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Dry Dog Food Review -

Updated: Sep 29

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If you're looking to save money on dog food then dry or kibble offers excellent value for money compared to the fresh or raw dog foods on the market. However, you do need to be careful as the quality of dry dog foods on the UK market can vary tremendously. are one of a range of UK companies revolutionising the face of dog food. They offer the convenience and great value of 'scoop and serve' dry dog food and have taken it a step further.

By operating online, can customise your dog's dry food to not only fit with their nutritional needs but take account of allergies and any food preferences. dog food review

In a highly competitive market, have developed a one-stop-shop for all your dog's needs.

Coupled with online ordering and home delivery there's the option to add in other dog products such as treats, monthly treatments, dental products and even poo bags - seriously it's the ultimate in canine convenience.

We put their online ordering system to the test, checked out their deliveries schedules, tried their customer service as well as putting their food through its paces to see what can offer you and your dog.

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2. Review : Ordering

3. Review : The Food

4. Our Verdict

5. The Rivals

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1. Who are ? is the original custom dog food brand in the UK. They are able to blend a unique food for your dog by analysing the details you enter in a short on-line quiz. Ultimately, the food you receive is perfectly tailored to your dog's nutritional needs and amazingly adapts as your dog ages.

They deliver exactly the right quantity of dog food every month directly to your door. dry dog food in a bowl

Customised dog food as a concept, has been adapted and used very successfully by a whole range of dog food brands with establishing itself as a key player in a highly competitive industry.

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2. Review : Ordering

Ultimately, is an online brand and uses highly sophisticated technology to produce your custom dog food. Their food achieves a very respectable 55-58% nutritional rating on the independent dog food rating website All About Dog Food.

How does it work ? Well their online quiz asks a series of in-depth questions about your dog along with your preferences to ensure that the food you receive meets all your dog's nutritional needs.

Screenshot from on-line dog food quiz

It's an ideal solution for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies. No more pouring over dog food labels attempting to calculate the percentage of proteins or searching the small print for a hypoallergenic blend, let do all the hard work for you.

On a basic level, have a number of stock formulas which are then blended together in different ratios to create the perfect food.

Clearly if you have significant dietary requirements, or choose to feed grain free, the resulting price of your dog food may well be higher.

We found the process of creating our dog's unique recipe extremely straightforward. Their online quiz is well laid out and intuitive with a series of questions on your dogs age, breed, allergies and current diet.

Online dog food questionnaire

If you have a particularly picky dog, we liked that you can tailor your recipes around their favourite flavours and if for any reason your dog doesn't like the recipe, will change the blend for free.

We love that your custom recipe adapts as your dog ages. If you have an older dog, instead of being offered a choice between Adult or Senior dog food, amend their blend as you update your dog's profile to reflect any changes in activity levels and weight.

It's worth noting that it is super simple to pause, amend, delay or completely stop your deliveries

Importantly, we felt that the monthly costs were very transparent as were the ingredients chosen for our tailored blend of kibble.

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3. Review : The Food

Your unique kibble recipe arrives packaged and labelled for your dog. If you specified any health requirements, the ingredients selected to help are printed on the front.

In our case, included linseed and Omega–3 to soothe itchy skin, give lustre to his coat and improve skin and coat condition. dog food and packaging with scoop

Although our dog's skin issues were highlighted during the online quiz, seeing the ingredients printed on the label made us feel very confident that they had been taken into account when blending the recipe.

A big selling point for kibble based dog food is the longer shelf life and that it can be stored at room temperature so there is no need for freezer and fridge capacity as there is with raw or fresh dog food. To remind you, the 'Best Before' date is printed on the label.

The one downside we found was the resealable packaging. We really struggled to reseal it properly, it simply wouldn't stay closed.

To be on the safe side, we would suggest decanting your dog food into an airtight container. dog food in bowl

Each order comes with a perfect portion scoop, to help ensure you are feeding your dog exactly the right amount of calories daily. We found this helpful because from experience it's easy to find family members feeding wildly different amounts.

Freddie loved but then he's not a particularly fussy dog.

If you do have a picky eater, you could look at softening the kibble with hot water or Furr Boost to bring out the meaty smells or you could opt to add a tasty topper. have a range of wet toppers which you can add to your monthly subscription. wet dog food

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4. Our Verdict

What offers dog lovers, is the best of both worlds - the scoop & serve convenience of dry dog food coupled with a totally customised blend.

The whole ordering system is easy to grasp and you can simply sign in and make any changes you wish, whenever you want. are one of the best tailored dry dog foods on the UK market with over 30,000 positive reviews from happy dog lovers on Trustpilot.

So if you're looking for a unique blend of kibble for your dog, we would recommend taking a closer look and maybe trying their online quiz to get an accurate picture of the costs involved for your four-legged best friend.

Anything else I need to know ?

Smart Bark can offer new customers an amazing 75% 0FF your first box.

Simply enter Discount Code SMART75 at checkout

Includes dry food + wet food + treats + poo bags

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5. The Rivals

Dog laying down eating dog food from a bowl

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