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Best Indestructible Dog Toys 2024: Ideal Options for Aggressive Chewers

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Dogs love toys however, the thing they love most about their toys is destroying them. Some dogs seem to have a talent for shredding whatever plaything you put in front of them.

If your dog fits this description, you probably have a heap of battered, stuffing-less toys somewhere in your home. The worst thing about it – aside from the likelihood of your dog swallowing pieces – is the money you waste on toys that only keep your dog entertained for a few hours (or even a few minutes).

Dog destroyed soft toy

Tired of replacing shredded toys? We get it! That's why we scoured the market for the most durable dog toys out there and put them through their paces.  These contenders may not be invincible, but they set the bar high for long-lasting fun.

Here's why our "Best Indestructible Dog Toys" review is your ultimate guide:

  • Deep Dives into Materials & Specs: We break down the construction of each toy, analysing the materials and features that contribute to their durability

  • Variety for Every Play style: Whether your pup's a chewer, a fetcher, or a puzzle master, we explore different toy types to find the perfect match for their needs

  • Empowering Your Choice: With all the information at your fingertips, you can confidently choose the best toy for your dog

JULY 2024 : UPDATE After a new round of testing, we've added the new range of Tearribles as the Cutest Tough Dog Toy

Tough chew toys


Buying Guide

2. Best Treat Dispenser : Pet Fun Pineapple

3. Cutest Tough Dog Toys : Tearribles

4. Best Ground Chasing Toy : Boomer Ball

5. Popular Tough Dispenser : KONG Extreme

6. Best Retrieval Toy : ORBEE Tuff Dog Ball

8. Best Tough Puzzle Toy : K9 Connectables

9. Best Tough Soft Dog Toy : GoDog Dragon

10. Best Puppy Chew Toy : OVO Eggs

dog tug toys

Our Picks of Indestructible Dog Toys

1. Best Tough Dog Toy Overall


First place in our top ten has to be awarded to Goughnuts. The crucial thing about the Goughnut is the lifetime warranty - the company say that it's simply the most indestructible dog toy on the market.

Goughnut tough dog toy for chewers

This super strong ring is unassuming and simple yet gets amazing reviews from somewhat surprised owners of destructive dogs everywhere.

There are four levels of rubber ring to choose from. Constructed using a rubber formula which is specifically designed for power chewers, oh and spacecraft !

Made for the most aggressive chewers, the Goughnuts are super durable and available in four different sizes to suit your dog.

Concealed within each ring is a red central core. When this is revealed it alerts you to remove the toy from your dog and return it to Goughnut / Amazon for a replacement.

Use their guidelines to find the perfect combination of size and toughness for your dog. It's worth noting that due to the toughness of the rubber used, they do not float.

Goughnuts aren't the cheapest dog toy but will probably outlast everything else in your dog's toy box. If you need ultra-tough then Goughnuts are simply the best dog toy you can buy.

Suitability Guidelines - Small 4.5- 18kg | Original (Med) 13- 32kg | Large (Max) 27- 54kg Ex Large (Buster) 45kg +

Reasons to Buy

+ Lifetime warranty

+ Safety colour reveal

+ Range of sizes

Reasons to Avoid

- Pricey

- No treat dispensing option

Buying Options

2. Best Treat Dispenser

Pet Fun Pineapple

Stuffing treats or other food in a toy is one way to keep your dog engaged for hours. That is, unless they bite right through the toy in minutes.

pineapple dog toy for chewers

Judging by the customer reviews (from massive dogs to dachshund lovers), this strong, tough dog toy has won over people who never thought they’d be able to find a toy their dog couldn’t rip to pieces.

This strangely designed pineapple toy from Pet Fun, is made from the industrial-strength rubber and helps with your dogs intense urge to gnaw.

What's more, the textured outer surface helps to keep your dogs teeth clean, reducing plaque and tartar - so win-win.

The small hole in the base can be used to stuff the pineapple with kibble or treats to extend their play. Available in a choice of three sizes to suit all sizes and breeds of dog.

Dimensions (diameter) - Small 10 cm | Medium 16 cm | Large 18 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Amazingly tough

+ Range of sizes

+ Can use as a treat dispenser

Reasons to Avoid


Buying Options

3. Cutest Tough Dog Toys


Looking for a toy that unleashes your dog's natural instincts? Look no further than Tearribles! 

While no toy is truly indestructible, Tearribles are built to withstand serious playtime fun which means they'll last a long time – as long as they're used for supervised play sessions.

Designed specifically to help stop destructive behaviours, they can provide your dog with an outlet for their natural prey drive.

These innovative and seriously cute, soft dog toys are built to be "torn apart" – designed for endless fun.

But here's the genius part: Tearribles feature special pockets that let your dog experience the thrill of the "kill" without actually destroying the toy. It's playtime with a purpose for them and no more carpet covered in dog toy filling for you !

Tearribles tough dog toy range

These adorable monster toys aren't just cute – they're tough!  Tearribles feature super-strong, 

removable limbs attached with industrial-strength velcro. 

No matter how enthusiastic your pup gets during a tug-of-war, these limbs can take it.

Once they are removed, simply reattach !

Testing the Tearrible dog toys

Tearribles are crafted from a special material called "velboa." This 100% polyester fabric is both super soft and super strong, making it perfect for rough play. 

Plus, triple stitching and a durable mesh lining ensure these toys are tough, even after epic battles. So bring on the playtime!

Tearrible dog toy internal squeaker

Squeaker? You Decide!

In testing we loved the unique squeaker pocket. This ingenious feature keeps the squeaker safely tucked away inside a secure, industrial-strength velcro pocket.  No more worrying about your pup getting to the squeaker!

But maybe you prefer a quieter playtime. No problem! Tearribles' squeaker is easily removable, 

allowing you to customise the playtime experience for you and your dog.

We put Tearribles' industrial-strength velcro to the test, and let's just say it passed with flying colors! 

Our tester, Fred, had a hard time detaching the limbs by hand – his enthusiastic tugs were needed! 

But durability wasn't the only surprise. Despite their tough construction, Tearribles are surprisingly soft!  

Dog playing with Tearrible toy

But they're not simply fun, Tearribles toys can:

  • Boost Confidence:  The act of "conquering" their prey builds your dog's self-esteem.

  • Enhance Wellbeing:  Engaging with Tearribles provides mental and physical stimulation for a happy, healthy pup.

  • Strengthen Your Bond: Interactive play with Tearribles is a fantastic way to connect and have fun with your dog.

From playful Dachshunds to mighty Great Danes, there's a Tearrible for every dog!  

These toys come in three sizes: Tiny (perfect for little chewers), Medium (ideal for most pups), and Extra Large (built for big-time tugging).

Be aware that the limbs on the Tiny Tearribles are small and could be a choking hazard for larger dogs. Opt for a size that allows your dog to comfortably grab and play with the limbs. When in doubt, size up!

Tearribles come in eye-catching, bright colours specifically chosen because dogs see these hues best.  

Dimensions ( length) - Small 12 cm | Medium 25 cm | Extra Large 35 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Great tough soft toy

+ Internal removable squeaker

+ Detachable limbs

Reasons to Avoid

- Buy the right size for your dog

Buying Options

4. Best Ground Chasing Toy

Boomer Ball

A dog ball that is virtually indestructible and has some truly amazing reviews from dog lovers with destructive chewers in their lives.

Boomer Ball dog toy

The Boomer Ball is a virtually indestructible dog ball that has been designed to entertain and stimulate your dog by encouraging them to push it with their paws and nose.

Essentially it's designed for on-ground chasing rather than being carried in your dog's jaws, so it's really important that you select a size bigger than your dog can carry.

Stocked by the Company of Animals, the Boomer Ball is crafted from super-tough polyethylene, and designed to be exceptionally hard for your dog to puncture or rip it with their teeth..

If you're looking for a virtually indestructible dog ball, this is the perfect choice!

This super tough and durable toy will entertain your pooch for hours on end. Now available on Amazon in a choice of four sizes.

Dimensions (diameter) - 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 25cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Virtually indestructible

+ If your dog is ball-obsessed

Reasons to Avoid

- Can be noisy on hard surfaces - best suited to grass

Buying Options

5. Popular Tough Dispenser

KONG Extreme

We couldn't have a round-up of strong and super tough dog toys without including a Kong.

Extreme kong dog toy in black

Recommended worldwide by vets and trainers, the benchmark for tough dog toys, this particular KONG is made from a black rubber formula specifically constructed for power chewers.

This unique snowman shape is designed to be mentally stimulating with an unpredictable bounce.

Whilst it can be used for games of fetch, ultimately it's a great boredom breaker when filled with a whole range of wet and dry dog treats.

Available in different sizes to suit all breeds. Whilst the Kong extreme is not recommended for puppies softer mouths, there are other versions which will be more suitable.

Size Suitability - XS up to 2kg | S up to 9kg | M between 7-16kg | L between 13 - 30kg | XL between 27- 41kg. Kong recommend that if in doubt, size up for safety.

Reasons to Buy

+ Classic dog toy

+ Version for extreme chewers

+ Can use as a treat dispenser

Reasons to Avoid

- Can be hard to clean

Buying Options

6. Best Retrieval Toy

ORBEE Tuff Dog Ball

Searching for the holy grail of dog toys ? Does an indestructible dog ball really exist ? While not truly indestructible, this is possibly the toughest and strongest dog ball on the market.

Orbee Diamond tuff ball for dogs

Created in the US by Planet Dog, the Orbee Tuff Ball is rated a top product by numerous magazines and called the "world's best dog ball" by industry experts.

It's constructed with award-winning Orbee Tuff material in bright, eye-catching colours to help keep your dog interested for longer.

Planet Dog have thought of everything, even infusing their range of balls with natural mint oil to freshen your dog's breath.

This version of the Tuff Ball, named 'Tuff Diamond', is their toughest ball yet. Constructed from one solid piece of rubber it has been designed specifically with aggressive chewers in mind.

Available in silver or orange, it has a small hole for stuffing with treats if you need to encourage play further. Amazing reviews from dog lovers everywhere.

Dimensions ( diameter) - Small 5.7cm | Large 10 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Tough dog ball

+ Can help to freshen breath

+ Treat dispenser option

+ Two sizes

Reasons to Avoid

- A pricey ball

7. Best Ball + Ball Launcher


No ordinary dog balls, Chuckit balls have been designed for the most demanding 'fetch' use.

Cockapoo dog with a Chuckit ball launcher and ball

The first thing to say is that all Chuckit balls have been created with a really high bounce to keep your dog entertained.

Not to mention all their balls have been designed to work alongside their ball launcher to help you throw further.

We've tested several balls and ball launchers over the years and none compare to the quality and ease of throwing as the Chuckit range.

Their dog balls are highly visible so can be found easily when your dog appears to forget the 'fetch' command leaving you searching.

Playing at the beach or by a lake - no problem, Chuckit Balls float so they're perfect for water play.

Chuckit original and ultra dog balls

Their Ultra balls are designed to be extra durable with a smoother finish. This also means that they are so much easier to clean than furry tennis balls which are black and grey before you know it.

Their original 'furry' balls are available as singles and multi-packs in a range of 4 sizes and also available in a eco-friendly recycled version.

Our advise, if you choose to buy a ball launcher and additional balls, double check the sizes to make sure they fit.

We've found in testing that whilst there are lots of balls and launcher sets on the market, the Chuckit balls and launcher are the best designed and most durable.

Dimensions ( diameter) - Small 5 cm | Medium 6.4 cm | Large 7.6 cm | X large 9 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Tough dog balls

+ Ideal if you use a ball launcher

+ Size options for little dogs

+ Multi-packs available

Reasons to Avoid

- Cheaper options available

Buying Options

We think you'll love ....

The downside of a ball thrower on a dog walk, is having to carry it when your dog has lost interest in fetching the ball. Barking Bags have thought about a solution. Their dog walking bag has two elastic straps to hold the ball thrower on a dog walk. For more information, check out our in-depth review of one of the best dog walking bags on the market - Barking Bags Review

8. Best Tough Puzzle Toy

K9 Connectable

Looking for a great enrichment toy that will keep your dog's attention but won't be decimated in minutes? The Pro range from K9 Connectables could be the answer to your dog toy prayers?

K9 Connectable dog toys

With their patented, award-winning design, these puzzle toys offer something a bit different to your standard dog toy.

With oodles of different combinations, each individual element is designed to mentally and physically stimulate your dog by offering rewards.

They offer two levels of toy - Gentle and Pro.

Their Pro toy range is designed to have increased challenge levels and are made from harder materials that are extremely strong and chew resistant

The elements slot and stack together offering different combinations to suit your dog and keep the toy new and interesting.

A series of ridges at each connection point, offers you the option to increase the challenge level. The further you push the elements together, the harder it will be for your dog to pull them apart.

During testing, we found the PRO range to be extremely tough and durable so whilst K9 Connectables may not be the cheapest dog toys available, they will certainly outlast most.

Reasons to Buy

+ Tough enrichment toy

+ Unlimited combinations

+ Extensive range

+ Size and difficulty options

Reasons to Avoid

- Not the cheapest

if you would like more information, why not check out our deep-dive review of K9 Connectables

9. Best Tough Soft Dog Toy

goDog Dragon

This may not be the strongest dog toy in the world, but if you really want to get your aggressive chewer a cute plush toy, here’s one that might stand a chance.

GoDog skinny dragon soft dog toy

GoDog's range of soft dog toys features chew guard technology (yes, there is such a thing), which is a manufacturing process that adds a super tough, durable outer layer.

Added to this, it has double stitched, rugged seams designed to be tougher and last longer.

From their extensive range of unicorns, dinosaurs and llamas (every dog needs a toy llama!), this super soft and tough GoDog Dragon has to be our favourite.

Each toy features a squeaker and an appealing raised bubble surface.

Available in two sizes and several colour combinations.

Dimensions ( length) - Small 30 cm | Large 44 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Best tough soft toy

+ Internal squeaker

+ Extensive range

Reasons to Avoid

- Not the toughest

10. Best Puppy Chew Toy

OVO Eggs

The second chew toy to feature is the cute OVO egg dog toy.

Very popular with lots of happy customers but watch out because there are a few fakes about which certainly aren't tough.

These dog toys have eco-friendly credentials. They are handmade from 100% natural rubber which is sustainable harvested from the hevea tree.

Ovo Eggs for dogs

These soft and weatherproof eggs are perfect for rolling, throwing or bouncing around the garden or even the house.

Because they are super soft and lightweight they make an ideal toy for teething puppies.

The truth is that OVO Eggs make a great substitute for your hands and ankles, helping you to avoid those razor-like puppy teeth.

Whilst toy squeakers can certainly grind on you after a while, their internal squeaker is fairly muted in comparison to some and can really encourage play, helping to divert your dog's or puppy's attention.

Reasons to Buy

+ Super cute

+ Individual or sets

+ Range of sizes

+ Internal squeaker

Reasons to Avoid

- No treat dispensing option

- Guard against fakes

- Not the toughest

Buying Options

dog paw graphic

Our Verdict

All the toys featured in our article can provide great opportunities to bond with your four- legged friend. Of course, you may want to supervise play with your chewer, especially with the smaller toys.

The Goughnut deserves a special mention. Whilst not the most exciting dog toy, it is amazingly tough and the lifetime warranty could save you a small fortune in obliterated toys.

It's hard to find fault with the Tough Pineapple as it's a great treat dispenser and is reliably tough.

We love the new and innovative Tearribles. They were a firm favourite in testing and offer a long-lasting soft toy option for you and your dog.

If you are searching for a strong and durable replacement for decimated tennis balls, you can't go wrong with an Orbee Tuff Ball. It will definitely stand up to some long games of fetch at the park.

dog paw graphic

How We Chose

When researching the toughest toys we looked at the best dog toys built specifically with chewers in mind.

We've included companies which have opted to use uniquely formulated rubber, double stitching seams, teflon coating and ballistic nylon to ensure that their toys last the distance.

Dog playing with indestructible dog toys

We didn't stop there, we researched real customers comments and claims to make sure that these toys were loved in the 'real' world with real dogs.

Ultimately, you know your dog best and their personal preferences when it comes to toys. That's why we've included various different toy types in our top 10 - chew, treat dispensers, balls and soft toys so it's easy for you to choose one you know your four-legged friend will simply adore.

If you are specifically searching for a tug toy, then why not check out our deep-dive article - Best Dog Tug Toys


Why do dogs destroy toys ?

There are several possibilities here and understanding which applies to your dog can maybe help keep those toys alive a little longer.

Ancestry - When presented with a dog toy that makes a squeaky noise, many dogs will revert to a shake and kill pattern of their wild ancestors. This prey-cry trigger can cause dogs to rip apart their toys in an effort to get to the sound and “kill” the squeak.

Boredom - Maybe the toy that’s in pieces on your kitchen floor demonstrates that your dog needs to burn off some energy. Boredom can easily lead to unwanted behaviour.

The Wrong Toy for the Job - For many dogs, unsupervised play calls for a hard rubber, treat-dispensing toys which can withstand the punishment your dog doles out. A soft toy or squeaky toy won't stand up to a determined or bored dog

It's a Fun Job - Tearing through a toy is a fun job that has a very clear start - finding that loose seam, middle - pulling it apart, and end point - deciding the toys is dead.

What foods can I use in a Kong?

Peanut Butter makes an ideal treat to fill a treat dispenser like the Kong.

Pets purest dog friendly peanut butter

It definitely extends play time as your dog tries to lick every last morsel off.

We recommend Pets Purest Peanut Butter because it's 100% roasted peanuts with no nasty xylitol, palm oil, sugar or salt in sight. Trust us we've tasted it, definitely no salt or sugar.

Oh, and did we mention dogs LOVE it !

Pets Purest are offering 10% off their entire range.

Enter discount code WELCOME10 at checkout

Are tennis balls bad for dogs ?

Dog's simply love tennis balls but there are dangers associated with tennis balls especially if you have a chewer.

Firstly the furry fabric surrounding the ball is very abrasive, designed for tennis courts and rackets. By chewing tennis balls, your dog risks wearing down their teeth enamel which can lead to possible dental issues.

Worse still, if your dog breaks down a tennis ball and ingests the pieces, it could cause a choking hazard. Instead of a tennis ball, can we suggest that you give your dog one of the safe chew balls featured in our top 10 to play with.

dog paw graphic

Hopefully you've found a toy in our Top 10 that might stand the test of time and keep your pooch entertained for hours.

And if you reckon we've missed an absolute blinder of a tough dog toy that we're crazy for leaving out, then give us a shout.

Thanks for stopping by and reading our article on the Best Indestructible Dog Toys for 2024.




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