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Top 10 Raised Dog Bowls

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Raised dog bowls and dog bowl stands are gaining in popularity. The idea behind a raised dog bowl is that it brings the food closer to your dog’s mouth, meaning your four-legged friend doesn’t need to bend down so far.

In turn this can help with their posture and eliminates any potential neck pain while they’re eating.

cockapoo dog eating from a raised dog bowl

Dogs suffering with joint issues or arthritis can experience enormous relief from raised dog bowls as they can find putting their head to the ground difficult.

Another widely publicised benefit is the reduced mess at mealtimes as the bowl is more secured so less likely to move around (which can only be a good thing!)

However, a word of caution, studies indicates that raised dog bowls could increase the risk of bloat amongst large breed and giant breed dogs.

So we recommend that you check with your Vet before buying an elevated dog bowl.


How to Choose the Best Raised Bowl

Our Pick of the Best Raised Dog Bowls

Our Verdict

What are the Benefits of a Raised Dog Bowl ?

How to Choose the Best Raised Bowl for your Dog

Raised dog bowls come in all shapes and sizes. Ideally they should stand square with their chest. That way, your dog doesn’t need to lift their neck up or down to get to their food and water. As a general rule of paw, the best heights are :-

  • For small breeds 5 - 17 cm

  • For medium breeds 15 – 35 cm

  • For larger breeds 30 – 50 cm

To help you find the perfect elevated bowl for your four-legged friends, we've indicated ech bowl's size - Small Medium Large.

The review starts with bowls suitable for smaller breeds.

In terms of material and style, it's down to your preference and what suits your home decor. We've featured a collection of ceramic, plastic, wood and metal in our top 10.

Our Picks of the Best Raised Dog Bowls to Buy Today

1. Ceramic Elevated Dog Bowl - Small

This beautiful raised dog bowl from HCHLQLZ features a bowl made from porcelain ceramic seated in a natural bamboo stand.

ceramic raised dog bowl in pale blue with bamboo legs

Not only does this stand look incredibly stylish but from a practical point of view it's dishwasher safe so really easy to keep spotlessly clean.

Better still, this range of ceramic dog bowls include two leg lengths with each bowl.

This offers you the flexibility of raising or lowering the bowl height to suit your dog or even choosing to slant your bowl by placing the shorter leg at the front.

These bowls make eating a more comfortable experience for smaller dogs, and they're also beautiful to look at! The bowls comes in two sizes and three gorgeous pastel colours.

Dimensions : (diameter, height)

Small 14.7cm, 10.5cm | large 17.8cm, 13.5 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Stylish design

+ Two heights

+ Two bowl sizes

Reasons to Avoid

- Only suitable for small dogs

2. Long Ears Dog Bowls - Small

If you're after the designer looks here's a stylish and minimalist solution from the Hello Pets.

raised dog bowl stand in red with stainless steel removable bowls

DoggySquad is an online concept store that brings together designers from all over the world.

Hello Pets from Poland have a range of 3 designer raised dog bowls featured.

This one is specifically designed for long-eared dogs so particularly suitable for cockapoos, spaniels etc.

The space between the bowls provides space to keep your dogs ears from getting wet.

The stand is crafted from painted steel and holds 2 stainless steel bowls for food and water. Both bowls are removable for easy cleaning and refilling.

A beautifully designed set of raised dog bowls available in red, black or white.

Dimensions - (height, capacity)

Small : 8.5cm, 450ml | Medium 12 cm, 900ml

Reasons to Buy

+ Designer looks

+ Great for long eared breeds

Reasons to Avoid

- Pricier option

3. Stone & Bamboo Dog Bowls - Small

These stylish bowl designs from PuiPet are very on trend. Perfect for small dogs elevating the ceramic bowl very slightly with a bamboo frame.

bamboo dog bowl stand with ceramic bowls in grey and white

Small dogs need a bowl that doesn’t sit too high above the ground but is still raised a tad or comfort.

Ideally suited to puppies and smaller dogs the added weight of this ceramic bowl helps to stop the bowl from sliding around your kitchen floor leaving the inevitable trail of mess.

The bamboo bases even have rubber stoppers attached so they won't scratch your floors.

What's more, they're super easy to clean as they can pop straight in the dishwasher.

These beautiful bowls are available to buy individually or as a matching pair in pale grey or white.

Dimensions : Bowl diameter 16 cm, height 9cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Stylish bowls

+ Single or pair

+ Dishwasher safe

Reasons to Avoid

- Suitable for small dogs

4. Dogit 2 in 1 Dog Bowl - Small Medium

This modern raised dog bowl from Dogit combines a stainless steel inner bowl with a melamine outer.

Dogit 2-in-1 blue raised dog bowl

We love that this raised dog bowl comes in two parts, so the inner bowl can be removed for filling and cleaning in the dishwasher.

It's worth noting that the stainless steel inner bowl isn't the full depth of the melamine outer, it offers a shallower feeding bowl.

The stainless steel bowl nestles snuggly in the outer, ensuring your pup's paws or nose doesn't tip it over. And the non-slip ring makes sure it stays right where it needs to be.

Better still the thoughtful design of the base includes two curved sections which help you pick it up. Available in a range of vibrant colours and two sizes.

Dimensions : (height, capacity)

Small - 16 cm, 300ml | Large - 17cm, 900ml

Reasons to Buy

+ Removable feeding bowl

+ Two size options

+ Colour options

Reasons to Avoid

- Smallish feeding bowl

5. Raised Rim Dog Bowl - Small Medium

A great idea for any messy eaters out there, the rim on this Super Design bowl is designed to be higher at the back to help avoid spillages.

super design raised dog bowl

As with the previous dog bowl from Dogit, this one comes in two parts.

Better still both the removable stainless steel bowl and the outer are dishwasher safe, so super easy to keep clean.

The non-slip rubber base helps secure the dog bowl and it has hand holes to help grasp it.

As well as offering three sizes, Super Design offer a wide range of bright and eye-catching colours.

If you have a greedy dog who loves to wolf down their food, you can also buy a slow feeder insert which fits neatly in the base.

Whilst this bowl is ideal for messy eaters, be aware that it's on the small side, so make sure you've checked your sizing before buying.

Dimensions : (height, capacity)

Small - 12.5cm, 300ml | Med - 17.5cm, 600ml | Large 20.5 cm ,900ml

Reasons to Buy

+ Raised rim to reduce mess

+ Three sizes available

+ Slow feeder insert option

Reasons to Avoid

- Small inner bowls

6. PetWeighter Raised Dog Bowl - Small Medium

This raised bowl combination from PetWeighter is designed to stay put!

petweighter raised dog bowl

This set comprises a plastic base and a bowl that lock together or come apart easily for filling and cleaning.

The base can be filled with water or sand which adds stability and prevents it from sliding along the floor.

Doubtless this design idea would be perfect for any dog that loves to drag their food bowl around the house !

It's worth noting, that for the summer months, the base can be filled with ice to keep the food or water cool so can be used outdoors.

Available in two sizes to suit small and medium breeds of dog in a selection of eye-catching colours.

Dimensions : (height x width)

Small - 16.8 x 19.2cm | Large 20.3 x 26.1cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Ideal for dogs who move bowls

+ Can cool

+ Colour options

Reasons to Avoid

+ Not the most stylish design

7. Bramley Power Dog Bowl Stand - Small Medium

If you’re unsure which height will work out best, or you have a growing puppy, an adjustable feeder is a great idea. The beauty of this dog bowl stand from Bramley Power is that you can adjust the height to suit your dog.

bamboo raised dog bowl stand

Available in two sizes the bowl stands cover heights from 14 cm through to 30 cm and any height in between. So suit any dog breed or size.

Once you've chosen your preferred height, the legs simply look into place with additional locking bars.

Nevertheless, with the legs fully raised, it doesn't appear as sturdy as some of the other raised bowls we've featured. A clever feature is that the legs can fold up, so the feeding station is easy to store.

Made from bamboo, the feeding station not only looks stylish, but is water resistant to cope with any spillages and easy to wipe down.

It holds two stainless steel bowls which are removable for filling and cleaning.

Dimensions - ( height, capacity)

Small : 14 -18cm, 700ml | Large 20.5 - 30 cm, 1500ml

Reasons to Buy

+ Fully height adjustable

+ Stylish design

+ Great value

Reasons to Avoid

- Not as sturdy with legs raised fully

8. Kyali Pet Feeder & Storage - Medium Large

A new entry in our top 10 and pawfect for pampered pooches everywhere. If you are searching for a beautiful raised dog feeder then feast your eyes on this Kyali Pet Feeder from Made.com.

Kyali pet feeder - raised dog bowls

Made.com expanded into the pet arena very successfully turning their eye for design to dog beds, collars, leads, dog bowls and toys.

They've also linked up with some other gorgeous design companies to bring you incredibly stylish canine accessories.

This raised pet feeder is constructed using walnut and plywood with a clever storage drawer below for dry foods and treats.

It arrives with two stainless steel bowls one for fresh drinking water and one for food. Possibly too good for our four legged friends ?

Dimensions : Height 22cm, Length 42cm, width 27cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Stylish design

+ Integral Storage

+ Food & Water combined

Reasons to Avoid

- On the pricey side

- One size

9. Classic Pets Single Raised Dog Bowl - Medium Large

Finally a set of bowls for those big & tall dogs in our lives! This very traditional style raised dog bowl from Classic pet products is aimed at larger dogs.

Dog Single feeder metal bowl stand

The design of this high stand helps to prevent the bowl from moving and the stand is exceptionally sturdy.

It's super easy to assemble and the stainless steel bowl included sits neatly on the top. The addition of rubber covers on the feet certainly help to protect your floor and keep it anchored in place.

This raised bowl has received some rave reviews from St Bernard and Great Dane owners so is obviously a great choice for large dogs.

In fact the largest size has the biggest capacity bowl featured in our review. It goes without saying that the stainless steel bowl is hygienic and dishwasher safe.

A simple yet effective raised dog bowl available in three sizes to suit medium and large dogs.

Dimensions - (height, capacity)

Small : 30cm, 1600ml | Medium 37cm, 2500ml | Large 37 cm, 4000ml

Reasons to Buy

+ Suits large dog breeds

+ Large capacity bowl

+ Great value

Reasons to Avoid

- Not the most stylish

A double feeder is also available with both the water and food bowls.

10. Raised Storage Dog Bowls - Small Medium Large

The last raised bowl from Iris offers a clever solution to your food storage problem.

Raised dog bowls with integrated dog food storage

Whilst these twin raised bowls don't have the designer looks, they are an extremely practical solution for storing bulky dry dog food.

It also makes a practical solution for travelling and holidays.

The base offers an airtight storage container and the lid acts as a raised dog feeding station.

What's more, there a three different sizes available offering a range suitable for medium to very large breed dogs.

A very practical solution it's also available in three colours.