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Top Dog Grooming Products for 2024

Updated: Apr 2

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To keep your four-legged friend in top notch condition, it’s worth spending some time and a little money on dog grooming products which you can use at home.

Although many dog lovers especially those of you with fluffier breeds, use professional dog groomers on a regular basis, in between visits it’s still important to keep your dog looking and feeling their best with a grooming routine at home.

Best grooming products to keep your pup clean

Of course, grooming your dog is a wonderful bonding experience as it gives us all the chance to slow down and pay some quality attention to our dogs.

It’s also an ideal opportunity whilst touching your dog all over, to check their skin for suspicious lumps, bumps and tics which can easily be hidden by their coat.

Our carefully curated selection includes some of the best and most innovative grooming products for 2024 which are designed to make your dog look, smell and feel their best.

NOVEMBER 2023 UPDATE - After a new round of testing we've added Dot Dot Pet dog drying towels from their collection of dog wellness and lifestyle products

You can use the links below to skip to the relevant section - or read on for every last detail to help you find the perfect dog grooming routine for you and your dog.

dog paws


dog paw graphic

Our Picks of Dog Grooming Products

1. Best Dog Grooming Spray

Pro Pooch

Dog sprays are lovely after a bath, adding another layer of gorgeous smell, but also incredibly useful to combat the ‘dog smell’ if you’re expecting guests and simply don't have time for a full groom.

Pro Pooch Baby Powder Cologne for dogs

Pro Pooch offer a wide range of dog grooming products.

Their Baby Powder Cologne adds a gorgeous smell and deodorises your dog's fur while providing a conditioning boost to their coat.

It's worth noting that Pro Pooch products don't contain nasty chemicals which could cause skin problems. It's totally vegan friendly, PH balanced and hypoallergenic - so ticks all the boxes.

A firm favourite with dog groomers everywhere, the scent is totally amazing.

It's worth mentioning that the Pro Pooch range is made in Britain.

Reasons to Buy

+ Great for smelly dogs

+ Long lasting scent

+ No nasties

Reasons to Avoid

- Need to avoid eyes

Buying Options


2. Best Range of Dog Fragrances

Pawfume Shop

A great alternative to Pro Pooch are the gorgeous collection of perfumes and colognes from the Pawfume Shop.

Pawfume Shop - fragrance for dogs

All their scents are modelled after some of our favourite popular human perfumes to allow pets to have that VIP treatment.

From Savage Diog, Angelick, Daizy Barcs Jacob and She's a Dog in a Million, there's a long-lasting doggy body spray for everyone's dog.

They don't simply smell great, the sprays are infused with chamomile extract, designed to soothe skin, and are ideal for spritzing on after a bath or a grooming session.

Better still they are hypoallergenic so won't trigger reactions in dogs prone to skin allergies.

Pawfume is made from cosmetic grade ingredients, simply spray, being careful around the eyes, then massage in to your dogs coat.

Use a combination of products ( they also offer shampoos) to layer the fragrance or apply Pawfume as a final flourish during or after the drying process.

Your can even spray Pawfume fragrances on your dog’s bedding to keep it fresh and your home smelling sweet.

Our verdict ? We think that the sprays from the Pawfume Shop are all about convenience. They're a great dog grooming product to keep on hand for those hygiene emergencies.

Reasons to Buy

+ Convenient spray

+ Nourishing

+ Subtle scent

Reasons to Avoid

- Doesn't replace shampoo

Buying Options


3. Best Dog Shampoo

Groom Professional

We rate Groom Professional Baby Fresh the best smelling dog shampoo with a totally gorgeous baby powder scent lasting several days.

Dog with Groom Professional dog shampoo

Here at Smart Bark, we've tested lots of shampoos over the years and would recommend Groom Professional Baby Fresh shampoo as a great all-round option for most dogs.

This particular shampoo is ideal if your dog loves to roll around in the mud or splash in stinky puddles.

A firm favourite with dog groomers, it lathers easily and deep cleans leaving a lovely scent which isn't over-powering.

Made in the UK, it's formulated with aloe vera for it's moisturising benefits so it is gentle enough for you to use once a week to cater for seriously muddy dog walks.

The truth is that this is a great all-round shampoo if your dog doesn't have any specific needs.

Available in three different sizes so you can try it out without investing too much with the 250ml bottle or save money by bulk buying a 4 litre bottle. It's worth noting that there is a range of conditioners too.

Reasons to Buy

+ Amazing smell

+ Easy to lather

+ Range of sizes

+ Great value

Reasons to Avoid

- Doesn't cater for skin issues

- Creates lots of foam

Buying Options

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4. Best Puppy Shampoo


If you're welcoming a puppy to your family, to avoid any adverse reactions opt for a dog shampoo specifically designed for puppies.

Wildwash Puppy Shampoo

Puppies have delicate and often more sensitive skin than adult dogs, so they need a much milder shampoo.

WildWash are a company devoted to creating a range of natural skin and coat care products for dogs. We love their puppy shampoo because it uses aloe vera and evening primrose essential oils for their mild and calming properties.

So natural yet powerful ingredients and it's quick rinsing and kind to their skin, your puppy will love you for it.

Make sure that you dilute before use and leave on for 5 minutes to let those essential oils do their work.

Reasons to Buy

+ Formulated for puppies

+ Mild for sensitive skins

+ Pump action bottle

Reasons to Avoid

- Pricier than some

Buying Options


5. Best Dog Towel

Dot Dot Pet

Another option for drying your dog quickly and easily is the dog drying towel from Dot Dot Pet.

Dot Dot Pet dog drying towel

For me (and for most people I suspect), the key to a great dog towel is one that dries your dog quickly, is easy to clean afterwards and doesn't ever smell of wet dog. So it's worth buying a towel designed specifically to take the hassle out of drying your dog. 

Dot Dot Pet are an innovative, award winning new company offering a capsule range of pet care products.

Everything from the bamboo towels to the shampoos and eco towels (single use and biodegradable) are not only well designed, but they look nice around your home too.

They are also great for your carbon pawprint as their whole product range is responsibly sourced and sustainably made.

Dot Dot Pet different sizes of drying towel

So why do we love their dog towels so much ?

Headline features include drying hand pockets and a hood, which helps you dry your dog without getting wet yourself. This was a game-changer for us ! We loved the pockets, they made drying quick and easy.

DotDotPet's towels are soft and absorbent which you'd expect but they're also light enough to throw in a dog walking bag for a quick dry after a sudden downpour or dip in the river !

Made from sustainable materials (45% bamboo, 35% polyester & 20% cotton), the towels are available in two sizes, so you have a choice depending on the size of your dog -

🐾 Small 50 x 50 cm (pink & purple)

🐾 Large 75 x 75 cm (orange & purple)

So that's all the boxes ticked and at a great price too.

Reasons to Buy

+ Cleverly designed towel

+ Quick drying

+ Easy to wash

Reasons to Avoid

- May not be large enough for extra large breeds

Buying Options


6. Best Grooming Wipes

Earth Rated

If you're in a rush and are looking for a quick freshen up, then grooming wipes are a great idea. Really popular, there are lots of different brands of dog grooming wipes on the market.

Earth Rated dog grooming wipes - testing

Earth Rated is a Canadian company founded back in 2009, initially making dog poo bags. Since then. they've extended their range of products to include poo bag dispensers, plant-based dog grooming wipes and (soon to be available in the UK) innovative dog toys.

Their dog grooming wipes are great value and come in packs of 100. We tested the unscented (fragrance-free) wipes but they also offer a lavender scented version.

For me (and for most people, I suspect), the key to disposable wipes of any kind is how easy the pack is to reseal and keep the contents moist and fresh. The Earth Rated pack is designed with a hard plastic opening, and in testing we found the packaging easily dispenses the wipes one at a time and clicks shut keeping them fresh.

Each wipe measures 21cm x 19cm, which is large enough to clean off mud without getting it all over your hands but small enough to work into ridges and wrinkles on ears and between paws.

They feel premium, thick and durable with a textured finish and in testing they didn't tear so you can use them confidently around the butt area.

What's more, they're alcohol and parabens free plus hypoallergenic so very gentle and ideal for dogs with allergies and sensitive skin.

Our Verdict - An all round excellent choice for most dog lovers searching for a good value, high quality dog wipe.

Reasons to Buy

+ Great value

+ Easily resealable packaging

+ Scented and non-scented option

Reasons to Avoid

- Won't deal with fox poo

Buying Options

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7. Best Drying Bathrobe

Toby & Alexander

When bath time is over, dog drying coats are ideal for avoiding that wet dog rubbing on carpets and furniture.

Toby & Alexander bath robe for dogs

We would definitely recommend a dog drying coat to wrap up your now clean but still very wet dog.

These gorgeous dog drying coats from Cornish company Toby & Alexander are made using premium microfibre and are great value.

We love that the robe ties on your dogs back not underneath their belly. Whilst they don't have hoods like some of their rivals, this is reflected in the price, making them an excellent value alternative to some of the more pricier options on the market.

The Toby and Alexander dog robe is meant to be slightly oversized and snuggly and designed to hang over your dog's hind quarters.

Available in a range of 8 sizes ( sizing guide available on line) and 5 gorgeous colours so you can find a coat to suit your perfect pooch.

Reasons to Buy

+ Great value bathrobe

+ Choice of sizes available

+ Choice of colours

Reasons to Avoid

- Doesn't have a hood

Buying Options

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8. Best Dog Skin Balm

Pro Pooch

Pro Pooch offer a wide selection of dog grooming and cleaning products which are all cruelty-free.

ProPooch dog skin balm

Their skin balm is an amazing dog itch relief cream and is made right here in the UK.

It's absorbed quickly and their unique blend contains wheat and coconut oil to rebuild and protect your dog's sensitive skin barrier.

Their formula is excellent for treating canine dermatitis, dry skin, bug bites, irritated wounds and cuts, basically anything your dog picks up whilst on their adventures.

This skin balm is safe for frequent use and absorbs quickly into the skin.

It can be applied daily to protect your dog's skin and weighing only 90g, you can add it to your dog travel bag ready for any adventures.

Reasons to Buy

+ Great for dry paws

+ Relief from insect bites

+ Safe for puppies

Reasons to Avoid

- Pricier than some

Buying Options


9. Best Nail Clippers


Most dogs will never need to have a nail trim because they lead an active lifestyle and their nails wear down naturally, however some dogs will need help to keep their nails to a healthy length and shape.

If you choose to trim your dog's nails at home a good set of nail clippers is a must.

Dog nail clippers from Or.

These plier style nail clippers from Or. have several clever features to help you make a safe and quick job of nail trimming.

They have curved blade edges which are ultra sharp stainless steel.

They include a safety stop, which ensures that you don't clip past the curve of the nail as you risk hitting the quick (the pink area of the nail that contains the blood vessels). A clip this low is painful and will bleed.

The handles are comfortable and non-slip and lastly ,there is a lock so you can safely store the clippers in a locked position.


10. Best Puppy Brush

Pet Teezer

Pet Teezer is designed to detangle your dog’s coat quickly and more importantly gently, without any tugging or pulling which is ideal for puppies not accustomed to being brushed.

Pet Teezer dog brush

The Tangle Teezer for humans was such a big success when it was launched back in 2007, dog owners were begging the company to create the perfect tangle teezer for their precious pooches.

They listened. Three years of research to create the Pet Teezer- a grooming brush created specifically for dogs and puppies.

It can be used to groom wet or dry fur and is recommended by Battersea Cats & Dogs Home.

This brush may not be able to deal with the biggest matts and knotted fur (like the Pecute option featured next), but it's an ideal starting point for getting your puppy acclimatised to the brushing process. Available in two sizes.

Reasons to Buy

+ Soft & gentle

+ Suitable for puppies

Reasons to Avoid

- Won't deal with heavy matting

Buying Options


11. Best Dog Grooming Brush


There are so many different types of dog coat that there is no real surprise that there's an abundance of different dog brushes available.

Pecute de-matting comb

Your dog may well benefit from more than one type of brush.

From Pecute's popular range of dog grooming equipment is this De-matting Dog Hair Tool Kit. A 2-in-1 pet grooming tool removes tangles, loose hair, and detangles hairballs.

We love that the de-matting comb has two sides. Start with the 12 teeth side for removing stubborn mats and tangles and then finish with the 23 teeth side for thinning and deshedding.

It is slightly curved teeth help prevent any scratching to your dog's delicate skin whilst dealing with any matts or knotting.

Made from smooth stainless-steel, the pins penetrate deep into the undercoat, efficiently removing dead fur and loosening any hidden matts.

The handle has been designed with anti-slip rubber to reduce pressure on your wrist and has a thumb grip. This is great as it means you can take your time with the brushing process.

Reasons to Buy

+ Penetrates deep into the coat

+ Deals with knots

+ Ergonomically designed

Reasons to Avoid

- Not suitable for short haired breeds

Buying Options


12. Best Dog Mitts


If you're looking to reduce your carbon paw print and buy eco-friendly pet products for your fur baby, take a look at Enviropaws.

Perfect for a speedy pup freshen up and ideal for between grooms, these compostable mitts are available in a resealable pack of 15.

Enviropaws dog cleaning mitts

Designed to fit over your hand, these sturdy mitts have a textured surface so amazingly they last up to 4 times longer than standard wipes.

We found that the thickness coupled with the large shape of each mitt really helped clean those hard to reach places.

Better still, whilst standard wipes are a single use product, incredibly these mitts can be sprinkled with water to activate the formula and scent so you can reuse.

We loved their mild citrus scent and the pleasant soft, slightly oily feel to them.

dog with eco friendly dog wipes

They'll definitely freshen up a whiffy dog when you simply don't have time to bath or shower them and they're hypoallergenic, so perfect for dogs suffering with sensitive skin.

Ultimately we think that these Pet Cleansing and Conditioning Mitts are a really innovative idea. Strong, compostable, convenient, reusable and lightly scented, simply ideal for that speedy freshen up.

Reasons to Buy

+ Compostable

+ Made in the UK

+ Strong with a textured surface

+ Hypoallergenic

+ Resealable packaging

Reasons to Avoid

- Won't deal with fox poo

- More expensive than grooming wipes

Buying Options

dog paw graphic

Our Verdict

Even the best-kept dogs will benefit from a good grooming routine at home not least to prevent mats and other skin irritations that can cause ongoing problems.

Our choice of the some of the best grooming products on the UK market will ensure that your dog's coat and skin are kept in tip top condition.

Thank you for dropping by and reading our article - Top 10 Dog Grooming Products for 2024




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