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Furr Boost : The Ultimate Dog Health Drink Review

Updated: 6 days ago

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Everyone knows that water is the smartest drink out there, but we are all increasingly looking at drinks that can not only hydrate but boost our wellbeing and our immune system.

From the bygone days of Lucozade to elixirs, spritzers and immune-boosting waters, every health condition now seems to have a solution in drink form.

Unsurprisingly, dog lovers are looking to boost their dog's health and wellbeing by adding a little something to their dog's normal water intake, so dog drinks are a fairly new, but very interesting development.

Dog drinking from a dog bowl

We decided to take a look at a double award winning UK company offering healthy hydration for dogs - Furr Boost.

With their super convenience, long shelf life and ease of consumption, Furr Boost offers a nutritious, functional pet drink which will do a lot more than simply quench your dog's thirst.

Furr Boost can help with your dog's skin and coat, digestion, immunity, anxiety and metabolism, so appears to be an all round tonic.

So what did we think ? The short answer : we loved it, the long answer - read on.....

Selection of Furr Boost dog drink cartons

TABLE OF CONTENTS Furr Boost for Dogs Review

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1. What is Furr Boost Drink for Dogs ?

The first thing to say about Furr Boost drinks is that they are 100% natural and made with human grade ingredients.

Admittedly, it's still water which is essential for keeping your dog hydrated and refreshed, but the addition of meat, fruit, vegetables, vitamins and oils take this dog drink to the next level.

Better still, the aroma of the added ingredients, which can be served cold or gently warmed as a soup, make Furr Boost far more tempting for your dog than plain water.

Furr Boost puppy drink

Doubtless, they also help to jazz it up a bit on the flavour front, as well as being packed full with extra vitamins and oils to boost everything from joints to skin, coat, digestion and their all important immune system.

Being easily digestible, your dog is able to experience the maximum benefits, which in turn supports their overall canine health.

Furr Boost was created by Louise Toal. With a history in the food industry as a food scientist for 20 years as well as being a dog lover, she definitely knows a thing or two about dog nutrition.

Of course, I hear you cry 'You could make a bone broth'.

Indeed you could, if you happen to have bones and marrow bone lying about the place, oh! and sweet potato, apple, cranberries, blueberries and broccoli, and don't forget a slow cooker.

Seriously, if that sounds like too much hassle then take a look at Furr Boost because they've done all the hard work for you.

2. Furr Boost Dog Drink : Range

The crucial thing is that their range has been designed to be suitable for dogs of all ages from puppies to senior dogs.

At some time or another in every dog's life they need a helping hand. Whether you are concerned about an odd bout of sickness, appetite reduction, weight issues or pregnancy and whelping, Furr Boost offers a drink that can help ensure your dog stays hydrated and healthy.

Furr Boost ingredients

It's ideal for dogs fed on a dry or wet & dry combination diet but be aware that it may not be suitable for dogs on a raw diet.

They offer a collection of six recipes :-

🍵 Chicken, butternut squash & cranberry

🍵 Beef, broccoli & blueberry

🍵 Pork, sweet potato & apple

🍵 Venison, butternut squash & cranberry

🍵 Plant-Based vegan

🍵 Salmon, sweet potato & blueberry

We love that Furr Boost is packaged in 200ml and now 400ml Tetra Pak cartons so they are easy to stack and with a long shelf life they can be stored in your kitchen cupboard. What's more these cartons are easy to throw in a bag for a long dog walk or weekend away.

It's worth noting that once opened each drink lasts 4 days if kept refrigerated. This is perfect for smaller dogs and puppies who may need a 1/4 or 1/2 a pack each day.

Dog laying with Furr Boost dog drink cartons

You can opt to order a mixed box or individual flavours. They also offer a Taster Pack with a single carton of each flavour (ideal if you want to check your dog loves the taste first).

Which brings me neatly on to how to serve Furr Boost.

You could simply add the drink to your dog's water bowl or use it as a tasty topper on kibble.

If you have a particularly fussy dog, then we'd recommend heating Fur Boost to release those meaty aromas and served as a warm soup.

Furr Boost cartons in a selection of three recipes

During the hot summer months, when we all seem to constantly worry about our dogs hydration levels, why not freeze Furr Boost as lollies, add it to a Kong or you could freeze it on a lick mat for a cooling drink.

3. Furr Boost Dogs Drink : Benefits

The truth is that all dogs can probably gain from this complementary drink, but there are specific instances where your dog may get the most benefits :-

Dogs who don't drink much water

Like many dogs, our Cockapoo loves to drink from a muddy puddle but unfortunately he will never drink from his water bowl in the kitchen. Go figure !

During the summer months, hydration levels are always a concern and in the depths of winter when everything is covered in snow and ice that niggling worry is still there.

Dog testing furr boost

We were really interested to see if our rather fussy drinker would touch his water in the kitchen when we added some Furr Boost.

Amazingly he was sniffing round the minute we opened the carton and once added to his water, he drank the whole lot immediately, licking the empty bowl.

This is a game changer! Simply adding some Furr Boost to his normal water and Voila! problem solved.

What's undeniable is that in terms of providing simple hydration, Furr Boost ticks all the boxes.

Older Dogs

Whilst it's fairly common for older dogs to have reduced appetite, that doesn't stop us worrying that they simply aren't getting the nutrition they need.

If your best friend is having trouble eating dry food or maybe just isn't interested, adding Furr Boost dog drink can help encourage them to eat. The aroma definitely appears to make the food more enticing and can help restore their appetite.

One of the most common problems for senior dogs is arthritis and joint pain. It can be a flare up of an old injury or arthritis which gradually continues to worsen.

Furr Boost is packed with a balance of fats and oils, as well as vitamins and minerals, which can help support and aid joints.

new flavours of furr boost

Stomach Upset

If your dog has an upset stomach and is vomiting or has diarrhoea, Furr Boost can help replace some much needed fluids. If you know that your four-legged friend needs more fluids then simply add some Furr Boost to their normal water intake.

Improve Digestion

The natural fibre from the fruit and vegetable content combined with prebiotic derived from chicory root, help to aid digestion, reduce flatulence and improve stools, particularly if stools are dry or your dog is constipated.

Itchy & Sensitive Skin

Furr Boost is ideal as it's 100% natural and contains no allergenic ingredients such as artificial preservatives, colourants, antioxidants, grains or salt. The added fats and oils help to support your dog's skin and coat reducing itching.

Ultimately, all of the above adds up to mean that Furr Boost is an amazing nutritious drink which can boost any dog's health.

dog paw graphic


At Smart Bark, we regularly test a wide range of dog foods and supplements using our team of testers and it's fair to say that not all the products we review make the cut.

So what did we think of Furr Boost ?

We were simply astonished that Furr Boost was so palatable. With it's wide ranging health benefits, which go way beyond simple hydration, we think that Furr Boost is amazing and a truly innovative product that dog lover's everywhere are going to appreciate.

Dog hydration drink

The only downside we could find, and this is a minor flaw not a dealbreaker, is maybe a clear panel on the side with a measure so you could see exactly how much you were pouring rather than taking a guess.

I know, it's a minor point !

In testing, we found that Furr Boost was extremely palatable, convenient to add to water or food, has a long shelf life and once opened lasts up to 4 days in the fridge.

What more could you ask for ?

If you're interested ......

You could opt for a Furr Boost Taster Pack. With a carton of each of the flavours, you can check that your dog is a fan before buying more.

Furr Boost is also available in a money-saving mixed box of 9 cartons or individual flavour boxes of 8 cartons. Their Subscribe and Save 15% is another way to further reduce the costs.


+ Wide ranging health benefits

+ Easy to add to your dog's diet

+ Long shelf life

+ Very convenient

+ Ideal for dog's who don't drink enough


- If you love making bone broth

- If your dog is on a raw diet


dog paw graphic


Pawer Water

Another option you could consider is Pawer Water.

Pawter Water - hydration drink for dogs

Turning heads in the pet industry, Pawer Water boasts multiple awards and a 2024 Pet Industry Federation Innovation of the Year Award nomination. This revolutionary dog hydration solution keeps your pup thriving.

Pawer Water is a chicken broth flavoured powder which you simply add to your dog's drinking water.

More than just water. It packs an all-in-one punch with electrolytes for hydration, hyaluronic acid & flaxseed for a healthy, shiny coat, collagen for strong bones & joints, and vitamins C & E for overall wellness.

Adding Pawer Water to a dog's water bowl

In testing, Fred happily drank from his bowl ( the chicken broth flavour certainly helped) and we loved the convenient sachets, which can be slipped in your dog walking bag to add extra hydration on-the-go.

Plus Pawer Water is made right here in the UK. So if you're looking to give them an all-round health boost, Pawer Water is a simple and convenient method of adding a supplement to their diet.


If your'e not convinced by Furr Boost another option is DoggyRade, a low-calorie prebiotic drink for dogs. The prebiotics help to support good gut health for dogs just like in humans.

Containing a balanced solution of electrolytes, micronutrients and prebiotics, DoggyRade is also highly palatable to dogs.

Available in a 250ml and 500ml in a resealable pouch


How much water should my dog drink ?

dog drinking bone broth

If you know how much your dog weighs, you can calculate how much water they should be drinking every day. Dogs need approx 1–2ml per kilogram of bodyweight per hour.

This is equivalent to a daily intake of 25–50ml per kg.

So as an example, a 10kg dog would be expected to drink approximately 480ml (just under a pint) in 24 hours.

Do bear in mind though, that these are simply averages and the water intake for each dog varies depending on their food (wet vs dry), activity level, ambient temperature and excitement levels (panting).

So always make sure fresh water is readily available.

You may be interested ....

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Can dogs drink milk ?

Safe in small quantities, a few tablespoons now and then can be added to your dog's diet.

However, like everything, too much is never a good idea.

Some dogs are lactose intolerant so take caution when giving your dog milk. You could consider almond or oat milk which are both lactose-free so are safer options for occasional treats.

Can dogs drink tea ?

Tea is a definite no ! Any caffeinated drinks can cause health problems. While decaffeinated teas are not toxic to dogs, fresh water is still your safest option.

dog paw graphic

We hope you've enjoyed reading our article Dog Drink : Furr Boost Review as much as we enjoyed testing it.


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