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Best Dog Treat Bags and Pouches: Stylish Solutions for Walks

Updated: Apr 11

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The truth is that we haven't found a dog treat that isn't incredibly smelly. Whether its dried treats, meat or pieces of cheese, these stinky treats are not ideal stuffed in your pocket.

Say hello to...... dog treat bags and pouches. They're the perfect way to carry your dog treats or puppy treats when out on a walk leaving your pockets free from smelly, sticky treats.

But that doesn't mean you can't be the envy of the park. All the dog treat bags featured in our Top 10, offer a subtle and stylish alternative to a more traditional 'bum bag'.

So why not take a look at our lavish spread of the best dog treat bags and pouches for all budgets.

MARCH 2024 : UPDATE After a new round of testing, we've selected the newly redesigned Coachi Pro Train & Treat as our top pick.

Best dog treat bags

What's in this article ?

features to consider

Features to Consider

Before you jump straight in, let's take a look at some of the points you should consider when buying a dog treat bag or pouch ?


How you would like to use your dog treat bag? Will it be solely for holding dog treats for training sessions or should it carry your essentials - keys, phone and poop bags when you're out and about on a dog walk?


How would you like to wear the treat pouch or bag when out walking? Bags can be worn in various ways - hooked onto your belt, over the shoulder or are you looking for a waist bag with its own belt included?


Ideally chose a bag which you can either throw in the washing machine or wipe down after use.


There are three main methods for closing treat bags.

For dog training sessions, we'd suggest a magnetic closing pouch. This will enable you to grab the treats one-handed without distracting your dog and not worry about them spilling on the ground whilst you concentrate on your commands.

If you are looking for the odd recall reward whilst on a dog walk, then a zip or drawstring will work well as you can use both hands.

Our Buying Guide features different sized dog treat bags and pouches with a variety of ways to wear them, so there should be something in our Top 10 for everyone and their four-legged friend.

Our Picks

Our Picks of the Best Dog Treat Bags

1. Best Dog Treat Pouch Overall


If you're looking for a great value and well designed dog treat bag, then the Pro Train & Treat from Coachi option is ideal.

Coachi Pro Train & Treat dog treat bag

A simple dog treat pouch designed to clip directly to your waistband using an integral clip or a carabiner it's recently been updated and includes some new nifty little features.

It hasn't got all the bells and whistles that some of the large bags offer, but in testing it works exceptionally well as a small treat pouch.

It offers a nice, wide opening so you can fit your hand in to grab those dog treats. We are very pleased that Coachi have updated the bag to feature a hidden magnetic closure to keep the treats safe (the old drawstring closure was a little tricky to operate one handed)/

The design now incorporates a large zipped pocket on the front which will fit most mobile phones plus a mesh pocket for stashing poo bags and a whistle.

This updated and in our opinion, much improved design is available in two bright colour combinations - navy & coral or navy & light blue.

Our Verdict - We think that the Coachi Pro Treat & Train is an amazing value dog treat bag. It makes light work of handling your treats, poo bags, phone and keys on your daily dog walk.

Dimensions - ( W H D ) : 22 x 18 x 2 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Great value

+ Magnetic treat pocket closure

+ Easy to use one- handed

+ Zipped pocket for keys or phone

+ Colour options

Reasons to Avoid

- If you're looking for a walking bag


2. Best Treat Pouch for Training


If you're looking for something waist-worn, practical and unobtrusive, this treat bag from Ruffwear is ideal.

Ruffwear treat bag for dog training

This newly updated little bag is a gem. You have a choice of attachments with an adjustable belt included or you can clip it directly to your waistband if your prefer. The integral belt is the big selling point as it can be worn with any clothing.

Whilst admittedly it's a slightly more expensive option than the Kurgo Go 'Stuff-it' bag (which is why we rated it in second place), as you'd expect from Ruffwear, it's incredibly durable and designed to stand the test of time.

Easy to clean it has a washable outer and waterproof inner liner. Ruffwear have updated the shell material for grime resistance and easy cleaning. Plus they've added a small zippered pocket with key hook.

A well thought out design, the treat bag is easily opened with the pull of a tab and it cleverly snaps shut using a magnetic closure so easy to use one handed.

Our Verdict - We recommend the Kurgo Go Stuff-It treat bag because it's fairly small, simple, well designed and easily cleaned, this is a great value and long lasting dog treat bag.

Dimensions: (HxWxD): 15.5 x 12 x 3.2 cm | Adjustable belt fits waists up to 48"

Reasons to Buy

+ Integral belt

+ Magnetic closure

+ Durable design

+ Easy to use one-handed

+ Compact

Reasons to Avoid

- Pricier option


3. Best Alternative Treat Pouch


If you're looking for a small dog treat bag which you can simply snap on your belt, then these bright Kurgo dog treat bags - Go Stuff It, are a good option.

Kurgo dog treat bags with a carabiner hook

If you haven't heard of the brand Kurgo, it's a leading manufacturer of US pet travel and safety products.

So, as you'd expect these dog treat bags are well designed and excellent quality. We particularly liked that they offer a wide opening so you can easily reach your treats.

There's also a drawstring closure to keep them fresh and avoid any spillages whilst you're out and about.

What's more, the Kurgo pouch also incorporates two attachment options - a strong plastic belt clip or a small carabiner which could attach to a belt or coat loop.

Better still, there's a small zipped pocket at the back large enough to stash your keys, a few poo bags or dog wipes. You have a choice of this bright blue, a rather smart navy with orange or red with a blue interior.

The only downside we could find when testing, was the carabiner was quite small so rather fiddly to attach.

⭐️ We recommend the Kurgo Go Stuff-It treat bag because it's fairly small, simple, well designed and easily cleaned, this is a good value and long lasting dog treat bag.

Dimensions - (W H D) : 14 x 7.6 x 19 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Small and compact

+ 2 attachment options

+ Zipped second compartment

+ Drawstring opening

Reasons to Avoid

- Only one extra compartment


4. Best Small Treat Pouch

Top Dog

Sometimes simpler is better ! This small but perfectly formed treat pouch is available from UK company Top Dog.

Small dog treat pouch

We love that it's small, measuring 11.5cm x 11.3 cm, lightweight and easy to carry.

Better still there is no zip opening as the pouch has been designed to be easy access.

There'a a magnetic metal strap enclosed in the top, which can be opened quickly with just a little force and it automatically snaps shut after use keeping the treats secure.

The small carabiner is perfect for hanging the pouch on your lead, belt loops, backpacks or belt, making it easy to take treats hands free.

This small vegan pouch is available in a range of 6 muted colours

​⭐️ A small, perfectly designed treat pouch which offers a great value solution

Dimensions - ( W H D ) :11.5 x11.3 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Small

+ Easy access

+ Great value

Reasons to Avoid

- Wipe clean only


5. Best Pouch for Wet Treats


These silicon treat pouches offer a great alternative to the fabric treat bag. Made from silicone they are available in a two pack with large clips for attaching directly to your waistband.

silicone dog treat pouches in green and blue with dog treats

We found these clips durable but a bit too big and bulky on thin material - they definitely work better if you're wearing jeans. It's worth noting that there are no other attachment options.

The key feature of these pouches is they're incredibly easy to clean with soapy water. Perfect if you're planning on using high-value, wet dog training treats such as cheese or meat as a food based reward.

Super lightweight they cleverly use integral magnets to keep the pouch shut between uses. Available in lots of colour combinations.

Dimensions - ( W H D ) :12.8 x 10.7 x 4.8cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Easy to clean

+ Suitable for moist treats

Reasons to Avoid

- Only attaches to waist band

- Bulky on waistband


6. Best Dog Walking Bag

Barking Bags

If you're looking for a treat bag with a few extra pockets, then take a look at the award-winning Original Dog Walking Bag from Barking Bags.

Barking Bags - Original dog walking bag

You may remember the team behind Barking Bags from their appearance on BBC's Dragon's Den and since then they have gone on to win the Pet Industry federation Award.

For me (and for most people I suspect), the key to a good dog walking bag is being able to grab treats, poo bags or you phone quickly and easily. Also I like to keeping my keys and phone well away from dirt and the inevitable smell of meaty treats and poo bags.

So Freddie and I took the Barking Bag for a few test walks and we think you'll love the organisation it offers.

As an extremely forgetful person, I am constantly delving into various coat pockets looking for poo bags, treats, tissues, and I always miss that all important photo op because I can't find my phone quickly enough.

Original Barking Bags dog walking bag annotated

The bag itself is strong and sturdy, washable and water-resistant. We loved the thoughtful addition of a padded shoulder strap for comfort and a luminous band for safer night walks.

The bottom line is that if you're looking for a superior dog walking bag for long, leisurely dog walks off the beaten track then look no further, the Original Dog Walking Bag from Barking Bags is a perfect choice.

Barking Bags also offer a more compact bag without all the bells and whistles but ideal for a stroll in the local park.

Dimensions : 25 H x 32 W x 8 D cm

Reasons to Buy :

+ A pocket for everything

+ Multiple ways to wear

+ Water resistant

+ Separate treat pocket

+ Unisex design

Reasons to Avoid :

- If you want a compact bag

Buying Options


7. Best Instagrammable Bag


If you are planning to impress at the park, then a coordinated set of accessories could be the way to go.

Cocopup dog treat bag and accessories

Coconut Lane has taken the obsession for instagrammable matching accessories to another level. You can now buy a whole range of matching dog accessories from their sister brand Cocopup!

Designed with a carabiner style clip, the treat pouch is easily attached to your bag or belt.

It's compact, water-resistant and wipe clean.

OK, so the pouch has a zip closure to keep the treats safe which isn't the easiest to operate one handed if you are training, but it works well on dog walks.

Their simple but stylish treat pouch can be coordinated with their utterly gorgeous walking bag and clipped directly to the coordinating strap for easy access.

Cocopup coordinating treat and walking bag

Available in three different colour-ways - black, mocha (grey) and tan.

It's worth mentioning that the pouch is too small to store your phone or keys so you might consider the matching dog walking bag too!

The walking bag features an integral poop bag dispenser and both external and internal zipped compartments to keep your phone and keys away from your dog stuff.

With an on-trend range of bag strap designs, coordinating straps, phone covers and scrunchies you can be photo ready!

Dimensions - (W H D ) : 8.5 x 9 x 3cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Small and compact

+ On trend design

+ Coordinating accessories

Reasons to Avoid

- Zip closure

- One method of attachment


8. Best Waist Bag


Doog is an Australian dog brand founded way back in 2007. The Walkie Belt was the first product they launched, and it won multiple innovation awards.

Barkley & Fetch dog training treat bag in tartan

Designed to wear around your waist as a belt, it sits snugly on your hips so you hardly know it's there.

Since launch the dog belt has undergone various updates. The new and improved version has 2 small yet strong carabiners, and the front pocket is larger to fit the bigger sized phones, plus more treats.

It boasts two zipped pockets for valuables and treats along with a pocket designed to hold poo bags (it comes pre-loaded with some eco-friendly poo bags).

We love the blue and red combination but it's also available in grey/ pink and black.

If you prefer a more traditional shoulder bag, the Doog range offers a shoulder bag and a mini belt for running with your dog.

⭐️ We recommend the Doog walking belt if you want a dog treat carrying solution to wear around your waist but are ideally looking for something more stylish and streamlined than a traditional bum bag.

Dimensions -

Walkie Belt extends from 70cm to 130cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Innovative design

+ Streamlined

+ Durable

Reasons to Avoid

- if you prefer a clip-on pouch

Did you know that 1 in 2 dogs go missing at some point during their lives ! You might be interested in our review of the PitPat GPS Tracker without subscription - a great piece of kit and peace of mind.


9. Best Designed Small Bag


Surprisingly spacious, we love this treat pouch by PuiPet which has several pockets for treats and your phone but at the same time is designed to sit flat against your body.

PuiPet grey felt dog treat pouch

The standout design feature is the large magnetised pocket for treats which is really easy to open and close one handed.

PuiPet have considered how you might use this pouch and have incorporated a couple of good sized pockets.

As you can see we easily stored our poo bags, keys and of course our phone.

Matched with cool looks on the designer front it's made from felt with waterproof internal pockets.

Admittedly the felt outer isn't waterproof which is a consideration, but due to its flat design it can comfortably be worn under a jacket.

The adjustable belt provides flexibility to wear it around the waist or as a shoulder bag across your body.

Dimensions - ( W H ) : 23cm x 17cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Magnetised treat pocket

+ Several spacious pockets

+ Wearable options

Reasons to Avoid

- Not waterproof


10. Most Versatile Bag


We love this Pecute Dog Treat Bag which is at the larger end of the treat bag scale so ideal for those longer weekend walks.

Pecute dog treat bag

The previous version was well designed but the new and upgraded version is even better if you're looking for a bag to hold all your dog walking essentials!

We love the flexibility the Pecute dog bag offers. It can be worn attached to your belt using the integral metal clip, around your waist using the belt provided or use the shoulder strap

It's one of the few bags to offer all three options. The upgraded treat bag is now slightly larger and has a handy pocket to hold a water bottle.

The main compartment stores treats whilst the larger zipped pocket is ideal for storing your phone and we loved the cleverly built-in poop bag dispenser.

This treat bag arrives with a few extra touches including a roll of poo bags, clicker and a collapsible water bowl.

If you're interested in the Pecute bag, it's available in two sizes and more details and photos of the Pecute Treat Bag are available in our in-depth Dog Walking Bags review.

⭐️ Ultimately, both sizes are slightly larger than most of the treat pouches featured here, so it really depends how you use your treat bag - solely for treats or to store phone, keys and poo bags too.

Dimensions - ( W H D ) : Upgraded bag 20 x 20 x 7 cm | Original bag 10.5 x 17.5 x 6 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Flexible attachments

+ Lots of compartments

+ Great value

+ Shoulder strap option

+ Integrated poop bag dispenser

+ Water bottle compartment

Reasons to Avoid

- Larger than a treat pouch

dog paw graphic

Our Verdict

Whichever dog treat bag you choose, your dog is sure to be delighted that their favourite treats are so close at hand.

If you want a treat bag which attaches to your waistband and handles your dog treats, phone, keys and poo bags then we'd recommend taking a closer look at the Coachi Pro Train & Treat bag, we promise you won't be disappointed.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a bigger bag which will carry all your stuff on a dog walk then you can't go wrong with the beautifully designed Barking Bags Original.

dog paw graphic

Thanks for dropping by and reading our review of the Best Dog Treat Bags and Pouches: Stylish Solutions for Walks




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