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Best Dog Wipes : Paws and Perfection

Updated: May 7

We personally test every product featured in our reviews and guide to provide accurate recommendations. Smart Bark is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

Dog wipes are a great solution to dealing with the everyday mess your dog picks up on their paws. Incredibly versatile, they are super handy to keep by the back door or in the car for a speedy clean up. Absolute lifesavers for those mucky moments.

UPDATE : MAY 2024 - After a new round of testing, we've added Bugalugs as the best Ear Wipe

Better still, dog wipes are an excellent addition to your dog grooming routine. They are perfect for tackling hygiene issues like gunky eyes, ears and of course their butts!

Girl using best dog wipes with a puppy

Daily baths can lead to dry coats and skin problems so wipes can offer the answer to not only keeping your dog fresh and clean everyday but helping yo keep your home clean too.

Of course there are plenty of baby wipes and home cleaning wipes available at your supermarket but be aware that neither of these products have been formulated with your dog's sensitive areas in mind.

But not all dog wipes are created equal. We've handpicked a selection of the most popular and innovative dog wipes on the UK market for a side-by-side test and comparison.

We'll offer you information on the size, ingredients, durability, how effective they are at removing dirt and the price band. You can then decide which you feel is the best dog wipe for your dog.


Dog Wipes Buying Guide

Choosing the right dog wipe for your furry friend can be tricky, so before you buy, here are a few factors to bear in mind to help you choose a dog wipe that's perfect for your furry friend and keeps them clean, happy, and healthy.


  • Avoid: Alcohol, artificial fragrances, harsh chemicals & parabens as these can irritate your dog's skin and potentially be harmful if ingested.

  • Look for: Natural ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E, oatmeal or chamomile, which can soothe and nourish skin.

  • Biodegradability: Consider eco-friendly wipes made from sustainable materials.


  • Allergies: If your dog has sensitive skin or allergies, opt for unscented wipes made specifically for sensitive pups.

  • Deodorising: If your dog gets smelly after walks or playtime, look for wipes with deodorising properties.

  • Test: Do a patch test on a small area of your dog's skin before using the wipes all over.

Size & Durability:

  • Size: Choose wipes big enough to clean effectively, especially for larger breeds.

  • Durability: Some wipes are flimsy and tear easily, while others are thicker and more durable.

  • Moisture level: Make sure the wipes are moist enough to clean effectively without dripping.

Our last top tip would be to start small, especially with puppies and anxious dogs. Don't overwhelm your dog by using wipes all over right away. Introduce them gradually and see how your dog reacts.

dog with pet hygiene wipe

Our Picks of the Best Dog Wipes

1. Best Dog Wipes Overall

Earth Rated

Specifications :

Wipe Size: 21 x 19cm | Ingredients : Plant-based , aloe, shea butter, chamomile | Biodegradable : no | Textured : yes | Pack Size : 1 pack(100 wipes) or 4 packs (400 wipes) | Scented : lavender and unscented options | Price ££

Reasons to Buy :

 🐶 Best value

 🐶 Easily resealable packaging

 🐶 Scented & non-scented options

Reasons to Avoid :

   - Not ideal for big clean-up jobs

Earth Rated dog grooming wipes

Earth Rated is a Canadian company founded back in 2009, initially making dog poo bags. Since then. they've extended their range of products to include poo bag dispensers, plant-based dog grooming wipes and (soon to be available in the UK) innovative dog toys.

Their dog grooming wipes are great value and come in packs of 100. We tested the unscented (fragrance-free) wipes but they also offer a lavender scented version.

For me (and for most people, I suspect), the key to disposable wipes of any kind is how easy the pack is to reseal and keep the contents moist and fresh. The Earth Rated pack is designed with a hard plastic opening, and in testing we found the packaging easily dispenses the wipes one at a time and clicks shut keeping them fresh.

Each wipe measures 21cm x 19cm, which is large enough to clean off mud without getting it all over your hands but small enough to work into ridges and wrinkles on ears and between paws.

They feel premium, thick and durable with a textured finish and in testing they didn't tear so you can use them confidently around the butt area.

What's more, they're alcohol and parabens free plus hypoallergenic so very gentle and ideal for dogs with allergies and sensitive skin.

Our Verdict - An all round excellent choice for most dog lovers searching for a good value, high quality dog wipe.

We're big fans of the Earth Rated Poo Bag Dispenser. Having redesigned and improved their dispenser a few times over the years, we've awarded them top spot in our review - 10 Best Dog Poop Bag Holders & Dispensers


2. Best Scented Dog Wipes

Quick Fix by Pet Head

Specifications :

Wipe Size: 15 x 22 cm | Ingredients : peach, aloe vera & calendula extract | Biodegradable : yes | Texture : yes | Pack Size : 1 pack (80 wipes) | Scented : yes | Price ££

Reasons to Buy :

 🐶 Good value

 🐶 Amazing scent

 🐶 Additional Quick Fix range

Reasons to Avoid :

   - If you prefer fragrance-free wipes

Pet Head Quick Fix dog grooming wipes

From the extensive range of grooming products by Pet Head are these Quick Fix Paw & Body Wipes.

Available in a pack of 80 wipes, like the Earth Rated wipes, they have a hard plastic opening so are super easy to reseal keeping the fresh and moist.

We felt that the headline feature of these wipes was the scent. Each wipe has natural oils and extracts and has a gorgeous aroma of peach. All our testers commented on how much they liked the fragrance and felt that they'd be perfect for an all over body freshen up between baths.

They don't just smell great. The addition of natural oils such as aloe vera and calendula extract are pH balanced to help soften and calm skin whilst conditioning your dog's coat.

It's worth mentioning that they are free from all nasties plus all their ingredients are fully listed on the packaging.

The only downside we could find is that they are quite small, measuring only 15 x 22cm.

Our Verdict - This all adds up to mean that the Pet Head Quick Fix Paw & Body Wipes do exactly what they say on the tin. Good value and they leave your dog smelling great.

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The popular Pet Head Quick Fix range has been designed to use when you are short on time. The range also includes a Dry Clean Spray, No Rinse Foam and a 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner


3. Best Ear Wipes


Specifications :

Wipe Size: 6 cm diameter | Ingredients : Water, Glycerin, Leaf Extracts - Bergamot, Lime, Orange Grapefruit, Lemon | Biodegradable : Yes | Textured : yes | Pack Size : 100 wipes | Scented : no | Price ££

Reasons to Buy :

 🐶 Convenient solution for mucky ears

 🐶 Reduces yucky ear smells

 🐶 Removes wax and dirt


Reasons to Avoid :

   - Could use cotton wool pads

Bugalugs Ear Wipes for dogs

If your dog is susceptible to ear problems like ours then it makes sense to check their the ears regularly. Keeping their ears clean is crucial if you are to avoid nasty vet bills.

Popular dog grooming brand, Bugalugs offer a whole range of products aimed at keeping our dogs looking and smelling fresh. Shampoo, conditioner, nose and paw balm, detangling sprays, you name it Bugalugs sells it.

Bugalugs Ear Wipes in use cleaning a dog's ear

We are massive fans of their ear wipes, they are so convenient to use a couple of times a week. Pre-soaked and the perfect size to cover the end of your finger, we prefer them to cotton pads simply because they are thinner so easier to manoeuvre into those crevices and hard to reach areas of the ear.

We found in testing that with regular use, the ear wipes really help eliminate that stinky ear smell that can linger. You can use these ear wipes on their own or in conjunction with Bugalugs liquid Ear Cleaner.

We should point out that to successfully diagnose and treat problems with the ear it is always recommended to bring your dog to see your vet

Our Verdict - Love these Ear Wipes - Well designed for wiping away dirt and wax from your dog's ears and the pot keeps these pre-soaked pads fresh and moist.


4. Best Large Dog Wipes

Dot Dot Pet

Specifications :

Wipe Size: 40cm x 80cm | Ingredients : 100% natural fibres from FSC friendly forests | Biodegradable : Yes | Textured : yes | Pack Size : 1 pack (20 wipes) | Scented : no | Price £££

Reasons to Buy :

 🐶 On-the-go solution

 🐶 Great towel alternative

 🐶 Perfect for large breeds

Reasons to Avoid :

   - Not moist

Dot Dot Pet Eco Towels

Dot Dot Pet offer an alternative to the traditional moist dog wipes. Their Eco Towels are the largest dog wipes to feature in our review.

Ultimately, the traditional packs of moist wipes we feature are simply too heavy and bulky to take on a dog walk.

Dot Dot Pet Eco Towels are dry, soft and very absorbent. Because they're dry and incredibly light, you can simply pop one in your dog walking bag or even your pocket on a dog walk.

Dot Dot Pet eco Towels for dogs in a car

Ideal if your dog loves puddles, ponds, you're walking at the beach or taking a camping trip, you can give your dog a quick clean or dry mid-walk.

So travel friendly and super convenient for on-the-go grooming. Of course the other bonus is there's no wet and smelly and unhygienic towels in the car.

The other key benefit of the Dot Dot Pet Eco Towels is their sheer size. Dwarfing the other wipes in our review, they are an ideal solution for large breed dogs.

Our Verdict - Dot Dot Pet Eco Towels are an alternative to traditional packs of moist wipes, for when you need a clean up on-the-go.

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We feature Dot Dot Pet dog drying towels in our popular article Top Dog Grooming Products which explores the best product for grooming at home including shampoos, sprays, balms, bathrobes and clippers.

Dot Dot Pet dog drying towels


5. Best Small Pack Dog Wipes


Specifications :

Wipe Size: 30cm x 19cm | Ingredients : Coconut & aloe vera | Biodegradable : yes | Texture : yes | Pack Size : 1 pack (25 wipes) | Scented : yes | Price £

Reasons to Buy :

 🐶 Lightly scented

 🐶 Large wipes

 🐶 Small pack size

Reasons to Avoid :

   - Expensive per wipe

Pawgeous dog grooming wipes

Next, we love these biodegradable, plastic-free wipes from UK small business Pawgeous.

Lightly fragranced with coconut oil and aloe vera they are suitable for daily use. In testing we've found they are perfect for a post dog walk when those paws just need a quick wipe.

We liked that they come in packs of 25 so are lighter to carry than the 100 wipe packs from Earth Rated and Pet Head, so can slot in a bag. Also each wipe is larger than both Earth Rated and Pet Head wipes so may be more suitable for large dog breeds.

It's worth mentioning that they don't have the easy resealable opening, just a sticky cover.


6. Best Dog Wipes/Mitts


Specifications :

Wipe Size: 17cm x 29cm | Ingredients : natural bamboo with shea butter & orange | Biodegradable : yes | Texture : yes | Pack Size : 1 pack (15 mitts) | Scented : yes | Price £££

Reasons to Buy :

 🐶 Zero waste product

 🐶 Reusable

 🐶 Mitt shaped

 🐶 Nice smell

Reasons to Avoid :

   - Only 15 in a pack - but they are reusable

Enviropaws Pet Cleansing and Conditioning Mitts

Ergonomically designed to fit over your hand these sturdy mitts have a textured surface so amazingly they last up to 4 times longer than standard wipes.

Although they aren't strong enough to contend with fox poo (and quite frankly not many things are), we found that the thickness coupled with the large shape of each mitt really helped clean those hard to reach places.

Better still, whilst standard wipes are a single use product, incredibly these mitts can be sprinkled with water to activate the formula and scent so you can reuse.

They do suggest that you can turn them inside out and reuse but in testing, we weren't that keen on having the dog grime on the inside of the glove !

Man using a dog wipe to clean a dog's fur

They'll definitely freshen up a whiffy dog and as they are hypoallergenic and free from nasties, they are perfect for dogs with sensitive skin.

The only downside we could find in testing, is that they're not ideal for between paws as they are to bulky. Also be aware that they aren't the cheapest solution although they are reusable.

We love this zero waste product, even the packaging is made of recycled plastic. The mitts themselves are completely compostable so offer a great eco-friendly option.

Our Verdict - The bottom line is we think that these Pet Cleansing and Conditioning Mitts are a really innovative idea. Strong, compostable, reusable and lightly scented they're ideal for that speedy freshen up.

Enviropaws also offer environmentally friendly dog poo bags, balm & slow feeder bamboo bowls. Read our full review to find out more! Eco-Friendly Dog Products : Enviropaws Review

Our Verdict 

All the dog wipes we tested for this review offer a convenient solution to dog hygiene for dog lovers with an active lifestyle. They can certainly help control dog odours between baths and are an ideal quick fix for mucky paws, gunky eyes, ears and butts!

If you prefer a fragrance-free option then both the larger Earth Rated plant-based dog grooming wipes and smaller Pawgeous wipes are excellent value.

The Pet Head Quick Fix Paw & Body wipes are ideal if you're looking for fragranced wipes for an all over freshen up, as all our testers loved the scent.

Ear problems ? Whether it's swimming in the stream, seasonal allergies or just big, floppy ears prone to issues, we think you'll love Bugalugs Ear Wipes. Small, convenient and great value.

The Dot Dot Pet Eco Towels are very large but also super light so make a good addition to your dog walking bag ready for cleaning up mess on-the-go.

Lastly the Enviropaws Pet Cleansing and Conditioning Mitts are an innovative design for a fur-friendly spruce up between baths.

Dog Grooming Wipes verdict

And if you reckon we've missed an absolute blinder of a dog wipe that we're crazy for leaving out, then give us a shout.

Thanks for stopping by and reading our article on the Best Dog Wipes : Paws and Perfection




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