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Flat-Faced Dog Bowl Review : Fluff Trough

Updated: 3 days ago

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If the name doesn't win you over, the facts probably will. The Fluff Trough is an innovative raised dog bowl recommended by vets which originated in America but is now available in the UK though Pawtion.

Pug dog

Of course, there are many kinds of raised dog bowl to choose from, which is why we created a list of the 10 Best Raised Dog Bowls.

However, if you have an adorable flat-faced breed like a pug, bulldog or puggle we would recommend taking a closer look at the Fluff Trough.

MARCH 2024 : UPDATE Fluff Trough now offer a Water Hole stainless steel insert


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Fluff Trough Dog Bowl Review

1. What is a Fluff Trough ?

The designer of the Fluff Trough, searched high and low for the perfect raised dog bowl to help her struggling pug - Pork Chop.

Puggles with a raised dog bowl

Shorter snouts in popular breeds like French Bulldogs and Pugs can make eating a challenge. Unable to find the perfect bowl for her pug, Debra Ann created her own bowl and the Fluff Trough was born.

The Fluff Trough is a specially designed, elevated dog bowl made for flat-faced dog breeds. It addresses the challenges these breeds face when eating from traditional bowls. 

2. Fluff Trough Review : Design

Admittedly, we were underwhelmed when we first saw the Fluff Trough as we're not big fans of plastic. This all changed however during testing, when its sheer brilliance shone through.

The first thing you'll notice is that it doesn't resemble a traditional dog bowl at all.

Fluff Trough raised dog bowl for flat-faced breeds

With its low front, wide opening, legs and high back, it looks more like a farm animal feeding trough.

The elevated bowl brings the food closer to your dog’s mouth, meaning your four-legged friend doesn’t need to bend down so far.

In turn this can help with their posture and specifically for flat-faced breeds, helps with their breathing whilst eating.

The low front edge and extra wide opening means that your dog no longer needs to press their face against the bowl. Plus the higher back is designed to help prevent messy eaters from pushing food out.

All the food in the trough is so much easier to reach. We tested the Fluff Trough with dry kibble but it will work equally well with wet or raw dog food.

Comprising of three parts : the stand, the silicone bowl insert and the feet, it slots together easily. The softer silicone bowl fits really snugly into the stand and it's removable for filling.

Overall, the Fluff Trough is a thoughtful design that aims to improve the eating experience for flat-faced dogs.

3. Fluff Trough Review : Performance

So, how did the Fluff Trough perform? In a word, amazing! Our tester called it a mealtime game-changer.

Puggles eating from a Fluff Trough raised dog bowl

Mealtime went from messy to mindful!

Our puggles ate quietly, comfortably, and stress-free, thanks to the Fluff Trough's design.

They could finally relax and enjoy their meals side-by-side, without food scattered everywhere. Plus, the silicone feet kept the trough securely in place, preventing spills and making cleanup a breeze!

From the build quality to the soft silicone bowl insert the Fluff Trough delivered on its promise to promote healthier eating habits.

4. Fluff Trough Review : Details

The Fluff Trough is available in two sizes - Standard and X Large


The standard and original (the one we tested) is available in a choice of four colours - black, grey, purple and teal.

Dimensions - front height 13cm, back height 19cm and width 25cm.


The X-Large as the name suggests is designed for larger breeds. It's worth noting that it's also heavier and sturdier than traditional dog feeders and is only available in 2 colours - black and grey.

Dimensions - front height 18cm, back height 23cm and width 33cm.

Additional Stackable Risers

If you like the standard bowl dimensions but feel that your dog needs a higher, raised bowl so they can avoid bending too much, you could add some extra height.

Dog raised bowl - fluff trough stackable risers

For the perfect height, add on stackable risers (sold separately)! These risers conveniently clip onto the silicone feet, raising the Fluff Trough by 2.5cm each.

Unlike makeshift solutions like books or steps, the risers ensure optimal stability and prevent wobbles during mealtime.

Slow Feeding Insert

If your dog eats at an alarming rate, you could opt for a slow feeder insert which will slow down the greediest of dogs.

Fluff trough binge blocker

The 'anti-gulp' (or 'binge blocker' as it's referred to on the website) is a silicone insert with specially designed rivets to prevent your dog inhaling their food !

It comes as no surprise that this slow feeder insert is different from most on the market as it's designed specifically for flat faced breeds.

The rivets have wider ridges and most importantly shallower dips which really matters when you're trying to slow down your dog not frustrate them.

You can buy the Fluff Trough with a 'binge blocker' instead of a standard silicone insert or as an added extra.

Are you ready to feed your dog insect-based dog food ? We take a closer look at some UK companies pioneering dog food using this novel protein source.

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Our Verdict

In short, the Fluff Trough is the perfect choice of dog bowl if you have a flat-faced breed. Yes, it's a little pricey but it's a great design, tough and works like a dream. A great investment.

Whereas lots of rivals simply offer a raised dog bowl or a slow feeder, the Fluff Trough takes the design a step further and offers an all round better eating experience.

The only downside we could find was the particularly functional design. There's no hiding that it is plastic and it is grey, however it is also available in black, purple and teal.

Reasons to Buy

+ Ideal for flat-faced breeds

+ Suitable for dogs who move bowls

+ Colour options

Reasons to Avoid

+ Not the most stylish design

Buying Options

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The Rivals

Finally, if you haven't been convinced by the Fluff Trough, let's take a look at some of your other options.

EasyEat Feeder

Recent finalists of the Pet Industry Federation Awards 2023, EastEat is the UK company behind a similar style of slow feeder launched after the Fluff Trough.

EasyEat trough for pugs and flat-faced dogs

The EasyEat has some unique design features -

⭐️ Handles

Rounded integral handles make it easy to pick up from the floor

⭐️ Stackable

In homes with multiple dogs, the EasyEat stacks so needs less space when not in use.

⭐️ Personalisation Options

You can add your dog's name

⭐️ Range of gorgeous pastel colours

We also loved this matt cream finish which should fit in easily with most kitchen decors. As dog bowls are often on display throughout the day it's a good idea to get one that looks good. In fact we preferred the colours and finish of the Easy Eat to the Fluff Trough.

Easy Eat raised feeder for dogs

The latest addition to the EasyEat range is a slow feeder insert. Well designed, this unique silicone trough has 3 raised ridges which are just enough to slow your greedy pup down, making them work just a little bit harder to find every last morsel.

For 10% off the EasyEat Feeder- use discount code BARK10

If you haven't found exactly what you're looking for, we have three other dog bowl articles which you may be interested in -

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Which Dog Breeds are Flat-Faced ?

Here are a list of the most common examples of flat-faced breeds -

English bulldog

French bulldog




Boston terrier



King Charles Spaniel

Chow Chow

Lhasa Apso

Shih Tzu

Do pugs need a special bowl?

Pugs and other dog breeds (see above), can benefit from a uniquely designed bowl because of their unique facial features. Their short noses make it difficult for them to reach food in a regular, flatter bowl, which can lead to frustration, air gulping, and eventually, health problems like bloat.

Why will a raised bowl help my pug ?

A raised stand elevates the bowl, which can be more comfortable for pugs with neck problems or senior pugs.

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Thank-you for stopping by. We hope you've enjoyed reading our in-depth review of the Fluff Trough Dog Bowl as much as Dolly and Jeff enjoyed testing it.




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