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Best Puppy Chew Toys

Updated: 6 days ago

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Daydreamed about a cuddly, angelic pup? Reality check: you've got a darling...landshark!

Puppies' playful nips are adorable at first, but those tiny teeth can become surprisingly painful as they grow. 

Their razor-sharp chompers can easily break the skin, especially since they don't realise their own strength. While mouthing is natural puppy behaviour, it's essential to teach them boundaries – what's okay and not okay to chew on.

Puppy biting finger

The sooner they learn that mouthing humans is a no-go, the smoother things will be.

Chew toys can't eliminate all the nipping, but they're a great help! The right ones will satisfy your pup's urge to chew and expend their energy. 

Let's explore some fantastic chew toy options to keep your furry friend occupied and give you some peace of mind!


puppy illustration

Our Picks of the Best Chew Toys

(to help stop puppy biting)

1. Best Puppy Chew Selection


Nylabone has been making dog chew toys, chew treats and toys since 1955, so they certainly know a thing or two about puppies.

Nylabone Starter Kit for Puppies

Nylabone understands your pup's gotta chew! 

Their starter kit caters specifically to this natural instinct, offering pocket-sized chews that are perfect for on-the-go redirection.

Made from a gentle yet long-lasting nylon, these bone-shaped toys are ideal for teething puppies with their first set of chompers.

The pack contains three different classic bone-shaped chews ranging from gentle teething, moderate and extreme.

Nylabone suggest that you start with the gentle flexible bone and progress to the tougher bone when your puppy starts to display some adult teeth.

What's more, they have extra chicken flavour added to keep your puppy chewing for longer. A finger preserving bargain!

Dimensions: 3.5cm x 11.2cm

Reasons to Buy :

- Three levels of chewing style

- Added flavour

- Can be frozen

- Pocket size

Reasons to Avoid :

- Only one size

2. Best for Young Puppies

KONG Puppy Teething Stick

Renowned for creating innovative dog toys, this KONG Teething Stick is made from soft rubber to soothe your puppy's gums and teeth.

KONG Teething Stick for puppies

We love this teething stick because you can simply add treats to extend play and give puppy something to really concentrate on.

It's designed with patented Denta-Ridges which run along the whole length or the stick so you can easily add dog-friendly peanut butter, meat based pastes or soft cheese.

Additionally the hollow centre is perfect for pushing in a few small treats to really get you puppy motivated. It's worth mentioning that Kong also sell dog treat paste in a variety of flavours.

Designed to work alongside their range of chew toys, it comes in an easy to use dispensing can, but can work out more expensive than other options like dog friendly peanut butter.

Dimensions: 5cm x 9.5cm

Reasons to Buy :

- Ridges can be filled with treats

- Soothes teeth and gums

- Treat dispensing centre

Reasons to Avoid :

- Only one size

3. Best for Puppies to Hold


UK company Bamboodles make a range of dog chews for aggressive power chewers to gentle chewers.

Bamboodle Fish Chew for puppies

What makes Bamboodles stand out from the crowd is their easy to grip shape which can be held securely by your puppy as they chew.

Designed specifically for puppies is this Bamboodles Fish. Crafted from bamboo fibre combined with nylon fibre to create a longer-lasting chew toy, it is softer than the original and best-selling Bamboodles T-Bone.

As your puppy chews the product, the infused bamboo flakes away rather than shears or snaps so there are no sharp edges to worry about.

Better still the bamboo fish are infused with real salmon scent so this should hold your puppy's interest for even longer.

Oh and it's worth mentioning that the range of Bamboodles chew toys help control plaque and tartar build up on your puppies teeth.

Dimensions: 5cm x 9.5cm

Reasons to Buy :

- Easy to grip

- Designed for puppy teeth

- Infused with salmon scent

Reasons to Avoid :

- Not suitable for aggressive chewers

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4. Best Treat Dispenser


Durable treat dispensers are a simple, cheap yet imaginative idea to keep your puppy entertained. Acting as a boredom buster and to stop those teeth nibbling, they are principally designed to fill with their favourite treat or food.

SodaPup Honey Pot treat dispenser for dogs

Winnie the Pooh would love this honey pot from SodaPup and we think your puppy will too. But don't be fooled by it's simplicity!

This honey pot will provide a tasty and fun game for your puppy as they work around the pot to seek out every last titbit with their tongue.

The benefits don't stop there. You could serve their whole meal from the honey pot to provide more of a mental challenge and to ultimately slow them down which will in turn tire your puppy considerably.

We love the Honey Pot design because it is incredibly easy to clean (much easier than a Kong), so you can fill it with kibble, wet or raw dog food and add a whole range of treats and supplements.

We've found for best results, mix some wet and dry foods. Peanut butter, Pure Paté and yoghurt act as excellent glues for dried foods and supplements.

SodaPup Honey Pot filled with dog foods

What's in our pot ?

🥜 Dog Friendly Peanut Butter - Pets Purest

🍗 Pure Paté - 100% fresh meat or fish perfect for dicing up and filling the pot - from the range at Fetch Club Shop

🍥 Greek Yoghurt & Raspberry


🍃 Spinach

🐟 Sprat, air-dried fish twist, duck foot - all from the range at Fetch Club Shop

🦷 Sprinkled with Dog's Lounge - Chomper - Natural Plaque & Tartar Remover

It's safe to say this one survived our photoshoot by the skin of its teeth !

If you want to keep your dog busy for longer, the treats can be frozen inside - great for the warmer summer months. We think that this Honey Pot Treat Dispenser offers the perfect distraction for young dogs and puppies.

By the way, we're big fans of the entire SodaPup range, including their fantastic HoneyComb eBowl – featured in our Best Dog Bowls for 2024 guide!

Dimensions - 8cm x 8cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Simple puzzle

+ Promotes calm behaviour

+ Simple distraction

+ Tough

Reasons to Avoid

- Only works with food

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5. Best for Tug-of-War


Tug-e-Nuff are a family run company launched way back in 2009. They have combined their considerable experience as professional dog trainers with creativity to develop a range of high quality, innovative tug toys.

Tug-e-Nuff Sheepskin Bungee Chaser - Puppy Tug Toy

Tug toys are great for puppies. They are the perfect boredom buster, burn off that excess energy and can distract your puppy from biting.

This Sheepskin Bungee Chaser is from a range of Chasers, so called because the long handle allows you trail it along the ground without bending down.

Trailing the toy erratically mimics prey so is incredibly enticing for your puppy.

The toy measures over a metre long, so is ideal as they can play tug with you from a distance to help to build their confidence.

Headline features include the attractive bite material which is crafted from real sheepskin. The unique scent and texture of the sheepskin is extremely motivating for most dogs. It's worth noting that all the sheepskin is responsibly sourced and a by-product of the meat industry.

Tug-e-Nuff dog tug toy

The strong handle is padded for extra comfort and includes a bungee cord section.

We love this design feature as it takes some of the strain away from your arm and your puppy's neck during the tug game.

Available in four colour combinations with a choice of black or white sheepskin bite material. If you prefer, Tug-e-Nuff also offer rabbit fur or faux fur options.

Too big for your pocket, it's a tug toy designed to be used at home (great fun on a rainy day) or in the garden.

Our Verdict - The Sheepskin Bungee Chaser ticks all the boxes for a puppy tug toy. It's incredibly durable so will stand the test of time, is suitable for more anxious dogs and was the most enticing of all the tug toys we tested.

Reasons to Buy

- Ideal for puppies

- Super fluffy

- Padded handle

- Bungee section

Reasons to Avoid

- If you're not a fan of fur

- Too big for your pocket

Buying Options

Get 10% OFF theTug-e-Nuff range

Use discount code SMARTBARK at checkout

puppy illustration

Hints & Tips to Stop Your Puppy Biting

Be Kind, Be Consistent

Firstly, cut yourself some slack. Try and find your inner voice which is warm and supportive not the one which shouts “This will never end, it’s a nightmare!” Celebrate the small steps you are taking with your puppy and consciously give yourself a pat on the back for even the slightest win.

Hand feeding a puppy

Whichever method you choose to adopt, make sure everyone in the family knows exactly what to do. A united front is absolutely key (probably more important than the method your choose) otherwise your puppy will simply be confused and frustrated

To stop puppy biting, anyone who plays with your puppy has to teach them that teeth and skin don't mix!

Stop and Keep Still

Any time your puppy places teeth on you, stop and go completely still. If your puppy continues, turn away from them and cross your arms – a clear signal that your attention has been withdrawn.

If this doesn’t work, move away leaving them to calm down for a moment before going back. Once your puppy is calm you can praise them. Your puppy should learn that mouthing means that all fun ends. Do this every single time your puppy makes a mistake.

Puppy biting a shoe

Ultimately this method definitely reduces puppy biting, however you must ensure that when you cross your arms and turn away you don't make eye contact. Puppy will still feel that they are getting attention through eye contact.

To adopt this method you need to completely remove all your attention which means no eye contact at all. In this instance having another member of the family to guide you can help ensure you don’t return to the situation too quickly (when you can’t look at your puppy it’s quite tricky to tell when they’re calm).

Be aware that this option is very difficult for young children who tend to react loudly because they're scared of the puppy biting.

Yelp at your Puppy

When you play with your puppy, let them mouth on your hands. Continue play until they bite particularly hard. When this happens, immediately give a high-pitched yelp, as if you’re in agony, and let your hand go limp.

This method should startle your puppy and cause him to stop mouthing you, at least momentarily. If yelping seems to have no effect, you can use a phrase or word in a stern voice instead.

Puppy showing teeth

Praise your puppy for stopping or for licking you. Resume whatever you were doing before. If your puppy bites you hard again, yelp again. This method of bite-inhibition aims at slowly reducing the force of the bite.

The key to this method is to ensure everyone's using the same yelp or word. Consistency is key as is the tone of your voice. It's worth noting that usually, deeper more masculine voices tend to get better results.

Remember biting is a stage and like all stages, it will end.

Take the photos when your pup is looking angelic, because trust us, in a year or two you'll forget how bad this was and probably start to think about getting another puppy!

dog paw

Considering a pet security camera ?

They're a great idea with new puppies so you can see what's going on when you're not there. They can offer you peace of mind that your pup is settled and relaxed.

If you have a new puppy, they also let you ensure that they aren't chewing your furniture or getting into dangerous situations whilst you're not in the room.

Hopefully, you found some great dog chew ideas in this article to help you. Thanks for stopping by and reading our article on the Best Puppy Chew Toys


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