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Best Christmas Dog Treats 2023

Updated: 2 days ago

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Treat your four-legged friend this festive season with something from our selection of Christmas Dog Treats.

From tasty stocking fillers, Christmas dinners to countdown advent calendars, we have something for everyone and their four-legged friend, so you can show your dog just how much you care this Christmas.

This year we've chosen canine companies that not only offer delightful festive dog treats but also focus on natural, healthy and nutritious treats.

We feature plenty of healthy foods and treats to choose from so you can keep those tails wagging well into the New Year.

Christmas Dog Treats and a dog

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Best Christmas Treats & Advent Calendars for Dogs

Our Top Picks for Christmas Dog Treats

1. Best Christmas Range

Pooch & Mutt

Pooch & Mutt Christmas Dog Bundle

We think that this year, Pooch & Mutt have pulled out all the stops and designed a truly wonderful Christmas Range.

Their Christmas Bundle includes their ever-popular Advent Calendar so your four-legged friend can enjoy the countdown and a Luxury Christmas Box to celebrate the Big Day.

Pooch & Mutt Christmas advent calendar bundle for dogs

The Advent Calendar is crammed full with their special edition Cheese Fondue Meaty Treats (cheesy triangles) whilst the Luxury Christmas box contains a pack of 7 Cheese Fondue Dental Sticks, Cheese Fondue Meaty Treats, Turkey & Chicken Christmas Dinner and some poo bags.

So that's Christmas Dinner and that long afternoon dog walk to burn those calories off all sorted!

Available separately, but in testing we felt that you get more 'bang for your buck' with the money saving bundle.

Cockapoo with dental stick advent calendar

Or surprise your four-legged friend this festive season with this enormous Dental Stick Advent Calendar. Brimming with different flavoured dental sticks you'll be amazed at just how big the calendar is !

We love that you you can treat your Pup and look after their oral hygiene at the same time. A bargain - now down to £14.99


Pooch & Mutt's Super Cyber Monday Savings are here

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Best Christmas Treats & Advent Calendars for Dogs

2. Best Dog Treat Variety Advent Calendar


Scrumbles Dog Advent Calendar

The first advent calendar to feature is from Scrumbles, the natural pet food company. Their advent calendar is packed full of healthy natural dog treats.

Behind each window there are 2–3 healthy treats suitable for dogs and puppies from 8 weeks.

We particularly love this Advent Calendar because Scrumbles have included 3 different types of treat -

️ Gnashers Dental Bones

️ Nibbles Calming Treats

️ Chicken Nibbles

All their treats all full of healthy ingredients with no added sugars or salts, handmade and gently baked plus they also come with added probiotics & prebiotics to keep your furry friend's tum feeling festive.

Did you know that 1% of Scrumbles sales are donated to environmental causes.

So a Christmas treat for your pup that not only looks beautifully festive but is super healthy and helps a good cause. Made right here in the UK, this Advent Calendar definitely gets the paw prints of approval.


Best Christmas Treats & Advent Calendars for Dogs

3. Best Dog & Cat Advent Calendar

Pets Purest

Pets Purest Dog Advent Calendar

The next advent calendar to feature is from Pets Purest. At Smart Bark, we're big fans of the recently rebranded Pets Purest products.

Their extensive range is formulated using completely natural, hypoallergenic ingredients so are perfect for dogs with allergies.

Their advent calendar is packed full of healthy natural dog treats. Behind each window are Pets Purest best-selling nutritious chicken treats which are suitable for dogs and cats.

Ideal for those dogs with sensitive stomachs, the chicken treats are low calorie, low fat, hypoallergenic, and you certainly won't find additives, fillers or anything dodgy in their products.


Best Christmas Treats & Advent Calendars for Dogs

4. Best Festive Dog Treats


Forthglade Turkey & Cranberry dog treats

If you are looking for great value Christmas treats, take a look at Forthglade's Turkey and Cranberry Soft Bites.

Forthglade already offer a wide selection of soft-baked treats from Calming, Fresh Breath and Rewards to more traditional flavours like lamb, salmon and duck.

Back by popular demand, their limited edition Christmas Soft Bites are softer, semi-moist training treats, offering a change to the usual crunchy, biscuit style dog treat.

Slightly larger treats than the Pooch & Mutt featured next in the review, cleverly each treat has a central groove to help you break it into two pieces so those treats can last even longer.

Devon-based Forthglade have a long standing partnership with several charities around the UK including - Veterans with Dogs, Dogs on the Street, National Trust and the South West Coastal Path Association.


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Best Christmas Treats & Advent Calendars for Dogs

5. Best Natural Treat Box

Fetch Club

Fetch Club Natural Treat Box for dogs

Looking for something great value and highly nutritious ?

Fetch Club, a small homegrown company, offer an extensive range of natural and highly nutritious dog treats all sourced right here in the UK. Their hand-picked Dog Treat Boxes make the ideal festive gift.

Natural dog treats are a great option. Not only are they a healthier alternative for our dogs but they taste better too. As they're dried, they have the benefit of being convenient with a long shelf life, without compromising on the health benefits.

Testing the Fetch Club Shop selection of natural dog treats

Fetch Club offer a range of three different sized boxes - the Mini, Midi and Maxi, all with a selection of natural dog treats. Ultimately, you have the benefit of trying lots of different types of treats and better still, they work out great value when compared to buying the individual products (30% saving on single packs when bought as a mixed box).

New to their range are Treat Boxes for Puppies which include a variety of protein sources suitable for puppies over 12 weeks old.


For 10% OFF the entire range at FETCH CLUB, enter coupon code SMARTBARK at checkout

​If you're interested, take a look at our full in-depth review of Fetch Club's Natural Dog Treats

Best Christmas Treats & Advent Calendars for Dogs

6. Cheese Fondue Dental Sticks

Pooch & Mutt

Pooch & Mutt Cheese Fondue Dental Sticks for dogs

A second selection from the Pooch & Mutt Christmas range. Their pack of 7 'Ski-sonal' Cheese Fondue Dental Sticks will not only taste great yummy, but they're a great way to improve oral hygiene.

Pooch & Mutt already offer a range of Calming, Superfood and Peanut Butter Dental Sticks which are great at removing plaque and tartar build up whilst keeping your pup occupied and mentally stimulated.

The unique star shapes allow the teeth to grip easily and get into the smaller spaces between your dogs teeth.

In testing, we found the super chunky, star shaped chews were at the larger end of the scale, so you could simply break them in half for smaller breeds.

We think that when Christmas gets just a little bit too hectic, your dog will thank you for a dental stick and some peace and quiet.


Pooch & Mutt's Super Cyber Monday Savings are here

Save 25% on their entire range with discount code CYBER 

​If you're interested .... Best Dental Chews for Dogs 2023 We handpick a selection of the most popular dog dental chews on the UK market for a side-by-side test and comparison ( Pooch & Mutt come out on top !)

Pooch & Mutt Christmas treat range for dogs

7. Christmas Dog Drink

Furr Boost

Furr Boost dog hydration drink Christmas recipe

Everyone knows that water is the smartest drink out there, but we are all increasingly looking at drinks that can not only hydrate but boost our dog's wellbeing and immune system.

Let's face it, many dog lovers are concerned about their dog's water intake and hydration levels.

UK company Furr Boost, offer a nutritious and functional dog drink which does a lot more than simply quench your dog's thirst.

Admittedly, it's still water which is essential for keeping your dog hydrated and refreshed, but the addition of meat, fruit, vegetables, vitamins and oils take this dog drink to the next level.

Better still, the aroma of the added ingredients, is far more tempting than plain water.

Available in a range of flavours, their NEW Limited Edition Christmas recipe is made with all-natural ingredients. The Turkey, Parsnip and Cranberry hydrating smoothie is the pawfect gravy topper for your fur baby's Christmas dinner.


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Best Christmas Treats & Advent Calendars for Dogs

8. Christmas Dog Food


Forthglade Christmas dinners for dogs

Let your dog join in with your Christmas feasts. Forthglade offer a limited edition variety pack of Christmas Dinners for Dogs.

Let's face it, it's all too easy to cross the line into an unbalanced diet at Christmas and that includes our dogs.

Forthglade wet food trays are a simple, healthy and cost-effective way of adding a little Christmas extra to your dog's diet.

The grain free complete meals collection includes three different recipes -

️ Turkey + cranberry & parsnip

️ Lamb + spring veg & mint

️ Beef + pumpkin & broccoli

All recipes are formulated to include 75% lamb, beef or turkey (this is an exceptionally high meat content) and as always, these recipes are completely free from junk, fillers and artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.

It's worth noting that Forthglade's Complete Grain Free wet food was named Best Wet Dog Food in 2023 in Your Dog Magazine, voted for by readers.


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Best Christmas Treats & Advent Calendars for Dogs

🎄 Thanks for dropping by and reading our round-up of the Best Christmas Dog Treats 2023 🎄

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