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Eco-Friendly Dog Products : Enviropaws Review

Updated: Apr 2

Note: Smart Bark have no affiliations with Enviropaws. We were gifted their range to test and review. All comments and thoughts are our own. Learn more

Our relationship with our dogs enrich our lives in so many ways but their carbon pawprint does have a big impact.

So, what is an environmentally-conscious dog lover to do?

There are plenty of choices we can all make, both large and small, to reduce our dogs environmental impact while helping them and our planet to thrive.

If you're looking to do your small bit then buying sustainable and eco-friendly dog products is definitely a step in the right direction.

Dog at the seaside using eco-friendly products

We decided to research one UK company with a mission to help pet parents do their best for the environment whilst offering high quality products.

Enviropaws are the new kids on the block. Launched late in 2021, they're a sustainable and ethical pet brand with an initial range of three earth friendly dog products -

⭐️ Cleansing and Conditioning Mitts

⭐️ Compostable Dog Poop Bags

⭐️ Dog Balm

We put all three products through their paces, to not only test their eco-friendly claims, but to ensure that they were kind to your dogs.

eco-friendly dog products from Enviropaws


dog paw graphic

Eco-Friendly Dog Products : Enviropaws Review

1. Enviropaws - Compostable Pet Mitts

The first product we tested, and in our opinion the most innovative, are the 100% Compostable Pet Cleansing and Conditioning Mitts.

Perfect for a speedy pup freshen up and ideal for between grooms, these compostable mitts are available in a resealable pack of 15.

enviropaws dog mitts

Ergonomically designed to fit over your hand the sturdy mitts have a textured surface so amazingly they last up to 4 times longer than standard wipes.

Perfect for dogs suffering from hay fever or allergies the mitts can help remove pollen trapped in your dogs coat.

Although they aren't strong enough to contend with fox poo (and quite frankly not many things are), we found that the thickness coupled with the large shape of each mitt really helped clean those hard to reach places.

Better still, whilst standard wipes are a single use product, incredibly these mitts can be sprinkled with water to activate the formula and scent so you can reuse.

Unlike other wipes we've used, we found the packaging seal was really strong and secure so the remaining mitts remained air tight and didn't dry out like our much used anti-bacterial wipes.

The pack is probably to large to tuck into your dog walking bag, but ideal for the car or left by the back door.

dog with environmentally friendly dog mitts from Enviropaws

We loved their mild citrus scent and the pleasant soft, slightly oily feel to them.

We discovered in the past that strongly scented dog products tend to send our cockapoo Freddie crazy in an attempt to wipe the smell off on the carpet, sofa, cushions...

In this case, Freddie was more than happy being stroked and massaged with the mildly fragranced mitts.

They'll definitely freshen up a whiffy dog and as they are hypoallergenic and free from nasties, they are perfect for dogs with sensitive skin.

Ultimately we think that these Pet Cleansing and Conditioning Mitts are a really innovative idea. Strong, compostable, reusable and lightly scented they're ideal for that speedy freshen up.

Dimensions (W x L)

Each Mitt 18cm x 27cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Compostable

+ Made in the UK

+ Strong with a textured surface

+ Hypoallergenic

+ Re-sealable packaging

Reasons to Avoid

- If your dog is head-to-toe muddy

Buying Options

If you've not convinced by the Enviropaws Pet Mitts, why not take a look at our popular article - Best Dog Wipes

dog paw graphic

2. Enviropaws - Compostable Dog Poop Bags

If you are trying to reduce your carbon paw print, then the most important sustainable products you can buy are eco-friendly dog poop bags.

compostable dog poop bags from Enviropaws

These rolls from Enviropaws are designed in the UK and like many of their eco-friendly rivals, they're crafted using plant-based materials so are plastic free.

They aren't manufactured in the UK, but at Smart Bark we are yet to find a company making poop bags in the UK.

Available in 120 (8 rolls of 15) or 60 (4 rolls of 15) bags. The larger packs work out slightly cheaper per bag.

It's worth noting that both the packaging and the inner core are recyclable too.

In testing they were similar in size to their main rivals and just as strong. We did notice that on the downside they were very slightly more transparent than both Beco compostable bags and AdiosPlastic.

However, price wise they are slightly cheaper than both Beco and AdiosPlastic (not on subscription).

You may be interested in ....

Whilst Enviropaws poo bags definitely make it to our top 10, if you would like more information on other compostable poo bag ranges available, read more in our deep dive into The Best Poo Bags UK

Dimensions (W x L)

Roll (no handles) 24 X 33 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Compostable

+ Available in packs of 60 or 120

+ Recyclable packaging

Reasons to Avoid

- If you prefer scented poop bags

- If you like bags with handles

Buying Options

dog paw graphic

3. Enviropaws - Dog Nose, Skin & Paw Balm

Dog Balms can protect dog paws against the elements and can also help to heal dry, cracked paw pads. There's so many balms on the market, how do you choose a good dog balm ?

Here at Smart Bark, we think that there are three features you should consider.

Ideally, as well as working on their skin and paws, you should look for a balm with natural ingredients which will work hard without putting your dog's health and the environment at risk.

Another point to consider is that whilst the balm you choose must be safe to lick, ideally you don't want it being licked off immediately after you apply it.

And lastly, you really want a dog balm which won't stain your carpets and sofas.

Enviropaws nose, skin & paw dog balm

Enviropaws Dog Balm is handcrafted in Dorset (so minimal carbon pawprint) using only dog-friendly natural ingredients.

We were really impressed by the short list of all-natural ingredients, no nasties here - olive oil, almond oil, beeswax, shea butter, hemp oil, vitamin E, lavender oil, peppermint and linalool.

The hemp oil contains both Omega 3 and 6 which are known for their skin hydrating properties whilst the natural vitamin E both hydrates and soothes.

The crucial thing is that this balm is super easy to apply. Simply scoop a little wax from the container, rub it between your fingers before applying it to your dog’s paw pads, nose or skin.

Supplied in a small travel friendly tin, it will easily fit in your pocket or dog walking bag for moisturising on-the-go. Whilst clearly not compostable, the aluminium tin is fully recyclable.

The balm has a mild lavender scent which we noticed Freddie wasn't desperate to immediately lick off his paws. This is great news as it means the balm can work its soothing magic for longer.

When we tested the balm on a cloth, it initially left a very pale residue, but this seemed to disappear after a few minutes.

The truth is that Enviropaws Nose, Skin and Paw Balm is an excellent natural balm which not only works well, but combines a mild scent, low lickability factor (if there is such a thing) and is super easy to apply.


Tin Circumference 5 cm, Weight 50g

Reasons to Buy

+ All natural ingredients

+ Handmade in Devon

+ Subtle scent

+ Contains Omega 3 & 6

Reasons to Avoid

- Contains beeswax so not vegan

Buying Options

dog paw graphic

Our Verdict

Admittedly, Enviropaws has a small range of eco-friendly products, however it's a great start and they are already looking to expand their range as they grow.

Clearly we loved their chemical-free natural products which performed exceptionally well during our tests.

dog with Enviropaws dog care range

Serious thought has been given to sourcing the products and we were happy to discover that both the Mitts and the Balm are designed and made right here in the UK reducing their carbon pawprint.

It's fair to say that we're excited to see what products are added to their range in the future.

Ultimately, if you are looking at making a real difference however small, then we would recommend you check out Enviropaws earth-conscious dog products.

You may be interested in our other picks for top dog grooming products.

dog paw graphic

Thanks for stopping by and checking our our review of Eco-Friendly Dog Products : Enviropaws Review


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