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Best Christmas Dog Toys 2023

Updated: May 30

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Make your pup feel extra special this festive season with a delightful dog toy. After all the comfort they've given us throughout the year, our dogs deserve a little gift this Christmas.

Christmas dog with dog toys

We've put together a whole collection of Christmas toys that your dog just won't be able to keep their paws off.

After searching high and low, we've collated your go-to guide for the best Christmas dog toys for 2023. Hand picked by us and sure to get those tails wagging on Christmas Day🎄

Let the silly and squeaky season begin!

Best Christmas Dog Toy Collection

Our Picks of the Best Christmas Dog Toys 2023

1. Festive Giggling Bear

Our Top Choice Dog Soft Toy

Festive Giggling Bear Dog Toy

First off, this Festive Giggle Bear from Cupid & Comet is totally adorable. 

Luxuriously soft and very big, this Christmas bear is the perfect playmate for large dogs to carry round or small dogs to cuddle up to.

It also includes a squeaker, but it's not what you'd expect. Instead of the normal squeaking noise, it lets out a giggle sound. Try not to laugh whilst your dog is carrying round a giggling bear!

Dimensions - 31 x 27 cm

Best Christmas Dog Toy Collection

2. Good Boy - Festive Robin

Best Extra Large Dog Toy

Giant festive Robin dog toy

For the playful pooch, there's hours of fun on Christmas Day with this incredibly large super soft, squeaky, plush dog toy.

Measuring a whopping 64 cm in length, this Giant Festive Robin has crinkly material in its tummy and wings to help entice your dog to play.

Added to this, each owl foot contains a squeaker which should keep your dog happy and entertained.

Like most fabric dog toys, this Giant Festive Owl is designed to stand up to some serious play but it's not indestructible.

Dimensions - 64cm Length

Best Christmas Dog Toys

3. Kong Holiday Wild Knots Bear

Best Soft Toy for Chewers

Kong Holiday Wild Knots Bear

If you're looking for a toy for that chewer in your life, take a look at the Kong Wild Knot range.

We love the Kong Wild Knot range because they are soft but very, very tough. To ensure that they are suitable for tug play, their range has an internal knotted rope skeleton.

This bear is a soft and luxuriously cuddly festive toy but tough enough to stand up to some chewing.

The Kong Holiday Wild Knots bear also includes an internal squeaker to entice your pooch.

Dimensions - 18 x 30 cm

If your dog simply loves to destroy toys, take a look at our popular article Best Indestructible Dog Toys

Festive Dog Toys for Dogs

4. SportsPet High Bounce Balls

Best for Festive Fetch Games

SportsPet set of 3 high- bounce dog balls

For dogs who love endless hours of fetch, these Smoothie balls from Sportspet should fit the bill.

Sportspet make a range of balls the same size and weight as tennis balls. But that's where the similarities end !

These balls are designed specifically for dogs so they are extra durable, don't contain any felt and bounce really, really high !

This pack of three Smoothie Dog Balls are made with premium non-toxic rubber so safe for your dog to have hours of fun with.

Easy to spot amongst, mud, leaves and even snow. Did we mention that they float too!

Dimensions - diameter 6cm

Christmas Dog Balls

5. PetSafe Kibble Chaser

Best Dog Treat Dispenser

PetGeek interactive dog toy - Petbone

The electronic Kibble Chaser from PetSafe is a well designed interactive toy which entertains your dog and helps fight separation anxiety. Interactive toys are great at relieving boredom and can help to curb any unwanted behaviours.

To entice your dog to play, the Kibble Chaser as the name suggests, dispenses kibble or treats as it rolls around the floor. It spins and moves randomly creating a great game of chase.

In the past, we've found some treat dispensing toys can get stuck under chairs and in corners causing your dog to become irritated. We particularly liked that the Kibble Chaser is much less likely to get stuck as it repeatedly spins and changes direction.

PetSafe Interactive Dog Toy

The dispenser is simple to fill and it has an adjustable opening so you can control how easily it drops a trail of treats.

Essentially designed for kibble it would be a great way of feeding picky pups, turning meals into fun time.

It's worth mentioning that we tested it on carpet and hard floors and the green rubber rollers moved effortlessly and silently.

The Kibble Chaser takes 3 AA batteries ( not included)

All the above means that we think the Kibble Chaser is a simple, durable and well designed interactive dog toy.

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Christmas Treat Chaser for dogs

6. Woodland Reindeer Toy

Best Value Soft Toy for Small Breeds

Petface Woodland Reindeer dog toy

Another favourite from the very popular Petface festive range. How about a super sweet Christmas reindeer dog toy?

Lightweight and soft, it's perfect for small dogs and puppies to play with and carry around.

This festive cord toy is ideal as a snuggle companion or as part of training to develop play skills in puppies. A great value and super cute squeaky cord toy.

Petface also stock other festive toys for dogs including a polar bear, star and turkey

Dimensions - Height 20cm

Best Christmas Dog Toy Collection

7. Automatic Ball Launcher

Best Indoors/Outdoors Toy

Ovo Eggs for puppies

It's fair to say that we had so much fun reviewing the Automatic Ball Launcher from PetSafe.

You can opt to use it in your garden or the house thanks to the 9 distance and 6 ball angle settings. We love the flexibility this offers and can see how much fun it will be indoors during those cold and wet Winter days.

It's worth mentioning that it has motion and safety features built in so won't launch a ball if it senses your dog or you in front of the Ball Launcher.

As you can see from the video, we were dropping the tennis balls into the slot, but with a little patience we're sure that most dogs could be trained to drop the ball back in themselves.

It comes with two tennis balls so you're ready to go, and you can choose mains power or add some batteries which we did for more flexibility in the garden.

Anything else you need to know ? It does make a noise when launching the ball. If you have a more anxious dog, we'd suggest some reassurance and rewards to get them accustomed to the sound.

If you simply love a gadget, browse through our articles on the latest Dog Tech

Best Christmas Dog Toy Collection

8. Pawlity Street -Dogsy

Best Fun Soft Toy

Christmas Pudding Face cuddly dog toy

Treat your pup to their very own box of chocolates ! This Pawlity Street soft toy from Dogsy really makes us smile.

Inspired by a traditional Christmas chocolates, this yummy looking dog toy is a great value festive gift.

Not the largest of dog toys to make our top 10 it would be more suitable for smaller dogs and puppies.

Made with super soft material, it not only makes a great comforter,

Dogsy offer a wide range of great value, super cute dog toys including this exclusive Pawlity Street dog toy. We absolutely love their funny, parody collection which includes Toblebone, Nandogs, Puppuccino.

All their plush toys are high quality, durable and super soft, but we wouldn't recommend these toys if you have a aggressive chewer.

Best Christmas Dog Toy Collection

9. Fetch Cub Snuffle Mat

Best Enrichment Toy

Christmas snuffle mat for dogs

This gorgeous snuffle mat from Fetch Club combines traditional festive colours with quality fabrics.

Foraging mats are a great value enrichment dog toy that encourages their foraging instincts to keep them entertained.

Simply hide treats or kibble in the material and let your dog sniff and discover the treasure.

In testing, we've found that snuffle mats are are clever way to entice fussy dogs to eat kibble. By simply making mealtime into a fun game, they are encouraged to eat.

On the other hand, if your dog tends to inhale kibble, a snuffle mat can slow them down considerably.

Eco-friendly and durable it's worth mentioning that this snuffle mat can be machine washed to keep it looking and smelling fresh. Available in two sizes and a range of colours.

Dimensions - Medium 16cm x 25cm | Large 25cm x 36cm

Best Christmas Dog Toy Collection

10. Reindeer Squeaky Dog Toy

Best budget friendly dog toy Reindeer Squeaky Dog Toy

Treat your dog to a fun gift this Christmas with a super squeaky reindeer.

From Petopedia this cute Christmas dog toy is available in three colours or you could choose a penguin. The addition of a squeaker will entice them and keep them entertained for hours.

Made from latex, whilst durable be aware that it won't be completely indestructible.

Dimensions - Height 29cm

Best Christmas Dog Toy Collection

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Our Verdict

The Festive Giggling Bear Dog Toy soft toy from the Cupid & Comet range is superb value for money, and and we love that's it's super large body is a good size for lots of larger breeds.

If you love a gadget we can recommend the Kibble Chaser or the Automatic Ball Launcher both from PetSafe, whilst it goes without saying the high bounce balls from SportsPet are a festive must-have for hours of fun.

🎄 Thank you for dropping by and taking a look at our Guide to Christmas Dog Toys 2023 🎄




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