the inner wall are made from thicker non-slip material to prevent slipping.

Available in a wider range than other paddling pools on the UK market, you can choose from 4 sizes including an XXL size along with 2 colours options.

We particularly like that a paddling pool cover is also available to keep it clean when not in use if you want to leave it overnight.

The Pecute paddling pool receives some great customer reviews, we think that this pool is ideal for some summer fun in the garden.

Dimensions ( diameter, depth) - Small 80 x 20cm | Large 120 x 30cm | XL 160 x 30cm | XXL 180 x 30

Reasons to Buy

+ Designed for dogs

+ Sturdy

+ No need to inflate

+ Anti-slip base

+ Cover available

+ Range of sizes and colour

Reasons to Avoid

- Not the cheapest cooling option


5. Best Sprinkler Mat for Dogs


The Pecute Sprinkler Mat is perfect for dogs that are mad about water on hot days! Clearly not as calm as a cooling mat, but much more fun.

Sprinkler mat for dogs

Simply connect to a hose pipe and adjust the sprinkler intensity via the hose water pressure. The maximum height is 1.5m (obviously depending on your water pressure).

We like the non-slip surface which will help keep your dog from sliding around. There are various sprinkler mats on the market but the Pecute design stands out because the walls are thicker so more robust.

However, we recommend checking your dogs nails before use and position the mat away from stones and anything sharp. We should mention that it includes a water hose connector.

With some great reviews, we think that this pool is ideal for some summer fun plus it's available in lots of sizes to suit your dog and the size of the available space in your garden.

Dimensions (diameter) - small 100cm | medium 130cm | large 150 | x-large 170cm | 2XL 190cm | 3XL 220cm | 4XL 300cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Adjustable water height

+ New thicker walls

+ Easy to set up

+ Anti-slip base

+ Easy to fold and store

Reasons to Avoid

- May puncture


6. Best Cooling Dog Bed


Ever considered an elevated dog bed ?

Offering a whole range of benefits for dogs including improved comfort, reduced joint pain, and cooling in the summer months, an elevated dog bed may be worth considering.

Veehoo elevated dog bed collection

Veehoo offer a selection of patented elevated beds which we were lucky enough to test out.

Raised off the floor on cute paw shaped feet, each bed is perfect for keeping your dog cool in your home or the garden.

The design incorporates a breathable mesh base which not only enables heat to escape from under your dogs body easily, but also encourages the circulation of fresh air reducing damp air and those inevitable dog smells!

Ultimately, they help to keep your dog cool in summer and warm in winter. Win-Win !

We love that the mesh fabric is heat resistant so makes the perfect bed for outdoors on those warm summer days and because they are incredibly lightweight they are portable.

Dog on a veehoo dog bed in the summer

What's more at night time, these beds help fresh air to circulate helping your dog to sleep. In fact, Veehoo offer a stack of different options so you can select the right elevated bed for your dog.

If you've got a dog that loves to chew their bed, take a closer look at Veehoo's newer All-Enclosed Aluminium bed. Designed with chewers in mind, the metal frame encloses the fabric mesh completely - so there are no edges available for your dog to chew.

The extra-large Classic style bed also boasts an additional central joist so can support dogs weighing up to 68kg !

Veehoo offer a range of mesh colours and frame colours so you can coordinate the bed with your home decor.

Our one bit of advice would be to make sure you have a friend to help you assemble the bed. After assembling 4 Veehoo dog beds, we can confirm that it is definitely a two person job.

Sizes: Lots, including some XL

Colours: Mesh and frame colour options

Machine-washable: Wipe clean

Reasons to Buy

+ Great option for cooling

+ Lightweight

+ Portable

+ Chew resistant

+ Washable

+ Hygienic

Reasons to Avoid

- If your dog prefers an enclosed space

Buying Options


7. Best Cooling Coat


For those dogs and puppies that don't like sitting still, a cooling coat could be the answer you're looking for.

Ancol dog cooling coat for hot weather

This dog coat from Ancol is designed to help cool dogs and puppies in hot weather. Simply immerse the vest in cold water until it is saturated and gently wring out the excess water.

Fit onto your four-legged friend and the moisture evaporating from the vest helping to lower your dog's temperature.

There are 5 sizes available based on only the back length measurement so it's unlikely to fit as well as a harness which uses multiple measurements and adjustable straps.

Saying that, the tummy velcro strap is adjustable for a better fit. We recommend that you measure carefully to get the best size for your dog and be aware that the neck opening is quite large.

It's very lightweight and super easy to wash but be aware that the cooling effect doesn't last as long as a cooling mat.

Dimensions ( Length, Girth) - X small 25, 50cm | small 30, 6 cm | medium 40, 70cm | large 50, 80cm | XL 60, 90cm | XXL 70, 100cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Great for dogs on the move

+ Lightweight

Reasons to Avoid

- Only one measurement

- Cooling effect is limited


8. Best Cooling Bandana

All For Paws

If a coat doesn’t appeal, how about a cool bandana? The ultimate in looking chilled on-the-go.

All for Paws dog cooling bandana

All For Paws have created a bandana that, when soaked in water, can be wrapped around your dog's neck to help them keep cool. It's easy to use and highly effective.

What's more, it's made from a special material that allows it to stay cooler for longer so its ideal for summer walks.

Simply pour water over it to keep it cool for longer. The bandana fastens with velcro tabs and is available in 4 sizes.

With great reviews, if your dog or puppy won't keep still, this could be the answer you're looking for to keep them cool this summer.

Dimensions (neck girth in cm) - small 30-36cm | medium 33- 46cm | large 44 - 52cm | X-large 53-62 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Travels with your dog

+ Ideal for summer walks

+ Lightweight

Reasons to Avoid

- Cooling effect is limited


9. Best Dog Water Bottle


Keeping you dog hydrated at all times is essential, and when you're out and about this can be problematic.

Pawfit dog water bottle

Water bottles designed specifically for dogs are a great idea as let's face it, nobody wants to share their own water bottle with their dog !

The latest designs like this one from GPS Tracker brand Pawfit, has a unique drinking features and lock system. A button lets you dispense water from the bottle into the integrated easy drink bowl.

Better still their is a lock button so you can be safe in the knowledge that the water won't leak in your bag or rucksack.

Keeping your dog hydrated on the go has never been easier. Available in two sizes.

Dimensions (capacity ): - 550ml | 350ml

Reasons to Buy

+ Can be used on-the-go

+ Integrated dog bowl

+ Size options

+ Anti-leak lock button

+ Operate one-handed

Reasons to Avoid

- If your dog likes a bowl

Similar options are available on Amazon


10. Best Frozen Lick Mat


Frozen treats are an ideal way to keep your dog busy when it's simply too hot to dog walk.

SodaPup lick mat for dogs

Product innovation company, SodaPup offer an extensive range of beautifully designed enrichment products for dogs.

From lick mats, trays, bowls and treat dispensers, all their range can be filled with a combination of liquids, wet, dry and raw foods then frozen.

We've spread this whale design with yoghurt, peanut butter, crushed kibble, Furr Boost drink, a few blueberries.

We particularly love SodaPup's range because they are designed to be slightly heavier and more durable than other trays and lick mats.

Ultimately this offers a greater challenge for your dog, keeping them busier for longer and means that they are ideal for sliding into the fridge or freezer without spilling.

We've recommend taking a closer look at the SodaPup range and adding one of their trays or lick mats for the summer.

Reasons to Buy

+ Well designed

+ Works with liquids & solid foods

+ Great for freezing

+ Extensive product range

Reasons to Avoid

- Not the cheapest lick mats

dog paw graphic

Simple Ideas to Keep your Dog Cool

If you're feeling warm, chances are they are too. Ideally dogs should be encouraged to stay in cool, shady areas but this isn't always possible.

Here are some simple and free ideas for you to help your four-legged friend keep cool this summer :-

☀️ Offer a wet towel to lie on

☀️ Add ice cubes to their water

☀️ Fill up a paddling pool

☀️ Offer access to cool shade

☀️ Take plenty of water on walks

☀️ Avoid walking on pavements

☀️ Plan your walks for 8am or 8pm

☀️ Give your dog some frozen treats

Stay safe in the sun - If you suspect your dog is suffering from heat stroke or dehydration, call your vet immediately. For any health-related questions, always consult your vet as they have examined your dog, are aware of the health history, and can therefore make the best recommendations.

😎 Thank you for dropping by and reading our article on

Best Cooling Products for Dogs 2024 😎



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