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Chow Time Challenge: Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowls for 2024

Updated: May 8

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Some dogs consume food at an alarming rate. It's as if they haven't been fed for days!

Eating too fast can cause a variety of dog health issues from stomach pains and poor gut health, to bloat and potentially a serious life-threatening condition known as gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV).

So how can we help our greedy four-legged friends slow down? Enter, stage right - Slow Feeder Dog Bowls.

Best slow feeder dog bowls

Anti-gulp or slow feeder bowls are the perfect solution to fast eating, helping your dog take more time to savour and digest their food.

Did you know that some slow feeder bowls claim to engage

 dogs at mealtimes for up to 10 x longer than standard bowls!

The first major surprise is that slow feed dog bowls are also mentally stimulating for your dog. They can turn meal time into foraging fun, rather than a race to devour everything in seconds.

It's all about providing your dog with a bit more challenge so they have to work significantly harder for their food.

Slow feeder dog bowl

We've compiled this buying guide to offer you a look at the best dog bowl designs for fast eaters and to help you decide which size and style would best suit you and more importantly your dog.

Take a break, relax and read our guide knowing we've got your guzzling pup covered !

dog paw graphic

November 2023 UPDATE : After a new round of testing, we've added Buddy & Lola's Slow Feeder as the best option for smaller breeds and EasyEat's new slow feeder insert as our pick for flat-faced breeds.

dog eating from a slow feeder bowl


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Slow Feeder Bowl - Features to Consider

Before you rush out and buy a slow feeder, there are a few factors you might want to consider first :


As some of the anti-gulp bowls can be quite intricate with troughs and ridges, consider which type of dog food you'll be feeding. Look out for a bowls designed to work well with your dog food - dry, raw, fresh or wet.


What's your ideal bowl size? Is your four-legged friend a Dachshund or a Labrador? If you are looking for a slow feeder for a flat-faced breed, we can help there too. We provide the dimensions of each bowl to help you choose.


Do you want a combination feeder - water bowl and slow feeder together? A great space-saver and some offer an integral mat too.


Look for a non-skid base which should hold the bowl firmly in place. The last thing you want is the bowl flying across the kitchen floor.

We've collated a selection of the best slow feeder dog bowls in the UK including different designs and sizes so there's something to suit everyone and their dog in our Top 10.

dog paw graphic

Our Picks of the Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

1. Best Overall Slow Feeder


Firmly in first place due to their beautifully designed collection of slow feeders are US brand SodaPup.

If you haven't come across SodaPup, we recommend taking a closer look at their selection of slow feeders (they call them eBowls, which stands for enrichment bowls), chew toys and treat dispensers.

SodaPup Honeycomb slow feeder dog bowl

Throughout their entire product range, SodaPup focus on beauty and originality in their designs.

Ok, so it looks great but how did it work in testing ?

The Honeycomb eBowl with it's series of individual hexagonal chambers, is perfect for preventing your dog from eating their entire bowl in just a couple of mouthfuls.

We love this particular slow feeder because it's ideal for serving wet and dry foods together without making a mess and was more challenging than some of the shallower trough style bowls.

The chambers at the centre are deeper than at the edges of the bowl so offer different levels of challenge for your dog. One of the hallmarks of all their designs is that they feature enclosed chambers.

By creating patterns with multiple enclosed spaces, their range of bowls are more definitely challenging for your dog.

SodaPup's range of designs includes Mandala, NEW Great Outdoors and Frog each featuring different trough depths to make it even more difficult for your dog to reach some food and ultimately slowing them down.

Better still you can simply pop these bowls on the top rack of your dishwasher or wash in warm soapy water so perfect for dealing with wet and raw dog foods which can easily get stuck in the ridges.

Plus these slow feeders are also freezer and microwave safe.

We love all their designs, but our favourite has to be the Honeycomb e-Bowl for it's sheer ease of adding different food types.

SodaPup slow feeder dog bowl

What's in our bowl ?

🥩 Naturaw - raw dog food

🥦 Broccoli

🐟 Sprats

🍃 Spinach

🥚 Egg & eggshell

🥕 Carrot & raspberries

🦷 Dogs Lounge - Chomper - natural plaque & tartar remover

🦴 Greek Yoghurt

🐟 Buddy & Lola - Super Tummy Daily - Probiotics

Dimensions (diameter) : 20cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Designed to challenge

+ Wide range of designs

+ Individual chambers

+ Ideal for serving wet & dry food

Reasons to Avoid

- Not suitable for flat-faced breeds


2. Best Range of Sizes

Outward Hound

Knocked off the top spot are Outward Hound's collection of interactive dog bowls. Nicely designed and well built, they are designed with a series of spirals and rivets to create a maze, preventing your dog from eating their entire bowl in just a couple of mouthfuls.

Outward Hound slow feeding bowls for dogs

Their range of designs incorporates bowls with different trough depths to make it even more difficult to reach some food.

With three different sizes available they have a style and size to suit extra small to extra large breeds of dog. In fact their large slow feeder dog bowl is one of the biggest to feature in our top 10.

We found them less challenging than the Honeycomb E-Bowl featured in first place.

BPA free and featuring a non-slip base, the bowl should stay in one place and not slide around your kitchen floor!

Easy to clean, their range is dishwasher safe.

Outward Hound offer a wide range of maze design bowls in different sizes, colours and patterns so they are suitable for the widest range of dogs.

Dimensions (diameter) : small 17cm, medium 22cm, large 32cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Wide range of designs

+ Range of sizes

+ Dishwasher safe

+ Non-slip base

Reasons to Avoid

- Not suitable for flat-faced breeds


3. Best for Flat Faced Breeds


NEW FOR 2024

Recent finalists of the Pet Industry Federation Awards 2023, EastEat is an innovative raised slow feeding solution, designed specifically for brachycephalic or flat-faced breeds such as Pugs and Bulldogs (although other breeds may love it too).

Easy Eat raised dog bowl

As any dog lover with a flat-faced breed knows, they are prone to breathing and throat issues. This can make eating from a traditional dog bowl a tough task.

So what makes the EasyEat different you ask?

The raised base elevates the bowl to a more natural position whilst the wide, lowered front edge makes it much easier for your dog to reach their food.

The latest addition to the EasyEat range is a slow feeder insert. We love slow feeders as they're an ideal solution for dog lovers whose dogs seem to almost inhale their food !

EasyEat dog bowl with slow feeder insert

Well designed, this unique silicone trough has 3 raised ridges which are just enough to slow your greedy pup down, making them work just a little bit harder to find every last morsel.

Some slow feeders we've tested in the past work well but honestly, they're a nightmare to clean. All those intricate ridges and troughs mean it's hard to remove every last trace of dog food. EasyEat's design is simple yet functional and we found it a breeze to clean.

The one observation our tester made was that some of the dry food spilt over the front at meal times. It's worth pointing out that the EasyEat is fairly small and maximum food amounts are : dry -180g, raw - 250g and wet - 220g.

Other design features include rounded handles, it's stackable, you can personalise your EasyEat with your dog's name and they come in a range of gorgeous pastel colours.

Dimensions : (front height, back height x width)

Standard - 14, 20 x 27.5cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Ideal for flat-faced breeds

+ Easy to clean

+ Integral curved handles

+ Personalisation available

+ Stackable

Reasons to Avoid

+ Not the largest trough style feeder

Buying Options

For 10% off the EasyEat Feeder- use discount code BARK10

If you're not convinced by the EasyEat, you could take a closer look at the US equivalent - Fluff Trough


4. Best Small Breed Option

Buddy & Lola

If you love beautiful things then you will adore the Rainbow slow feeder from Buddy & Lola. Here at Smart Bark we're big fans of Buddy & Lola's range of premium, natural dog supplements.

Buddy & Lola sage green Slow feed dog bowl

The stunning minimalist design incorporates a simple raised rainbow design to trap food in long troughs.

Available in one size we'd suggest it's an option suited to small to medium sized breeds.

Fairly shallow it could be a suitable bowl for flat-nosed breeds that like to forage but may struggle with deeper trough designs.

This bowl will be considerably less challenging than some of the larger, deeper trough bowls on the market, but will encourage licking which can be exceptionally calming for anxious dogs.

The design also incorporates a suction cup on the back, so you can easily secure the bowl in place. Made from non toxic, food-grade silicone, it's dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Available in sage green only.

Dimensions (diameter, depth) - 19 x 4 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Stylish design

+ Dishwasher safe

+ Shallow troughs

Reasons to Avoid

- Not suitable for very large dogs


5. Best Stainless Steel

Neater Pet Brands

For those dog parents out there that love a more traditional solution, will adore this simple stainless steel slow feed dog bowl from Neater Pet Brands.

Neater Pet Brands stainless steel dog bowl

It reminds me of a bundt cake tin with a raised centre. I've never made a bundt cake but it's incredible what you can pick up from watching Bake Off !

The super simple design featuring a raised centre, should promote better digestion and works as an anti-gulp or 'gobble stopper' when dogs drink.

As it's made from stainless steel, this could be an ideal solution for any aggressive chewers out there. The simple, traditional design features a wider rubber base is non-tip and non-skid, so will stay firmly in one place.

We loved the paw print design too.

Made with quality stainless steel, it won't absorb any nasty food odours, is easy to wipe clean and is dishwasher safe. So that's the hygiene boxes all ticked.

Available in a choice of two sizes.

Dimensions (diameter) : 25 cm and 28 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Durable, simple design

+ Non slip rubber base

+ Can be used to slow drinking too

Reasons to Avoid


6. Best Eco-friendly Slow Feeder

Pet Impact

We're always on the lookout for eco-friendly products and this slow feeding bowl from Pet Impact certainly fits the bill.

Pet Impact eco-friendly slow feeder dog bowl

It replicates the lines of a ceramic slow feeder but that's where the similarities end.

This anti-gulp bowl is made from renewable bamboo fibre and cornstarch to reduce your dog's paw prints.

Definitely a more sustainable option than the traditional plastic slow feeders and heavier too.

But don't be fooled ! This bowl has thick, strong walls and its crafted with durable chew resistant material so built to last.

The circular star pattern of ridges, creates a challenge for your dog whilst not being overly difficult that it creates frustration.

Rather than rubber feet, this bowl features a fully attached non-slip ring around the base to keep the bowl from sliding around.

It's available in 2 sizes with the medium size aimed at small to medium dogs and the larger size is suitable for dogs up to 25kg. We'd recommend the eco-friendly Pet Impact bowl for wet, dry or raw food.

Dimensions (diameter) - Medium 18cm | Large 26cm diameter

Reasons to Buy

+ Eco-friendly credentials

+ Non-slip ring

+ Chew resistant

Reasons to Avoid

- Not suitable for very large dogs


7. Best Puppy Slow Feeder


This clever, multipurpose design from Pecute makes this 3–in–1 slow eating dog bowl stand out from the crowd.

peculate 3 in 1 slow feeder food and water bowl for dogs

In addition to the slow feeder bowl, you're getting a water bowl too and they are both mounted on a cute bone-shaped mat with a raised lip to contain any spillages.

Simply perfect for that messy dog or eager puppy in your life, it's designed to work well with smaller kibble pieces.

We've found similar 'spill-proof' dog bowls on the market but we love this version from Pecute because both the stainless steel bowl and slow feeder insert are removable. Plus, all the component parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The slow feeder component has several ridges to slow down your dog's eating speed so they can actually savour their food.

Petcute also have a range of 2–in–1 feeding bowls without the slow feeder option which we feature in our picks of the Best Dog Bowls

All options available in grey or chocolate brown with a choice of two sizes.

Dimensions - large mat 53 x 31cm, bowl 20.8cm | medium mat 42 x 27cm, bowl 18cm

Reasons to Buy

+ 3-in-1 solution

+ Ideal for messy eaters

+ Perfect for puppies

Reasons to Avoid

- Suitable for smaller dogs only


8. Best Ceramic Slow Feeder


From Magisso, a multi-award winning Finnish design agency, this beautiful range of ceramic bowls have a minimalist design and are available in a striking range of colours.

Magisso cooling slow feeder dog bowl in pink

Magisso's Happy Pet Project collection are designed to be 'breathtakingly beautiful and delightfully problem solving', well these bowls certainly hit the mark.

Their simple design with the raised centre keeps your dog engaged for longer whilst they work their way around the bowl. Did we mention they look good in your kitchen too.

The headline feature of the Magisso bowls though, is the cooling properties. Soak the bowl in cold water for 45 seconds and it turns ice cold for several hours. This helps to keep wet food fresh for longer. What a great feature!

Designed to be used with wet or dry foods it's dishwasher safe so easy to keep clean.

The only downside we could find, is that it doesn't incorporate a non-slip base so we would recommend buying a silicone mat to sit underneath the bowl.

Dimensions (width x depth) : small 13 x 3.5 cm | medium 15 x 6.5 cm | large 20 cm x 8.3 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Stylish design

+ Keeps food and water cool

+ Colour options

+ Size options

Reasons to Avoid

- Not a non-slip base


9. Best Slow Feeder Mat

Outward Hound

This is the second Outward Hound slow feeder to feature in our top 10. We think that it's a unique alternative to the standard bowl.

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Mat

Use it on it's own as a mat or as an insert which you can simply slide into your existing dog bowl.

The flexible design makes the mat ideal for dogs with shorter snouts and brachycephalic dogs (think pugs).

They often have trouble eating out of a traditional slow feeder which are designed with much deeper troughs.

What's more, it folds up, making it a great solution for slow feeding on-the-go.

It's worth mentioning that it's not spill-proof and you may well get some food falling on the floor as it doesn't have a raised edge. We think that it better suited to feeding dry foods. It's worth mentioning that it can be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Dimensions (diameter) 28 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Flat plate style

+ Use as mat or insert

+ Ideal for flat-faced dogs

Reasons to Avoid

- Could get messy


10. Best for Portion Control


Whereas a lot of rivals simply offer a slowing pattern, Rosewood's stunning slow feeder incorporates some special design features which can help solve several dog feeding problems.

Rosewood dog bowl with weighing scales

The bowl four bone shaped ridges to slow greedy dogs down and help them savour their food.

But undeniably the best feature is the integrated digital scales.

No more guessing how much food to dish up, now, simply fill until you reach the correct weight.

The bowl even remembers the correct weight, so you dish up 'a spot on' dog's dinner every time. Weighs up to 2kg.

If you have an overweight dog who is struggling to loose a couple of kg then this could be the ideal slow feed bowl. The only design flaw we could find was that it doesn't come apart for cleaning so would need to be washed by hand.

Dimensions ( length, width, height) - 22 x 24 x 8 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Integral digital scales

+ Stylish design

Reasons to Avoid

- Hand wash only

dog paw graphic

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a slow feeder which is beautifully designed, works extremely well for the majority of dogs, receives rave reviews and is super easy to clean, then look no further than the range of eBowls from SodaPup.

Perfect for messy dogs and puppies, a special mention goes to Pecute for their 3-in-1 slow eating dog bowl cleverly incorporating a bone-shaped mat to keep your kitchen floor clean whilst slowing your puppy down.

Flat faced breeds will benefit from the EasyEat raised dog bowl with it's integral slow feeder. A well designed, easy to clean dog bowl in a range of beautiful colours to suit your kitchen.

dog paw graphic

How We Picked

Our final choices for which slow feeders to include on our short list, comes from a mix of reputation and reviews from other experts we trust. This was then combined with our hands-on experiences with all the brands featured in the review.

We selected slow feeders which would be suitable for the widest range of dog breeds and sizes. It was also important that the chosen slow bowls reflected price points to suit everyone's pockets.

We gave bonus points to unusual anti-gulp design features, combination feeders and innovative methods of ensuring the bowl stays in one place! Lastly we only included products in our selection process with great customer reviews and ratings.

Hopefully, you've found a Slow Feeder Dog Bowl in our Top 10 to suit your gorgeous, guzzling pup.




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