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Best Dog Walking Bags : Ditch the Bulky Pockets

Updated: Jun 12

We personally test every product featured in our reviews and guide to provide accurate recommendations. Smart Bark is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

It's time to level up your dog walking game, with the best dog walking bags for 2024. Depending on the type of dog walking you enjoy, there will be something in our top picks for you and your four-legged friend.

UPDATE APRIL 2024 : Added the new and improved smaller Diddy Bag from Barking Bags

Best Dog Walking Bags

There are so many essentials for us dog lovers to remember on a dog walk - poo bags, treats, phone, car keys even a water bottle if it's a longer dog walk, so a dog walking bag could be just what you need to be super organised.

We've handpicked a selection of the best dog walking bags on the UK market suitable for a quick lap of the local park to a day adventuring off the beaten track.

They all offer a lot more than a normal bag, including customised pockets for poo bags, treats, your phone, shoulder straps, waist straps and they can all deal with the British weather!

We'll offer information on the type of bag, size, options for wearing it and the price band. You can then decide which you feel is the best dog walking bag for you and of course your dog.

A selection of the Best Dog Walking Bags tested


Our Picks of the Best Dog Walking Bags

1. Our Top Choice - Barking Bags

2. Best Budget Friendly Pick - Pecute

3. Most Instagrammable Bag - Cocopup

4. Best Compact Bag - Pet Impact

Our Verdict

dog paw graphic

Walking Bag : Features to Consider

The truth is that you can walk your dog perfectly well without investing in a dog walking bag.

However, if like me, you like to keep all the essentials in one place like a 'dog grab-bag' rather than strewn about in various coat pockets, then a well designed dog walking bag is the answer.

Before you jump in and buy one, let's take a closer look as some features you may wish to consider -


Dog walking bags can be worn in a variety of ways - Shoulder bag, cross-body bag, bum-bag ,waist pack or backpack. If you're looking for a larger backpack style bag more suitable for an overnight stay, checkout our Dog Travel Bags review.

We feature a range but particularly like the ones which can be worn in a variety of ways depending on what you're wearing and the weather.

We find waist packs and bum-bags are great in the summer when your wearing shorts and a teeshirt, but in the winter when you're wrapped in multiple layers, a cross-body bag can be easier to wear.


This depends on how you plan to use your bag. Are you looking to throw in a roll of poo bags, phone and a couple of dog treats for a quick walk at the local park ? Or are you looking for a bag to hold all the essentials for a day long walk off the beaten track ?

We feature dog walking bags for both scenarios. If however, you are looking for a bag or pouch to simply hold a few dog treats, take a look at our Top 10 Dog Treat Bags & Pouches review.


To contend with the UK weather, all the bags we feature are water resistant. Additionally some of the bags feature a drawstring central pocket which is waterproof too.


What would make your dog walk easier - poo bag holder, clip for whistle or clicker, water bottle holder, removable treat bag ? The bags we feature have a host of extra features on offer.

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Our Picks of the Best Dog Walking Bags

1. Our Top Choice

Barking Bags

Barking Bags - Original dog walking bag

The first dog walking bag to feature in our review, is the award-winning Original Dog Walking Bag from Barking Bags.

You may remember the team behind Barking Bags from their appearance on BBC's Dragon's Den and since then they have gone on to win the Pet Industry federation Award.

Our first impressions of the Original bag was that it had so many pockets and hooks! Clearly this is a dog walking bag designed to cater for a dog walkers needs.

For me (and for most people I suspect), the key to a good dog walking bag is being able to grab treats, poo bags or you phone quickly and easily. Also I like to keeping my keys and phone well away from dirt and the inevitable smell of meaty treats and poo bags.

So Freddie and I took the Barking Bag for a few test walks and we think you'll love the organisation it offers.

Original Barking Bags dog walking bag annotated

As an extremely forgetful person, I am constantly delving into various coat pockets looking for poo bags, treats, tissues, and I always miss that all important photo op because I can't find my phone quickly enough.

With the Barking Bags Original there is a place to store everything.

An easily accessible zipped pocket for treats right at the front, a handy poo bag dispenser, an external pocket should you need a water bottle, alongside a spacious central compartment for all your essentials such as your phone and keys.

Oh!, and there's room to fit in your lead to save wrapping it around your neck.

The Original Barking Bag has evolved since its launch back in 2021. Improvements include :

⭐️ An external drawstring pouch to carry used poo bags until you can find a bin

⭐️ Two large clips on the rear to snap the bag onto a belt if you prefer

⭐️ Two elasticated straps to secure a ball thrower or even a telescopic umbrella

Testing Barking Bags dog walking bag

It's worth mentioning that this was the only bag which felt secure when clipped directly to a belt because the weight is distributed across two large clips not just one.

The bag itself is strong and sturdy, washable and water-resistant. We loved the thoughtful addition of a padded shoulder strap for comfort and a luminous band for safer night walks.

The external drawstring pouch for used poo bags is a great idea. Whilst it is not as 'odour-free' as a Dicky Bag solution, it does let you walk hands-free until you find a bin.

The only downside we could think of, is that the Barking Dog Bag maybe a bit well, over the top, for a quick loop of the local park. If that's the case, it's worth mentioning that Barking Bags offer a smaller bag.

Ideal for shorter walks, or, for when you just need to take the essentials, why not take a look at their range of compact dog walking bags - the Diddy Bag

Barking Bags - Compact dog walking bag

Alternatively, if you’re prepared to fork out a little more on a bag, they also offer a leather, camouflage pattern and a gorgeous khaki & tan version of their bag which I think look a little more designer and less functional than the plain black.

Although their range has been designed to be plain enough to be considered unisex.

Our Verdict ...

The bottom line is that if you're looking for a superior dog walking bag for long, leisurely dog walks off the beaten track then look no further, the Original Dog Walking Bag from Barking Bags is a perfect choice.

Dimensions : 25 H x 32 W x 8 D cm

Reasons to Buy :

+ A pocket for everything

+ Multiple ways to wear

+ Water resistant

+ Easy to clean

+ Separate treat pocket

+ Unisex design

Reasons to Avoid :

- If you want a compact bag

Behind the Brand: Award winning, UK business

Range: Original Bags, Diddy Bags, NEW First Aid Kit

Price: ££ – £££

Buying Options

If you would like more information about the Original Barking Bag, why not read out in-depth test and review - Dog Walking Bag : Barking Bags Review

dog paw graphic

2. Best Budget Friendly Bag


Next is the newly upgraded dog walking bag from Pecute. This is one of Amazon's best selling dog walking bags and has lots of great reviews.

We have featured their original and upgraded bags over the years so we were keen to get our hands on their latest reincarnation.

Pecute dog walking bag annotation

Immediately we liked the colour, gone was the darker mesh which had been replaced with an all grey palette, so it looked classier.

Slightly larger than its predecessors, it measures 22 x 21 x 16 cm. Pecute have altered the design to include a large, curved, zipped pocket on the front which is plenty big enough for a large phone and has an opening to thread earbuds through. Do dog walkers wear earbuds ?

Anyway, we took the upgraded Pecute bag for a test-drive (without earbuds).

Testing the Pecute dog walking bag

A similar size to Barking Bags, we loved the contrasting bright green interior which is a waterproof polyester fabric.

The grey exterior is crafted from a smart oxford cloth with a protective waterproof film. The material didn't have that premium finish we liked about the Barking Bags but admittedly, it is cheaper.

As with the Barking Bags option, the Pecute bag offers three different methods of carrying the bag - a padded shoulder strap, an integral waist strap and finally a metal clip to fasten the bag to your own belt.

Pecute dog bag waist clip

The bag felt more secure when carried across your shoulders. When clipped directly to a belt it tended to pull away and wouldn't sit quite right, making it a little uncomfortable.

The integral waist strap worked much better and was super easy to adjust. It's worth mentioning that it was wider than the Pet Impact waist strap (featured later) so may prove more comfortable on longer dog walks.

The padded water pottle pocket was a really good size and had an added drawstring to secure smaller bottles in place plus it has a large integral poo bag dispenser.

Pecute free accessoies

We should mention that the Pecute dog walking bag comes with a couple of bonus items including a collapsible water bowl, a training clicker and a roll of dog poo bags.

All three bonus items were poor quality, which is a shame as we think that it devalues a well designed bag.

Only available in grey

Our Verdict ...

The Pecute dog walking bag offers a lot of bang for your buck. It's a well designed, great value dog walking bag, but it doesn't offer the premium look and feel of a Barking Bag.

Dimensions : 22 x 21 x 16 cm (previous models available in two slightly smaller sizes)

Reasons to Buy :

+ Great value

+ Poo bag dispenser

+ Multiple ways to wear

+ Mesh and zipped pockets

+ Water resistant

Reasons to Avoid :

- Only available in grey

- No hooks included

- Lacks pocket for used poo bags

Behind the Brand: US brand designing per products since 2004

Range: Travel & walking essentials, bags, beds & bowls

Price: £

Buying Options

3. Most Instagrammable


Reflecting an on-trend yet casual look, the Cocopup range of dog accessories have lots of customisable options.

Designed to look effortlessly cool around town, their dog bags aren't necessarily suited to full days off the beaten track but surprisingly they do offer a range of useful features for your dog walk.

Cocopup dog walking bag

Each bag had a large zipped opening to store your phone, keys etc in addition to a smaller front zipped pocket. The bag also features a handy poo bag dispenser on the side. We loved the simplicity of the bag design and the surprisingly spacious main compartment.

It's worth noting that Cocopup's dog walking bags will cope with the odd shower as they are made from nylon so water resistant and wipe clean.

We absolutely love the option to attach the separate treat pouch to the strap for easy access to your dogs rewards.

Cocopup dog treat pouch

Matched with cool looks on the design front, the Cocopup dog walking bag is available in three colours; black, mocha and tan.

Better still, the dog walking bags and treat pouches can be paired with their range of coordinating, interchangeable bag straps - including pink dalmatian, monochrome spots, sage leopard and many more.

Testing Cocopup Dog Walking bag and Treat Pouch

Did we mention that Cocopup also stock a range of harnesses plus coordinating human accessories - phone cases, hair scrunchies and even AirTag covers - so you could treat yourself too, it's practically the law after all !

Our Verdict ...

If you're looking for an stylish and compact walking bag, then Cocopup are worth a look

Dimensions : 21 x 14 x 5 cm

Reasons to Buy :

+ Instagrammable

+ On-trend design

+ Water resistant

+ Separate treat pouch

+ Coordinating accessories

+ Perfect for a walk in town

Reasons to Avoid :

- Not designed for long hikes off the beaten track

Behind the Brand: Sister brand to Coconut Lane

Range: Coordinating bags, straps, treat pouches

Price: ££

4. Best Compact Bag

Pet Impact

The last dog walking bag to feature in our review is from sustainable pet brand - Pet Impact. They use renewable materials where possible in their designs alongside recycled or up-cycled materials.

Pet Impact dog walking bag

Their highly popular dog walking bag offers three ways to wear it using adjustable straps- shoulder bag, as a waist or bum bag or alternatively snapped directly to your belt with the rear metal clasp.

We loved this dog walking bag because it is extremely compact and lightweight with multiple compartments alongside a dog poo bag dispenser.

It's water resistant and eco-friendly, made from old plastic bottles (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) and certified by the Global Recycling Standard.

Annotated Pet Impact Dog Treat Pouch

Not as large as the Barking Bags Original dog walking bag it doesn't offer as many pockets or a place for a water bottle so we think that it's best suited to short to medium walks.

That said, there is plenty of room for treats, poo bags, keys, phone and your other essentials.

We preferred wearing the bag using the adjustable shoulder strap as the waist band was narrower than other bags tested and we don't think it would be as comfortable on longer walks.

Testing the Pet Impact Dog Bag

Our Verdict.....

Only available in blue, the Pet Impact dog walking bag lacks a few of the additional features available on a Barking Bag or Pecute Bag. However we think that the Pet Impact dog walking bag has a smart yet functional design, is well made, planet friendly and a great value dog walking bag.

Dimensions : 20 x14 x 7cm

Reasons to Buy :

+ Compact & lightweight

+ Unisex design

+ Integral poo bag dispenser

+ Multiple ways to wear

Reasons to Avoid :

- Smaller than others tested

Behind the Brand: Eco-friendly UK dog product company

Range: Slow feeder, toys, natural treats and grooming products

Price: £

dog paw graphic

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Our Verdict

When you are walking your dog every single day, investing in a dog walking bag is a sensible option. With everything you need in one place you can make effective use of your time and your pockets !

We liked all four of the dog walking bags we tested and reviewed and feel that they each offer something a little different -

⭐️ Barking Bags are the ultimate, premium organisational bag for a day adventuring off the beaten track.

⭐️ Pecute offer a well designed but less premium alternative

⭐️ Cocopup are the perfect dog bag for around town

⭐️ Pet Impact are a great eco-friendly option without the bells and whistles

We think all four would make a great dog walking bag, you of course may have different ideas. If you've found the perfect dog walking bag that we should review, let us know

dog paw graphic

Our Selection Process

Our final choices for which dog walking bags to include on our short list, comes from a mix of reputation and reviews from other experts we trust.

This was then combined with our hands-on experiences with all the bags featured in the review. All four were trialled in a home environment - real dogs, real people and real dog walks.

Almost all our products are sent to us by the companies involved and almost always as a result of our request. We only review the products we think are worth reviewing.

Oh, and we do check this article regularly to ensure that not only is the information current but there are no better dog walking bags to knock these off the top spot.




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