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Dicky Bag Review - Dog Poo Bag Carrier

Updated: Mar 15

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One of the best things about adding a dog to your family, is having the perfect excuse for exploring off the beaten track.

It can really open your eyes and let you see the world from a completely different viewpoint. Returning to nature can have such a beneficial and energising effect on your mental state.

The downside (of course there's always a downside) of these invigorating dog walks, is that dog poo bins are few and far between.

We end up swinging those delightful bags of dog poo for miles. So could there be a solution?

The Dicky Bag - dog poo bag holder and dispenser

A British inventor from Cornwall, has designed and patented a possible solution. A simple bag, designed to hold nasty dog poo bags, hands-free and odour-free until you can find a bin. Could this be the answer we're looking for?

We decided to buy a Dicky Bag and put it through its paces.

We'll fill you in as best we can how easy the Dicky Bag was to use and whether it's an effective bit of dog kit, and you can then judge for yourself whether the Dicky Bag deserves a place on your dog walks.



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Dicky Bag Review

1. Dicky Bag Review : Clever Bag of Tricks

The Dicky Bag is a neoprene zipped poo bag holder which attaches to your coat or belt via a clip or velcro loop.

Dog Dicky Bag replaceable air freshener disc

It's a cleverly designed bag with lots of smart ideas integrated in the award winning design.

The fundamental job of a dog poo bag holder is to stow your dog’s business preferably without you being able to smell or see what you're carrying - until you find a bin.

So the Dicky Bag's main design feature is the unique odour prevention seal along the lid so those nasty little odours don't escape.

A really smart addition is the renewable fragrance disc which fits perfectly into the base of the bag. When you've finished your dog walk and disposed of the poo bags, your Dicky Bag smells as fresh as a daisy!

Lastly and most importantly the Dicky Bag is made from neoprene so it's machine-washable.

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2. Dicky Bag Review : Tried & Tested

We tested the Dicky Bag on dog walks for a full month.

Camouflage design dog Dicky Bag

The bag itself feels sturdy and well made yet because it's made from neoprene it's surprisingly soft and incredibly light.

The lid forms a separate compartment for storage and easy access to new poo bags. This means you don't need a separate poo bag holder or alternatively have your pockets full of poo bags.

Once filled, the poo bag is simply placed inside, ideally removing air before you tie each bag. Then zip up the Dicky Bag, leaving you hands and odour free to continue your walk.

For cold winter walks when you want to keep your hands firmly in your pockets it is a perfect partner.

A Dicky bag, dog waste bag attached a belt

The Dicky Bag simply attaches to your belt, coat or jeans using either the handy carabiner clip or alternatively the velcro loop.

It's so lightweight we didn't notice any extra weight on our belts. A perfect solution if you're wearing a belted coat or trousers with loops.

It's worth mentioning that if you prefer dog walking in your running gear or leggings and a hoodie, you might not find the Dicky Bag quite so easy to attach.

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Our Verdict

The Dicky Bag is so good at preventing odours from escaping and it's extremely lightweight so the only problem we had was simply remembering to empty it!

Dicky Bag poo bag holder attached to coat

One word of caution though, the scent from the fragrance disc is very strong, which whilst ideal in the zipped up bag, can be overpowering if the bag is left unzipped when not in use. So remember to keep it zipped up.

After a year, I can honestly say that we wouldn't be without our Dicky Bag - it's a game changer! It's so simple yet innovative and very effective.

With a 12kg Cockapoo we opted to buy a medium size bag for the review. In hindsight, the medium size was a little too big and a small size would have been ideal.

A range of dog dicky bags in different patterns and sizes.

Available in a range of 5 different sizes from extra small to extra large, there's a bag to to suit all breeds of dog :-

X-small 10cm x 8cm

Small 12.5cm x 8cm

Medium 12.5 x 10cm

Large 16cm x 10cm

X-large 18cm x 11cm

If you're not keen on the camouflage design, don't worry, the Dicky Bag is available in lots of colours and patterns (it even arrives with a few poo bags which was a nice touch).

Buying Options

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The Rivals

Still not convinced by the Dicky Bag? Of course, there are other options available to you

Dog Poo Bag Dispenser & Holder

Maybe you'd rather opt for a simple poo bag dispenser.

Best dog poo bag holders

We test and review a whole range of dispensers and holders, looking into which are easy to load up, dispenser the bags smoothly, waterproof and good value.

Some of these dispensers offer an integral hook to carry knotted (used) poop bags until you come across a dog waste bin.

Or there's simple rubber discs which simply clip to your lead to stow empty and full, knotted bags.

Dog Walking Bags

We've handpicked a selection of the best dog walking bags on the UK market suitable for a quick lap of the local park or a day adventuring off the beaten track.

A collection of the best dog walking bags

They all offer a lot more than a normal bag, including customised pockets for poo bags, treats, your phone, shoulder straps, waist straps and they can all deal with the British weather!

Some of these bags offer options to carry used poo bags too. From carabiners to drawstring mesh pouches, they all have something to offer your dog walk.

If you're planning a trip in the UK, why not take a look at our Guide to Choosing a Dog Friendly Holiday

🐾 Thanks for stopping by and reading our review of the Dicky Bag 🐾




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