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Dog Walking Bag : Barking Bags Review

Updated: May 8

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Welcome to Smart Bark’s review of the Original Barking Bag, a dog walking bag that’s perfect for those dog lovers who enjoy a long walk off the beaten track.

If you dream of the day that your coat isn't full of dog treat crumbs and every pocket seems to have a dog poo bag in it, then what you need my friend is a dog walking bag.

Designed specifically for daily dog walking, they can store everything you may need so you can simply grab your keys & go !

UPDATE - APRIL 2024 : Added in Barking Bags new and smaller Diddy Bag

There are lots of different designs on the market from shoulder bags, waist bags to bum bags so we decided to take a closer look at the award winning Original Bag from Barking Bags which can be worn as a shoulder bag or a waist bag.

Barking Bags - Original dog walking bag


dog paw graphic

Barking Bags Review

1. Barking Bags : Introduction

You may remember Barking Bags from their stint on the notorious Dragon's Den, when they pitched their business idea for their Original dog walking bag.

Since then the company has gone from strength to strength and they've extended their range to offer different compact styles of walking bag.

A selection of 4 dog walking bags during testing

So how will we assess this bag ? For us (and for most people, we suspect), there are a number of criteria that make a great dog walking bag -

⭐️ Waterproof

⭐️ Washable

⭐️ Multiple pockets

⭐️ Separate treat pouch

⭐️ Dog poo bag dispenser

⭐️ Poo bag carrier (used)

⭐️ Waist/shoulder carry options

⭐️ Unisex - so the whole family can use it

⭐️ Built to last

Over the years, Smart Bark have fully tested, analysed and reviewed a range of walking bags, treat pouches, travel bags and poo bag dispensers.

2. Barking Bags : Features

So let's see how we felt the Original Barking Bag stacks up.

Straight out of the box, the bag oozes quality. It's clearly built to last, made from a hard-wearing material that won't fray or tear. In the past, we've tested cheaper nylon bags that won't stand up to the daily dog walk for any length of time - definitely a false economy.

The textured outer fabric is water-resistant and the soft mesh side pockets on either side are roomy and breathable.

As a second level of defence against the weather, the central compartment has a drawstring top to completely seal in any valuables.

We felt that the design was fairly unisex but it's worth noting that if you're not keen on the black, it is available in a bright blue or a gorgeous khaki combination

Barking Bag - dog walking bag

Whereas many rivals offer one large outer pocket, the Original Bag offers two. One mesh pocket is wide and deep enough to carry a full water bottle securely whilst the other extra-wide mesh pocket has a drawstring closure.

We loved this pocket as it's perfect for carrying used poo bags until you can find a bin, leaving you to walk hands-free. We also found that it's handy for storing that muddy ball after a game of fetch!

Dog treat pocket close up

Which brings me to the most important part of a dog walking bag, the treat pocket. Located front and centre for ease, we thought that the 'TREAT ME !' zip pull was a nice touch.

It's the extra thought that goes into each component of the bag that set it apart from the other dog walking bags on the market.

Two carabiner clips - close up

The addition of two carabiner clips on the front offer multiple options - used poo bags, a clicker, a whistle or even hand sanitiser (you know - just in case).

All these extra pockets and clips mean you're not madly searching through one main compartment for everything.

Bag padded shoulder strap close up

So how will you wear yours ?

The fully adjustable fluorescent strap is designed to be visible when walking in the dark. It has a comfy, cushioned shoulder pad and is attached to the D rings on the bag via two quality carabiner clips.

Oh and it's worth mentioning that the strap is wide and extendable up to a max length of 130cm so at a push could be used as an emergency dog lead.

Bag belt clips close up

If you prefer to attach your dog walking bag directly to your belt, this bag has two sturdy clips to secure it in place. We've tested several dog walking bags and this is the only one we've come across which has two clips.

Why is this important ? The two clips spread the bag weight across your belt meaning that the bag sits better and is far more comfortable on longer walks.

dog poo bag dispenser

Let's talk poo bags. The integral bag dispenser on the front, is well designed and super easy to thread poo bags through, letting you grab one at a time.

It's a minor point, but we really liked this dispenser design as you can easily see when the roll is running low and needed replacing - so you won't get caught short mid-walk!

Barking Bag - ball launcher strap feature

Ever get tired of carrying that ball launcher when your dog's lost interest in playing ball ?

Inside the bag cover are two elastic straps which are made to slot that ball launcher in or even a telescopic brolly - Genius !

Finally, there is a wide velcro pocket on the back and a zipped pocket inside the roomy central compartment which would be ideal for your keys or phone.

3. Barking Bags : Performance

So a myriad of features, but how did the Barking Bag perform ?

First and foremost, this dog walking bag has been a joy to use. Having everything to hand and the multiple pocket design meant that phones won't smell of meaty dog treats (or worse!).

Testing the Barking Bags dog walking bag

We also rate the design of the strap which is crucial if you're heading out on a long dog walk. The padded shoulder pad is comfortable and the strap itself is wide so sit's nicely across your body or over your shoulder.

The bag is not particularly deep, sitting snuggly against your body and doesn't get in the way even with a full water bottle slotted into the side mesh pocket the bag feels fairly balanced.

Our first test of the poo bag dispenser went well and the poo bag roll spun easily in the pocket, allowing me to detach one bag at a time. Some poo bag holders on the market don't work well with the thicker eco-friendly rolls, leaving you to force the first few bags through.

I'm happy to report that I tested the poo bag dispenser with a selection of thinner 15 bag rolls and the thicker eco-friendly 25 bag rolls and the pocket worked well with both types.

I usually take a Dicky Bag with me to store any used poo bags until I can find a bin, however the outer mesh pocket worked just as well. What's more I was less likely to forget to empty the bag (which I have been known to do with the Dicky Bag as it's sealed).

DIMENSIONS Height: 25 cm

Width (inc pockets): 32 cm

Depth: 8 cm

Strap extension length: 130 cm


+ Multiple pockets

+ Roomy main compartment

+ Easy access treat pocket

+ Poo bag dispenser

+ Washable

+ Waterproof

+ Multiple ways to wear


- Large for a quick loop of the park

Our Verdict

Looking for a dog walking bag that's designed specifically for making your daily dog walks a breeze? The thoughtfully styled Original Barking Bag is the dog walking bag for you.

With it's multiple zip and mesh pockets, high quality materials and multiple options for carrying, this is the perfect bag for all your dog walking needs.

The bottom line is that Barking Bags aren't the cheapest dog walking bags on the market but they are thoughtfully designed and built to stand everything a dog walk and the British weather can throw at you day in, day out.

The only downside we could find, was that it is large for a quick spin round the park when all you really need is you keys, poo bags and some treats.

If that's the case, it's worth mentioning that Barking Bags offer a smaller bag.

Compact dog walking bag - Diddy Bag

Ideal for shorter walks, or, for when you just need to take the essentials, why not take a look at their newly launched Diddy Bag. Available in black or purple it measures just H 20cm x W 10cm x D 8cm and can be worn as a bumbag or cross shoulder.

dog paw graphic

If you're not convinced by Barking Bags, why not take a look at some of the other dog walking bags we've tested in our article - Best Dog Walking Bags

Thanks for dropping by and reading our review of the Original Barking Bag




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