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Best Dog Plaque Removers

Updated: 5 days ago

We were gifted a range of dog plaque removers to test and analyse. Smart Bark is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

Very few dogs like having their teeth brushed, and some flat-out won’t tolerate it. But teeth and gum disease are “far and away” the most common health problem for dogs.

In fact 80% of dogs develop gum problems in the first few years of their lives.

Dog with a toothbrush

Unfortunately, nothing can replace teeth brushing as the best method for taking care of your dog's teeth and keeping those gnashers pearly white.

You should be aiming to brush your dog's teeth at least once a week, but once a day is best.

But, we know that brushing simply isn’t an option for everyone. Training your dog to tolerate getting their teeth cleaned can take a lot of time and dedication that most of us don’t have.

If this just simply isn't an option for you, then don't despair. We've taken a look at some innovative plaque removal products on the UK market designed to keep those pearly whites gleaming.

FEBRUARY 2024 : UPDATE - After the latest round of testing we've added Buddy & Lola's Clean Canines to our Top 10.

Only the best made it to our list so read on to find out which dog plaque removers are the best for your dog's dental needs.

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Best Plaque Removers for Your Dog

Our Verdict


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1. Best Dog Food Additive

Pets Purest Plaque Removal Powder

We're all for making our busy lives as stress free as possible at Smart Bark and that's why we love plaque powders for dogs.

Pets Purest Plaque Pro for dogs

By simply adding a powder such as Pets Purest Plaque Removal Powder to your dogs dinner each day, you can significantly reduce the build up of plaque on your dog's teeth.

Clearly, it won't replace brushing but it will make a great addition to their dental care routine.

So what is Plaque Removal Powder ?

Amazingly, it has a single ingredient - seaweed. Seaweed is known to keep your dog's teeth clean and can minimise bad dog breath naturally.

It's worth noting that it's also packed with fibre and is prebiotic (which helps sustain good bacteria in your pet's stomach) so is nutritious too.

Pets Purest Plaque Removal Powder contains a mini scoop and recommends sprinkling 1 - 3 scoops to your dog's food daily depending on the size of your dog.

Based on daily recommended amounts for a 10-25kg dog, the tub should last approx. 62 days. Clearly, this pot will last you and your dog a long time so it's great value.

Pets Purest Plaque Remover previous packaging Plaque Pro

Thought we'd mention that Pets Purest are updating their packaging, so you may see some new style packaging - but the product remains the same.


Size : 185g

Ingredients : Seaweed

Form : Powder

Reasons to Buy

🦷 Simply add to food

🦷 Ideal if you struggle to brush teeth

🦷 All natural ingredients

🦷 Fresher breath

🦷 Made in the UK

Reasons to Avoid

- Not as good as brushing

Buying Options

Pets Purest are offering 10% OFF their entire range

Enter discount code WELCOME10 at checkout

2. Best Combination Dog Food Additive

Clean Canines - Buddy & Lola

Buddy & Lola offer high quality, natural and highly effective supplements for all of the major health-related issues dogs will face throughout their lives. Their ever-expanding product range is created with all-natural nutrients, no nasties and approved by vets

Buddy & Lola Clean canines - plaque removal powder for dogs

Clean Canines differs from Pets Purest featured above, because it contains a combination of active ingredients.

Clean Canines is a natural blend of seaweed, parsley, turmeric, charcoal and peppermint. The active ingredients work in conjunction to remove the plaque and bad breath with continued use.

Turmeric has a whole host of benefits for your dog including helping to maintain joint health and mobility but when it comes to oral health it's the natural abrasiveness that can really help your dog's teeth and gums.

The activated charcoal can act as a natural tooth whitening ingredient for dogs, as the activated charcoal binds and absorbs stains on your dog's teeth. It also acts as a breath freshener for dogs, which makes activated charcoal a perfect ingredient to add to your dog’s teeth cleaning regimen!

Lastly, the parsley and peppermint help to prevent bacteria building up to keep your dog's breath fresh.

The powder is easy to use, simply sprinkle on your dog's food. Our testers commented that they loved the long handled spoon, making it easy to find if left in the powder sachet.

Based on recommended amounts, a sachet of Clean Canines should last 30 days for a 11-25kg dog.

Price-wise, it's considerably more expensive than Pets Purest Plaque Pro, so we've placed it second in our review. However, remember that it does contain a blend of active ingredients, so you're buying a lot more than just seaweed.

Buddy & Lola do offer a Subscribe and Save option offering a massive 30% off the single purchase price, so if you're looking to incorporate Clean Canines into your dog's diet long term then this would make a great option.

They also have a 30 day no fuss money-back guarantee and free delivery with orders over £30.


Size : 120g 

Ingredients : seaweed, turmeric powder, parsley powder, activated charcoal, peppermint leaf powder & brewer's yeast.

Form : Powder 

Reasons to Buy

  🦷 Simply sprinkle on food

  🦷 Multiple active ingredients

  🦷 Tackles plaque and freshens breath

  🦷 Subscribe & Save option

Reasons to Avoid

   - Not as good as teeth brushing

Buying Options

For 15% OFF the entire Buddy & Lola range (first time purchases only)

enter SMARTBARK15 at checkout

3. Alternative Dog Food Additive

Chomper - Dog's Lounge

Dog's Lounge is a family-run dog food supplement brand. They offer a range of supplements including the brilliantly named CHOMPER to their range.

Dog's Lounge Chomper powder and packaging

Chomper is a natural blend of 100% organic kelp and seaweed all sourced from Scandinavia and Cornwall.

Kelp contains a bacteria which releases an enzyme that eats away at the tartar buildup on the teeth. It works by dissolving the existing plaque and tartar build up making it softer and easier to remove by chewing or brushing.

Our team of canine testers tried Chomper over a three week period. Their dog loving families reported a significant improvement in brown plaque on teeth and fresher breath. They commented that Chomper resembles tiny flakes as opposed to a traditional powder..

Based on recommended amounts, a tub of Chomper will last just over a month for a 11-25kg dog.

Dog's Lounge also offer a 10% Subscribe and Save option in addition to a loyalty program. The aptly named Woofs Club, a points based scheme that awards points (woofs) every time you make a purchase, engage with Dog's Lounge on social media, refer a friend and more.

It's worth noting that Dog's Lounge offer a 60-day money-back guarantee if you aren't happy with Chomper, so it's a no risk option.


Size : 175g

Ingredients : Organic Kelp & Seaweed

Form : Powder

Reasons to Buy

🦷 Simply add to food

🦷 Subscribe & Save option

🦷 All natural ingredients

🦷 Fresher breath

🦷 Made in the UK

Reasons to Avoid

- Not as good as teeth brushing

Buying Options

For 10% off your first purchase,

use discount code SMARTBARK10 at checkout.

4. Best Dental Wash for Dogs

Petlab Co. Dental Formula

Petlab Co. offer a range of dog wellness products including their dog mouthwash and teeth cleaning solution - Dental Formula.

Petlab Co. dental formula for dog's teeth

The Dental Formula is ultimately a mouthwash so like our own human mouthwashes, is a great addition to brushing your dog's teeth.

But don't worry your dog doesn't need to swill or gargle !

As a dental water additive, simply add a teaspoon of the solution to your dog's water bowl daily to help prevent plaque and tartar build up and keep their breath fresh.

With countless 5 ⭐️ customer reviews we love that this solution is a stress free way to tackle some of those harder to reach areas in your dog's mouth.

Our one reservation is that is quite an expensive solution depending on how much your dog drinks.


Size : 235ml

Ingredients : Purified water, vegetable glycerine, sodium bicarbonate, aniseed and peppermint oil

Form : Liquid

Reasons to Buy

🦷 Simply add to dog's water

🦷 Ideal if you struggle to brush teeth

🦷 All natural ingredients

🦷 Fresher breath

Reasons to Avoid

- Not as good as teeth brushing

- Expensive solution

Buying Options

5. Best Dental Spray for Dogs

Pets Purest

Another product from the Pets Purest collection of dental products is their 100% natural dental spray for cats and dogs.

Pets Purest Dental Spray for dogs

Alongside their Daily Dental Supplement Treats and their Plaque Remover (featured earlier), is their dental spray which is made right here in the UK.

Using electrolysed water, the dental spray can be used daily to help keep teeth clean, fight infections and keep your dog's breath fresh.

Simply spray a small amount into each side of your dogs mouth - it really is that easy. Crucially it's hypoallergenic and fragrance free.

The truth is that Pets Purest Dental Spray could be a great addition to your dogs oral care, easy to administer and great value.

Lots of reviews from happy customers reporting that it's successfully tackled their dogs bad breath.


Size : 250ml

Ingredients : Electrolysed water, salt, F.A.C - Active Ingredient Hypochlorous Acid (a weak acid produced by pets immune system to fight infection )

Form : Spray

Reasons to Buy

🦷 Simply spray in your dogs mouth

🦷 Ideal if you struggle to brush teeth

🦷 All natural ingredients

🦷 Fresher breath

Reasons to Avoid

- Not as good as teeth brushing

Buying Options

Pets Purest are offering 10% off their entire range

Enter discount code WELCOME10 at checkout

6. Best Dog Dental Sticks Overall


Whilst dog's love antlers and bones, in some cases they can cause more harm than good. Basically, anything that you can't break with your own hands can chip or even break your dog's teeth.

Dental sticks or chews are much softer so are a great addition to your dogs diet. They're a quick and easy method of reducing tartar as they exercise your dog's chewing muscles and provide a mild cleaning effect on the teeth.

There's lots of dental sticks on the market, but we have two firm favourites depending on the size of both your dog and your pockets.

Whilst they may not be the cheapest option, we've found that Whimzees are the best dental sticks at removing plaque.

whimzees dental chews for dogs

Experts suggest that for a dental stick to be effective, it should take your dog over 5 minutes to eat it.

Whimzees are available in a wide range of sizes so you can select the perfect size of dental stick for your dog to maximise the cleaning time.

You may want to consider sizing up the dental stick (if your pup is almost inhaling it) and we'd suggest adjusting your dog's food to allow for the extra calorie intake.

We also love Whimzees because they are natural, contain no artificial ingredients, flavours or additives.

As well as being super cute, the shapes have a purpose and are uniquely designed to ensure proper blood flow through your dog's gums helping to prevent bad breath and tartar build up.

The complete range of Whimzees offers a choice of single shape or variety packs in various pack sizes. Whimzees recommend giving your dog one stick a day for an effective cleaning routine.

Yes, they're pricey, but Whimzees chews can last up to 3 times longer than the leading competitor so are definitely worth a look.


Size : 6 sizes including 2 aimed at puppies

Ingredients : Potato Starch, Glycerin, Powdered Cellulose, Lecithin, Yeast, Malt Extract, Lupine, Annatto Extract Colour, Alfalfa Extract

Form : Chew

Reasons to Buy

🦷 All natural ingredients

🦷 If you struggle to brush your dog's teeth

🦷 Firm texture promoting longer chewing

🦷 Range of sizes and shapes

Reasons to Avoid

- Pricier than other dental sticks

Buying Options

7. Best Value Dog Dental Sticks


If you're looking for something a bit cheaper, then take a look at Forthglade's plant based dental sticks. Their dental sticks been developed by vets and can not only help to remove tartar and plaque but also help to freshen nasty dog breath.

Forthglade dental sticks and ingredients

Smart Bark are obviously not the only ones to recommend them, as they won the Your Dog magazine 2023 product award for the Best Health Product.

We love that they're completely plant based and grain-free so are ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Another major selling point, is that they sell one size which you simply break up depending on the size of your dog.

They're available in resealable packs of 5. The small pack size option offers a great opportunity to try the dental sticks before you commit to buying a lot.

Close up of the Forthglade dental sticks for dogs

When you love them, and we're sure you will, you can then take advantage of the big savings offered by the larger packs.

We found that although they had a fairly rigid, slightly spongy texture, they were easy to break by hand before offering.

Smell wise, they were a welcome change to the more meaty smelling dental sticks on the market which can quite frankly pong a bit !

In testing, the Forthglade dental stick lasted an amazing 10 minutes with a 12kg Cockapoo but only 2 minutes with a much larger Labrador.

So compared to the much harder Whimzees, they were demolished fairly quickly by the Labrador. So, we would suggest that they are more suitable for smaller to medium breeds.


Size : 1 size stick - L 14cm x H 3cm x D 2.5 cm

Ingredients : potato flour, potato starch, natural vegetable glycerin, dried liquorice root, dried algae, fennel, parsley, peppermint and eucalyptus oil

Form : Chew

Reasons to Buy

🦷 Easy - it's a dog chew!

🦷 All plant based ingredients

🦷 Gentle on sensitive tummies

🦷 Multiple pack sizes

🦷 Good value

Reasons to Avoid

- Didn't last as long as Whimzees

Buying Options

For 15% OFF

enter SMARTBARK15 at checkout

8. Best Dog Toy for Teeth

Rucacio Cactus Chew Toy

If you have a dog that simply loves to chew, then a dog chew toy from Rucacio might be a great answer to improving dental hygiene.

A cactus dog chew toy for dental health

Their super tough and very popular range of chew toys are made from the industrial-strength rubber and help with your dogs intense urge to gnaw.

The durable and aligned bristles inside the brush head help clean plaque from those hard to reach areas.

If you want to extend the chew time, we suggest simply squeezing dog toothpaste or dog friendly peanut butter into the grooves.

If you have a power chewer, definitely look at the large size blue chew toy.These have been developed with power chewers and dogs up to 40kg in mind.

Available in a choice of three sizes to suit all sizes and breeds of dog.

We recommend using the dog chew toy once a day (under supervision) to help keep on top of plaque and tartar build up. The chew toy can be cleaned with water and detergent after each use.


Size : 3 sizes including 1 aimed at aggressive chewers

Form : Chew Toy

Reasons to Buy

🦷 Amazingly tough

🦷 Can add toothpaste

🦷 Range of sizes

🦷 Great for aggressive chewers

Reasons to Avoid

- If your dog doesn't chew

Buying Options

You might be interested in another option for a great dog toy that helps keep plaque at bay. Take a closer look at the K9 Connectable range of puzzle toys. We tested and reviewed this amazing range - K9 Connectables

9. Best Finger Toothbrush for Dogs

Beaphar Finger Toothbrush

Finger brushes with a soft head are excellent for smaller dogs and puppies and they make a great starting point for teeth cleaning before you venture onto a full-sized toothbrush.

Beaphar finger toothbrush for dogs

Beaphar are renowned for their dog wellbeing range particularly their extensive dental care collection.

They offer this pack of 2 reusable finger toothbrushes. Crafted with silicone micro-fibre bristles, they are ideal for safe and comfortable teeth cleaning.

The extra-soft bristles won't startle your dog or cause any unnecessary discomfort. We found that the silicone is fairly soft so comfortable on your finger and fits even the largest hands.

Simply slip one of the brushes on your finger and gently move the bristles back and forth over your dog's teeth. You can consider adding Beaphars dog toothpaste once your dog is accustomed to the finger brush.


Size : 1 size

Form : Finger toothbrush

Reasons to Buy

🦷 Gentle

🦷 Ideal starting point for teeth cleaning

🦷 Great for puppies and small dogs

Reasons to Avoid

- If you struggle with brushing

Buying Options

10. Best Dental Kit

Beaphar Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Obviously, the gold standard for keeping your dog's teeth clean will always be brushing your dog's teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Beaphar Toothbrush & Toothpaste Set

A great place to start is the Beaphar Toothbrush and Toothpaste. The kit includes a double-headed toothbrush and a tube of their vet strength toothpaste.

The uniquely designed toothbrush works to reach around and between your dog's teeth making your job quicker and easier.

It has two brush head sizes, each with varying length bristles to help you to reach all your dog's teeth.

The toothpaste is liver flavoured so should appeal to most dogs (if not their humans) ! Vet strength, it uses advanced enzymes to fight plaque, bacteria and tartar build-up. It's worth noting that it doesn't need rinsing and is also safe to ingest.

Ultimately, the toothbrush and toothpaste work together to not only keep your dog's teeth and gums clean but also freshen your dog's breath.

We recommend Beaphar's dental products because they are affordable and reliable health grooming products from a company with pet care heritage.

Their range also includes a tooth gel that doesn't require brushing and a puppy dental kit.


Ingredients - fluoride-free, liver flavoured

Size : 1 Size - double-ended

Form : Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Reasons to Buy

🦷 Gentle

🦷 Liver flavoured

🦷 Double ended toothbrush

Reasons to Avoid

- If you struggle with brushing

Buying Options

dog paw graphic


Pets Purest Plaque Removal Powder earned our top pick as the best overall dog plaque remover (when a toothbrush isn't an option). It's an easy-to-use, great value and natural dental product that you can add directly to your dog's food.

If you're looking for a high-quality product with multiple active ingredients then take a closer look at Buddy & Lola's Clean Canines. It ticks all the boxes for an all natural, highly effective solution to your dog's oral issues which is incredibly easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Depending on your budget, we also recommend Whimzees or Forthglade New Plant Based Dental Sticks. They're an easy way to improve your dog's dental hygiene. Yes, we know there are lots of dental sticks on the market, but both of these dental sticks are 100% natural.

All Beaphar's extensive range of dental products for dogs are worth considering, but we'd suggest starting with the finger toothbrushes to get your dog comfortable with you touching their mouth and teeth and then slowly moving onto the full toothbrush and toothpaste.

We hope that we've offered you a range of different options to improve your dog's dental hygiene.

dog paw graphic


Can I use human toothpaste ?

Definitely not. Human tooth care products usually contain fluoride which is toxic to dogs and can result in serious health problems. In addition, toothpaste contains a foaming agent, which if swallowed will irritate your dog’s stomach.

Can dog food clean my dog's teeth ?

The idea that dry biscuits or kibble helps clean your dog's teeth has been generally disproven. In fact ,current thinking is that fresh food is now seen as better for your dog's dental hygiene. Let's face it most dogs tend to inhale their food anyway, rather than spending time chewing it.

Are bones good for teeth cleaning ?

Raw bones are an excellent and natural way to clean your dog's teeth. Simply the action of chewing meat from a bone helps to remove tartar and plaque. So there is some sense in the saying - 'Give a dog a bone'.

Beware though, bones do come with some very important safety warnings -

🦴 Only offer raw bones as cooked bones can splinter and cause choking.

🦴 Only use for 15 minutes twice a week

🦴 Discard the bone if it's too small

🦴 Don't leave your dog unsupervised

Jack Russell with a toothbrush

What's the best method for cleaning my dog's teeth ?

That really depends on your dog's willingness to let you brush their pearly whites. The gold standard has to be a toothbrush and toothpaste.

If you're thinking of trying a toothbrush and toothpaste for the first time can we suggest introducing the toothpaste on your finger.

This way your dog can get familiar with the taste of the toothpaste and become comfortable with you touching their teeth and gums. Once this is a pleasant experience, then you can introduce the toothbrush.

If that's not possible and your attempts leave your dog distressed then any of the dental care options featured here is a lot better than nothing at all.

Thanks for stopping by and reading our article on the Best Dog Plaque Removers.



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