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Best Calming Solutions : Keep Your Canine Companion Relaxed and Happy

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Whether it's fireworks, separation anxiety or car sickness, dogs can become anxious for many different reasons. Seeing your dog frightened and shaking is no fun for anyone.

Calm dog with fireworks in background

Many dogs have something they’re stressed about, the key is to identify the trigger and then work on calming them, but that's easier said than done !

Of course, long term solutions such as desensitisation and counterconditioning need you to invest time to produce results. Sometimes an immediate solution is required.

We take a closer look at a whole range of dog calming products from jackets and beds to tablets and sprays which can relieve your dog's anxiety and encourage a sense of calm.

NOVEMBER 2023 UPDATE - Following a round of testing, we've added Buddy & Lola Peaceful Pooch to our review

Man calming an anxious dog

To help you decide which option is best for you and your dog, we've divided the calming products into two categories -

⭐️ Immediate, temporary results

⭐️ Gradual, longer term results

A quick word about calming supplements for dogs. We've found that supplements can be a very confusing area to investigate. Many of the supplements and their ingredients have real theoretical benefits.

However, we've found that the research is still limited, so although a supplement MAY work, it's important not to rely on it as the only option if your dog is experiencing anxiety, stress or distress. They should be something to offer alongside desensitisation.

Always seek advice from your vet first and consider a behaviourist if you're struggling.


1. Best Natural Calming Solution : Buddy & Lola

3. Best Natural Calming Liquid : Pets Purest

  5. Best Calming Dog Bed  : Silentnight

7. Best Dog Calming Diffuser : Adaptil

best dog calming products

Our Picks of the Best Dog Calming Products

The first four options we have for you, offer long term, gradual results in the form of tablets, liquids and supplements.

1. Best Natural Dog Calming Solution

Buddy & Lola

Buddy & Lola offer high quality natural supplements and are available on-line, from Amazon and more recently at Pets at Home.

Their calming supplement is available in two different forms so you can choose the one that you think will be most palatable for your dog.

Whether you opt for the Peaceful Pooch calming treats or the powder to sprinkle on your dog's food, both offer a great option for decreasing anxiety long term without turning to prescription medication.

Buddy & Lola range of dog supplements

Be aware that Peaceful Pooch needs to be used daily over the course of a few months for you to see a gradual improvement in your dog's emotional balance.

Packed full of 100% natural ingredients which have known properties to promote relaxation -

💜 Lemon balm which encourages calm behaviour

💜 Passion flower which helps support your dog's dopamine levels

💜 L-Tryptophan a natural occurring amino acids which supports production of serotonin

So natural calming without the sedatives.

Buddy & Lola Calming Supplement for dogs

We'd recommend calculating the daily price for your dog's specific weight as the chews or powder may work out cheaper depending on the feeding guidelines.

⭐️ We tested Peaceful Pooch with Otis, an amazing 10 year old Labrador. Whilst Otis is very laid back and chilled most of the time, he was getting anxious and barking at the sound of motorbikes on the busy road outside his house (particularly during the evenings). After a month taking the daily chews he calmed down significantly and although his ears pricked at the sound, he didn't resort to barking.

Buddy & Lola Supplement Storage Tin

Regardless of whether you choose the chews or powder, Buddy & Lola offer a storage tin to help keep those supplements fresh and easy to administer (a game changer for tricky to measure powders). The storage tin is FREE with new subscriptions or available to buy separately with one-off orders.

Ultimately, Buddy & Lola offer some great money saving bundles, so you could buy it alongside their amazing Super Tummy Instant. They also offer a subscribe and save option, plus free delivery on subscriptions or orders over £30. Better still they offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Reasons to Buy

  + Choice of chews or powder

  + Gradual long term results

  + 100% natural ingredients

  + Money back guarantee

Reasons to Avoid

  - Full benefits take over 30 days

Buying Options

For 15% OFF the entire Buddy & Lola range (first time purchases only)

enter SMARTBARK15 at checkout


2. Best Dog Calming Tablets


Calming Care is a popular calming tablet from the renowned YuMOVE brand, best known for their dog joint supplements.

YuMOVE Calming Care for dogs

This is a longer term solution for dogs suffering from anxiety. It's a scientifically proven, natural supplement which aims to reduce feelings of vulnerability and anxiety.

It can take up to 6 weeks of use to see the full effect of the YuMOVE Calming Care range, so don't expect to see results overnight.

That said, YuMOVE generally recommend using the product for 1-3 weeks before stressful occasions (such as fireworks or parties), and many customers report calm behaviour as quickly as 1 week after administration

The main ingredients are Lemon Balm, GABA and L-Arginine which help to maintain the calming pathways in the brain and support relaxation.

Also L-Tryptophan which supports the production of the calming compound serotonin. All these ingredients combine to make your dog feel more relaxed.

Rather than doubling the dose to start with (as you would with YuMOVE Joint Supplement), start with a small dose and gradually increase the dose as needed.

Available in tablet form (60 or 120) and a 'Once-a Day' chew for smaller dogs. It's worth noting that when calculating your daily/monthly price, larger dogs need more than one tablet a day.

Reasons to Buy

+ Gradual, longer term results

+ Calming tablets or chews

+ 60 day money back guarantee

Reasons to Avoid

- Full benefits may take 3-6 weeks

Buying Options

Subscribe to save 50% OFF your first 2 months

using discount code SAVENOW


3. Best Natural Calming Liquid

Pets Purest

Here at Smart Bark we're big fans of the Pets Purest range of 100% natural dog products. As well as containing no nasties, they are all made right here in the UK.

Pets Purest Calm Pro - natural calming aid

There are lots of calming supplements on the market that contain synthetic ingredients which may be effective, but can also have side effects. If possible, we'd recommend choosing a calming supplement that contains natural ingredients, such as chamomile, lavender, passion flower extract or valerian root.

Pets Purest calming formula - Calming Drops is featured in third place because it can offer a combination of immediate & long term effects. Available in this handy liquid form, it's packed with calming herbs & minerals.

It's worth noting that Pets Purest have changed their packaging and Calm PRO is now called Calming Drops - same products/different packaging.

Containing Valerian which is a powerful herb used in situations of stress & anxiety alongside magnesium which is known for having long term calming effects.

Used daily, the drops act as an overall calmer for a more relaxed dog. However they will have a mild, immediate effect in stressful situations.

Puts Purest claim that you should begin to see the effects of Calming Drops in only 20 minutes, but allow 3 weeks to feel the full benefits of the drops.

You have a choice on how to administer the liquid. Either add to your dog's food or water, alternatively you could apply the drops direct into your dog's mouth.

Reasons to Buy

+ Immediate and longer term results

+ Easy to add to food or water

+ All natural ingredients

Reasons to Avoid

- Best results after 3 weeks of use

Buying Options

Pets Purest are offering 10% off their entire range.

Enter discount code WELCOME10 at checkout


4. Best Dog Calming Range

Pooch & Mutt

Whilst it is important to focus on your anxious dog’s environment and training, the food and treats you offer your dog daily can play an important role in how they react to stressful situations.

Pooch & Mutt offer a range of dog foods and treats all packed with natural ingredients to help anxious or excitable dogs relax.

Poch & Mutt Calming Range

Perfect for pooches that are anxious or over excitable, the range includes :

💗 NEW Hemp Chewies Dry Food

💗 Calming Dental Sticks

💗 Calming Probiotic Meaty Treats

💗 Calm & Relaxed Bundle Bones

💗 Calm & Relaxed Mini Bones

💗 Calm & Relaxed Bundle

The active calming ingredient in their brand new Hemp chewies, dental sticks & probiotic meaty treats, is unsurprisingly ... hemp.

Hemp is a naturally stress reducing ingredient that may also improve your dog's sleep quality.

So by adding these treats and dental sticks to your daily routine, you can actually help to calm your dog whilst training and looking after their teeth. Win- Win !

Pooch & Mutt's Calm & Relaxed dry food is formulated with L Tryptophan, an amino acid which is converted to Serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that can lower heart rate and blood pressure and improve mood.

We love that you can select some or all of Pooch & Mutt's calming range. It is incredibly easy to swap your current treats and dental sticks for these calming options and if you want to take it a step further you could even change your dog's dry food.

Offering Pooch & Mutt's Calming range on an ongoing basis can help your dog deal with potentially stressful situations including trips to the groomer, vet visits and negative interactions with other dogs or people.

Reasons to Buy

+ Great value

+ Immediate results

+ Easy to add to routine

+ No training required

+ 100% natural & hypoallergenic

Reasons to Avoid

- Short term results

Buying Options

Save 20% OFF Pooch & Mutt

Enter SMARTBARK20 at checkout


5. Best Calming Dog Bed


Like sleeping in a cloud! Extremely popular and great value dog beds, the calming nest works by providing your puppy or dog with a comfortable and enveloping space in which to rest.

Calming Donut dog bed from Silentnight

The raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support, while the super-soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief.

It's the perfect bed for dogs suffering from anxiety as the high pile creates a cosy, safe atmosphere.

There are so many brands of nesting beds on the market with many of them offering cheap fillings which won't retain their loft and covers which can't be machine washed.

Don't waste your money on one of those.

We recommend taking a look at the collection from Silentnight available from Sleepy People. The Calming Donut Beds are designed and manufactured by a bed company with experience.

Performance wise, it is filled with responsive hollow fibre, meaning that this nest bed will keep it's loft for a lot longer than most standard nest beds.

Covered in a super soft plush fabric, the bed is very cosy, perfect for a peaceful snooze and designed to let your dog burrow in the deep crevices

We particularly liked the obvious use of premium materials throughout the design, offering your dog the same level of comfort available in their best quality beds and pillows made for us humans.

Machine washable and available in a range of gorgeous colours, this nest bed really stands out from the crowd.

Want more info ? We put this bed through it's paces in our full test and review - Cosy Retreat : Silentnight Calming Donut Bed Uncovered


6. Best Anxiety Coat for Dogs


Sounding more like a Marvel comic hero, ThunderShirts for dogs are renowned for helping to relieve a fear of thunder (hence the name), fireworks, car travel, stress-related barking and even separation anxiety.

Dog wearing a Thundershirt

By gently applying continuous pressure and snuggly wrapping the body, the coat provides a sense of security that will help to keep your dog calm.

Think of it as swaddling a newborn baby. Not simply a great idea, ThunderShirts have been scientifically proven to be effective.

They can reduce anxiety in dogs with an astonishing 80% success rate in helping relieve dogs fear.

ThunderShirts can be a game changer, and don't require any training or medication.

Although they're constructed of a jersey, stretchy material, it's important to get the size correct so you create that continuous, relaxing pressure.

Available in a range of 7 sizes along with a handy on-line measurement chart to help you select the most suitable size for your four-legged friend.

Whilst we've categorised the ThunderShirt as having immediate results, we recommend trying it on your dog the first few times when they're feeling calm and loved.

This will ensure that they are comfortable with the jacket before they encounter a stressful situation.

The ThunderShirt brand is now owned by Adaptil and the two calming products work exceptionally well together.

Reasons to Buy

+ Immediate results

+ No training required

+ Works with Adaptil Spray

Reasons to Avoid

- Short term results

- Hot in summer months

Buying Options


7. Best Dog Calming Diffuser


Another product with immediate results is Adaptil. Their collection of calming products are clinically proven to help comfort dogs during stressful situations and can reduce panting, trembling, restlessness and other stress-related behaviours often associated with dogs that are worried.

Adaptil Calming Diffuser for dogs

Adaptil contains a copy of the naturally occurring and comforting pheromones that a mother provides to her puppies.

It comes in various forms including a plug-in diffuser, collar, tablets and a spray so you can choose the product best suited to your dog and the situation.

The Adaptil Calm Diffuser is designed to calm your dog within your home for up to 30 days. Ideal for stressful situations such as fireworks, loud noises or even separation anxiety.

It's worth noting the diffuser doesn't emit a sound or scent that we humans can smell and will have no effect on other pets in your home.

The diffuser and refill pack lasts up to 30 days. A money saving 3 x refill pack is also available.

Reasons to Buy

+ Immediate results

+ Scientifically proven

+ Simple to use

+ Works with other Adaptil products

+ Works with ThunderShirt

Reasons to Avoid

- Short term results

Buying Options

dog paw graphic


Do Lick Mats calm dogs ?

These mats were originally designed by vets in Australia to promote calm behaviour especially in stressful times such as being left on their own or during fireworks.

Cockapoo with a Lick mat for dogs

Repetitive licking has been proven to soothe your dog as the motion gradually releases a calming hormone into their body. We would thoroughly recommend a lick mat as a great value aid for dealing with anxiety.

We test and review the different styles of lick mats available, their benefits, uses and some great food topping recipes - Best Lick Mats for Dogs

Can massage encourage my dog to calm down ?

As well as working wonders for humans, massage will relax and help to calm anxious dogs. Massage definitely helps to alleviate tension.

Make sure that you are relaxed and try to keep one hand in contact with your dog at all times to provide a feeling of security and stability.

Use your other hand to make long sweeping movements from the neck downwards along the spine to their tail.

Does calming music work with anxious dogs?

Numerous scientific studies and research have shown that music is a great way to help reduce stress and separation anxiety in our furry friends.

Veterinary surgeon Dr Linda Simon, adds: “Calming music is a hugely useful tool that can be used for any dog, whether anxious or not. When introducing music and new sounds to your dog, ensure you are calm and that the experience is positive. Reward their calm behaviour with lots of treats and praise.

Pooch & Mutt Spotify playlist for calming dogs

Brand new research from the UK wellness brand for dogs, Pooch & Mutt, has discovered the perfect formula for curating a calming playlist for your dog.

The research proves that melancholic, low energy songs with gentle acoustics work best for soothing anxious dogs.

They can reducing stress levels and helping to relax your pup.

If you have Spotify, Pooch & Mutt’s data-driven playlist is called -

The Perfect Playlist for Relaxed Pooches

How can I keep my dog calm whilst travelling ?

Most car sickness episodes in dogs are brought on by the stress and not the motion itself. Your dog might well be associating the car with these stressful experiences. Mental, emotional, and even physical trauma may be related to the car ride.

In the long term desensitising your four-legged friend is the best way forward but this takes time and patience on your part.

We explore how a desensitising training plan can alter your dog’s behaviour patterns by changing the way they feel about a specific situation in our article - Dog Car Sickness : How to Cure it

Dog car seat for calming anxious dogs

Dogs suffering from car sickness travel better when they can see out of the windows.

Adjust their seats or use a dog car seat, so they can look out the window while staying secure. Focusing on scenery can definitely prevent motion sickness.

We have researched and reviewed dog car seats which are designed to give your dog an elevated view. They can relax and watch the world go by whilst you are left to concentrate on the road ahead.

Particularly suitable for small dog breeds or puppies and useful for providing a secure resting area and a better view out of the window - Best Dog Car Seats

Can I distract my dog with toys ?

Helping to keep your dog under their anxiety threshold, means that their alarm systems won't go off. One efficient way of doing this can be to distract your dog with something that usually gets their attention.

Dog with a Bob-A-Lot Puzzle Toy

A training session or a problem solving puzzle, may focus your dog so they tune out distracting noise.

Problem solving has been proven to reduce fear in dogs, perhaps because they learn to control certain aspects of their environment.

We test and review 10 of the best puzzle toys for dogs available in the UK today (including the fantastic Bob-A-Lot shown here).

How can I tell if my dog's anxious?

All dogs suffer from anxiety at some time during their lives. Whilst this is a normal emotion, leaving it unchecked can lead to behavioural issues. There are several important symptoms to look out for:

Urinating or defecating in the house





Destructive behaviour

Excessive barking


dog paw graphic

We really hope that our article has been helpful and given you some options to help calm your anxious dog. Thank you for stopping by and reading our post on the Best Calming Products for Dogs.



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