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10 Best Dog Poop Bag Holders & Dispensers

Updated: 1 day ago

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Scooping the poop has to be the least pleasant aspect of owning a dog. Let's face it, no one enjoys it, but even the best dog trainers haven't managed to train dogs to do it themselves.

A dog poop bag holder certainly isn't an essential item, but it is a great option to ensure you're always prepared for that last minute dog walk. If you have a dedicated poop bag dispenser maybe you would be less likely to leave your bags at home (or is that just me? )

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Buying Guide for Dog Poop Bag Holders

Features to Consider

Our Pick of the Best Dog Poop Bag Holders

Our Verdict

Alternative Solution

Buying Guide for Dog Poop Bag Holders

There’s a whole range of products available on the market attempting to make the scooping the poop process easier and quite frankly, more hygienic.

Poop bag holders are designed to store your clean bags keeping them ready for when you need them, dispense them quickly and in some cases act as a hands free dog waste carrier too.

Many long hours were spent researching this buying guide, attaching and reattaching holders, extracting bags whilst clutching the dog lead, refilling with rolls, unzipping, unscrewing and generally putting all the holders through their paces on dog walks.

It's nasty work, but someone's gotta do it!

A range of dog poop bag holders for dog walks

Features to Consider

Before you read on, here's a quick look at the features that we think you should bear in mind when buying a poop bag holder.


The dispenser needs to leave your hands free so should fasten to either your lead or clothes. Most include a carabiner or a velcro strap, so it really depends how you prefer to bring along the holder.

Bag Release

This needs to be super smooth. No point struggling to release a bag or worse still pulling several bags out at once. We're looking for dispensers that not only fit a standard roll but which crucially allow the roll to spin freely.

Refill Ease

Whether it unscrews or unzips, the holder needs to be easy to refill but also secure as we don't want it to undo mid-walk and the your precious bags to spill out!


Let's face it with the British weather we ideally want a waterproof container. Our review features plastic, fabric, metal and eco-friendly sustainable materials.

Used Bags

Some dispensers offer an integral hook to carry knotted (used) poop bags until you come across a dog waste bin. This hands free dog waste carrier option was a game game changer for us. We point out which dog poop bag holders offer this option.

Here's our shortlist of the best solutions for cleaning up and carrying poop-on-the-go.

Our Picks of the Best Dog Poop Bag Holders

1. Earth Rated Leash Dispenser

Best Overall Dog Poop Bag Holder for walks

The Earth Rated leash dispenser is awarded top spot in our review due the sheer simplicity of it's design.

A cockapoo with an Earth Rated dog poo bag holder

Sometimes, simpler really is better and this pill-shaped plastic dispenser beat off the competition.

Although it's designed to be used with Earth Rated's own brand of poop bags, like most holders, it can be refilled with any standard style poo bag rolls.

The screwtop design simply twists apart and a new roll pushes in. A spindle in the base helps secure the roll letting it unwind freely.

With your bags in place, fasten to your lead, belt loop or coat via a velcro strap, which can be loosened or tightened as needed.

Better still, a handy hook at the back cleverly holds your knotted bags until you find a suitable waste bin. So no more swinging those nasty stinky bags!

The Earth Rated dispenser is available with two rolls of 15 (scented or unscented) bags to get you started.

Reasons to Buy

+ Releases bags well

+ Hook for attaching used bag

+ 2 rolls of bags included

Reasons to Avoid

- Only available in green

2. MalsiPree Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

Best fabric dispenser

The MalsiPree fabric dispenser is a close runner up.

MalsiPree dog poo bag holder

A roll of poop bags slips into the fabric pouch and it zips shut.

The bags are dispensed through a round rubber slot on the side.

Generally, if you struggle tearing bags from the roll, we feel that a fabric dispenser let's you push against the roll to give you more leverage.

The dispenser has been improved considerably since the previous model.

A dog lead with a MalsiPree fabric dog poo bag holder attached

The bag upgrade includes a design change to the dispensing hole, an extra attachment point, a hook to hang used bags from and a rubberised zip which doesn't rattle whilst walking.

All great improvements to their humble holder.

So you are spoilt with three options available for attaching the bag holder - a metal carabiner, a yellow velcro strap or two velcro straps to attach to the lead itself (as shown in the photo).

We liked these straps as you have more options for positioning the holder anywhere on the lead and the velcro was strong enough to stop it moving.

The used poop bag hook works well keeping your hands free and your nose further from nasty niffs.

This clever little holder is really affordable and easy to use. Admittedly, it does have a very functional design, so if you're looking for something a bit more attractive, this may not be for you. It's also a shame it didn't include some free bags like many of the other dispensers.

Reasons to Buy

+ Fabric is light and less rigid

+ Great redesign

+ Options for attachment

Reasons to Avoid

- Only available in black

- Over £10

3. Alessi Dog Waste Bag Holder

Best designer dispenser

One for those pampered pooches out there and those of you that need a bit of luxury in your lives.

Alessi dog waste bag holder

Recently road tested and added to our review for 2022, this gorgeous dispenser from Alessi is designed to resemble a jewel. It is meant to be seen and worn as an accessory, not hidden from view.

It certainly brings some style to scooping the poop!

The stainless steel shell has a highly polished finish and elegant, curved edges.

With a screw top and a pop stud fastening to attach to your lead or clothing, it holds a standard roll of bags.

The dispensing slit for the bags is large and the bags are easy to pull and tear from the roll (although the roll did squeak as it turned inside)

The only downside is the price! But no one said style comes cheap.

Reasons to Buy

+ Stylish design

Reasons to Avoid

- Price

4. Yuchiya Dog Poop Bag Dispenser with Torch

Best for late night dog walks

If storing your bags wasn't enough, this natty little holder has an integral torch for late night walks.

dog poo bag holder with a torch for night time dog walks

Doubtless this would be a great addition if you walk late at night and struggle to locate your dog's poop or your dog!

This pill-shaped holder comes in a lovely shade of blue with a roll of matching blue poop bags.

Even the metal carabiner in dark grey matches the grey section of the holder.

The torch is bright but we're not sure how long it will last. The replacement of the batteries could be tricky given such a small opening.

The yellow on/off button seemed a little flimsy but admittedly it worked well in our tests.

Reasons to Buy

+ Integral torch

+ Pleasant colours

+ Under £10

Reasons to Avoid

- Difficult to replace batteries

5. Poppy + Ted Dog Accessories

Best Poop Bag Holder & Poop Pal Set

Poppy + Ted have cornered the market in stylish dog walking essentials including collars, harnesses, leads and these gorgeous dog poop bag holders and waste bag carriers.

Poppy + Ted Poop bag holder and Poop Pal

The roll of bags zips easily into the holder and the bags are dispensed through a rubber covered, logo opening. This clever design works well on-the-go.

The neoprene fabric bag is washable and clips to your belt, clothes or lead with a quality metal carabiner.

The stand out feature of Poppy + Ted's holder, is the selection of designs which coordinate beautifully with their other dog walking accessories.

The holder arrives with a roll of 15 poop bags so you're all set.

They also stock a range of waste bag carriers aptly called Poop Pals, which hold a knotted waste bag so you don't need to carry it on your walk. These simple circles are made of rubber and also attach with a small metal carabiner. Available in 10 different colours to match their other accessories.

We found the only downside was the rolls of Adios compostable bags we also bought from Poppy + Ted (which are thicker than standard poo bags) . They were a tight squeeze in the dispenser. But this minor flaw isn't really a dealbreaker.

Reasons to Buy

+ Choice of designs

+ Roll of poo bags included

+ Coordinating waste bag carriers

+ Under £10

Reasons to Avoid

- Tight fit for large rolls

6. Metal Dog Poop Bag Holder

Best value metal holder

The second holder from the Yuchiya stable to make our feature.

cockapoo with a dark green aluminium dog poo bag holder

A cylindrical holder, the central tube is aluminium and the ends are plastic attaching to your lead via a carabiner or velcro strap.

Initially this caught our eye because it's available in a range of beautiful colours including this dark metallic green.

The aluminium shell seems fairly scratch resistant although it's let down by the flimsy plastic carabiner.

Alternatively they offer a bungee cord which can be used to attach the holder and carry used bags so you can walk hands-free.

We felt that unfortunately the convoluted design made a simple task unnecessarily complicated. Doubtless the bungee works, but on our first few outings we spent considerable time trying to work the cord!

Nevertheless, without the bungee, the holder works well and looks stylish.

Each of the 5 colours available arrives with a roll of 15 bags so you're ready-to-go.

Reasons to Buy

+ Choice of colours

+ Attachment options

+ Roll of bags included

+ Under £10

Reasons to Avoid

- Complicated bungee cord

- Plastic carabiner

7. Beco Poop Bag Dispenser

Best eco-friendly bag dispenser

Beco are renowned for their range of poop bags so like Earth Rated featured earlier, they should know a thing or two about carrying poop bags.

Cockapoo with the Beco Pocket dog poop bag holder

Made from plant fibre plastic, the Beco Pocket is sustainable and biodegradable, so big ticks for saving the planet (David Attenborough would be proud!)

It's not just the great eco-credentials we liked, the holder is a beautiful elliptical shape so very eye-catching.

The Beco Pocket dispenser incorporates a wrap-around elastic band style fastening.

Whilst Beco refer to it as 'bungee style', I'm more inclined to think cheap hair band.

The band wraps around any size of lead or belt and surprisingly it was strong enough to keep your holder in place on your lead, bag or belt as you walk.

The only flaw in the design is that we found the band tricky to re-attach everytime you need to replace a roll.

The bag dispenser is available in four colours green, pink, blue and beige and arrives with a roll of 15 bags so you’re all set.

Reasons to Buy

+ Eco-friendly

+ Doesn’t swing on your lead

+ Under £10

+ Roll of bags included

Reasons to Avoid

- Tricky to attach

8. Simpletome Dog Poop Bag Holder

Best simple fabric dispenser

This is the last of the fabric style bag holders to feature in our round-up.

Black simpletome dog poo bag dispenser

As with the MalsiPree and Poppy + Ted bags featured earlier, this waterproof bag holds a standard roll of bags.

The design is similar in style to the original version of the MalsiPree bag before it's update.

The fabric bag is not as rigid as the plastic versions so you can apply pressure either side of the opening to help release and tear your bag.

The carabiner is fairly small so we found it tricky to fasten to a thicker rope style lead but easier on a flat lead as pictured.

We also felt the first bag was awkward to initially feed through the hole. Unlike the MalsiPree bag, this zip isn't rubber so rattles a little when walking - a small point but may become quite annoying.

We chose black but it is available in three colours – grey, black and pink and arrives with a roll of 15 poo bags.