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Best Raw Dog Foods : Tested & Reviewed for 2024

Updated: May 17

We personally test every product featured in our reviews and guide to provide accurate recommendations. Smart Bark is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

UPDATE : MARCH 2024 - We've updated our review of Naturaw to include their new natural botanical supplements - 'Boosts'

Raw feeding appears to be taking the dog food market by storm. So is it worth making the switch to a raw dog food diet?

If you’re considering making the change, but are still baffled by how it all works and bewildered by all the different dog food suppliers, let us help unravel the facts for you.

We’ve tested and reviewed some of the best raw dog food in the UK since 2020.

They not only offer a complete diet but come armed with smart, informative websites and understanding customer service at the end of a telephone line (which we've tested).

The first thing to say is that this is an in-depth, tried and tested article so it is very comprehensive and quite a long read - we know what an important decision changing your dog's food it.

Feel free to read the full article or alternatively skip straight to the section which interests you.

Dog eating raw dog food from a bowl

Best Raw Dog Food At A Glance

⭐️ Best Raw Food Overall : View Naturaw

⭐️ Best Value Raw Range: View Paleo Ridge


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The truth is that you can successfully create your own natural raw dog food diet at home.

However, long term the nutrients need to be carefully considered to ensure that you're providing a balanced diet for your dog. This requires time, effort and significant research. For more information, read our article Raw Dog Food : Benefits & Risks

Alternatively, several companies take out all the guesswork and provide complete raw diets for dogs.

There are so many raw dog food brands on the UK market that sifting your way through can be a daunting task.

Best raw dog food supplier logos

We've tested (and by 'we' I mean Freddie and his four-legged friends) many raw companies including Naturaw, ProDog Raw, Paleo Ridge, Wilsons, Bella & Duke, Nutriment, Nature's Menu & Poppy's Picnic.

Not all of them made the cut, and here we feature our Top 4 (it's worth noting that this article can change to reflect new test results, as we're continually on the lookout for high quality raw dog foods to test and review).

This Buying Guide outlines your options for a raw diet and if you are a raw dog food beginner, helps you decide which brands will work best for you and your dog.

So take a break, pour a cuppa and read through our Buying Guide.

Raw dog food ingredients in dishes


Before you jump in and make the switch to a raw dog food diet, keep the following points in mind :-

Minimum Order and Tub Size

Our first bit of advice is to be aware that raw dog food arrives frozen and needs to be stored in your freezer until needed. Consider your storage space and what's more, take a look at the delivery intervals and minimum order sizes on offer by each company.

Sample & Trial Packs

This is a great way to make sure your dog loves the food before you make a large financial commitment. Also look out for transition bundles which can help you manage the switch to a raw diet.


Do you need to take account of allergies, an older dog's dietary needs or a puppies nutritional requirements ?

We've highlighted not just the standard raw range but also any other specific ranges on offer by each company.


Raw feeding for dogs should not only aim to be balanced and nutritious but also include lots of variety. When selecting your products, ideally you should be aiming to feed at least 5-6 different protein types over a 2-month period. Most mixed bundles offer a great value and varied selection.

Loyalty Scheme & Introductory Offers

Some companies run loyalty schemes so you can save money long term and others offer deep-cut introductory offers. Both are worth considering and we try to provide the latest information on each.

So let’s take a closer look at our top 4 raw dog foods and what they have to offer you and of course your dog - Naturaw, Paleo Ridge, ProDog Raw and Wilsons.

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1. Best Raw Dog Food Overall


Who are Naturaw ?

In first place are multi-award winning Naturaw, an ethical, high quality British raw dog food brand.

We've awarded Naturaw first place in our review, not simply for their exceptionally high quality raw dog food but also their commitment to sustainability.

Rated the Best Dog Food in the UK by the independent advice site - All About Dog Food, Naturaw have also been awarded the first ever, highly prestigious King's Award for Enterprise for their excellence in sustainable development.

Naturaw's award winning Forage range of raw dog food

These days, dog food companies are under increased pressure to reduce not only their carbon footprint but their environmental impact across the entire supply chain.

Sustainability is no longer just a trend, but a crucial value that dog lovers are looking for when choosing a food for their four-legged friend and Naturaw are trailblazers.

They are leading the way by embedding sustainability into their practices and operations. From their 100% compostable packaging, planting trees every time someone subscribes to their food offer to generating their own solar power; sustainability is at the heart of their brand.

Naturaw are also the first raw food manufacturer in the world to receive the coveted B-Corporation accreditation. Certified B-Corporations are companies which meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

So we think that Naturaw deserves top spot in our review of the Best Raw Dog Foods for 2024.

Naturaw have kindly offered Smart Bark readers £5 OFF their first order.

Simply use the Voucher Code FREDDIESENTME

What’s in their range?

We love that Naturaw has built relationships with local farmers, game keepers and butchers to help ensure that their comprehensive range consists of high quality ingredients with 100% human-grade UK sourced meat.

Naturaw raw food delivery

Their raw food is nutritionally designed and balanced to provide your dog with all the vital protein, vitamins and minerals they require.

It's worth noting that all their ranges are free from fillers and grains. Naturaw also make a point of keeping cheaper meat products such as tripe to a minimum and all their poultry is free range.

The ingredients for each recipe are clearly laid out so if you have a dog with allergies or a sensitive stomach you won't find any hidden ingredients.

Naturaw's Original range

The Naturaw range includes three collections:-

The Original (80:10:10) collection gives your dog everything they need to stay fit and active.

An assortment of vegetable-free recipes which are perfect for dogs suffering with allergies and the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) traditionalist.

Their extensive collection includes chicken, turkey, lamb, duck, venison, beef & fish combinations, turkey & haddock (exceptionally low fat), Free Range Pork with Lamb and a recipe aimed at senior dogs needs.

The Simply collection is aimed at experienced raw feeders who may be looking to create their own diet at home.

Their newer, multi-award winning Forage range is a nutritionally complete raw food. It consists of the same high welfare British meat used in the Original and Simply ranges but importantly it's complemented with 10 % superfood ingredients.

Naturaw's Forage food for dogs with superfoods

Atlantic mackerel, fruit, vegetables and botanicals, all natural 'functional' whole foods selected for their nutritional value.

Their extended range includes 6 recipes - Beef, Lamb & Free Range Chicken, Free Range Pork, Venison and a Pure Blend (which you can combine with their other foods).

It's worth noting that Naturaw offer a Forage recipe specific blended for puppies. A slightly finer mince ideal for puppies but suitable for feeding to dogs of all ages.

Naturaw achieves an exceptionally high nutritional rating of 95–96% on the independent dog food rating website All About Dog Food (AADF).

We've found that high-quality dog foods are increasingly adding natural ‘functional foods', which can improve your dog’s quality of life as they mature. Naturaw are no exception, with added ingredients in their new Forage range chosen for their high nutritional value.

For this review we tested a selection of their Original and Forage ranges.

How do I order and how does the food arrive?

Naturaw offer a basic online raw feeding calculator to give an approximate guide to the amount of dog food you will feed daily/weekly. Clearly this is a guide and will depend on activity level, treats and general lifestyle.

All food is delivered frozen in manageable 500g trays and there is a minimum order of £30. Plus there's a returns scheme for the wool liners, with money off your next order.

Naturaw Forage Taster Box

You could opt to dip your toe in the water with 8 x 500g trays of their award-winning Forage range.

This is a great way to make sure your dog loves the taste before committing to a larger box. You can even get FREE delivery using a code on their website.

On the other hand, you may prefer to take advantage of one of Naturaw's Original Taster Boxes with FREE delivery.

These Taster Boxes are pre-packed with a wide selection of Original recipes and offer a great money saving option.

Choose from either a Small Taster Box (16 x 500g trays) or a Large Taster Box (30 x 500g trays).

You definitely get more 'bang for your buck' with the Taster Boxes - not only do you get free delivery, the boxes offer a substantial saving over selecting the products individually and if you use our discount code you get a further £5 off. Not to mention, if you set up a regular subscription you also get free treats.

If your dog suffers with allergies or a sensitive stomach the Original Taster Boxes may not offer the customisation you're looking for. In which case, you can build your own box specifically for your dog with 16 or 30 x 500g trays.

Although you will need to pay for delivery with this approach, you are in the driving seat and can choose individual recipes from both the Forage and Original collections.

Raw dog food in bowl

The food arrives frozen, so transfer to your freezer then simply defrost a tray at a time. It's easy to remember because as you empty one tray, you automatically remove another from the freezer.

The 500g trays stack easily into your freezer and whilst the packaging isn't resealable it is safe to defrost, portion and refreeze.

We love this option to pre-portion the dog food as some family members have been known to over-feed if they're left to dish up (they simply can't resist those puppy eyes!)

If you forget and are confronted with a tray of frozen food at meal time, don't worry, it defrosts fairly quickly on the kitchen worktop. Microwave defrosting isn't recommended because it can create 'hot spots' in the food.

Which brings me neatly onto next day delivery! Naturaw are the only raw dog food company in our review that offer this service. So, if like us, you only realise that you're out of dog food when you are out of dog food, Naturaw could be the answer you're looking for!

How much does it cost ?

The initial plan for Freddie (12kg Cockapoo) was 240-360g a day. We decided to feed Freddie 250g of raw dog food a day which equates to 1/2 a tray making it easy to portion, plus this gave us scope to add in a dental stick and a few treats.

Dog with raw dog food packaging

He loved both the Original and the Forage ranges (a bit of a spoiler - but he loved all the raw food we feature).

We felt that Naturaw was very reasonably priced. Clearly the Original Taster Boxes with their FREE delivery offer the best value for money, with prices starting at £1.33 a day.

The slightly more expensive route would be to Build Your Own Subscription Box or chose a Small Forage Mixed Box as both have additional delivery costs - these would work out at around £2.00 a day.

If you are looking to trial the Forage range, Naturaw now offer a smaller Trial Box. With 8 x 500g trays, you can make sure you're happy before committing to a larger delivery. Enter the code GO-FORAGING at checkout for free delivery on one Forage Trial Box.

It's definitely worth considering a subscription as Naturaw also offer :

  • FREE TREATS with every Taster box when you subscribe

  • 5% OFF all other raw food when you subscribe

Is there anything else I should know ?

Mild raw dog food for dogs with sensitive stomachs

If you're thinking of making the switch to raw, Naturaw offer a New to Raw Feeding Box with free delivery.

Perfect for a smooth transition, the box consists predominantly of their Mild Chicken mince which is nice and gentle on transitioning tummies. They've also added a couple of their other Original recipes.

Naturaw have recently added a range of botanical supplements to their range, aptly named Boosts. In powder form, they have been developed to target common ailments including -Tummy, Skin, Dental and Senior. They come in powder form - simply sprinkle on food.

The only dents we could find in an otherwise perfect offer were surrounding customer loyalty.

Naturaw don't offer a loyalty program yet. Is this important ? We're not sure but we thought it was worth pointing out, although you can take advantage of their subscribe and save option.

The truth is that Naturaw aren't the cheapest raw dog food on the market but you are paying slightly more for award winning quality and this level of sustainability.

Our Verdict - We recommend Naturaw as the perfect option for those dog-lovers looking to switch to sustainable and ethically sourced raw dog food. We particularly love the ethical values of the company, the quality of their raw dog food and their sustainable packaging.

Reasons to Buy + 100% human-grade UK sourced meat + Commitment to sustainability + Boosts - botanical supplements + Free delivery on Taster Boxes + Forage award winning range + Next day delivery

Reasons to Avoid - Not the cheapest - No loyalty program

Buying Options

Naturaw have kindly offered Smart Bark readers £5 OFF their first order.

Simply use the Voucher Code FREDDIESENTME

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2. Cheapest Raw Range

Paleo Ridge

Who are Paleo Ridge?

Paleo Ridge are a multi award-winning raw dog food business in an ever-expanding market. Voted Best Raw Dog Food in the UK, their range offers complete alongside complementary raw dog foods for both experienced and those of you new to raw feeding.

Paleo Ridge raw fed dog

For beginners, Paleo Ridge take the guesswork out of the move to raw dog food. A well thought through 'Switch to Raw Hamper' contains everything you need to make a super smooth transition. They even include a useful printed 'switch to raw' guide.

Better still, they offer the Essentials range, which is an entry level, cheaper raw dog food offering great value for money.

It's this attention to detail that PaleoRidge offer their dog loving customers, which led us to 'dip our toe in the water' and trial their raw dog food.

We reviewed a selection from the Paleo Ridge range over the course of 12 weeks and recommend it as a great all-round raw food if you're looking to make the switch.

Paleo Ridge are offering new customers from Smart Bark 20% Off & Free Shipping. Simple enter code NEWCUSTOMER at checkout

Existing customers can enjoy 10% off using code 10DISCOUNT

What’s in their Range ?

Their complete raw dog food is available in a choice of three ranges - Classic, Paleo Plus and the new Essentials.

The Classic range adopts the popular 80-10-10 principle with each meal containing 80% human-grade, outdoor-reared meat, 10% offal and 10% bone.

This is perfect for dogs with allergies as you can carefully monitor additions and ingredients. The Classic range achieves an average nutritional rating of 85% on AADF.

Paleo Ridge raw dog food packaging - new branding

Their Paleo Plus range (with it's new packaging design), takes this a step further combining 95% meat, offal and bone with the added bonus of 5% natural superfoods. The Paleo Plus range achieves a 91% nutritional rating on AADF.

Both ranges offer a wide choice of recipes from Surf & Turf to Lamb & Mint so it's easy to include plenty of variety in their diet. Paleo Ridge also offers a Special Diet (low-fat, low-purine, or low-phosphorous) recipe, formulated specifically for dogs with kidney issues and concerns

The third range, the newly launched Essentials has been specially formulated to provide dogs with all the benefits of raw feeding while offering the best possible value to owners.

We tested their Essential range, the cheapest raw dog food of the four brands tested and Freddie our Cockapoo loved it.

When everyone is looking to make savings where possible, we think their Essentials range is worth exploring with a high nutritional rating of 81% on AADF.

Essentials range of dog food from Paleo Ridge

A collection of 6 recipes with a slightly higher ratio of vegetables to meat to keep the costs down, its a great value option offering entry level raw food.

Regardless of which range you choose, you have an option to either buy the food in a variety bundle (hamper) or select individual recipes.

If you choose to select recipes individually, the website shows at-a-glance whether each product is suitable for senior dogs, puppies, sensitive tummies and whether it's low in fat (if a doggy diet is needed). It's worth mentioning that Paleo Ridge don't offer a specific puppy food.

We originally reviewed the Switch to Raw Hamper. It contains a 8 kg selection from both their Paleo Plus and Classic ranges so seemed the perfect place to start.

Paleo ridge raw dog food hampers

The bonus of buying a hamper (or bundle) instead of individual trays, is the benefit of free delivery so they work out great value for money.

Henry (a 4 year old cockapoo) our reviewer, trialled this hamper as he switched from a dry kibble diet to raw. Our reviewer's family had two initial concerns about switching to raw dog food.

The first was the transition process itself and possible side effects. We're happy to report, that there were no side effects and the transition was super smooth.

The second concern was the potential extra preparation time involved with raw feeding.

Again, this didn't appear to be an issue, aside from ensuring the food is removed from the freezer to defrost ahead of time, there is a little more to think about than simply pouring dried kibble into a bowl at tea time.

Interestingly, compared to the other raw foods tested, Paleo Ridge has a coarser and chunkier consistency to their dog food. The food appeared less 'paste' like and the individual ingredients were easy to identify which our reviewer really liked.

How do I order and how does the food arrive?

With excellent eco-credentials, all the product packaging is either compostable, biodegradable or recyclable.

Paleo ridge complete raw dog food in a freezer

The food is wrapped in Woolcool liners to keep it cool in transit and it's worth mentioning that there is a return service for these liners.

Both the 500g Paleo Plus and the 1kg Classic range are packaged in either compostable, biodegradable or recyclable packaging.

Whilst this is planet friendly, we preferred to transfer both ranges to resealable containers in testing as we found the packaging wasn't the best at keeping moisture and odour at bay.

Our tester chose to divide the raw into individual containers and Henry then ate his meal direct from the container - so no extra dog bowls to wash !

Paleo Ridge offer smaller 4kg minimum orders. This is perfect if you have limited storage space and it's worth noting that 4kg is the smallest minimum order quantity on offer by any of the companies we reviewed.

How much does it cost ?

Their online Dog Food Calculator suggests how much to feed based on your dog's weight.

paleo ridge raw dog food ingredients

Paleo Ridge suggested that Henry should consume approx. 240g–300g of dog food daily.

For the Switch to Raw Hamper this worked out at costing £1.72 for 240g a day.

If you choose to feed entirely from the slightly cheaper Classic range this would reduce the price further to approx. £1.26 a day. Their new Essentials range is cheaper still, at approx. £1.14 a day.

Our reviewer noticed smaller and firmer dog poo (could mean less poo bags) and Henry's coat appeared softer and shinier.

They were so pleased with Paleo Ridge that they are continuing to feed a raw diet and have invested in a small freezer for the garage so they can place larger and better value orders.

If you're interested, Paleo Ridge also offer an extensive ‘DIY’ complementary range of raw foods for dog lovers looking to further customise their dog's diet or experienced customers creating their own food.

Reasons to Buy + Award winning food + Switch to Raw Bundle + 8kg money-saving bundles + Essentials range + Small 4kg minimum orders + Travel pouches available

Reasons to Avoid - Freezer space needed

Buying Option

Paleo Ridge are offering new customers from Smart Bark 20% OFF & Free Shipping.

Simple enter code NEWCUSTOMER at checkout

dog paw graphic

3. Best Raw Beginners Pack

ProDog Raw

Who are ProDog Raw?

The ProDog Raw range has won a number of awards for using only human-grade quality meat from DEFRA approved and British Farm Assured sources.

They have won awards for customer education and they also work alongside the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society.

We particularly love that their great value, very affordable 5kg Sample Pack.

Prodog raw dog food sample pack and outer packaging

Ultimately, this gives new customers an excellent opportunity to trial ProDog raw food without making a big financial commitment.

The Sample Pack includes 5kg of premium raw food, 2 packs of healthy treats and free shipping for a great price.

ProDog Raw have also extended their popular 5kg Sample Packs to include one specifically aimed at dog's with sensitivity issues. Made up entirely of novel proteins, this Sample Pack avoids allergies to more commonly farmed proteins.

ProDog Raw's offer several different ways for customers to save money including a customer loyalty scheme and 16 pre-packed money-saving bundles with free delivery.

For our review, we sampled a mixed bundle of ProDog Raw for 12 weeks.

Buying Options

What’s in their range ?

Their raw dog food is divided into three ranges - Complete, Pure 80:10:10, Puppy and Economy Core

ProDog Raw Dog food in bowl with packaging

The Complete range as the name suggests, is a wide selection of perfectly balanced complete meals which chosen individually or as a money-saving bundle. This range has a nutritional rating of 92% on AADF.

The Pure 80:10:10 recipes provide an exact 80:10:10 ratio of meat, bone and organs., with a 95% AADF rating. It makes a perfect base for customers wishing to create their own customised dog food.

The Puppy range is blended to a finer mince consistency which is perfect for young pups developing mouths and teeth.

A new addition to their range is their Economy Core range. Designed to be a complementary raw food which you can add to, with a AADF nutritional rating of 95%.

Ingredients for chicken recipe dog food

This further extends the options available for adding variety to your dog's diet.

If you’re new to raw, we'd recommend starting with their balanced Complete Range available in either 500g or 1kg trays. Consisting of a collection of recipes from chicken and duck to white fish and even rabbit there's plenty of variety for your dog.

The Complete recipes also incorporate a selection of fruit and vegetables sea kelp and Scottish salmon oil alongside the main proteins.

How do I order and how does the food arrive?

The food is delivered frozen, wrapped in wool liners to keep it cold in transit and these wool liners are recyclable.

Place all your trays directly into your freezer. Once defrosted the food lasts 4 days in the fridge. Their raw dog food calculator suggested 260g daily for a 12 kg adult dog.

ProDog Complete raw dog food in freezer

As with some of the other raw foods reviewed, we offered half a tray (250g) knowing we could give a few additional treats without overfeeding.

Consider the freezer space you will need to set aside for storage. As you can see, we have a particularly compact freezer but could easily fit in 2-3 weeks worth of trays.

We found the 500g tubs easier to accurately divide into meals than the larger 1kg tubs and easier to slot into the freezer drawers. It's worth mentioning that all the packaging is plastic and whilst it's recyclable it doesn't seem that environmentally friendly compared to Naturaw.

You can of course, place regular orders through Subscribe & Save and as with all the raw foods featured in this article, the bigger your order, the less the cost per kilo.

How much does it cost ?

ProDog Raw offer a range of 16 different Bundles - which reduces the daily cost compared with buying individual trays (savings of 15% - 17% depending on the bundle chosen).

Cockapoo and box of proDog Raw dog food

For a 12kg dog, the cheapest 'Mixed Bundle' costs £1.32 a day which is excellent value. However, an important downside to consider is that you will need significant freezer space as the smallest ProDog Raw Bundles are 10kg.

You can of course build your own box by choosing your favourite recipes. Bear in mind that the 500g trays work out slightly more expensive per 100g than the 1kg trays.

Delivery is charged at a flat £9.91, so larger orders are better value and it's worth noting that bundles have the bonus of free delivery.

Freddie adored ProDog Raw and he actually devoured the complete bowl the minute it was served which never happened his kibble based meals.

We also noticed some benefits almost immediately. Notably his poop which is smaller, firmer and less smelly so less poo bags 👍🏽

Reasons to Buy + Great value sample packs + Money saving bundles + Loyalty scheme offer

Reasons to Avoid - Expensive delivery charge (non-bundles) - Freezer space required for 10kg bundles - Lots of plastic packaging

Buying Options

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dog paw graphic

4. Best Raw + Dry Option


Who are Wilsons?

Last to feature in our review is Wilsons one of the oldest pet food companies in the UK. Founded over 160 years ago in Scotland, it started as a small family business and has grown into two state of the art manufacturing and storage facilities.

But whilst the size of the business has changed the ethos of keeping it simple and local has not.

Wilsons have a place in our review because we think they offer a slightly different option to pure raw dog food. Wilsons are the only company featured to offer both raw and cold-pressed dry food which you can feed in combination.

Before you ask, Yes you can feed a mixture of both Wilsons cold pressed and Wilsons raw as they break down in your dog's stomach at the same rate, reducing the risk of your dog's stomach knotting. Be aware though, that this doesn't apply to other kibbles.

As raw feeders ourselves, we were very interested to trial a combination of both the cold-pressed and the raw ranges together. Doubtless it would reduce the overall daily cost.

What’s in their range ?

Wilsons complete raw dog food is available in two ranges - Core 80/10/10 and Premium 70/10/10/10.

Wilsons premium raw dog food range

Both ranges offer single source protein, grain-free recipes in 500g trays.

The Core 80/10/10 as the name suggests was the original range.

A traditional blend, it's a perfect raw diet broken down into a ratio of 80% meat, 10% bone, 10% offal. This ensures your dog is getting all the nutrition required from their raw food.

The Core range is ideal for raw feeders that want to add their own ingredients at home and tailor the meals to their dog.

The Premium 70/10/10/10 has been developed with the addition of vegetables (carrot, spinach, apple, broccoli and kale), herbs and minerals to the blend. A stress free alternative with a selection of superfoods already added.

Turning our attention to their popular cold pressed range, these types of quality dry foods are still relatively new on the scene but growing in popularity rapidly.

Wilsons cold pressed dog food range

There's no denying that dry dog food is the king of convenience.

Cold pressed dry have all the advantages of more conventional kibbles but without the potentially damaging high temperatures associated with the extrusion methods.

The cold-pressed range from Wilsons is available in 9 flavours including salmon, chicken, lamb, turkey + duck, venison + trout, white fish.

Plus they offer a vegan and innovative insect-based range for those dog-lovers looking for traditional protein alternatives.

True to their Scottish roots, they also offer a haggis flavour - which is incredibly popular 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Their cold pressed range achieves an average rating of 75% on the nutritional rating website AADF with the Premium raw range achieving 89% and the Core raw range 82%. Whilst these are slightly lower than the other brands in this review, they are still excellent ratings.

How do I order and how does the food arrive?

Wilsons raw dog food in the freezer

The food arrives frozen in 500g trays. The Wilsons website offers either a variety pack in different sizes to suit your storage capacity or you can opt to order the recipes individually.

In terms of order amounts you have 3 options - 8kg (16 x 500g), 12kg (24 x 500g) or 16kg (32 x 500g). As with other raw foods, consider the freezer space you will need to set aside for storage.

Simply defrost a tray at a time and once defrosted it lasts in the fridge for up to 4 days.

We particularly like their Trial Sample Boxes available to order for both raw and cold pressed foods.

The Raw Trial Box has 6 x 500g trays in a mix of flavours (you can opt for either Premium or Core range) and the Cold Pressed Sample Box contains 6 x 100g samples (plus the Haggis). Both available from their main on-line menu.

We think that this offers you a great opportunity to try their dog food before buying a large quantity.

You can of course, then place regular orders through subscription saving 5%, and take advantage of an additional 5% off your first subscription order.

How much does it cost ?

Unlike the other raw foods featured in our review, Wilsons don't offer an online questionnaire to recommend calories per day. Instead there are some basic feeding guidelines offering an indication of grammes required daily based on 2% - 3% bodyweight.

natures menu original dog food

The Variety Premium Box (70/10/10/10) with 16 x 500g works out slightly cheaper than Naturaw Forage and Paleo Plus range mixed boxes.

It's worth mentioning that delivery is free when spending over £30 or ordering a max of two sample boxes.

Better still, both the Trial Sample Boxes are great value at under £20.

However, if you're looking for a super affordable way to add raw to your dog's diet, you could opt to feed half raw and half cold pressed. This would reduce the daily costs considerably.

It's this option that really sets Wilsons apart from it's raw rivals. Let's be honest, raw food and holidays can be a pain, so having the option to pack dry food without concern over digestion is a winner for us.

Wilsons also offer a Loyalty Club which rewards customers for spend and friend referrals.

The downsides, there are less recipes to choose from compared to Paleo Ridge or Pro Dog Raw and they score lower nutritionally than Naturaw, however we absolutely love their value trial boxes and the option to mix raw and cold-pressed is amazing. Lastly it's worth mentioning that a selection of their dry and raw food is available on Amazon.

Reasons to Buy + Great value trial packs + Raw and cold pressed ranges + Available on Amazon

Reasons to Avoid - Smaller recipe selection - Lower AADF nutritional rating than other brands reviewed

Buying Options

dog paw graphic


All the companies featured in our article – Naturaw, Paleo Ridge, ProDog Raw and Wilsons offer beautifully balanced and complete raw dog food which is approved by nutritionists.

They all rate highly for nutritional value on AADF (All About Dog Food website).

If you're looking for a great company to start your journey with raw feeding, we would suggest Naturaw. For those dog lovers looking for ethically sourced high quality raw dog food alongside 100% compostable packaging and a commitment to sustainability, then Naturaw is definitely worth a closer look.

If you're searching for a good raw food at a great price, we would suggest taking a look at the new Essentials range from Paleo Ridge or consider Wilsons unique offer of a raw plus cold pressed mixed diet.

Lastly we must mention Wilsons and ProDog Raw's great value sample packs which are a wonderful idea if you want to dip your toe in the water without the financial outlay.

dog paw graphic


Do I need a lot of freezer storage ?

We would suggest that you consider investing in a small freezer just for raw dog food.

It may initially seem like an extravagance, but by taking advantage of the larger order volumes you can save a considerable amount of money - offsetting the initial cost of the freezer.

What's more, if you are concerned about the hygiene issues surrounding raw food, storing your dog food separately from your own fresh food would make sense.

Do raw fed dogs poop less ?

Absolutely. As dogs are able to absorb far more of the ingredients in raw food, there is considerably less waste. Less waste, less poop to scoop.

We also found the poop was solid and more compact making it so much easier to pick up.

Can puppies eat raw dog food?

Puppies can thrive on raw food and all the companies we tested offer a specific 'Puppy' range of raw dog food (apart from Paleo Ridge). They all have lots of information about feeding puppy a raw diet to make sure they flourish during that all important first year.

Do raw fed dogs drink less water ?

Raw dog food contains a higher moisture level than kibble based dog foods. Dogs are therefore much more hydrated and need less additional water. Of course they'll always prefer a nice muddy puddle to drink from rather than their own water bowl !

Why shouldn't you feed raw dog food ?

The key to feeding raw dog food is ensuring that you can maintain a high level of hygiene. After all, it is raw food so has a higher illness risk to people living in the house.

All the foods we reviewed are complete diets so you are not actually preparing any raw food, simply dishing it up. Any bowls, containers and implements should be washed immediately just as if you were preparing raw chicken.

Can I mix raw and dry dog foods ?

As a rule dry kibble and raw foods are consumed by your dog's digestive system at very different rates. A combination diet would cause your dog considerable stomach upset. It's definitely a case of one food or the other, certainly not both.

However ,Wilsons cold pressed dry food fed alongside their raw food is an option as they break down at the same rate.

Will my dog lose weight on raw ?

We found this to be the case. As raw has a lot less carbohydrates and bulking ingredients, it is possible that your dog will gradually lose weight.

You know your dog best, keep an eye on the amount you are feeding and your scales and adjust the food portions as necessary. Freddie lost some excess weight and looked trimmer and healthier.

My dog inhales the raw food. How can I slow them down ?

Many dog lovers find that their dogs eat the raw food exceptionally quickly so you could consider a slow feeder dog bowl.

SodaPup Honeycomb eBowl slow feeder for dogs

These specially designed slow feeder bowls or anti-gulp bowls, can encourage the greediest of dogs to eat at a slower pace by making them forage around the bowl for their food.

This in turn reduces the risk of bloating and generally improves your dog's gut health. We explore a range of the best slow feeder bowls - 10 Best Slow Feeder Bowls

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Swapping dog foods is relatively straight forward if you follow the guidelines. Whilst all the companies in our article offer information on transition, we explore your options in-depth - How to Switch to Raw Dog Food

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Our final choices for which companies to include on our short list, comes from a mix of reputation and reviews from other experts we trust.

This was then combined with our hands-on experiences with all the brands featured in the review. All four raw food brands were trialled in a home environment - real dogs, real people and real kitchens.

Almost all our products are sent to us by the companies involved and almost always as a result of our request. We only review the products we think are worth reviewing.

Oh, and we do check this article regularly to ensure that not only is the information current but there are no better raw dog foods to knock these companies off the top spot - Hence Wilsons entering our top 4 for 2024.

Thanks for dropping by and reading our in-depth review of the best raw dog food in the UK, we really do hope it was helpful.


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08 de nov. de 2022

An excellent and informative article. Two aspects of raw feeding and food issues I've had experience of is an intolerence to food with a higher bone contact. Anything above 6 or 7% and he struggles while pooping. Also, I've been told that intolernces can stem from the method the animals have died as some residue can remain within the body. Dogs with sensitive stomachs cause a lot of shopping around.

Smart Bark
Smart Bark
20 de nov. de 2022
Respondendo a

That’s fascinating that intolerances to higher bone content is a factor. We’ll definitely explore this issue. We’re currently looking into the implications of RawSAFE certified, a new audit designed to ensure the highest standards in the raw feeding industry. This may shed light the issues you highlighted. We really appreciate you comments


13 de jul. de 2022

Brilliant piece of reading; so many reviews are geared towards selling whereas this piece seems totally genuine with precise facts and opinions

I have been using an unnamed here, raw brand, having rehomed my 3 year old recently who was on a home prepared raw diet

Things have been testing with days of very little interest in eating

I shall switch to the Pro Raw and persevere

Any tips very welcome

Smart Bark
Smart Bark
01 de ago. de 2022
Respondendo a

Thanks for your comments. How are you finding Pro Dog Raw ?


13 de mai. de 2022