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Digging into Naturaw: A Review of Their Raw Dog Food

Updated: Jul 2

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Looking for a raw dog food option that prioritises both your dog's health and the planet's well-being? Then look no further than Naturaw! 

This award-winning UK company prides itself on offering top-notch, ethically sourced raw meals for your canine companion, all while keeping sustainability at the forefront of their mission. 

Naturaw delivery of raw dog food

In this review, we'll be diving deep into Naturaw's offerings, exploring the quality of their ingredients, their commitment to ethical practices, and of course, the daily costs of their different dog food ranges.

So, buckle up and get ready to learn whether Naturaw might be the perfect fit for your furry friend!


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Naturaw Raw Dog Food Review

 1. Who are Naturaw ? 

Naturaw isn't your average dog food company. They're innovators, prioritising high-quality ingredients, ethical sourcing, and sustainability – all for a healthier, happier dog.

With dog-lovers increasingly scrutinising pet foods for sustainability and health credentials, we believe that Naturaw certainly ticks a lot of boxes.

We're not the only ones ! Rated the Best Dog Food in the UK by the independent advice site - All About Dog Food, you'd struggle to find a more nutritious dog food.

Range of Naturaw raw dog food recipes

These days, dog food companies are under increased pressure to reduce not only their carbon footprint but their environmental impact across the entire supply chain.

Sustainability is no longer just a trend, but a crucial value that dog lovers are looking for when choosing a food for their four-legged friend and Naturaw are trailblazers.

Their commitment to sustainability is evident in everything they do, from using fully compostable packaging to planting trees with each food subscription and generating clean energy through solar power.

For £5 OFF your first order,

use the Voucher Code FREDDIESENTME

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 2. Naturaw Review - The Food

Naturaw champion local sourcing. They partner with UK farmers, gamekeepers, and butchers to ensure their complete range is packed with top-notch, human-grade ingredients from right here in Britain.

Their meals are meticulously formulated and balanced to deliver all the essential protein, vitamins, and minerals your dog needs to thrive.

They prioritise high-quality ingredients, skipping fillers and grains entirely. Plus, Naturaw minimises the use of budget-friendly meats like tripe, and all their poultry is free-range.

Of course for dog parents with sensitive pups, transparency is key – and we were impressed that Naturaw clearly lists every ingredient on their packaging, leaving no room for hidden surprises.

So let's delve into their range -


Inspired by the well-established BARF diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), the Original recipes provide everything your dog needs to thrive.

Following the 80:10:10 principle, they're packed with 80% muscle meat for sustained energy, 10% bone for essential minerals and dental health, and 10% offal for a complete spectrum of vital nutrients. 

Dog with Naturaw dog food and packaging

Their Original collection includes 19 different recipes including - free range Chicken, Turkey & Pork alongside Lamb, Venison, Duck, Beef, Haddock, weaning and mild recipes plus a recipe aimed specifically at senior dogs. The recipes are available in single protein recipes and combinations.

Naturaw stands out for its incredibly diverse protein selection, giving your dog a wider range of options than most dog food brands. 

This variety can be a major advantage for your dog's gut health.  A diverse diet helps your dog's gut microbiome, so contributes to better digestion and nutrient absorption.

Basically it keeps your four-legged friend happy and healthy.


Featuring the same ethically sourced British meat as the Original range, Naturaw's award-winning Forage line elevates the Original recipe by adding 10% superfood ingredients! 

Naturaw Forage award-winning raw dog food

These nutrient-rich additions ensure your dog not only gets a complete and balanced raw food diet but also benefits from the power of nature's finest offerings.

We've tested a lot of dog foods over the years and we've found that high-quality dog food brands are increasingly adding natural ‘functional foods', which can improve your dog’s quality of life as they mature.

Naturaw's Forage food boasts the inclusion of Atlantic mackerel, fruits and vegetables, alongside carefully chosen botanicals. All these additions are whole foods, bursting with natural goodness and chosen specifically for their high nutritional value.

The Forage line is smaller then the Original range, including 7 recipes - Beef, Lamb, Free Range Chicken, Free Range Pork, Venison, a Pure Blend (which you can combine with their other foods), and a Puppy recipe.

Naturaw's Puppy recipe caters to growing pups with a finer mince, but the easy-to-digest texture is suitable for dogs at any life stage.

Naturaw Puppy blend

Naturaw achieves an exceptionally high nutritional rating of 95–96% on the independent dog food rating website All About Dog Food (AADF).

For our review we tested a selection of both their Original and Forage ranges.

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3. Naturaw Review - Ordering

Naturaw understands every dog is unique. 

Whilst they offer a handy online calculator to provide a starting point for daily or weekly feeding amounts, they emphasise it's just a guide based on feeding 2-3% of ideal bodyweight daily.

Your dog's individual needs will vary based on activity level, treats and overall lifestyle.

Naturaw dog food calcualtor

There are various 'bundles' and money-saving options to consider when placing an order.

You could opt to dip your toe in the water with 8 x 500g trays of their award-winning Forage range.

This is a great way to make sure your dog loves the taste before committing to a larger box. You can even get FREE delivery using a code on their website.

Original Taster Boxes

Take advantage of one the Original Taster Boxes which are pre-packed with a selection of Original recipes and offer a great money-saving option.

Naturaw Build Your Own Box

Choose from either a Small Taster Box (16 x 500g trays) or a Large Taster Box (30 x 500g trays).

The Original Taster Boxes are the perfect way to experience Naturaw's food, without breaking the bank!

  • Save Big: The boxes offer a significant discount compared to buying individual items, giving you more "bang for your buck"

  • Free Delivery Sweetener:  On top of the savings, you'll also enjoy free delivery on your Taster Box purchase

  • Discount Code Bonus: FREDDIESENTME for an extra £5 off! 

  • Subscription Treats: Setting up a subscription unlocks free treats for your dog with every delivery

Build your Own Box

If your dog suffers with allergies or a sensitive stomach the Original Taster Boxes may not offer the customisation you're looking for. In which case, you can build your own box specifically for your dog with 16 or 30 x 500g trays.

While you'll cover delivery costs when building your own box, you get complete control. 

Freely mix and match individual recipes from both the Forage and Original collections to create the perfect meal plan for your dog's unique needs and preferences.

Delivery & Storage

The food arrives frozen in convenient 500g trays that slot neatly into your freezer. Defrosting is a breeze – simply take out a tray when you finish the previous one. 

defrosting raw dog food

If you forget and are confronted with a tray of frozen food at meal time, don't worry, it defrosts fairly quickly on the kitchen worktop. Microwave defrosting isn't recommended because it can create 'hot spots' in the food.

Which brings me neatly onto next day delivery! Naturaw are the only raw dog food company we've reviewed that offer this service. So, if like us, you only realise that you're out of dog food when you're out of dog food, Naturaw could be the answer you're looking for!

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4. Naturaw Review - Price

Freddie our 12kg Cockapoo started with a recommended daily intake of 240-360g of raw food.

We opted for a manageable 250g a day, which conveniently equals half a tray. This portion control was perfect, as it left room for a daily dental chews or the occasional treat!

So all the prices below are based on 250g Naturaw raw dog food a day.

Naturaw dog food range

Clearly raw feeding can be more expensive than kibble, and Naturaw is a higher-priced brand within the raw food category. Saying this, we felt that Naturaw was very reasonably priced based on 250g a day :-

Clearly the Original Taster Boxes we mentioned earlier with their FREE delivery offer the best value for money -

Small Original Taster Box = £1.39 a day

Large Original Taster Box = £1.33 a day

If you would like to explore the slightly pricier Forage range, their trial box is a great place to start as it has free delivery (one voucher available per customer) -

Forage Trial Box = £1.97 a day

Lastly, Build Your Own Box is the most expensive route but does give you complete customisation -

Build Your Own Box from £1.70 a day (including the added delivery cost)

To reduce the cost further, it's definitely worth considering a subscription :

  • FREE TREATS with every Taster box when you subscribe

  • 5% OFF all other raw food when you subscribe

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Our Verdict

We recommend Naturaw as the perfect option for those dog-lovers looking to switch to sustainable and ethically sourced raw dog food.

The truth is that Naturaw aren't the cheapest raw dog food on the market but you are paying slightly more for award-winning quality, an extensive range of options and this level of sustainability.

Reasons to Buy

+ Award winning ranges

+ 100% human-grade UK sourced meat

+ Commitment to sustainability

+ Free delivery on Taster Boxes

+ Next day delivery

Reasons to Avoid

- Not the cheapest dog food

Buying Options

For £5 OFF your first order,

use the Voucher Code FREDDIESENTME

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Can Naturaw help with the switch to raw ?

If you're thinking of making the switch to raw, Naturaw offer a New to Raw Feeding Box with free delivery.

Perfect for a smooth transition, the box consists predominantly of their Mild Chicken mince which is nice and gentle on transitioning tummies. They've also added a couple of their other Original recipes.

How do I switch to raw dog food ?

Transitioning to a raw diet can be fantastic for your dog's health, but it's important to remember there's no single "perfect" approach.

While it might seem as easy as switching between kibble brands, there are some key considerations to ensure a smooth and comfortable transition for your pup, minimising any potential short-term issues.

For further information, why not take a look at our advice article - How to Switch to Raw Dog Food

Do Naturaw offer any other products ?

Naturaw have recently added a range of botanical supplements to their range, aptly named Boosts.

They have been developed to target common ailments including -Tummy, Skin, Dental and Senior. They come in powder form - simply sprinkle on food.

Naturaw Louis & Ada dog treats

Naturaw also offer a range of natural dog treats which we review in our popular article - Best Dog Treats in the UK : 2024 Edition

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The Rivals

While Naturaw impresses, it's important to consider all your options.

To help expand your search, we've compiled a comprehensive review of Best Raw Dog Foods : Tested & Reviewed for 2024 , featuring several other top contenders. This article explores brands like Paleo Ridge, Pro Dog Raw, and Wilsons, allowing you to compare features and find the perfect fit for your dog.

Thanks for reading! We hope this review equips you with the information you need to make the best choice for your four-legged friend.

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