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K9 Connectables Dog Toy Review

Updated: Apr 6

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Finding that perfect toy for an active dog can be an uphill struggle. Dogs are extremely fickle when it comes to toys, so very few pass the test.

Let's face it, most toys bought on impulse, end up exiled to the toy box or worse still, completely obliterated and in the dustbin.

Dog with K9 Connectables dog toys

K9 Connectables offer an innovative range of enrichment dog toys designed to encourage your dog to explore whilst using their natural instincts, rather than simply chewing everything.

With a patented, award-winning design, these puzzle toys offer something a bit different to your standard dog toy.

With oodles of different combinations, maybe, just maybe K9 Connectables could be the answer to your dog toy prayers.

MARCH 2024 : UPDATE K9 Connectables have introduced a Dental Health Bundle. A curated bundle including a selection of premium dental chews, interactive cleaning toys that promote oral health. 

We had the opportunity to test and review K9 Connectables so we roped in several different canine testers to help put them through their paces. Read on to see what we thought.

If you're in a rush, jump straight to view the dog toy range on-line | View K9 Connectables

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The Rivals

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K9 Connectables Dog Toy Review

1. K9 Connectables : Design

K9 Connectables are fascinating shapes in bright, enticing colours - We're not sure who wanted to play with them more when they were unpacked the two-legged testers or the four-legged testers!

Full range of K9 Connectables dog enrichment toys

Let's face it, every dog loves a new toy, and with K9 Connectables, you can create a new toy every time.

Each individual element is designed to mentally and physically stimulate your dog by offering rewards.

Admittedly this isn't a new concept, but what makes them stand out from the crowd, is the ability to not only combine them but also to tailor the challenge level to suit your dog.

The elements slot and stack together offering different combinations to suit your dog and keep the toy new and interesting.

K9 Connectable dog toys showing treats and slots

Looking for a simple, entry-level toy for a new puppy to keep them busy, stop them nipping you and ensure that they don't become frustrated – No problem ! Need a sophisticated, difficult toy to really test your budding Einstein – No problem !

A series of ridges at each connection point, offers you the option to increase the challenge level. The further you push the elements together, the harder it will be for your pooch to pull them apart.

K9 Connectables have designed their own cute treats. Every element has bone shaped slots to hold the treats, so simply load up and watch your dog work to remove every last one.

Pro range of K9 Connectable dog toys

In the same style as a KONG toy, several elements have also been designed with hollow centres for stuffing runny treats such as peanut butter or yoghurt or your dog's favourite treats.

Cleverly, the dog toys themselves combine grooves and ridges to help keep those gnashers clean whilst they play.

Lastly by adding a Super Sticker, you can fix the toy to a smooth surface and stop it moving around your kitchen floor.

So many design triumphs. We'd also like to report that they're all dishwasher proof apart from the Super Sticker, so cleaning is a breeze.

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(If the price is listed in €, you can change to £ at the base of the page)

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2. K9 Connectables : Range

K9 Connectables have two ranges - the original Gentle and newer Pro range which work together.

The Pro range has been specifically developed for those dogs who love to chew. Made entirely of rubber, they're much more difficult to chew through, so your pup will be able to chomp on them for a while (with supervision).

The original, Gentle range, is more pliable and flexible. Perfect for games of fetch, this range is designed with soft mouthed dogs in mind.

As we mentioned, there are loads of different combinations, so we'll show you a few of our favourites.

The Tuff Toothie & Super Sticker

Tuff Toothie Specification

Range : Pro

Chewer Type : Enthusiastic

Pack Size : Two pack

Colours : Orange & Teal

Super Sticker Specification

Range : Gentle

Chewer Type : Light

Pack Size : Two pack

Colours : Green

K9 Connectable dog enrichment toys

The Tuff Toothie (orange) as the name suggests is aimed at those enthusiastic chewers out there and keeping their pearly whites, well, pearly white.

Available in a two pack (orange and teal), the Tuff Toothie from the Pro range can be filled with soft treats and has two slots for the bone puzzle treats on the outside.

Our testers felt that it was tough enough to stand the test of time but also soft enough that you don't need to worry about hurting your dog's mouth.

All three of our testers enjoyed carrying the various toy combinations around the house and garden in their mouth before finding a quiet spot to play.

It's worth mentioning that the Tuff Toothie also bounces erratically, which makes for stimulating games of fetch. We loved that the the bright orange colour also makes it easy to spot—even in tall grass.

The Super Slicker (shown here in green) can be used to attach any of the shapes to a smooth surface.


The Original & Dentist

The Original & Dentist Specification

Range : Gentle

Chewer Type : Light to Average

Pack Size : Two pack

Colours : Orange & Yellow

The Original & Dentist K9 Connectables

We loved this mixed pack consisting of two puzzles from their Gentle range - the Original (yellow) and the Dentist (orange).

Although it's constructed from a different material than the Pro range, these elements are sufficiently strong enough to resist the normal impact of dog's playtime

You can use the two elements separately or together. Simply stuff the Original with a soft treat (e.g. peanut butter) then push the Dentist in place. The three connecting grooves let you adjust the difficulty level.

Entice your pup still further by inserting a few bone puzzle treats in the bone-shaped slots.

The grooved surface of the Dentist is designed to help clean your dog's teeth as they work to retrieve the treats and can be smeared with soft treats. You can also stack further elements on either end.


The Tuff Stuffer & The Yes Bone

Tuff Stuffer Specification

Range : Pro

Chewer Type : Enthusiastic

Pack Size : Single

Colours : Purple

K9 Connectables dog treat dispensing toys

The Yes Bone (yellow) has been designed as a connector with different ridges on either end offering different levels of difficulty.

In testing, we added the Tuff Stuffer (purple) which is incredibly solid, made with some super strong rubber to stand up to the most enthusiastic chewers out there.

With 4 slots for bone treats and the option to add soft treats too, it should keep your dog busy for a long time.

Because the Tuff Stuffer, like most of the range is hollow, you can push the bones out if your dog can't retrieve them. The Yes Bone had no such holes, so once stuck, they weren't coming out.

That said, one of our testers - Otis (an 8 year old black Labrador), simply adored the Yes Bone. He carried it everywhere with him and although he played with the other elements, the Yes Bone was his firm favourite.


After exploring two element combinations, we started experimenting with multiple elements.

Brain Teaser, Original, Dentist, Tuff Toothie & Super Sticker

Dog puzzle and enrichment toys

We loved the the Brain Teaser (blue) as it's the perfect connector, offering five different connection points. It's a great element to extend the toys in every direction.

We connected both the Tuff Toothie and the Original & Dentist elements along with a Super Sticker to the base. The combinations are endless, so as Freddie isn't a big chewer we mixed elements, adding soft treats to some and puzzle treats to others.

Kibble Connector

Kibble Connector dog toy

It's worth noting that K9 Connectables have added a Kibble Connector to their range. It dispenses dry dog food as your dog plays and interacts with the toys.

The clever design includes 10 connection points to add other K9Connectables alongside 4 treat dispensing holes. So it makes a perfect core toy to which you can add any combination of other toys.

These dispensing holes can be blocked by other toys to increase the difficulty level.

The Puzzle Treats

K9 Connectable custom puzzle treats

The custom treats were a massive hit with all our testers. We all noticed that they seemed harder and crunchier than most treats with very few calories, so no need to feel guilty about rewarding your pup.

Designed to be a healthy treat they're formulated to help with your dog's oral hygiene, reduce plaque and tartar build up.

Available in two flavours - Chicken & Carrot and Salmon & Sweet Potato, there is the option to bulk buy the treats to save money.

Smart Bark can offer readers 10% OFF K9 Connectables.

Simply use discount code SMARTBARK at checkout

(If the price is listed in €, you can change to £ at the base of the page)

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Our Verdict

What we like ?

Sure, K9 Connectables may initially be more expensive than other puzzle toys, but they're undoubtedly a step up from standard puzzle toys - a durable and a fun option for your dog.

During testing all the elements held up admirably. The Yes Bone has some nibbling scars, but it survived and all the other elements still look brand new.

All our testers felt that the Pro range looked and felt more durable so if you have an enthusiastic chewer this is the range for you.

Another reason we'd recommend K9 Connectables is the flexibility they offer. You can alternate easily from games of fetch, to hide & seek and back to using them as puzzle toys.

They can act as the perfect boredom buster whilst you're busy and for younger dogs and puppies could have a really positive effect on some of their more challenging canine behaviour.

What we didn't like ...

It's worth noting that we found the Super Sticker held the toy in place on stone floor tiles, but didn't adhere well to our wooden floors (which aren't as smooth).

Another point to bear in mind, is that the Pro range are definitely much harder to join together than the Gentle elements as they're designed to be tougher to withstand your dog's jaws.

If you suffer from grip issues you may struggle to connect the Pro elements together.

We felt that overall K9 Connectables are expertly designed and are aesthetically pleasing dog toys that pups and their families will love having around the house.

Smart Bark can offer readers 10% OF K9 Connectables.

Simply use discount code SMARTBARK at checkout

(If the price is listed in €, you can change to £ at the base of the page)

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Meet Our Four-legged Testers

As no two dogs are alike, we roped in several dogs to put the K9 Connectables through their paces. Our team of dog testers played, gnawed and chased these toys to see if they lived up to their promise.

We wanted to assess their suitability for dogs of different ages, sizes, breeds. Importantly do these toys engage, entertain and importantly will they last and are they good value for money.

Our Testers.....

Otis is a quiet, calm and very gorgeous 8 year old black Labrador. He loves his food and chasing cats of course. He's tested countless poo bags, treats, food and supplements for Smart Bark

Evie is a 4 1/2 year old red fox Labrador. A first time tester and not usually that fussed by dog toys, could the K9 Connectables grab her attention ?

And of course Freddie, our 5 year old Cockapoo who loves toys and enjoys testing anything and everything he can for Smart Bark.

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The Rivals

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Thanks for stopping by and reading our review of K9 Connectables Dog Toys.




Geoff Bradley
Geoff Bradley
Apr 09

I bought all the K9 connectable toys for my pup, spent over £80 and the treats sent were medium and not small as ordered, so we have no treats to put in the toys....the issue is that the after sales response is appalling, I have been getting very little response and resolution, I have wasted my money. They are a vey small company with no customer service...avoid at all costs.

Smart Bark
Smart Bark
Apr 09
Replying to

Geoff, Just to let you know that I've heard back from K9 Connectables, and it was a packaging error, the correct treats were sent out today so should be with you soon.

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