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Best Products for Dog Anxiety

Updated: 4 days ago

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Whether it's fireworks, separation anxiety or car sickness, dogs can become anxious for many different reasons. Seeing your dog frightened and shaking is no fun for anyone.

Dog anxiety and fireworks

Many dogs have something they’re stressed about, the key is identifying the trigger and then working at counter-conditioning or desensitising.

These are the most effective methods especially if the anxiety is treated early. The goal is to reduce the reaction to a specific stimulus (such as being left alone).

Desensitisation is the repeated, controlled exposure to the stimulus that usually causes an anxious response(think playing fireworks sounds quietly every evening, slowly increasing the volume whilst relaxing with your dog).

Counter-conditioning is training the dog to perform a positive behaviour in place of fear or anxiety (such as a sit and stay command)

Both these methods take time and training, so if you need something immediately don't panic, there are a whole range of products on the market that may help.

The Best Dog Anxiety Products you can Buy Today

1. Thundershirt

Anxiety Coat for Dogs

Thundershirts for dogs help relieve a fear of fireworks by gently applying continuous pressure and wrapping snuggly to providing a sense of security that keeps your dog calm.

cockapoo in a Thundershirt anxiety coat

Not simply a great idea, they have been scientifically proven to be effective.

They can reduce anxiety in dogs with an astonishing 80% success rate in helping relieve a dog's fear of fireworks, thunder, car travel and even separation anxiety.

Thundershirts can be a game changer, and don't require any training or medication.

Thundershirts are available in a range of sizes with a handy measurement chart to help you select the correct size for your four-legged friend.

We recommend trying the ThunderShirt on your dog the first few times when they're feeling calm & loved. This will ensure that they are comfortable with the jacket before they encounter an anxious situation.


Calming Spray for Dogs

ADAPTIL is clinically proven to help comfort dogs during fireworks. It reduces panting, trembling, restlessness and other stress-related behaviours, often associated with dogs that are worried.

Adaptil calming spray for dogs

Adaptil contains a copy of the naturally occurring and comforting pheromones that a mother provides to her puppies.

It comes in various forms including a plug-in diffuser, collar, tablets and a spray so you can choose the product best suited to your dog.

We love this quick working and effective Transport spray. It has been developed for temporary relief for events that are short in duration e.g. travelling or fireworks.

This spray version works well when used in conjunction with the Thundershirt featured earlier and can have a lasting effect for up to 5 hours!


Dog Calming Supplement

YuCALM from Lintbells, the company behind the best selling joint supplement - YuMOVE, offer a calming supplement for stressed or anxious dogs.

Dog on an anti-anxiety dog bed

It's a triple action supplement which reduces feelings of vulnerability and anxiety.

Available in tablet or chew form with larger dogs needing more than one a day, you can choose which form is more suitable for your dog.

The results show a positive effect after a few days but to get the full benefits may take 3 to 6 weeks.

YuCALM receives lots of amazing reviews from pawrents of rescue dogs who suffer from anxiety.

YuCALM now offer a 'Once-a Day' tablet for smaller dogs from 8 - 15kg.

4. RelaxoPet

PRO Relaxation Trainer for Dogs

Relaxopet PRO is an innovative new device developed after years of research with veterinarians, breeders and owners.

Relaxopet PRO Relaxation Trainer for Dogs with anxiety

It uses frequent subliminal vibrations to encourage your anxious dog into a deep relaxed state.

It’s easy to use, natural, and has no side effects although it is a bit pricey!

The RelaxoPet PRO does more than relax animals, it also monitors all stressors with its highly sensitive integrated microphones.

If you have a particularly anxious dog, this could work wonders and minimise you're need for additional medication.

5. Dog Puzzle Toys

Distract your Dog

Do what you can to keep the dog under their anxiety threshold, meaning that their alarm systems don’t go off.

Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle

One efficient way of doing this can be to distract your dog with something that usually gets their attention.

A training session or a problem solving puzzle, may get your dog so focused that they tune out distracting noise.

Problem solving has been proven to reduce fear – perhaps because the animal learns to control certain aspects of the environment.

We review 10 of the best puzzle toys for dogs and categorise them into easy, intermediate and difficult so you can pick the ideal puzzle you for your dog.

And finally, Dogs Trust has a interesting article for longer term treatment of firework or loud noise fears in dogs - Dogs Trust Fireworks Advice

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