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Best Dog Supplements : Health & Wellbeing

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Many of us take daily supplements to make sure we get enough essential nutrients and to improve our overall health.

Whether you reach for vitamin C when you're feeling under the weather or take daily fish oil to improve your joints, there's evidence to suggest that supplements can enhance our health in many ways.

So why wouldn't you do the same for your dog ?

A series of healthy dogs jumping

We want our dogs to be as healthy as possible, to live long, full, adventurous lives by our side.

According to Mintel, the World’s Leading Market Intelligence Agency, pet health priorities are evolving and increasingly, pet owners are turning to supplements for added nutritional benefits.

If your dog is healthy and on a complete and balanced diet, they're unlikely to need any supplements because their diet will have everything that they need to survive and thrive.

However, dogs can suffer from a whole range of health issues including skin & coat, anxiety, joint pain and gastrointestinal problems that supplements could help to alleviate.

We take a closer look at some innovative UK companies offering a wide range of natural health supplements for your dog.

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2. Buddy & Lola Supplements

Buying Guide for Dog Supplements

Before you jump straight in, let's take a look at the most popular types of nutrient supplements on the UK market and how they help achieve optimal health.

Healthy dog

⭐️ Probiotics - Helps with gently soothing stomachs, promotes healthy gut, regular bowel movements, immunity and energy.

⭐️ Joint Support - An anti-inflammatory action which helps soothe stiff joints, eases limb movement and nourishes cartilage helping to keep it healthy.

⭐️ Skin & Coat - For those dogs with allergies. Soothes itchy skin, shedding hair, works wonders for dry and dull coats.

⭐️ Calming - For nervous dogs, they help to promote relaxation and ease anxiety.

⭐️ Multivitamins - An all-rounder, for those dogs that don’t lean towards a particular niggle but you want to maintain their health.

⭐️ Fibre - Helps with scooting, prevents some digestive issues, firms up their stools and helps to prevent their anal glands from becoming inflamed.

⭐️ Dental - If brushing simply isn’t an option, helps keep your dogs teeth clean and can minimise bad dog breath naturally.

We recommend that you talk to your vet about what supplements your dog may need. It’s worth noting that ingredients in some herbal supplements can interact with any existing medication

Our review includes a range of of brands offering tablets, powders, chews and liquids, so you can decide which is most palatable for your dog.

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Our Picks of the Best Dog Supplement Brands

1. Pets Purest Supplement Range

Reasons to Buy :

+ Extensive range

+ 100% natural

+ Money-saving bundles

Reasons to Avoid :

- Daily treats can be expensive for larger dogs

Behind the Brand: Healthy, 100% natural pet supplements from a UK family business

Range: 100% natural liquid herbal extracts, supplement treats, natural wellness products

Price: £ - £££ depending on range

Pets Purest range of pet supplements

Pets Purest are a family business offering high quality supplements with all natural ingredients. They have recently been named the 35th fastest growing company on the North England's Fast Growth 50 index and are building a strong reputation with their high-quality, 100% natural pet range.

With such an extensive range of products including sprays, liquids, powders and treats we love that Pets Purest put together some great money-saving bundles for dog lovers. These bundles often target the immediate issue whilst also helping improve the problem in the long term.

You certainly won't find any nasty chemicals plus all their products are grain-free and hypoallergenic

Pets Purest Daily Supplements for Dogs

These Daily Supplements are an super easy way to add liquid supplements to your dog's diet. The bottles come with a no-mess pump to provide a measured dose of active ingredients to your dog's meal.

Their range includes:

⭐️ Joints & Mobility

⭐️ Allergy & Itch

⭐️ Calming

⭐️ Senior

Designed to be used daily, Pets Purest recommend 1 pump per 5kg of body weight (each bottle holds 300ml). As with all supplements, we'd recommend calculating the daily/monthy cost for your dog based on their current weight as it can vary greatly.

In addition to their new Daily range, Pets Purest also offer a range of powders, salmon oils, supplement treats and drops, these can be bought individually or in their great value bundles.

We've put a wide selection of Pets Purest products through their paces over the years with great results. Pets Purest feature in several of our Dog Health articles including - Best Joint Supplements, Itch Relief, Best Calming Products and Best Plaque Removers

Our Verdict

​Offering the widest range of natural health and wellbeing products out of the brands featured, we particularly love the Pets Purest money-saving bundles which offer a range of products all targeting one specific problem area.


Pets Purest are offering 10% OFF their entire range.

Enter discount code WELCOME10 at checkout

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2. Buddy & Lola Supplements

Reasons to Buy :

   + Range targeting 6 main health concerns

   + 100% natural

   + Loyalty club

Reasons to Avoid :

   - Only dog supplements (multi-pet households)

Behind the Brand: Small UK family business

Range: Powders, liquids and chews

Price: £ - £££ depending on range

Buddy & Lola range of dog supplements

Traditionally dominated by big, national brands, the UK dog health supplement market is being revolutionised by smaller specialised brands like Buddy & Lola.

A family business dedicated to providing high quality human-grade supplements for dogs, they are a welcome change for modern dog lovers searching for natural alternatives.

From calming chews, to probiotics, natural allergy supplements to oral health support, Buddy & Lola offer a range of natural, hypoallergenic solutions.

Praised by vets and leading dog experts, we particularly appreciate that in many cases you can choose between chews or powders depending on which you think will be more palatable for your dog.

Buddy & Lola Supplement Storage Tin

Regardless of which you choose, Buddy & Lola offer a storage tin to help keep those supplements fresh and easy to administer (a game changer for tricky to measure powders). The storage tin is FREE with new subscriptions or available to buy separately with one-off orders.

One of their hero products is Super Tummy Instant. With rave customer reviews, it's a veterinary-strength poop support which helps to provide relief from upset tummies and diarrhoea. Oh! and if you're in a rush, Buddy & Lola offer next day delivery for any orders over £30 placed before 5pm.

If you have a goldilocks level fussy dog when it comes to tablets, then take a closer look at Buddy & Lola. Their range of dog chews offer all the benefits of traditional hard-to-swallow tablets in tasty treat form.

Ultimately, this means that there will be no more attempts at hiding tablets in cheese or trying to disguise them in ham!

Buddy & lola Calming Supplements for dogs

We love that they are not only focussed on providing great products but also offer great service for dog-lovers. With the loyalty program, refer a friend, subscribe & save and 30 day money-back guarantee, customer focussed Buddy & Lola really stands out from the crowd.

What's more, Buddy & Lola have one of the most detailed FAQ's sections of any dog website we've seen. There's loads of useful information on all their products, loyalty club, subscriptions and orders.

Our Verdict

​If you're looking to dip your toe in the water with supplements to promote your dog's overall health or deal with a specific issue, we'd recommend looking at Buddy & Lola's high quality, human grade supplements.


For 15% OFF the entire Buddy & Lola range (first time purchases only)

enter SMARTBARK15 at checkout

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3. Dog's Lounge Premium Supplements

Reasons to Buy :

+ Wide product range

+ Subscribe & Save option

+ Loyalty program

Reasons to Avoid :

- Chews not as palatable as Yumi Dogs

Behind the Brand: A family-run supplement brand offering UK and US quality products.

Range: Capsules, powders, liquids and chews aimed at a wide range of health issues.

Price: £ - ££ depending on range

Dog's Lounge range of supplements

The first thing to say about Dog's Lounge is we simply adore their product names! From Gutsy, a fast acting tummy suspension to Scooter, an anal gland supplement their names are wonderfully descriptive.

Made in the UK and the US from sustainably sourced ingredients we love that their website is completely transparent with lots of really helpful information about each product.

Dogs Lounge Scooter - dog anal gland supplement

Dog's Lounge offer a range of supplement forms including tablets, powders, liquids and treats and even some innovative packaging that fits through your letter box !

Smart Bark has tested and reviewed both Chomper which helps to remove plaque & tartar build-up and Scooter which supports anal gland function.

Our team of canine testers were really impressed by both products. You can also take a look through the success stories posted by other dog lovers.

Ultimately Dog's Lounge guarantee a 60-day money-back if you aren't happy with the product. So it's win–win !

Plus, if you order before 2 pm on a weekday, they offer same-day shipping. It's worth noting that Dog's Lounge offer a loyalty program (Woofs Club) which awards points every time you shop and you can then use rewards for future purchases.

Our Verdict

​We're big fans of Dog's Lounge supplements and particularly love the wide range of options available to dog lovers. From powders and tablets to liquids and chews, there's something for everyone and their dog.


dog paw graphic

Our Verdict

All four brands featured in our review offer 100% natural solutions.

First consider which delivery method you think will be most palatable for your dog whether that’s tablets, liquid, powder or treats. Pets Purest, Buddy & Lola and Dog's Lounge offer the widest choice of supplements and delivery methods.

If you have a picky pup then can we suggest trying tasty chews. Although they often work out slightly more expensive, they certainly take all the hassle out of giving your dog a nutritional supplement.

Two dogs of different sizes

Lastly, we found that there appears to be an enormous range of prices when looking at supplements for dogs.

When considering pricing, bear in mind the quantity of product purchased (obviously the larger amounts work out cheaper per dose) and the size of your dog as larger breeds will need significantly higher daily doses.

It's definitely worth doing the maths specifically for your dog, before making a decision.

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Thanks for stopping by and reading our article about the Best Dog Supplements UK.



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