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Best Dog Clippers for 2024 : Groom at Home

Updated: Apr 18

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Keeping your dog's coat trimmed not only helps to get rid of matted fur but keeps them looking great and ensures they feel comfortable.

Regular trips to the groomers can be very expensive so you may have considered grooming at home. With the cost of grooming at around £45 you'll soon get your money's worth from using your own clippers.

The most common mistake people make when grooming at home is using clippers designed for human hair. Human clippers usually have one short blade so will cut your dog's coat way too short.

To groom at home you'll need to invest in a great pair of dog clippers that make the job easy and keep your dog calm.

best dog clippers

We take a look at the best dog clippers on the UK market. We'll give you the lowdown on how easy they are to use, noise level, type of blades and whether they are cordless, then you can decide which clippers suit you and your four-legged friend best.

We'd recommend you read our Buying Guide first, but if you're not worried about having a dog looking like this, you go right ahead…

Professional Dog Groom
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Buying Guide for Dog Clippers

So what makes a good set of dog clippers ?

Corded vs Cordless

The first decision you need to make is if you want a corded or cordless option. The corded versions tend to means pure power, so if you are taming long, thick or wiry hair, consider this.

If you’re using the clipper regularly for shorter fur, battery power can work well and of course, cordless is much more convenient for those hard to reach places.

Having a cordless pair can make things simpler if your dog is likely to wriggle around or may try to escape during your grooming session.

Low Noise & Vibration

Look for clippers designed to be quiet. Noisy clippers which vibrate a lot will only lead to an anxious dog. Quiet clippers = relaxed dog. All the dog clippers we feature here are low noise options.

Sharp Blades

Professional dog grooming clippers are incredibly sharp. This allows for smoother shaving and most importantly leads to faster grooming.

Dog Grooming Kit

Complete Clipper Set

If you're new to home grooming, consider investing in a clipper set which has everything you need to give your dog a tidy, polished appearance.

In addition to a clipper they usually include a comb attachments, scissors, a nail clipper, a nail file and a cleaning brush

We've rounded up our picks of the best dog clippers from professional standard to ridiculously cheap.

dog paw

Our Picks of the Best Dog Clippers 2024

1. Best Value Dog Clippers



Power : Cordless

Run time : 80 minutes

Charge time : 180 minutes

Weight : 430g

Blade : Ceramic, Titanium

Comb Attachments : 6 - plastic

Price : ££

Reasons to Buy

+ Full set of grooming essentials

+ Cordless

+ Includes 6 comb attachments

+ Quiet - only 50 db

Reasons to Avoid

- Won't deal with very long hair

- Limited run time

Established back in 2012, Oneisall started life offering a single product - dog clippers. The company now have over 2 million customers in over 15 countries.

Oneisall value dog clippers with accessories

Their popular entry level dog clippers are one of the quietest dog clippers on the market at less than 60db with a low level of vibration.

The run time isn't the best, at only 80 minutes, but it's worth pointing out that these clippers can also be used whilst charging. So no worries about a half groomed dog !

The blades are ceramic and the Oneisall clipper comes with some essentials including 6 guard combs, scissors a comb, cleaning brush and oil.

Oh, and you have a wide choice of colours.

Our Verdict - Great value clippers if you are looking to try grooming at home for the first time without investing too much money.

Buying Options

It's worth mentioning that Oneisall also offer clippers designed for thick and heavy coats


2. Best Cordless Dog Clippers

Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series


Power : Cordless

Run time : 120 minutes

Charge time : 240 minutes

Weight : 100g

Blade : Carbon Steel

Comb Attachments : 4

Price : £

Reasons to Buy

+ Powerful cutting

+ Well made

+ Cordless

+ Quick Charge option

Reasons to Avoid

- Does require maintenance

- Heavier than some

- Long charge time

A staple of barber's shops for decades, it's not surprising that Wahl turned their attention to dog clippers.

Wahl Pro Series Lithium Dog Clippers

This is their popular cordless Pro Series Lithium which was awarded Best Overall Pet Clippers in 2021 but is still a solid contender at a great price.

The Pro Series from Wahl is designed to offer groomer grade trimming at home. These clippers are engineered to be low noise and extremely low vibration so will particularly suit anxious dogs.

Because the Wahl Super Groom is built to last for years and years, you do really need to oil and maintain the blades.

They don't include a set of grooming accessories like PetLab, but Wahl do include the clippers, clipper oil, a cleaning brush, charger, storage case and instruction booklet.

The Lithium in their title refers to the battery which offers a massive 120 minutes of cordless runtime at full speed. So if you need to take your time with the trip these clippers will be prefect. They also feature a 15 minute quick charge option that will provide you with enough battery life ( 8 minutes) for a speedy touch up.

They are exceptionally well made with a robust and stylish metal housing. The only downside we could find is that the full charge time is a very long 240 minutes.

It's worth mentioning that these clippers come with a 2 year warranty.

Our Verdict -We think that these are exceptionally good clippers, great quality, solid performers offering exceptional cordless run time.

Buying Options


3. Best Corded Dog Clippers

Wahl KM-SS Pro


Power : Corded (3m length)

Run time : mains

Charge time : n/a

Weight : 430g

Blade : Ceramic, Titanium

Comb Attachments : 3 - stainless steel

Price : £££

Reasons to Buy

+ Strong & well made

+ Stainless steel combs

+ Doesn't require charging

+ Powerful motor

Reasons to Avoid

- Requires maintenance

- More expensive option

- Corded

If you're prepared to fork out a little more for clippers, then take a look at the top of the range Wahl KM-SS clippers

Wahl KM-SS dog clippers

These are professional clippers designed to cut through any type of fur, so for denser, long or double coats these clippers could be your best option, although clearly this is reflected in the price.

Mains powered they're perfect for larger dogs or if you have more than one dog as there's no recharging to consider.

The rotary motor cuts at 2400 rpm with a high torque to help it glide through the worse matts.

It also features a vibration dampening feature and contoured finger grips so it's comfortable to hold for extended periods of time and is super quiet.

Since these are clippers aimed at the pros, you'll find a snap-on blade system for quick and easy blade swapping and cleaning.

Our Verdict - We think that these Wahl clippers are professional grade clippers which will suit dog lovers with multiple larger dogs but not be the best value option for smaller dogs.

Buying Options


4. Best Mid Range Dog Clippers



Power : Cordless

Run time : 100 minutes

Charge time : 210 minutesWeight : 580g

Blade : Ceramic, Titanium

Comb Attachments : 4

Price : £

Reasons to Buy

+ Great value for money

+ Easy to use

+ Cordless

+ Full set of grooming equipment

Reasons to Avoid

- Slow charging

- Not as powerful as wired clippers

This popular grooming set from PetLab comes with the essentials you need, including cordless clippers, 4 comb attachments, a cleaning brush, scissors, a nail file, nail clippers and a comb.

PetLab Dog Clippers

The first thing to say that this is a great value dog grooming set.

Cordless, rechargeable clippers are definitely the way to go if you're a beginner as they give you so much more flexibility when cutting those hard to reach areas.

Battery life is not bad with up to 2 hours per charge, but it does takes 3–4 hours to charge back to full again.

We liked that there is a battery indicator so you won't get caught out halfway through cutting.

However if you forget to charge your PetLab clippers, you can continue to use them with the power cord included.

The blades are very sharp so you should only need one pass with the clippers rather than recutting the same area again and again. This will speed up the groom which is a big tick if you have an anxious pup.

Our Verdict - We recommend the PetLab grooming kit as a good starter kit, if you would like to try grooming at home.


5. Best Professional Dog Clippers

Andis Ultra Edge


Power : Corded (4.3m length)

Run time : Mains powered

Charge time : n/a

Weight : 320g

Blade : Ceramic, Titanium

Attachments : Size 10 CeramicEdge Blade

Price : ££££

Reasons to Buy

+ Extremely powerful

+ 2 Speeds

+ Light

+ Suitable for all coats

Reasons to Avoid

- Need to purchase extra blades

- Expensive option

US company Andis, have been making clippers for nearly 100 years. Their UltraEdge 2-Speed is perfect for anyone looking for their first 'serious' home clipper.

Andis Ultra Edge 2 speed dog clipper

Designed to be used in grooming salons, this is a professional piece of grooming kit, hence the price tag.

With a 2-speed rotary motor delivering speeds of 3000 and 3800 these Andis clippers are one of the fastest available.

The two speed options provides a level of flexibility so they're suitable for the widest range of dog coats and breeds.

The lightest clippers to feature in our review, they're designed to be used continually throughout the day.

One point to bear in mind, is that these Andis clippers come with one blade, the size 10 Andis CeramicEdge Blade. Further blades will need to be bought separately.

If you're interested this clipper is also available in pink, blue, black and burgundy.

Our Verdict - ​We think that these mains powered clippers are probably a bit on the pricey side for most people and if you're looking for dog clippers to use once every couple of months on one dog, maybe a bit extravagant. However they are extremely light, powerful and suitable for all dog coats.

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dog paw


Can you use human clippers on a dog?

We don't recommend that you use human clippers on your dog, simply because human hair is much thinner. The blades tend to be closer together than those on dog clippers so could end up causing a jam which could be uncomfortable. The blades are also shorter so will cut your dog's coat way too short.

How often should you clean dog clippers?

Check your specific model for cleaning instructions, but generally speaking your clippers will need cleaning after each use and it's definitely worth oiling them regularly too.

How We Chose

We decided to start off our hunt for the best dog clippers by analysing top-selling brands and trending brands with rave reviews on retailers like Amazon, Pets at Home and grooming supply websites.

Our main focus was identifying dog clippers on the quiet side to ensure a relaxed dog and those with powerful motors that would perform quickly and efficiently.

To help narrow down our final list, we looked to include dog clippers for both experienced home groomers and beginners with single clippers alongside sets with other grooming accessories included.

Lastly we made sure that we included a range of dog clippers to suit everyone's pocket.

dog paw

Any of the clippers we featured in our review would be perfect for using at home, helping you save a considerable amount of money compared to regular groomers visits.




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