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Christmas Dog Toy Guide 2021

Updated: Apr 8

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Make your dogs feel extra special this festive season with a delightful dog toy. After all the comfort they've given us this year, our dogs deserve a little gift this Christmas.

We've put together a whole selection of Christmas toys that your dog just won't be able to keep their paws off.

After searching high and low, we've collated your go-to guide for the best Christmas dog toys this year. Hand picked by us and sure to wow as they're all under £15 !🎄

Our Picks of the Best Christmas Dog Toys 2021

1. Festive Giggling Bear Dog Toy

Our top choice soft toy

Festive Giggling Bear Dog Toy

First off, this festive Giggle Bear from Cupid & Comet is totally adorable. 

Luxuriously soft and very big, this Christmas bear is the perfect playmate for large dogs to carry round and chew.

It also includes a squeaker, but it's not what you'd expect. Instead of the normal squeaking noise, it lets out a giggle sound.

Try not to laugh whilst your dog is chomping on a giggling bear!

Dimensions - 29 x 33 cm

2. Traditional Snowman Dog Toy

Best soft toy for chewers

Petface stock a whole range of super cute Christmas plush toys. From brussel sprouts to their very own turkey, there's a toy for every dog.

This cool and festive gingerbread man is our favourite from their range because it's strong but super soft.

Great for dogs who simply love to chew or drag their new toy around the house for hours.

It also contains a tough squeaky ball to entice your pooch for hours of fun.

Dimensions - Height 27 x 30 cm

3. Haute Diggity Starbarks Dog Toy

Best for Coffee Loving Pawrents

This beautifully designed plush dog toy posing as a Starbucks Christmas Peppermint Mocha could make the perfect stocking filler this Christmas.

Let your four-legged friend be part of the coffee crowd with their very own morning coffee without the risk of scalding them.

Paw it. Throw it. Fetch it. Hide it. Just don’t spill it!

Dimensions - Height 18cm

4. Gold Bounce Dog Balls

Best for fetch games

For dogs who love endless hours of fetch with a ball, add a festive twist with these Christmas-themed rubber balls.

Sportspet make a range of balls the same size and weight as tennis balls. But that's where the similarities end !

These balls are designed specifically for dogs so they are extra durable, don't contain any felt and bounce really, really high !

This pack of three festive dog balls are made with premium non-toxic rubber so safe for your dog to have hours of fun with.

Did we mention that they float too.

Dimensions - diameter 6cm

5. Holiday Cozie Reindeer

Best Designed Toy

By renowned dog toy company KONG, this Cozie Reindeer is a soft and luxuriously cuddly festive plush toy.

Made with an extra layer of material to make it last longer, the KONG Cozie Reindeer is an ideal comfort toy and is tough enough to stand up to some chewing.

Kong have designed this toy to make it more indestructible so kept the stuffing to a minimum.

The cozie reindeer includes an internal squeaker to entice your pooch.

Dimensions - 20cm x 15cm

6. Christmas Woodland Reindeer Toy

Best value soft toy for small breeds

Another favourite from the Petface festive range.

How about a super sweet Christmas reindeer dog toy? It is a very cute squeaky cord toy.

Lightweight and soft, it's perfect for small dogs and puppies to play with and carry around.

This festive cord toy is ideal as a snuggle companion or as part of training to develop play skills in puppies.

Dimensions - height 20cm

7. Christmas Pudding Face Toy

Best small soft toy

Inspired by a traditional Christmas pudding, this yummy looking dog toy is a great value festive gift.

Not the largest of dog toys to make our top 10 it would be more suitable for smaller dogs and puppies.

Made with super soft material, it not only makes a great comforter, but the squeaker hidden inside is perfect for capturing your dog's attention and extending play time.

It's worth noting that it's machine washable too.

Dimensions - Height 20cm

8. Christmas Cupcake Dog Toys

Best for chewing puppies

This two pack of latex cupcakes from Rosewood makes the perfect double act for fetch dog games this Christmas.

Ideal for younger dogs to play with as the soft latex isn't too tough on their more delicate mouths.

Each toy contains a squeaker to entice your pooch for hours of fun.

Dimensions - Height 10cm

9. Reindeer Squeaky Dog Toy

Best budget friendly dog toy

Notinthedoghouse.com Reindeer Squeaky Dog Toy

Treat your dog to a fun gift this Christmas with a super squeaky reindeer.

From the House of Paws gorgeous range of Christmas dog toys, it's made from latex so whilst durable be aware that it won't be completely indestructible.

The addition of a squeaker will entice them and keep them entertained for hours.

Dimensions - height 29cm

10. Christmas Owl Plush Dog Toy

Affordable & Stylish

This super chic owl plush toy is not only a beautiful gift for your dog this Christmas but will look stylish in your home.

Ready to be carried around by your dog for lots of fun and play, then tucked up with your dog in bed for some rest.

Featuring a soft body, fabric wings and feet, his tummy is filled with a noisy squeaker for hours of fun.

Dimensions - 21 x 18cm


The Verdict: Gifts for dogs

The traditional snowman soft toy from the Petface range is superb value for money, and is more durable than some of the other soft toys featured. While it goes without saying the Gold Bounce Dog Balls are a festive must buy for hours of fun. But the Festive Giggling Bear Dog Toy is irresistible, with its super-soft large body and wonderful giggling squeaker - he'll give you and your pup hours of fun.

The truth is that none of the toys featured here will stand up to a serious 'Chewer'! If your dog is partial to destroying toys, take a look at our Top 10 Indestructible Dog Toys. If your dog can destroy one of these toys, they deserve a medal !

🎄 Thank you for dropping by and taking a look at our Christmas Dog Toy Guide 2021 🎄