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Thinking of changing dog food ? Let us introduce you to to one of our favourites: They're one of the best fresh dog food we've tested for many reasons. is a great example of an innovative, independent UK company helping to revolutionise the face of dog food in the UK.

Available online as a subscription service, their fresh, tailored meal plans along with their Superfood Supplements are delivered directly to your front door and don't need storing in the freezer.

Admittedly, fresh dog food isn't the cheapest option available, however it does offer exceptionally high quality food and is perfect if your dog suffers with allergies or a sensitive stomach.

Sounds promising, so we decided to take a closer look at what offer dog-lovers. range of fresh dog food

Try from just £3 for a 7 day transition trial

Enter discount code SMARTBARK for free delivery on any order



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1. Who are

Fresh dog foods have become really popular with dog lovers in recent years thanks to their minimally processed and nutrient-rich recipes, but one of the major downsides to fresh dog foods is that they require refrigeration.

New UK company, offer dog lovers a highly nutritious fresh dog food which doesn't need to be stored in your freezer. dog food recipes and ingredients

The quality of their dog food with specialised, tailored nutrition and the inclusion of high-quality human food ingredients, differentiates their dog food from the more traditional brands available to dog lovers on the high street.

In fact is firmly at the top of the nutritional scale for UK dog foods according to independent advice site AADF - All About Dog Food.

Their range of meals have been designed by ex Luxury Yacht Head Chef working closely with a Veterinary Clinical Nutrition Specialist and includes additional superfood supplements to accompany every meal - supercharging your dog's nutrition.

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2. Review - Ordering

The Years website is straightforward and offers lots of information about their meals.

To get a personalised plan and accurate costing for your dog's meals, we suggest taking the simple 3 minute questionnaire.

It's easy to use and you simply provide information about your dog's unique characteristics including age, sex, breed, weight, activity levels, food allergies, body condition and any health issues - seriously, it only takes a couple of minutes. online questionnaire

The result is a Complete Nutrition System catered to fit their nutritional needs and preferences, with daily servings in grams alongside a suggested calorie intake. offer five recipes -

🍲 Chicken Thigh Mediterranean Casserole

🍲 Steak & Kidney Mushroom Hotpot

🍲 Pork Shoulder Sage & Apple Stew

🍲 Salmon & Pollock Cauliflower Bake

🍲 Turkey Thigh Cranberry Fricassee dog food recipe selection

We'd suggest that when selecting your recipes, ideally aim to feed as many different protein types over a 2 month period.

You can select from several delivery frequencies, including every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks or every 8 weeks.

The longer delivery frequencies offer the best value so as they don't require freezing, you just need to ensure that you have suitable cupboard storage available.

Once the subscription is set up, we found our account was easy to navigate and simple to make subsequent changes or cancellations to delivery dates.

It's worth mentioning that if you have a puppy, are the only fresh food brand we have tested that have meals designed for puppies. You'll be prompted every month to provide the latest weight so the calorie content stays accurate as your puppy grows 🐾

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3. Review - The Food

Essentially, meals are made with human-quality and whole ingredients — the same sorts of ingredients you’re eating with a knife and fork. Additionally, all their meals are grain and legume free so no cheap fillers here.

We liked that when your food is delivered, each meal has your dog's name and all their details printed on the packaging so you know for sure that it was customised specifically for them.

If you want to explore a list of individual ingredients in each recipe, they are available online. Better still you can simply scan the QR code on the packaging with your phone to go straight to the recipe page.

The clarity of the label and ingredient percentages is excellent ! Far more transparent than many popular, established dog foods on the market. So there’s no question about what you’re feeding your dog and there's no hidden ingredients.

A delivery of dog food

Their cooking process means that you can store in your cupboard for up to 3 months. It only needs to be transferred to your fridge once opened. This is a massive plus for anyone with a relatively small fridge/freezer.

Most fresh dog foods like Pets Love Fresh or Different Dog need to be stored in the freezer until opened

It's all down to the way their food is cooked NOT the addition of preservatives. Uniquely designed trays with steam vessels, reduce the cooking time and temperature required, so the food is minimally processed.

There did appear to be a lot of packaging so it's worth mentioning that packaging is 100% recyclable and made from 30% recycled materials.

Fresh dog food stored in a kitchen cupboard

We loved that the opened trays last in the fridge for up to 7 days so you can portion them for your dog. do provide 'Stay Fresh' lids with your first order.

This a great idea and one we've often thought dog food brands should offer. However we thought the lids had a tendency to sit loosely. In our opinion this is a flaw but definitely not a dealbreaker.

The meals themselves smell appetising and make a welcome change to that whiffy dog food smell you usually find with traditional dog food. You can clearly identify the different ingredients in each recipe.

years dog food in packaging and dog bowl

The food comes with easy-to-follow directions on how much to serve your particular pup.

Oh, and there's the Superfood Supplement to accompany your dog's meals. Tailored to your dog's breed (to address common ailments) it also contains a blend of probiotics and prebiotics to support healthy gut flora.

Taking a closer look at the independent reviews on Trustpilot, a massive 98% of reviews score 4 or 5 ⭐️.

Lastly, let's talk price.

As we've mentioned, the menu is personalised for each dog but generally small dog (6kg) plans are around £1.70, medium (12kg) £2.30 and large (26kg) from £3.20 a day.

Alternatively, you could choose to dip your toe in the water with their great value 7 day trial box starting at just £3.00. A great way to try without any significant financial outlay, plus if you use discount code SMARTBARK you get free delivery.

7 Day Trial Box ⭐️ 3½–5 days of meals to feed over a 7 day transition period ⭐️ 7 days of tailored Superfood Supplement

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All of the above adds up to mean that is a one of the best dog foods available for those looking for fresh, tailored meals.

Whilst it's clearly not the cheapest dog food available, if you're in the market for a fresh dog food with high quality ingredients, tailored to your dog and delivered right to your doorstep, is very likely the choice for you.

Importantly their food adapts as your dog grows, does not require freezer storage, and comes with a bespoke superfood supplement.


  • Exceptionally high nutritional rating

  • Tailored to breed and life-stage

  • Additional Superfood Supplement

  • No fridge or freezer storage concerns

  • High variety of ingredients


  • Only 5 recipes

  • Not the cheapest dog food

  • Additional lids don't seal well

Try from just £3 for a 7 day transition trial

Enter discount code SMARTBARK for free delivery on any order

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Other Fresh Dog Foods

dog surrounded by fresh fruit and vegetables

Not sold on ? There are other fresh dog foods on the market you could take a closer look at.

Our popular review - Best Fresh Dog Food : Tested & Reviewed, tests and reviews the main alternatives - Different Dog, Pets Love Fresh, Tuggs and Butternut Box.

All exceptionally high quality, fresh food delivered frozen to your door.

Cold Pressed Dog Foods

Dog eating Walker & Drake cold pressed dog food

Another option for you to consider would be cold pressed dry food.

Using innovative techniques and cooking gently at lower temperatures, cold pressed dog food retain more nutrients than standard extruded dog foods.

We put three of the best cold pressed foods to the test -

dog paw graphic

Thanks for stopping by and reading our Fresh Dog Food review.



Julie Chirnside
Julie Chirnside
Apr 26

The food is excellent, I would like to talk to someone at Years about the packaging.

Smart Bark
Smart Bark
Apr 27
Replying to

Hi Julie, I've sent through a message re Years packaging - I hope it's helpful. If not, don't hesitate to message again

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